Datas taurus

Taurus is a reliable worker and a dependable person. They prefer stability and usually stay loyal to their employees longer than some other signs would. Never risking it too much, this is a strong employee that can endure through hard times and stick by the person in a leading role for as long as it takes. The British Limousin Cattle Society Ltd, Concorde House, 24 Warwick New Road, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 5JG. T: +44 (0)2476 696500 F: +44 (0)2476 696716 E: [email protected] Taurus Zodiac Sign. Smart, ambitious, and trustworthy, Taurus is the anchor of the Zodiac. Amazing friends, colleagues, and partners, Taureans value honesty above all else and are proud that their personal relationships tend to be drama free. O signo do touro (taurus) é o segundo signo do zodíaco e inicia a sua viagem no zodíaco no dia 20 de abril e termina no dia 20 de maio.Touro inicia o ciclo dos signos do elemento Terra e estabelece as bases dos signos deste elemento.Algumas pessoas deste signo são pacíficas, capazes de garantir a segurança de todos. É um signo grandioso e valente com as habilidades foram do comum. Taurus season is when nature’s abundance and fertility begin to blossom, becoming stable and sustained, lending to the earthy and generous qualities of the Bull’s archetype. Fixed Mode. Taurus is the first of the four fixed signs of the zodiac, who all hold an elemental energy of endurance and stability in the center phase of the four ... A Taurus will not hesitate to help someone who he is considered as a friend. If a Taurus consider a person as a friend, he will do anything to help him and will try to keep their friendship as long-lasting as possible. Taurus is a reliable friend that has the tendency to have a good sense of humor and that is what makes Taurus popular. Taurus dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics. Practical and well-grounded, Taurus is the sign that harvests the fruits of labor. They feel the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty, turned to the material world, hedonism, and physical pleasures. People born with their Sun in Taurus are ... Taurus Zodiac Sign Dates: April 20 – May 20. Taurus Symbol: The Bull represents Taurus, who can be a steady, stubborn, and stable friend or enemy. The stubborn Bull is the zodiac symbol for earth sign Taurus. It’s easy to distinguish because it looks like the head of a bull with large horns protruding from each side. Taurus and Taurus compatibility readings I specialize in providing fast and accurate relationship readings delivered by email. These are designed to show exactly how compatible you are with a given partner and explore everything about your relationship, including a detailed analysis of your personality and your partner's personality. TAURUS is the second astrological sign of the zodiac - and the first earth sign. Those born from April 20 tend to be peaceful and sensual, so pick your partner carefully for a harmonious relationship.

New, first-time NJ gun owner (soon to be) looking for a gut check...

2020.10.20 00:34 itumac New, first-time NJ gun owner (soon to be) looking for a gut check...

I received my FID card last week. I went to FSS Armory in Pine Brook as my first stop. After a lot of shopping and discussion, I bought a new Taurus G3 4" pistol and a Zastava M70 PAP AK style rifle, wood furniture. Both we're on order coming in this week. The pistol was a no-brainer, but the M70... jeez... after the fact, I see all Zastavas are not the same... Is it NPAP, OPAP, ZPAP? New? Kit? imported... by whom? For example, they have an AK in the shop by century arms. I passed on it. I didn't like the stock and learned to avoid CA variants. Yet, CA imported Zastavas in the past. There's no shallow end here.
I'll say the folks as FSS took their time with me and answered my questions. I feel good about my interaction with them and confident about my purchase. The price was no bargain but in range with data. But with a definitively, non-entry level platform, I need a gut check. Did I pick a dealer I can trust? And what should I look for to ensure I bought what I expected when I pick up the rifle? Navigating the gun laws is easy compared to navigating what where and how to purchase.
I appreciate the advice.
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2020.10.18 13:01 ConorCulture How I Would Book: Triplemanía XXVIII

Triplemanía for the uninitiated is Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide’s biggest show of the year. Triple coming from their pronounced name “Triple A” and “Mania” because it is their version of WrestleMania. The show usually takes place in Summer, originally June but it recently moved to August - however the show this year was rescheduled because of COVID-19. With AAA recent restart of shows, I would build up to Triplemanía for either December or January. This is taking into account matches already announced for the show.
I would also have this be part of #AutoLuchasAAA, which is the tour AAA have embarked on for their return. It’s shot outdoors at the Hermanos Rodriguez racetrack, with fans being in their cars. I think it makes for a really cool visual and is better than no people at all. So, lets begin.
Match 1 - Daga, Mini Psycho Clown, Mamba and Lady Maravilla defeat Bengala, Dinastía, Máximo and Tessa Blanchard in a Relevos Atómicos de Locura Match
“Relevos Atómicos de Locura” is a match type in AAA, pitting two teams of four against each other - and each team being comprised of a man, women, mini and exotico. Mini is a “midget wrestler” and exotico is a male wrestler in drag. Lady Maravilla just lost her half of the Mixed Tag Team Championships due to Villano III Jr’s departure, and is annoyed. She is part of the rudos (heels) team taking on the técnicos (face) team. Data and Tessa have an encounter during the match, husband and wives clashing. Daga catches a Bengala head scissors into a roll up to win after a high intensity opener, featuring some fun spots with the exoticos and minis too.
Match 2 - Rey Escorpión and La Hiedra defeat Niño Hamburguesa and Big Mami, Blue Demon Jr. and Faby Apache, and El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. and Lady Shani in a Four-way Tag Team Match for the vacant AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships
Speaking of those vacated Mixed Tag Team Championships, here we go. Rey Escorpión and La Hiedra represent Los Mercanios in the match as the rudos, taking on three other técnicos. El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. (literally “The Son of Dr. Wagner Jr.) teams with the top técnico of the women’s division Lady Shani. They are similar people since they are two young stars destined for glory. Blue Demon Jr. and Faby Apache are the mom and dad of their division meanwhile. Then Niño Hamburguesa and Big Mami are two fun loving fat people who are insanely over. The rudos win, ruining all the others teams fun with their aggressive wrestling and weapons use.
Match 3 - Texano Jr. defeats Averno, Cinta de Oro, Puma King and Taurus in a Five-man Torneo Héroe o Villano Match
This is a new match type for this event specifically. “Héroe o Villano” means “hero or villain” and is the tagline of the event, while “torneo” means “tournament”, so the five TBD slots will soon be revealed. I don’t actually know how this match works as it hasn’t been made official, or at least it has but I can’t speak Spanish so I don’t know. So I’ve just made my own version of it. Essentially it’s the Copa Triplemanía (Royal Rumble type match), but the order is predetermined. The match starts with a héreo (face) and villano (heel), then a villano comes out after two minutes, then a héreo, and lastly a random slot. Once all five are in, you can start being eliminated by pinfall or submission.
The first two are Puma King and Averno. Averno plays dirty and soon joins Taurus to help him beat down on Puma. Cinta de Oro, the former Hunico/Sin Cara comes to his help and it’s even. Lastly is Texano Jr. I’d describe him as Mexican John Cena, but also Mexican JBL. Him and Taurus are buddies so in cold blood they turn on Averno and he’s first out. Then is Cinta de Oro. Puma King rolls up Taurus but he’s then taken out by Texano’s bull rope. Texano Jr. wins the match.
Match 4 - Jinetes del Aire (Myzteziz Jr. and Octagón Jr.) defeat La Parka Negra and Dave the Clown, Aero Star and Drago, Toxin and Látigo and Los Lucha Brothers (Fénix and Pentagón Jr.) in a Lucha de Apuestas Mask vs. Mask Match; Parejas Suicidas Tag Team Tournament finals
Lot of definitions to unpack here. Lucha de Apuestas means “gambling fights” or “matches with wagers”. These are mask vs. mask, hair vs. hair, or a combination of the two. “Parejas Suicidas” is a match where the losers wrestle each other afterwards. But in this instance, the losers wrestle a Mask vs. Mask match. But since this is a 5-team match, the losers are whoever get pinned. And also containing 10 wrestlers it is a clusterfuck with all the guys and spots but those are common place in AAA and one of its hallmarks. Two thirds of the Trios Champions, Myzteziz Jr. and Octagon Jr. win with a double pin on Toxin and Latigo. Toxin and Latigo then go at it, fighting for their masks. Toxin wins, and has to watch his partner unmask himself.
Match 5 - La Faccíon Ingobernable (Rush El Toro Blanco, L.A. Park and La Bestia del Ring) defeat Los Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Monster Clown and Murder Clown) and El Nuevo Poder del Norte (Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr and Tito Santana) in a Domo de la Muerte Match
Another AAA stipulation, well not actually, it comes from America. You might know the “Domo de la Muerte” match as the “Thundercage” from WCW or “Steel Asylum” from TNA. It’s a big a semi-octahedron cage that surrounds the ring and features these teams. La Faccíon Ingobernable is the AAA branch of LIJ, featuring Rush, who is also part of the ROH branch. They were feeding with Los Psycho Circus before the pandemic hit, so here is their match that was meant to happen at Rey de Reyes. However it features another team in the form of El Nuevo Poder del Norte. The rules are: you win by escaping the hole in the roof of the cage, whoever has every member of their team out first win. Rush is the last person out for his team, knocking Psycho Clown from the roof into the arms of Murder Clown before he leaves.
Match 6 - Laredo Kid (c) defeats El Hijo del Vikingo to retain the AAA Cruiserweight Championship
Laredo Kid is owed a match with Kenny Omega for The Cleaner’s Mega Championship, but due to travel issues he won’t get that for a while. So instead he defends his own Cruiserweight Championship against El Hijo del Vikingo - the third member of Jinetes del Aire. He is lightning quick and bound for greatness in AAA. Him and Laredo Kid go 10-15 minutes and wrestle like Laredo is fighting for the Mega Championship - zero relent, just action. Laredo wins after a 630.
Match 7 - Chessman defeats Pagano in a Lucha de Apuestas Hair vs. Hair Match
The main event of the evening has arrived and it’s been building for a full year. Pagano and Chessman are two AAA legends and also embody what the show is all about. They’re hardcore wrestlers, one is a clown and the other has demon face paint, and are crazy over. But there’s only room for one of them at the top, and this match will find who that is. If you know these guys you’d expect to see an extreme match, with light balls, chairs, and barbwire. An ultraviolent main event is an another AAA hallmark, as present by last years bloodbath. This is similar with Chessman’s red face paint being covered by another layer of red paint. He wins the match and Pagano must be shaved. His greasy, blood locks are shaved as we fade to black.
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2020.10.18 07:16 adventureismycousin Really feeling the New Moon in Aries tonight

Egads. I am so short-tempered, ready to scream at work tonight. Every tiny thing has me on edge. It feels like a program at work is working against me (keeps blanking out data after I've recorded it), I can't understand half of what my boss is saying (stupid mask makes the accent even harder to decipher than it would have been otherwise), my poor trainer is overloaded, and I really need a massage (tension cramps in my shoulders, arms, legs, and back).
Meditating has helped, so that's good, but dang, man! Can't wait for the full moon in Taurus to get me out of this.
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2020.10.04 20:43 EastofEverest The Other Side: Song of the Sea Final [Part 4]

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
The Enigma is sinking faster and faster than before, and I’ve begun to lose hope of ever seeing the surface all over again. We’re at a depth where depth no longer even makes sense anymore, and we’re dropping so fast that we feel noticeably lighter, as if we were riding a falling roller coaster.
Over the week or so (it’s hard to tell) the apparent gravity inside the sub became weaker and weaker until suddenly we were in free fall, as if the inky black water around us wasn’t even there anymore to support our weight. Let me tell you, it is an unpleasant feeling to feel like you are falling for days on end, and it took all of us a long while to get adjusted and to learn how to move in a weightless environment.
Today, I woke up against the ceiling of my room. With my lights off, I was floating in a void of nothingness. I could be dead, and I wouldn’t even know it. It’s not a bad way to go, either. At least it would be somewhat peaceful.
The logs. I need to know who sent that command.
The thought had been nagging me for hours, but I was too afraid. What if I went to the wrong person, or made myself seem suspicious?
I decided to pay Simon a little visit in the command center. Saboteur or not, I bet I could whittle a little bit of information out of him. It could still be me. There goes the other thought that had been nagging me.
I’d stayed in my room for hours with the door locked and barricaded, lights off so no one would be hurt if it turned out I was actually some sort of partially-corrupted puppet like Alex had claimed. Sure, I’d napped for a few hours, but nothing bad had happened in that time span. Or so I’d hoped.
I drifted around the corner into medical and found Anton.
His head was on one corner of the room, his bloody torso in another.
Anton’s lifeless face was frozen mid laugh. It was a mocking, classic laugh I saw on his face so many times from the wisecracking Anton I knew. Anton before he changed. His body was torn into scarlet chunks in a way that left his organs spilled all over the room, on the walls and floating in large blobs of dark crimson blood that drifted through the air. His arms and fingers were chopped cleanly off, as if with a blade. What looked like rows of sharp, needle like holes permeated his blackened flesh and left stains of dark green goo oozing out. Blood droplets still flying off his weightless body splattered, warm and sticky, against my face and hands.
The scream never left my lungs, reverberating around the room and back again, pushing against my lungs until they burned. I no longer cared if anyone suspected me. I was scared and angry and hopeless and lost, and all I wanted to do was to throw myself out an airlock and drown. I curled myself into a ball near the entrance and drifted there, waiting for someone to arrive.
Alex’s silhouette appeared in the doorway. He took one look at Anton’s body and me, and raised a hammer in his hands. I wanted to yell at him to please listen to me, that I wasn’t to blame, but I couldn’t find the strength. Alex charged at me, using the cramped, cluttered tools lining the walls of the medbay as handholds to propel himself forward. There was fear and murder in his eyes, like a frenzied animal backed into a corner by a predator, willing to do anything to survive.
To my great surprise, Alex rocketed past me and reached into the air vent, whose cover, I suddenly realized, was slowly drifting six feet away to the opposite side of the room. His fingers enclosed on something I couldn’t quite see. Grinning, Alex clasped his hands together, braced his feet on both sides of the vent parallel to the floor and pulled an unbelievably bloody Simon out of its opening.
“It’s not what you think!” Simon screamed indignantly before Alex slammed him against the floor, knocking the wind out of him and sending both of them flying wildly throughout the room.
Simon coughed violently, thrashing and punching until he landed a hit on Alex’s jaw, stunning him temporarily. He then conjured a still-meaty bone axe from his waist and promptly drove it into Alex’s chest. Blood splattered in an arcing pattern into the air, and Alex was sent spinning away toward the opposite wall.
Simon then turned to me. He was not the handsome, tall man I used to know. His skin was grey and wrinkly, teeth sharp like needles, and his eyes wide and red with far too much pupil. He looked at me hungrily and pleaded with a hoarse whisper...
“Please spare me Lana! Please! I had no-”
Alex screamed with rage, grabbed his hammer with both hands, and smashed Simon’s brains out all over my clothes. He went limp in the air, lifeless and unmoving.
Before my very eyes, tentacles and iron green blood spilled from every corner of his body, his skin became pale, sickly white, and any last semblance of his humanity disappeared. He, it, my final nightmare, shriveled up, trembled violently for one last time, and finally disintegrated into ash.
Alex and I cleaned up the mess in the med bay together (as best we could in free fall, anyway), the only two left of the crew of twenty. It was comforting, seeing him relax around me again. It had broken my heart when we had to distance ourselves from each other out of distrust.
We didn’t have the time or the resources to give Anton a proper burial. We wrapped up his remains in a bag, decorated it with his achievements and awards, and said a few words. We left him in storage, unable to fulfill his wish of a true sailor’s funeral, to be buried at sea. The real sea.
Well, this is it. There’s nothing we can do now but wait for death. The Enigma’s engines are shot, and there is now no way to control the ballast in the tanks with nearly all our electrical systems damaged or sabotaged.
I think I’ll stop writing at this point. There’s no use in continuing. I can feel the infection taking over from my shoulder, and it’s now spread to my entire left arm and also part of my neck. It takes every ounce of willpower I have not to give in, and I don’t know if I can fight much longer. This log has been useful, it’s kept me sane for a long time, but now there isn’t any point in continuing. I guess this is goodbye.
The reason I’ve decided to write again is that we’ve once again got hope.
Alex pointed out a strange discrepancy to me today. From the lack of apparent gravity in the submarine, we assumed that we had been sinking so fast that we were in free fall. However, our sensors tell us that there is actually no flow of water around the Enigma, at least relative to the water around us.
If it was indeed true we have entered some kind of zero gravity regime in the deep trench, it means that we have truly stopped sinking. Unfortunately our submarine was still broken, so this wouldn’t have given me much hope if it wasn’t for the other piece of information Alex conveyed me.
“Lana, the Nauticus Blue is hailing us.”
The Nauticus Blue. The original reason we came down here in the first place. I had completely forgotten about it until now.
“Wait, what do you mean it’s hailing us?”
“Radio communications. I’m also getting a signal from the transponder. They’re located only about 0.12 clicks away.”
I opened the channel and turned up the volume. Alex leaned in, listening intently.
Then slowly, a faint, warped buzzing came from the Nauticus. It seemed random, but not quite so at the same time, oscillating in pitch and loudness.
Alex’s eyes narrowed, then looked at me.
“Probably interference. We haven’t been able to contact headquarters and I don’t think we’d be able to contact them. Either way, we have to get over to them if we want to resurface.”
“Wait, what?” I blurted out, surprised. “We don’t even know if that submarine is functional, nor do we know anything about the state of her crew. It’s very risky.”
“We know that they hailed us, which means at least someone is alive,” Alex reasoned. “Would you rather stay here, where we know for a fact we’re going to die, or take a chance and head over?”
“I guess so, but how do you plan on getting over there? We’re unfathomably deep down, there’s no way we can swim across unless you want to be crushed.”
“Think, Lana. There is no gravity down here. Pressure is a result of gravity, so I think we’ll be alright.”
It was an absurd notion, but it was worth a try. I found myself donning scuba gear and oxygen tanks in zero g, getting ready to swim across an inky black sea at a depth so unfathomably deep our bathymeter can’t even handle it.
As we got ready, I made sure to slip my data stick inside one of my wetsuit pockets.
Alex handed me a powerful flashlight and double checked the general direction of the Nauticus. In the inky depths, it was very possible we could miss the sub entirely, or get sucked into some unknown current. My hands and feet shook as Alex sealed off the airlock and opened the door.
The force of fluids entering and exiting the airlock threw me around like a ragdoll, and Alex and I were promptly expelled from the belly of the Enigma. The water around me felt different. It wasn’t thick and pressuring as I expected, instead feeling almost ethereal- barely even there. It was like swimming in air, but much, much colder.
I looked around for the Enigma, so that I could reorient myself with the sub and head off in the correct direction. The submarine loomed above me, blocking out a large portion of my view.
And what a view it was.
The pitch black sea enveloping me was punctured with small specks of light, almost like stars. Glowfish, bacteria, marine snow? Hard to tell. They were spread out mostly evenly, except for a band of slightly more densely clustered white, as if a painter accidentally splattered a streak of fine paint droplets across a dark canvas. Across the away facing side of the Enigma, I could just barely make out a beige afterglow on her metallic surface.
Alex was waving at me frantically, motioning me to come over in the direction of Enigma’s cockpit, which was the direction we had to swim to get to Nauticus. But as I got closer, I realized he was staring off into the distance above me, where my view was blocked by our submarine before.
I looked up.
Stretched wide across the darkness were the rings of Saturn.
I felt my head spin. We can’t really be in space, can we? I moved my arms and felt the cool flow of water as it glided across my skin. I wore no protection out here except a thin wetsuit and scuba gear, so I would be long dead if we truly were in a vacuum.
But how do I explain this? Saturn loomed, enormous, across the sky brighter and more vivid than I’d ever imagined. If I looked closely, I could see the shadows of moons Enceladus, Titan, and Tethys across its luminous skies. Above me was the constellation of orion and taurus, backdropped by the scattered disk of the milky way.
I snapped out of my reverie as I saw Alex gesturing at me to follow him. There was nothing to do but to try to reach the Nauticus.
I kicked forward as hard as I could with my dive fins and pushed the water with my arms, as I’d trained for over and over again before joining the research program. It was difficult to gain speed, as if I was kicking against thin air. Every scoop and push simply felt light and unreal, without any semblance of weight behind it.
Once I picked up speed, the water offered very little resistance. I extended my arms forward, effortlessly slicing through the water like a torpedo.
Ahead of me was Alex. He’d gotten used to the strange situation far quicker than me and built up a sizable lead. Meanwhile, I’d completely lost my sense of orientation, and the Enigma had long since vanished into the darkness behind me. I kicked hard to keep up with him, wary about being lost in the directionless vastness.
After cruising for what seemed like hours, a small cigar-shaped dot appeared in the distance, beige from the light of Saturn. We spread our arms, scooping up as much of the thin water as we could to bleed off speed. The submarine came upon us faster than I expected, and before I realized, I could see the rusty lettering Nauticus written in bronze loom across my field of vision. The resulting impact upon my chest knocked the wind out of me, allowing icy cold freshwater to enter my mouth and lungs.
I spun away, unable to breathe, barely able to move from the stifling cold.
At the last moment, I felt Alex’s hand close strongly on my wrist.
He’d landed gracefully on the surface of the Nauticus, holding my wrist with one hand and hanging off the entrance hatch with the other.
He pulled me to him, and we were in.
I had thought someone opened the hatch for us. I swore I saw a dark hand help pull Alex up into the airlock, but as he helped me expel the water from my lungs, I saw nobody in the airlock with us.
As soon as I recovered, Alex and I pulled out our makeshift weapons and floated gently toward the cockpit. I was shaking, not just from the cold but also from fear that there could be corrupted crew on the Nauticus as well. And maybe we’ll finally find out what became of them, I thought.
The hallways of the submarine were coated with a thick, carpet-like green mold that oozed a sticky dark-red liquid onto the floor. The cockpit door was flung clean off its hinge. In the center of the room lay an unusually large mass of mold interspersed with human bones and writhing worms. The stench made me gag, and my body began to shake uncontrollably.
“Come on, Lana. That’ll be us if we don’t move on.” Alex said, putting a hand on my shoulder. He didn’t look the slightest bit bothered anymore.
Our first problem was that the Nauticus was slowly tumbling through the water, which meant we had no way of knowing which way to go in order to return to the surface. The other was if the drive systems still worked.
To my great surprise, the engine of the machine roared to life on my command, and the ballast tanks began to empty. I anchored myself on the pilot’s seat, positioned myself firmly in front of the glass viewscreen, and stabilized the ship.
“Alex… where do we go?”
Alex was behind me in the engineering seat, looking intently at the screens.
“Go that way” he said, pointing toward the floor of the submarine.
“How do you know that’s where we’re supposed to go?”
“Nav’s back online, somehow” Alex said, pointing at his screen. “Trust me, that’s the way home”.
I nodded and rolled the ship so that “up” was the direction of the surface far above us, tilted our nose vertically, and began lifting us using the ship’s propulsion. It would take a while before gravity would allow us to truly experience “up” and “down” again, and we could use passive buoyancy again. Until then, I was focused on steering the Nauticus straight and true… to home.
We’re rising faster and faster now, enough that I can feel the gravity start to return in the submarine. The stars and planets outside the windows have faded into the inky black, and the sea is now dark as tar once again. We passed the iris, or ring of cliffs (where the ocean floor reappears) a few hours ago, and we’re now rising in a path that follows the sloping valley walls.
Even though I had no reason, I felt a strange paranoia toward the depth counter, which continued to tick deeper and deeper as we rose. Are we sure we went the right direction all the way back there?
Ah well, that darned thing stopped working a long time ago anyway, I thought to myself.
I saw a large white fish with human eyes drift past the window. Please let these freaks stay down here forever. I never want to see them again. The water outside looks like blood.
Turns out my paranoia was for nothing. The waters outside are beginning to lighten up as we approach the twilight zone of the open Pacific. I watched as the trench walls slowly drifted away and flattened out into a nice, large plain. The nightmares were finally over.
I stopped a bit to reflect on how far we’d come and what we’d discovered. Alex had spent the last few days(?) cleaning up the walls and floor of this submarine from the gunk left on it so it would be a bit more liveable. In the process he discovered warped and elongated skulls with hooked teeth. Some of these mutated skeletons were latched onto one another, presumably strangling each other to death.
It was disheartening to realize that after all I’d been through, things like this didn’t impact me much anymore. I located the data console and sifted through the location and depth data. Like with ours, their bathymeter malfunctioned soon after they entered the trench… but they weren’t assigned to the trench… I remembered. Headquarters told us that the Nauticus was assigned to the east of the trench, where the ocean floor was relatively flat and depths were normal.
I got deeper into the system and took a look at the internal and external camera data. Nothing. That part of the system seemed to be completely dysfunctional.
I checked the crew roster and their corresponding photos.
Andrew. Rose. Norman. Yeager. Alphonse….Clark. Grinda. Alex.
I felt my stomach clench.
On the computer screen in front of me was a cheerful Alex, smiling his signature smile and wearing his trusty medical badge like a medal, about to go on an exciting adventure with his Nauticus crewmen.
Who have I been sailing with this whole time?
It wasn’t true, there had to be a mistake. I walked carefully toward the cockpit, mentally mapping out the submarine and placing Alex’s possible locations. In my hand I clenched a screwdriver. Deadly when used as a weapon, but passable as maintenance equipment.
I obtained the laptop I stored in my pilot’s compartment and inserted my data stick to double check the records. Enigma Crew: Simon, Lana, Anton…..Eliott. Alex’s name was not on the roster.
So you found out
I snapped my head around so quickly it made me feel faint. Alex was standing on the edge of the doorway with a large needle-filled grin spread across his face and pupils contracted so small they looked like mere points at the center of his emerald green eyes.
Alex was such a sweet guy. So trusting. So useful. Your helpful doctor friend.”
I was speechless. Was this Alex talking or someone else?
“No, I’m not Alex. Not anymore. I’m something else entirely. I was reforged in the deepest darkest depths of the sea. Our friendship has died ever since the Nauticus went down months ago.”
I had enough. Enough of this supernatural nonsense. I’d expected to die, then survive, and then lost hope of living so many times that I’d lost count. Well not this time. I stared him right in the face and raised my screwdriver.
“Tell me how you got onboard my submarine. Tell me why you killed Anton and Simon.”
“Oh, but Simon got me onboard, of course. Who else but the mission director has authority to do that?”
So he’d gotten back, somehow. Corrupted? Transformed? He was changed by the sickness of the trench and somehow convinced Simon to let him into the crew unofficially.
“You locked us out of the submarine controls. And all this time… I thought it was Simon” I was shaking with anger and sorrow. I’d betrayed my friends for nothing.
“Oh, but you were right. It was Simon. He sent the command. And it was also Anton who accepted the command. Even rerouting the medical screens I had Anton do while you weren’t looking. I can’t understand human electronics very well, you see. So I had them do it for me. Oh, you’re so trusting of your friends, Lana. Not once did you consider that they might all be traitors.”
“No. They aren’t all traitors. I refuse to believe it. Anton had dreams, a family, a happy life ahead of him! Simon was the best commander our program ever had! They wouldn’t throw away their lives to become traitors.”
“Alex had hopes too. Alex was going to become a professional surgeon after becoming a marine medic, until he met a greater destiny, and became me. I showed your friends this destiny one small sliver at a time. They could barely grasp it, those pathetic minds. But it was enough that anyone who heard me would fall under my command for nearly an hour. Even you, Lana. I’m surprised it didn’t occur to you that you were the one who slashed Anton in the chest.”
“You controlled me... when I thought I was asleep?”
“I did that to everyone. Only, most of them forgot about their unfortunate little naps afterwards. You proved very difficult to suppress, thanks to that dumb journal of yours. It kept you sane longer than most. But thankfully your dim-wittedness meant you didn’t manage to figure it out even when Anton blurted out the truth right in front of you. Of course, that’s why I had to… destroy him. He was getting too troublesome.”
Anton was struggling to adjust his unfocused eyes, always seemingly staring into the distance. His speech slowed and slurred, but with enormous effort, he blurted out: long hair. The truth. I’d failed to see it this whole time. Anton was struggling against his enslavement. So was everyone else who was corrupted.
My eyes teared up. They were real human beings. I could’ve tried to save them, but now they’re all dead.
“It’s amazing how nothing strange about this mission bothered you enough to realize the truth.”
My anguish became rage as Alex taunted and mocked my intelligence.
I thought back to everything strange that happened around Alex during our mission, every little inconsistency that had been nagging at me for months, eyes widening as my fractured mind pieced the puzzle back together.
  1. Anton was patient zero for the strange flu-like sickness, and he was treated by Alex longer than anyone else. When Anton reappeared, he had been under Alex’s care for weeks. He was never the same since.
  2. Alex was tending the sick crewmates just before they all became corrupted. The Enigma set sail with a large amount of biological substance labeled “Complex III”, which only the onboard medic was allowed access to.
  3. Alex, through Anton, gave me the plan of attack against the corrupted. It ended up getting rid of the rest of the crewmates.
  4. Many of my crewmates struggled to focus their eyes when I talked to them, as if they were fighting the influence of something.
  5. I was deafened during the flare blast for nearly an hour after, yet Elijah, who was in the same room as the blast zone, only suffered hearing damage for a few minutes even though we all wore the same protective gear. Alex had way too much blood for a hearing injury. Elijah died when he was alone with Alex. He could’ve had a gaping hole in his chest for all I knew, but Alex wouldn’t let me lift up the shirt to see, claiming it was from a nosebleed...
  6. Alex must have made Simon plant the bomb that blew up the driveshaft… and the argument was a cover up to make himself look innocent… or maybe it was Simon resisting his influence? And then he made me slash Anton, because he was resisting, slipping, close to revealing vital information… Alex must’ve forced Simon to kill him!
  7. Simon was telling the truth when he pleaded for his life. He was about to tell me the truth! But Alex killed him to save his own skin. He kept me alive to pilot the sub, as he knew nothing about human technology… but why?
  8. Fuck.
“Good. Very good. You were slow, but you’re finally getting it. I’m surprised you didn’t pick up these anomalies sooner.”
I felt rage boil inside me, rising up like a heat wave from deep within my gut.
“WELL YOU FAILED!” I screamed at the man who murdered my friends, the man who vivisected Anton and blew Simon’s brains out… the man who made me kill all my crewmates. They’d all put their lives in his hands, only to be repaid with hell.
“I’ll be at the surface any minute now, and when I get back to society, I’ll make sure you pay with your life! I have proof.” I gripped my screwdriver in my hands until my knuckles turned white and pointed it at Alex.
Alex didn’t look the slightest bit concerned, nor did he try to disarm me. Instead, he smirked in such an unnatural way that it made my skin crawl. It was the look of something completely alien, wearing Alex’s body like a puppet, trying to replicate human expression.
Suddenly, the singing returned, enveloping my ears with a sickening sweetness. This time, it was low and thundering, as if it came from the throat of a giant. I fought the urge to claw my own ears out.
I was never in control. I felt my heart sink.
“Why? What was all this for?”
“Look outside.”
That very moment, ribbons of light suddenly poured through the glass cockpit, as the cabin suddenly burst onto the surface of the ocean. Rolling waves lapped the side of the hull, creating rhythmic metallic clangs. For the first time in months, the beautiful view of the sky unrolled before me.
But it was all wrong.
The light entering the cabin was a bright, orange red. The blackened waves lapping the glass of the Nauticus were almost as thick as syrup, congealing and clumping as it hit the surface. Hanging just above the horizon in the rusty sky was the crimson inferno of a sun thousands of times larger than our own.
My blood froze. Thousands of massive men the size of mountains dotted the seascape, forming neat lines converging on our location. They were covered in barnacles and suckers and open sores leaking blood into the sea, turning it red. Their eyes were entirely pupil, bloody and red and filled with worms. Their teeth looked like needles, even though each one was the height of a skyscraper. Such was their height that the entire depth of the ocean only came to their knees. I looked closely at their writhing skin and realized that they were each covered with thousands of the spider-like monstrosities we encountered at the bottom of the sea, their thousands of legs twitching as they clambered for grip on the massive titan’s skin.
The ground trembled as they lumbered toward us. They seemed to be searching for something at the bottom.
“W--wh-w...what…” My throat was squeezed so tightly by fear that I could barely speak.
“Where are we?”
“I’m home.”
Lana was practically all bone, no meat. I get that I practically starved her the entire time we were down there, but I really wanted this last meal to be a bit more flamboyant.
No matter. The time for feasting has just begun.
This was such a fun journey. The end was a bit anticlimactic, as it became almost too easy to trick Lana into piloting us in the wrong direction. It’s very hard to tell where “up” is in zero gravity, after all, and thankfully humans have practically no brain cells. Now that I’m back in my world, we can start the really exciting part.
I’ve also decided to complete this cute little “log” Lana kept writing in. It made her troublesome, as if she was able to store some modicum of independent thought inside it. Made her very hard to control.
But now it’ll serve a different purpose. I’m going to use it to send a message to the world on the other side of the ocean floor.
Every time you hear about a death in the west Pacific, it’s my doing. Their tortured souls give my kind strength and bring us closer to the human world. We- no, I- waited for centuries to become strong enough, and now we’re finally on the brink. This is why I was desperate enough to bring the two metal human tubes down here. Their anguish and pain were the final few out of the thousands I needed to grow strong enough, and soon I will use that strength to open a permanent passage to your side.
Of course, I had to keep that human pest alive and blissfully unaware as I consumed her friends. I even had to deafen her at one point to transform without being noticed.
I risked everything for this.
We are at the tipping point now. I cannot wait any longer. We are coming.
The written logs from the Enigma and Nauticus end here. Two more submarines were lost to the surrounding waters before the research station Thalassa finally ceased operations.
Two months after the discovery of this information, a mysterious flu-like illness quickly began to spread in coastal regions west of the Marianas Trench, specifically in China. Immediately after that, strange seismic readings were detected in the West Pacific, like a constant low-level earthquake.
There is no further salvageable information from the Enigma mission.
End Report.
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2020.10.04 18:26 FrancescoAmic1 Joe Bevilacqua - Zodiac's name decrypted (1)

Joe Bevilacqua - Zodiac's name decrypted (1)
You can read this post on one page here on my blog.
In the summer 2017, I knew a man named Joe Bevilacqua. One day, we were on the balcony of his home in a town near Florence, facing he Autostrada del Sole and the hills of Chianti. I gave him the first page of Zodiac’s letter with his encrypted identity. Joe started to read it aloud, translating each row in Italian. When he reached the thirteen symbols, he smiled: “Let’s forget it”. Then he said: “This sentence is strange”. Joe was talking about the row immediately under the cipher. He had translated in Italian “cerous” as “waxy”. “Why did he write it?” he asked me. “Why did he not write ‘I am curious’?”.
A few weeks later, when I reflected on Joe’s insistence about “cerous”, I became aware that this word could be fundamental to decrypt the cipher[1].
One thing that I noticed while developing a decryption of the “Zodiac’s name cipher, three years ago, was that the poem “Aeneid” by Latin poet Virgil and main character “Aeneas” were the only words starting with “Aen”, in the Oxford paper dictionary I had consulted[2]. Finally, I have discovered that this classical reading was a key element for the precise identification of Zodiac more than how it had been to achieve the solution[3].
“Cerous” and the Aeneid are both important points of the solution, even if my past analysis based on them was not definitively complete and correct as this one wants to be.
Most of Zodiac’s references were popular in 1969-1970. Peculiarities are his quotations of Woody Allen’s “Take the money and run” and actor Bekim Fehmiu, other than letters and symbols he took from works related to ancient civilizations.
Xerox copies of the letter (FBI samples)
Page 1
Page 2
How the code is built
The “Zodiac’s name cipher” is not based on a substitution code. Symbols are just pieces of a puzzle game.
Zodiac’s name was presumably encrypted in the 13 symbols row on page 1 of the letter that the murderer sent to the San Francisco Chronicle on April 20, 1970.
Soon after this communication from Zodiac was received, the FBI was asked to decrypt the cipher, but they could not[4]. The text was too short to be reached if it had been made using a substitution code. However, according to the Army Security Agency, Zodiac received military training in cryptography, as reported in a document delivered to the SFPD through the Army CID at the Presidio[5]. He must know that the cipher could not be “cracked” without clues, like that one he put in his Halloween card[6] (i.e. the letter Q, according to the solution I published here on
On page 1 of the letter, Zodiac asked the readers if they had already cracked the previous cipher. He said that he was “cerous” – instead of curious – to know the amount of money of his reward. He added that he is not the author of a recent bombing at a police station, even if there is “more glory” in killing a cop instead of a “cid”. He also wrote that he had been swamped out by the rain.
On page 2, there is a sketch of a bomb with the information on how it was set up and would work.
The first block of the code is built using an ancient Greek word in capital letters, ANETHEKE, which appeared in the book “The alphabet” by Frederic W. Goudy as an inscription from the temple of Poseidon on Lake Taenarus, in Laconia, Greece[7]. This finding was first published on the website[8].
The word ANETHEKE matches the structure of the first part of the cipher with a few differences
Zodiac effected three changes to the original inscription. He:
  1. switched E with N
  2. put a Celtic cross in place of a Theta
  3. substituted the second and third E with a symbol 8 circled
The Celtic cross was the Zodiac’s signature. It is probable that the murderer stole both his name and signature from the brand of the watch manufacturer “Zodiac”. The most publicized product of the Zodiac in the late 60s appears to have been the diver’s watch Sea Wolf[9].
The Celtic cross is similar to the type of Theta in the inscription reported on page 11 of “The Alphabet” by Goudy and can explain why Zodiac chose to make this substitution. For its symbolic importance, it may encrypt an initial.
The reason why Zodiac used the word ANETHEKE in his code is related to how the code is built. Indeed, this ancient Greek word translates “set up”[10], the verb that the author of the cipher put in the first sentence on page 2, before an explanation of how the “bomb” works.
Method of decryption suggested by ANETHEKE

There is a link between the cipher and the first part of page 2 based on the connection “ANETHEKE – Set up” that suggests the method of decryption.
Overlap the sketch of the street on the cipher leaving one lane for the cipher and the other one for the bus.
The letter “I” is circled by the sun. Symbol is crossed by the first arrow that ends in correspondence to the route of the bus. The result of the collision between the bus and sunshine decoded the seventh symbol of the cipher, which substitutes "I". In the first case, an “E” results from the intersection of the bus and ray beam. In the third case, there is not a letter to substitute, but the second arrow translates the dash to the word “cerous” and cancels the letters “rous”. This ray beam coupled with the action of the second arrow under the letter “I” makes the word “ICE” from the misspelled word “cerous”, which could be a tip for the decryption of the third .
I, E, Ice
The sunshine decrypts the first two symbols wherewith Zodiac substituted the E in ANETHEKE. It also suggests forming the word ICE the translation of the third .
The sunbeam intersects the bus in its route
The symbol 8 and sun disc
The symbol is composed of the “8” depicted on posters of the musical Hair[11] and the sun disc drawn by Zodiac on page 2 inside which two letters are to decrypt and the dash to be moved.
A tip
Aquarius – Let the sunshine in
This part of the code is based on the recording "Aquarius-Let the sunshine in" performed by The Fifth Dimension and released in 1969. Thanks to it, the band won the Grammy award for Record of the Year in 1970[12].
The Fifth’s Dimension song was an arrangement of “Aquarius” and “Let the sunshine in”, two different musical pieces both taken from the musical “Hair”[13] which was on the scene at the Geary Theatre, in San Francisco[14], few yards away from the point where Zodiac hailed the cab driven by Stine, on October 11, 1969[15]. In 1969-1970, the musical was a success as well as “Aquarius-let the sunshine in”. When Zodiac mailed his letter, “Hair” was performed at the Orpheum, on Market & Hyde[16].
A symbol 8 (picture on the right) was represented on the posters of the musical as a composition of hair, while a lying “8” was depicted on the “I” of Hair in the title, also in the advertisements[17].
Click to enlarge
“Let the sunshine in” is the last song in the official soundtrack of the musical Hair, while the first one is “Aquarius”, followed by “Donna”, like the possible Zodiac’s victim on 6 September 1970[18]. A postcard from Zodiac seemed to hint at his responsibility in the disappearance of Donna Lass from South Lake Tahoe[19].
The references for the second part of the cipher must be found
Crossed in green – the changes in ANETHEKE that have been explained. Crossed in red – symbols effectively decrypted
Another reference of the code comes from an ancient civilization. The anchor-like symbol is the Bhrami letter “Ya”.
A search for the anchor-like symbol has resulted in the discovery below
The drawing of the seal above accompanied by symbols L, ACHH, MI, YA, was published in “Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum” (inscriptions from India) by Alexander Cunningham. The two symbols used by Zodiac were part of a tentative translation of the inscription on the seal[20].
The words MI and YA are anagrammed as the first letters above and below the cipher (“My” and “I a”), while their respective translation in Bhrami, the Taurus, and anchor-like symbols, were inserted in the cipher. The sun disc must be added to the Taurus symbol the same way as the other ⑧.
MI and YA
The two symbols and M are above the syntagma “cerous”
The word cerous is a misspelling of “curious”. It is not realistic that was not an intentional mistake. Why did Zodiac write it? It is useful to obtain “ice”, anything else?
In English, the word “cerous” exists just as a technical term related to the word “cerium”[21], a metal. However, the Latin word “cera”, wax, is the main standard suffix in English for words starting with “cera”, “ceri” or “cero”[22].
It is possible that the word “cerous” means “waxy” like the similar “cerosus” in Latin. If Zodiac wanted to suggest “waxy”, the etymology of this neologism would be as follows.
SEALING WAX is the simplest term formed by a combination of the words “wax” (from “cerous”) and “seal” (from “seal stone”)[23].
In the past centuries, this substance was used for sealing letters and certifying official documents. It is a compound principally made by shellac[24], also called lac[25], like the insect that produces it.
Lac is a 3-letters word, the same number as the symbols above “cerous”. “A” may decrypt the third 8 hit by the ray beam
The third formed by the disc of the sun and the Taurus symbol taken from Cunningham’s translation of the script on the seal stone of Harappa[26] indicates that the letter to decrypt has a connection with the word ICE[27].
The individuation of the sequence ILAC is helpful to find almost the whole solution, not only this link.
Surnames containing the sequence “ILAC” in the list from the U.S. Census 2010[28]
Bevilacqua[29] and Ilacqua fit the decryption and contain the word “acqua”, “water”[30]. “A” is linked to ICE, as the first letter of “ACQUA”, water, last part of Zodiac’s name.
The decryption continues at the following link:
Edited on October 16, 2020
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2020.10.04 13:45 Jannaj15 Chris Watts astrology

I watched the Netflix documentary recently and was really curious to look at Chris Watts’ birth chart.
He was born on May 16th, 1985 at 19:00 in Fayetteville (AstroBank data) which makes him a Scorpio rising. His Sun is at 25 degrees Taurus which is the degree of an infamous malicious star Algol. Modern astrologers describe the influence of this star as “primitive sexual energy” or “scandalous personality”, wheres in traditional astrology it is associated with death by decapitation. Astrologers of that time also considered this as the most evil fixed star.
I was also comparing his synastry with his wife Shannan as well as his mistress Nichol (no birth time available so no houses). His relationship pattern with Shannan seems to be very dynamic - a lot of conjunctions and oppositions. The 3 most interesting ones to me were his pluto conjunction with her mars - textbook “violence” indicator if gone wrong. Chris has his Moon at 23 degrees Aries and Venus at 13 degrees Aries. Although no exact birth time for Shannan, during the day she was born Moon was also in Aries (10th Jan,1984), which would conjunct either his Venus or Moon in one case or another. That is supposedly an incredibly good thing, especially moons conjunct are considered somewhere in the top 5 long tern strong marriages or relationships. Shannan’s Saturn is also conjunct his Ascendant which despite the longevity it brings to the relationship, can put a lot heavy weight on the Ascendant person.
When it comes to Chris’ synastry with his mistress Nichol, the first thing that strikes me is his Sun exactly conjunct her Jupiter - her Jupiter is right there with Algol as well. One possible interpretation - her presence in his life “expands” his evil side and gives him more confidence? Contrary to Shannan, Nichol and Chris have less aspects in their synastry, and majority of them are sextiles. Out of harsher aspects, the 2 most noticeable ones are Uranus-Venus double whammies which are know for the instant sexual chemistry they might bring. This is further enhanced by their exact Venus-Mars conjunction. Her Pluto is also on his Ascendant, which might further push him to somehow change himself/his life for her.
Sorry about the formatting - typing this from my phone. Curious to see what you guys think about it.
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2020.09.27 04:36 oaiisea Astrology Subreddits: Find what you're looking for.

Hi Astrology community,
This post was inspired by all the posts we’ve seen lately expressing frustration with astrology and it’s mods. Astrology is our main “go-to” sub for all things astrology and it’s likely the first astrology sub people come across. However, there are many more subs, all with different purposes and rules. The mods of Astrology have gotten more strict in an attempt to provide more quality content that can be helpful and applicable to everyone. As a result, that limits the types of posts that can go here. Yes, this is a bummer and can be mad frustrating…...until you find out that there’s a sub for exactly what you want to post where it won’t get removed AND you’re way more likely to get the response you’re looking for! So that’s what this post is for, to briefly outline all the astrology subs that exist, what they are for, and what their rules are. I hope this helps everyone to be able to find what they’re looking for! :)
This post has been edited to add subs that were missed and fix descriptions and typos.
General sun sign post? Zodiac, zodiacsigns, Astrologydiscussion or AstrologyBasics
Chart readings? astrologyreadings
Need basic questions answered? Google.
Need help understanding concepts better? beginnerastrology or AskAstrologers
Want to share personal experiences? AstrologyBasics, Astrologydiscussion, or AstrologyChartShare
Want to have awesome astrology convos? Astrology or AdvancedAstrology
Want to share new things you learned? AstrologyChartShare
Want to learn astrology? beginnerastrology then advancedastrology
Want to share awesome memes or guess signs or roast? astrologymemes
Want to make fun of all the other astrology subs? Astrologycirclejerk
Every type of horoscope? Horoscope
Want magic and planets? planetarymagic
For the subs that have clearly laid rules, please take the time to read their rules and try to follow them. Doing so keeps the quality of posts high and the discussions can be more fun and informational for astrologers of all levels. For the subs who don’t, hey no rules have at it! PARTAY! But common courtesy, basic respect, whatever you want to call it, is following the rules when they’re clearly laid out and it is MUCH APPRECIATED by the entire community.
And finally, the feature presentation.

Astrology Subreddits:


What is this sub?: This sub is for general astrology (NOT personal) discussions. It’s great for sharing knowledge, astrological news, discussion topics (ideally about concepts), etc. This sub has clearly laid rules so please read before posting!
About Community: astrology is a community for astrologers, and those wishing to learn astrology, to share knowledge and news about astrological topics. astrology is NOT a place to get answers about anyone's life or about personal charts.
Community Rules:
1.NO: posting charts OR asking about specific placements OR sharing personal stories OR asking advice. This is not the subreddit to ask about a chart, whether it is yours or someone else's. For readings, advice, sharing anecdotes about how you've seen astrology working in your life or anyone else's, you may post on our sister subreddit AskAstrologers.
2.NO spamming your blog or website.
Posts linking to blog articles must be limited to once every 3 days AT MOST per site linked.
3.NO daily or weekly horoscopes.
No links to videos are blogs giving daily or weekly horoscope readings. Blogs and videos for monthly horoscopes or astrological events are ok.
4.NO generic sun sign OR zodiac posts.
This means you should not make generalizations or giving shallow interpretations of sun signs or zodiac "dominant" people or "types."
5.NO offering services or products, even if they are free.
This is not the place to advertise your business. This includes but is not limited to offering to give someone a private reading in DMs, sharing websites or videos that offer individual readings, posting your zodiac art or sharing the cool custom chart wall art or jewelry you "found."
6.NO polls or posts that are just asking users about their placements or experiences.
History has shown that while these posts get a lot of comments, they do not provide any meaningful insight into astrological topics and only result in personal anecdotes and, often, stereotyping about signs and placements (see rule #4.)
  1. Don't be a jerk
We expect a general level of civility in this subreddit. Those who personally attack others, or make general insults toward signs or placements will be banned without warning.


What is this sub?: This sub focuses on Vedic Astrology. Most of the other subs focus on Western so this is your go-to for all things Vedic! It's great for discussions, posting questions, and learning about a whole new tradition you maybe didn't realize existed. This sub also has clearly laid rules so please read before posting!
About Community: The study of vedic astrology
Community Rules: 1. Rule 1 : Post Instructions 2. Rule 2 : Required data for chart drawing 3. Rule 3 : spam 4. Rule 4 : Link for chart drawing 5. Rule 5 : suicidal/depressed or death topics not allowed 6. Rule 6: do not chase mods for reads 7. Rule 7: Not a place to argue about astrology being fake or a psuedoscience 8. Rule 8 : No advertising 9. Rule 9 : no piracy 10. Rule 10 : aspiring gurus predicting doom will be banned 11. Rule 11 : no surveys or data collection 12. Rule 12: divisional charts ( d9 ,d10 etc) without the D1 or rashi chart will be removed. 13. Rule 13: don't ask for recommendations for full reads
Also see this post before posting!


What is this sub?: This is a new and growing subreddit that is specifically for people who are learning astrology or want to start. It’s great for asking questions, sharing knowledge, and finding reliable resources easily. This sub also has clearly laid rules so please read before posting! We also have a wiki!
About Community: A subreddit for learning about astrology and how to read astrological charts. Everyone is welcome!
Community Rules:
  1. Be kind and respectful!
  2. No fatalistic comments/posts!
  3. Please post an actual natal chart!
  4. No full chart readings!
  5. No self-promotion!
For a more in-depth description see Rules and Posting Guidelines.


What is this sub?: This is a sub specifically for getting questions answered by people who have put time and effort into studying astrology. It’s great for asking specific questions about your natal chart or questions about astrology in general. This sub also has clearly laid rules so please read before posting!
About Community: A community for asking questions about your birth chart, or astrology in general.
Community Rules:
  1. Don't ask for general/full chart readings!
  2. Never make deals for chart readings over reddit!
  3. Don't offer your services or free readings.
  4. Specify the source and accuracy of your birth time!
  5. No lists or tables of chart placements. Please post an actual chart!
  6. Use your best judgement, taking this advice at your own risk!
  7. Don't be a jerk!
For a more in-depth description see RULES AND GUIDELINES and this post.


What is this sub?: This is a sub for advanced astrology discussions. It’s great for advanced questions, discussions, and learning astrology at a higher level.
About Community: Subreddit for astrology enthusiasts who have some grasp of natal chart reading and/or interest in expanding their knowledge beyond broad, sign-based interpretations.
Community Rules:
This sub does not have explicitly stated rules but they ask not to post asking for chart readings here.


What is this sub?: This sub is for memes! It’s great for memes galore, roast me posts, and fun discussions. This sub also has clearly laid rules so please read before posting!
About Community: This is a place for fun discussions of astrology. It can be super deep or lighthearted. Things aren't off-limits, so post Roast the Sign threads and w/e you want!
Community Rules:
  1. Posts should be at least somewhat relevant to astrology principles
  2. Don't post gross sexual stuff
  3. Be nice!
  4. Post your individual "roast me" placements in the pinned thread


What is this sub?: This sub is for astrology readings, plain and simple. The more specific you are, the better response you’ll get! This sub also has clearly laid rules so please read before posting! They also have a wiki!
About Community: A community for astrology readings! Come here if you're looking for a birth / natal or any other form of astrology reading. All signs of the zodiac are welcome! (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces) Don't come here soliciting paid readings. You will be banned! We also have an irc chatroom: server is, port is 6667 (6697 for SSL)
Community Rules:
  1. No spam
  2. Be nice
  3. No "Guess My Sign" selfies
  4. No solicitation


What is this sub?: This is a subcreated for sharing natal charts and our experiences with them. This sub is great for sharing charts and key factors or points about the chart, and for putting what you have learned into practice.
About Community: A subreddit for sharing natal, transit, current, and astrological charts of all kinds!
Community Rules: There are currently no explicitly stated rules in this sub!


What is this sub?: Honestly, I’m not quite sure but it’s amazing. In all seriousness (which is explicitly not allowed in the sub), it’s a sub for making fun of all the BS that goes on in astrology subs and the astrology community. It’s great. Check it out. (This is not a sponsored message tho it should be.)
About Community: Astrological masters showing off our undoubted brilliance.
Community Rules: LOL what rules?


What is this sub?: A brand new sub for talking about the basics of astrology. This sub is great for sharing personal experiences and talking about specific personal placements.
About Community: For the folks who want to discuss the basics of Astrology! Discussions about specific placements/aspects and personal experiences are allowed! We hope that this will be a place where people can freely discuss topics that may be moderated by other Astrology subreddits. Let’s help each other out and learn through discussions of all things Astro!
Community Rules: This sub currently has no explicitly stated rules but it is still very new so this may change.


What is this sub?: This sub is focused on modern astrology. It’s great for discussing modern techniques and philosophy. This sub also has clearly laid rules so please read before posting!
About Community: Welcome to ModernAstrology! Here we can have in-depth discussions around the mainstream and contemporary astrological knowledge, techniques, and the philosophy behind it.
Community Rules:
  1. Be Civil
  2. Go Beyond Basic Discussion
  3. Keep Your Mind Open
  4. No Gatekeeping or Invalidation
  5. Self-Promotion or Free Readings are Not Allowed
  6. If you are going to ask about your chart, you need to have a specific question about it.


What is this sub?: A sub focused on traditional astrology. This sub is good for focusing on traditional astrology. This sub also has clearly laid rules so please read before posting!
About Community: There was a radical change in the nature of astrology a little over 100 years ago. This subreddit is devoted to the state of astrology before the change.
Community Rules:
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I hope this is helpful and that everyone finds what they're looking for. If this doesn't become a pinned post it'll probably become a resource on beginnerastrology either way if you ever need to find it. If you made it all the way through, kudos my dude, and thank you.
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2020.09.26 07:53 DaBigDaddyFish 10K Hatch Rates and Proposed Changes to the 10K Egg Pool

Good evening(or perhaps morning to those in Europe/Asia/etc) I have briefly talked about doing this by making comments on posts here, however the time has finally arrived and I have decided to pull the trigger a little early.
I only hatched 80 eggs in the time span of early August until now, instead of the originally planned 100 eggs. While I could push myself for another couple of weeks to reach the goal of 100 eggs, I feel like 80 is quite adequate, especially considering that it is just me collecting the data. Because it is just me I understand that the hatch rates are anecdotal and are not completely indicative of the true hatch rates, but I think I have enough data to prove my point. With that said, let’s dive in.
I will begin by providing the data of how many of each Pokemon were hatched from the eighty 10K eggs and using that data to then provide constructive alterations that I feel need to be made to the pool of available Pokemon based on that data. While I understand that my opinions will not be shared by everyone, I feel like the points I will make will be of the betterment of the entire community. Niantic has, for too long, kept the rates from us and SEEMS to not feel inclined to shake things up to the point of benefitting the players. Again, I understand there are casual players who will disagree, but please understand that it comes from someone who is a hardcore veteran of the game.
Klink: 11 - 13.75%
Shinx: 9 - 11.25%
Absol: 10(one shiny) - 12.5%
Feebas: 21 - 26.25%
Audino: 2 - 2.5%
Golett: 6 - 7.5%
Gible: 3 - 3.75%
Ferroseed: 3 - 3.75%
Timburr: 5(one shiny) - 6.25%
Litwick: 4 - 5%
Deino: 1 - 1.25%
Alomomola: 0 - 0%
Darumaka-1 - 1.25%
Riolu-2(one shiny) - 2.5%
Throh/Sawk-1 - 1.25%
Axew-1 - 1.25%
As you can see the data somewhat resembles the findings on the Silph Road. While I do believe if I had hatched another 20 eggs the percentages would have started to skew towards the same rates as on the Silph Road, I believe the anecdotal evidence is pretty jarring. It confirms what all of us already believe and, frankly, detest about hatching eggs in this game. While 10K eggs have always been a source of controversy for the entire community and have had controversial entries that probably shouldn’t have been present(looking at you Sudowoodo), the current state of this particular egg pool really begs the question: just how much more can we take?
There was a moment in time where the egg pool consisted of Beldum, Bagon, Dratini, and Larvitar. Remember when the 20% hatch rate was Beldum? I do. But at least Beldum has a niche in evolving into a pseudo-legendary AND actually being meta-relevant in both GBL and the Raiding communities. Milotic...does not. I understand that there are casual players that do not spend as much time, and money, as myself on this game and as such there needs to be somewhat “rare” and “somewhat useful” Pokemon, such as Feebas within ALL egg pools. However, there needs to be the balance of risk/reward. A Pokemon like Feebas simply should NOT have a hatch rate of 1/5 within a pool that is so evidently outdated.
We are on the verge of closing out Gen 5 and preparing for Gen 6. Why are hardly relevant Pokemon from Gen 3 still taking precedence? Furthermore, why are Pokemon that are heavily accessible via Raids also being catered to? That is where the final segment of this analysis comes in. The part where I propose additions, subtractions, and all around alterations to the pool with which I also invite the rest of the community to take part in so we can find a balance that benefits BOTH the casual player and the hardcore player.
-Feebas needs to be removed from the 10K egg pool and placed into the 2K egg pool. Feebas IS a rare Pokemon in the wild. But it has been in this game for nearly THREE years now. If it is going to be in eggs, it needs to be in a pool that would make it readily accessible for those casual players that are still looking to claim their Milotic. Or...remove it from all egg pools as, again, it has been two years since it first debuted in game.
-Absol removed from the 10K egg pool and placed into the 5K egg pool. Because Absol has a Mega variant I expect it to be omnipresent in Raids still for quite some time and will still be readily available for players that need/want one. If it is to remain in eggs, place it in 5K or remove it from eggs altogether.
-Klink needs to be removed from the 10K egg pool. This Pokemon is CONSTANTLY cycled into Raids. However, the amount of candy to get to it’s final evolution may warrant a need to remain in eggs. So it needs to be in 2K or 5K eggs.
-Shinx needs to be removed from 10K eggs. This is one where I expect to find some opposition. However, hear me out. It has been in Raids for approximately a year and half, of not longer. It has been readily available in the 10K egg pool and Adventure Sync egg pool(I’ll be addressing this pool a little later on) for that time as well. Much like the aforementioned Pokemon, I would be happy to see it moved into either the 2K or 5K egg pool.
-Throh/Sawk be removed from the 10K egg pool. With absolutely ZERO meta-relevancy and no appeal of potentially being a Mega(cough, cough Audino). These can be moved to 5K or removed from eggs altogether. I live in North America and see at least 1 Throh in the wild on a daily basis, sometimes up to 5 or 6. It’s Sudowoodo/Taurus/Mr Mime all over again.
-Archen/Tirtouga re-added to the 10K egg pool. While many a veteran will shudder at the thought of fossils being in 10Ks again(Omanyte/Kabuto), both of these Pokemon are IMMENSELY rare in the wild and have no other way of being obtained currently. Like Riolu, they would be more accessible to all players looking to finish their Dex if they were re-added to the pool. And if the aforementioned Pokemon were actually removed there would need to be replacements placed on the roster and I don’t see too many players, if any, complaining about the addition of these two Pokemon.
-Increased hatch rates for: Gible/Deino/Litwick/Darumaka. Gible has been in the game for about a year and a half. It has had some exposure due to recent events and yet it still remains one of the most heavily sought after Pokemon in the game(I’d say the Gen 5 fossils, Axew, Deino, and Riolu beat it out). While I do believe we’ll likely get a Community Day for it in the future(it’s a pseudo-legendary, I mean come on), it’s time to ease the reins a bit. As for Deino, Litwick, and Darumaka? They are all heavily meta-relevant Pokemon and have been in the game long enough now that they could use a little accessibility.
-Adventure Sync Pool Shake Up. While I’m adamant that the AS pool for 5K could use a little shake, I’m not focusing on that too much. I’m focusing on the 10K pool. I believe it is currently: Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, Shinx, and Riolu. It’s time to cut the roster a lot. I’d say the only Pokemon on the current roster that could remain post-shake up is Riolu. As for the other 5 slots? Well, let’s consider GBL and other rarities within the current 10K pool. While some changes have been made in GBL to allow lesser-skilled players to reach the ranks required to potentially get Pokemon like Scraggy and Rufflet, I think adding them to the 10K AS pool would give further merit towards attempting to walk those 50 weekly kilometers and allow casual players an alternative method to obtaining them. Making them available in the wild would also be nice, but hey, let’s stay focused. I also think the other 3 slots could be filled by the likes of Gible, Litwick, and Darumaka. This keeps the pool current and filled with six rare and exciting potential hatched. The new pool should be: Riolu, Rufflet, Scraggy, Gible, Litwick, and Darumaka.
And that concludes my analysis. I understand my talking points are based off of anecdote and opinion, but there was also a lot of time and effort put into offering them up. I’m hoping that it will spark a discussion and change that benefits all of us moving forward. Thanks again and take care Trainers!
Edit: Additional point I should add now that I think about it. 10K egg drop rates in general could do with a boost. The current drop rate for eggs are as follows: 50% 2K, 35% 5K, and 15% 10K. The fact that 3% of ALL my hatches, including 2Ks and 5Ks, is a Feebas is practically robbery. Given the current drop rates, I believe that a HEAVY nerf to 2Ks needs to be done. I think the new rates should be as follows: 25% 2K, 45% 5K, and 30% 10K. The 5K pool has the most Pokemon and this should be the most often found egg. The 10K pool has the next most and the 2K pool has the least. Not to mention, the 2K pool is RIDDLED with Pokemon that I find on a daily basis. There is NO REASON why 50% of egg drops should be something that is found all the time.
Edit2: Thank you for all the awards and feedback! Love to get the community together for wholesome discussion!
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2020.09.20 05:04 lycheechica 2 years HRT passing / seems to reverse now

This is probably a weird one, because I’ve researched and researched and found nothing on this. No similar stories or nothing.
Basically as of tomorrow (9-20-20), I will have been on hormones for two years.
I’ve been starting to pass 8 months in, with my highest dosage of Teva-Spironolactone (200mg) and Lupin-Estradiol (8mg) going on from there up to today (and ongoing).
At about May/June, I started to feel like I was peaking at my highest point of passability. At this point I was living in a new place, my room mates and people around me had no idea I was trans. Still don’t, but let me get back to that.
It was confirmed with my levels showing to be the highest point of estrogen and lowest of testosterone trending that I’ve been on. Endo thought it’s clockwork at this point, congratulated me on my progress and that I’m doing well and living my authentic life.
Come end of June I try to convince her that my next step is breast development. I’m asian, no racist but legit that’s the least developed part of me. If anything is my next step in this plateau, I thought that’s it. She tells me so many warning signs and side effects of Progesterone that she knows specially me will not like. I’ve expressed previously all my concerns of the slightest show of HRT not at its full, ie: hair, skin, fat distribution, etc...
I got greedy for more is the TL;DR, so I convinced her of that I’m already passable, I want to do more and do the next steps in my transition. I basically begged and she decided to let me try it as a trial and at the hint of the slightest mishap, to tell her and course correct from there.
I don’t take it, feeling like I need to steady my regiment first and balance out my schedule of taking them on exact time every morning with better hydrating and sleep, before I begin to have a baseline to start from. It’s mid-July, I start taking 100mg of Progesterone every night before bed (to metabolize it better during sleep), and also my regular continuing hormones of the other two in the morning as usual.
Didn’t notice anything immediately so I kept taking them thinking oh okay it’s not bad. I started feeling hella fucking dysphoric, started noticing so many tells that I wasn’t sure was objectively a change in reality or my head playing tricks. Either way, Taurus, lover of grounded reality, I had to slow my woah and rule out any factors. I flushed them down the toilet after a little over 14 days of use. Cold turkey, gone. Fuck that shit.
Next week, then another, and another... the effects are still there. I thought it’s gotta just be in my head, I mean I stopped that noise. Called my endo all emergency like, she’s like yea “sounds like you’re hitting the nail on the head” with everything I recall to her as my theory of what’s happening.
She says continue as you are minus the Progesterone, 200 and 8, as usual...
I do, I don’t feel better though. Throughout August, I notice slight things that don’t seem major but enough for me to worry. I know no one else seems to notice, and I’m not being clocked, everyone who does know (my best friend, this internet ig friend, and my other friend) tell me I look fine. I assume both a case of making me feel good, and white lies cuz bruh I look hella man’s over here. But fuck it I continue as is, trying to continue to self care, listen to my music, feel it, stay in that energy, be in my best radiant vibe and “be the light” as my mantra always goes. It’s working but the face isn’t matched up.
See here’s the thing, about my peak period especially, is that it felt like I was almost euphoric. Almost like I was high on estrogen. I felt it surge, flow, like combined with my stealth life, the vibe I was in, the spring/summer mood, the music I listened to, that I was in this feeling of femininity I’ve never felt before to this degree. And what helped massively was knowing any doubts I had we’re temporarily instantly dissolved by looking in the mirror, and it made me smile to see what I saw cuz it matched how I felt inside.
That’s the key here.
Because this ain’t true no more, b like I don’t get that reflection reminder, it actually is worse and only kills the hope. Now I can’t seem to find her in there, dare I even say it looks like the face pre-HRT, or when I was baby trans starting out. I kept trying to find her in there, lock into those expressions when I did and keep that going, remembering who I am and living it and reminding myself and maintaining that dissipating vibe before it goes away...
But that’s the thing, it wasn’t like this before. I never thought this or felt this before, the reflection and mentality was never this way, so that’s one huge difference I know something is hella off.
Coupled with the increasing signs of reversal, I had the existential crippling fear that I was somehow chemically imbalanced and reverting, that I was somehow inadvertently before my very eyes - detransitioning.
It makes no sense because I’m on the same 200 and 8, that I’ve only ever been on.
My thought: the Progesterone however brief, threw me on a trajectory that - even though I’m off it now - was chemically imbalanced and is on a slingshotted course of adverse effects, which might eventually slow to a halt and then back up to where it was. But while hopeful, all the while, I will have to 1) go through the fact I’m reversing and knowing I can’t do shit, and 2) when and if it even slows down to a halt, it still has the entire same hill to walk back up. All just to get to where I was before this mishap. Meanwhile, where I should have been with progress by that time - had the Progesterone not happened - I would accumulate so much irreversible damage from Testosterone producing back into me.
And even if (and it’s a big IF) my levels and face and features get back to where it was pre-Progesterone, cutting my losses with the progress I should have obtained since, would it even be exactly the same, given that T seems to be reversing everything over time?
Because each and every day as of mid-August, I have documented a daily morning picture to confirm to myself what is happening. I also meant to have an appointment with my endo after she recommended a baseline blood work result from getting off of Progesterone, to know where it’s at currently and see what’s happening after with my normal regiment. It took a while to get that second appointment, and now it’s schedule to be in NOVEMBER?!
By then, it wouldn’t matter what we learn because so much damage will have accumulated that it’s a done deal and too late... FUCK.
All I can do is continue doing as I’m doing, be in myself, but that’s just it... I am starting to confirm with the photos, and what I’m experiencing, as objective reversing changes. How exactly - I don’t know...
But eyes no longer softened, they’re stern. Brows no longer arched (probably from fat-distro), are bushier and flat/horizontal and eyes look dull. My expressions seem more forced and less natural, like how I would be before would seem to be more animated and expressive with the softened features and fat distribution, but because it seems to have changed, no matter how much my face muscles pull on expressions, it’s not wearing the fat in the same way to give the effects I want. IE. Clocky...
Hair is thickening on the body, notably on arm pits. Used to be peach fuzz, could get away with not shaving for weeks before it became even noticeable. And when I did shave body hair, it was like butter. Now it takes some snagging. B/O is returning. Male wise. Used to smell like vanilla if I sweat at all... Skin seems less supple and plush, less hydrated, torso (arms, neck, tummy) seem more defined and less softened - as if I gained muscle... Nails that were brittle and could be peeled like butter from how much estrogen was in me, is now hard and with male-ish fingers (probably from how it looks with the skin quality). My thoughts. Like my brain feels off and weird, I hate it. It’s more, analytical, direct, comparative, stern, processed thinking... Before it was like swimming in my head? Like very soft in perception of the world around me. Intuitive, understanding, empathetic, relatable, perceptive... I could basically read rooms and moods and people really well... My sexuality seems to be, at risk? I’m hella straight. I’ve only ever liked men, pre transition and now. Never used my junk, only ever had sex... like, back there... But now I’m getting back to this point where I’m having the unwanted adverse effects of T. Um, I get a visitor in the morning, and there’s a libido there that is extremely uncomfortable having... I hate it and it makes me want to wither away and die or some shit (not actually but yknow).
I’m losing the horny sensation of thinking about being with a man intimately, where me and my friend call it “the buzz”, where you just feel this sudden electric jolt of excitement sexually in the anal area, it’s probably the prostate doing this, but that feeling of arousal is like shifting to how it was in the front pre-HRT.
It seems like since getting off of Progesterone, I’ve only gotten worse each day, more noticeably, and despite my emergency callout for an appointment with my endo, she is set on being there in November.
There is a light here though. I’m going to do an updated blood work with the strong suspicion that if my levels are truly where they are and reflective of what I’m experiencing physically, then that will force the hand of my endo to call me as she will note the emergency is valid from seeing the data. It’ll be a red flag to her.
That’s where I’m at currently. Still no one seems to think I am changing but they don’t know these details of my physical experience and changes, as I hide this being stealth. That said, I have noticed in public and amongst my room mates, that people do look a little longer at me when talking, as if they’re picking up on something or noticing something. Could be indicative of this being real. Also also - sorry for all this - but I haven’t changed washrooms yet, and the thing is that guys would often get angry and yell at me for being in the wrong washroom. This is no longer true. They see me and seem mostly in phased, as if I seem to belong there. :/
FML, FOREALS BRUH, omggggggggg 😫😫😫
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2020.09.16 02:50 Luno_Cock_hits_tho Confused! I don't really understand why my north node is in Taurus 8th house and my south node in Libra 2nd House. Birth data- June 24 2003 13:30

Confused! I don't really understand why my north node is in Taurus 8th house and my south node in Libra 2nd House. Birth data- June 24 2003 13:30 submitted by Luno_Cock_hits_tho to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2020.09.12 00:38 fuRUT5th Advice on diagnosing a pcm not communicating with the Ford GEM?

So I have a 2006 Ford Taurus that died while driving. While driving from the gas station and leaving a mile down the road to go home, it died. The speedometer went straight to zero and the trip computer said “low oil pressure” with the odometer turning into dashes as well. Pulled over to the side and turned the car off. Turning the car to the Run position, only one click and no activity from the starter. Got it towed home.
I checked the wiring down at the starter and all looked well. I replaced the starter and ignition relay (it’s a shared relay for both starter and ignition). No change. I was able to use a jumper wire to get the starter going through the relay socket and the starter was going. What’s odd was there’s no fuel smell and I eventually figured out I’m not getting fuel, ignition, or a crank even when turning the key. I plugged in my OBD2 scanner and got an error communicating but I was getting power to the scanner itself. I decide to try the car’s internal system check you can do on the trip computer and I was able to see “low oil pressure” as well as all the things that the Ford GEM checks itself correctly. Things that are checked by the PCM however would throw back things like “charging system data error”, “engine temp data error”, and “fuel cap data error”. For those who don’t know, the GEM is Ford’s brand of smart junction boxes. I checked the PCM fuse with my test light and it’s indeed getting and sending power to the PCM. I checked all my grounds and sanded them down just in case for good measure in the “maybe that’s causing an issue” category. No change. I know that with the relays clicking including the PCM relay and starter relay that the PCM must be sending ground there so all must be well for the PCM. Only logical explanation I can give myself is that somehow with the PCM not communicating the data to the smart junction box, the car assumes all the sensors on that side must be bad and preventing the car from starting. That’s as far as I got from this diagnosis. Somehow the PCM isn’t communicating with the smart junction box to get the car going or one of the modules have gone bad. Question is, if the car’s system check is performing well for the GEM side and throwing me errors for what the PCM normally checks, and the PCM is providing ground to the relays, shouldnt I assume that there’s something wrong with the PCM communicating with the GEM? Before replacing the ignition switch (no idea why I did that, just hopeful I guess) I was able to crank the starter and get the engine going a little bit before the car would putter out on idle twice. No clue how or what happened in those particular moments. And no, it’s not a PATS issue. I don’t have the theft light staying on during the run position. Power’s going to the PATS system as well correctly. I do know that even though my battery’s sufficiently charged that my trip computer LED is also dim.
Any advice on how to check the communication between the PCM and the Ford GEM? I really don’t want to have to take the intake plenum off just to reach the PCM and I’m just eliminating everything else before I reach the “replace the PCM” point. I have to be close! Any wiring diagrams you guys have that I can look at that or advice would be greatly appreciated. It’s an old car but I still want to save it even if it doesn’t have value on the market.
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2020.09.10 12:23 fuRUT5th Step by step guide for diagnosing a bad pcm?

Have a 2006 Ford Taurus. I can’t connect my obd2 scanner and i get an error when trying to communicate. I also have a no crank no start condition. What’s more, the odometer reads all dashes and the car’s system check is kinda wonky. I do have my check engine light and low oil pressure light stay on when I turn the key to run. The car’s system check is what’s making me think bad PCM. After disconnecting the battery for a while, I noticed that the checks not performed by the GEM are giving data errors instead of actual checks like “engine temp data error” and “charging system data error”.
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2020.09.08 03:30 fuRUT5th 2006 Ford Taurus no crank no start.

2006 Ford Taurus no crank no start.
2006 Ford Taurus no crank no start and odometer is all dashes
Okay so I believe I may have overlooked something but believe it to either be the wiring harness itself or the PCM but I’ll go over everything in steps.
  1. I was driving the car briefly after pumping gas and all power to the engine cut off. I saw my speedometer drop to zero and my RPMs slowly going down. Pulled off to the side of the road and waited a bit to try to start back up. Turned the key to the on position and my led said “Low Oil pressure”. Decided to try to crank it but no sound at all from the starter. Not even a click. Got towed home let it sit overnight. Next morning still wouldn’t crank. Dash lights still come on though.
  2. I swapped out the starter relay to see if that could cause the no crank the next day but no change. Pulled out my test light and saw all fuses under the hood were good on both sides except for the passenger and driver side cooling fans but to my knowledge that wouldn’t cause a no crank no start. Hooked up a wire to the relay socket with my test light and could get the starter to run and saw the starter going and determined the starter and wiring through the relay socket were good.
  3. Tried starting it in neutral just in case but no change. Noticed my led is dim but also my odometer is all dashes. Hooked up my OBD2 scanner and couldn’t get any connection to the car’s computer so I couldn’t pull any codes.
  4. Checked my grounds and all appeared to be good. Cleaned them off just in case. Hooked up a jumper wire to the negative terminal and the other to the engine block as well to see if I indeed had a ground issue. Went to try to start the car but absolutely no change.
  5. At this point I’m suspecting a PCM issue as when I ran the car’s system check as well, I could see low oil pressure but also other things like charging system data error and the system not knowing if my gas cap is on among other things. I know not everything would go to shit at once and know there’s either an issue with the wiring harness or the PCM itself has gone bad. If my car’s dash can still detect if my car door is ajar or not would that lean more toward a suspected short rather than the PCM going bad? Checked my fuses and they all appear to be fine under the steering column although they were a pain in the ass to pull out. What should my next steps be? I’m not going to give up. It’s not my main car but I also don’t want to junk it over something trivial like this. The engine’s still great and turns freely when I used a cheater bar to turn the crankshaft, the alternator was replaced back in February and is good (tested it just in case at the store), and my battery’s indeed still good too holding a charge that has more than enough power to turn over a starter. I know I’m close but want advice on where to go from here. That PCM was placed behind the firewall and looks to be a pain in the ass to get to. Sorry for the long drawn out typing but is there something I may be missing?
tl;dr something’s preventing my car from starting. Starter tested out good when I jumped it from the relay socket. Battery’s good. Alternator is good. Grounds are good. Fuses are good that I’ve checked related to the PCM. Any help in diagnosing why my car won’t crank coupled with not being able to connect with my OBD-2 scanner and my car’s system check being funky bad as well as my odometer being all dashes.
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2020.09.06 23:05 Funny_Percentage Can we stop crapping on Visible's data speeds????

It seems like every time I come on this subreddit, someone is complaining about data speeds.
Let's set the record straight, from Visible themselves: *In times of traffic, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. "
You are deprioritized and that's what you get when you pay $25 a month (or $40 if you pay single)
I get it if there are issues with it not working at all or texts or calls not functioning but complaining about data speeds is getting old. If you want faster speeds, maybe you should switch to AT&T for double the price or get a Verizon Postpaid which is almost 4 times the price. I don't know what y'all are expecting here. You get what you pay for. Is Visible perfect? no, but for $25 it is.
It's like expecting a Rolls Royce for the price of a 1998 Ford Taurus.
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2020.09.06 00:56 fuRUT5th Am I experiencing an ECU issue?

I’m curious if the reason my car won’t start is indeed an ECU issue and how I would go about diagnosing it correctly. Okay so backstory: it’s a 2006 Ford Taurus and isn’t my main vehicle but it’s reliable as a backup if I need it. I was driving it home after pumping some gas into it and a mile down the road everything shut off and the “low oil pressure” message popped up when I pulled over and tried to restart the car. I turn the key all the way over to run and no power going to the starter. Had to get it towed home. Noticed the led display is pretty dim too but we’ll get to that.
What I’ve done so far:
  1. I jumped the starter to see if it’s still good and the wiring from the relay switch to the starter as well as the starter itself is still good. Even replaced the starter relay and the fuse but nope still won’t crank when I turn the key. I figure the starter’s still good and proceed to check my battery.
  2. I checked the battery. Figured it’d be worth looking at. Battery still has a 13.2 volt charge so the battery’s good. Pulled out my test light and checked my grounds as well as my fuses. All my grounds were lighting up my test light when it’s connected to the positive terminal and I put my light on the grounds. Grounds are good!
  3. For a laugh I decide to try to start it in neutral to see if it’ll start then. Nope.
  4. Checked my fuses. All my fuses were intact and not blown. Some of them were old and a pain in the ass to pull out but they weren’t blown. Also switched around ignition relays with my replacement to see if there’s any change to the no crank no start. Nope.
  5. Frustrated, I get back in and try to run the system check built in. Got all sorts of weird things including my odometer being all dashes, charging system data error, low oil pressure, and a couple others that I can’t remember. It’s at this point that a bell is going off in my head. Tried to tune the radio and not picking up any signal. PATS system maybe messing everything up?
  6. Ran over to see if the RFID in my key is still good and it’s still sending a signal effectively. Good.
  7. I haven’t done the 5v reference yet on my sensors and really afraid to do this in the slim chance my ECU is still good, but I am definitely suspecting an ECU issue. Plugged in my OBD-2 scanner and it’s having trouble reading the computer which furthers my suspicions that it’s the ECU that’s fried.
What should I do before I definitely do an ECU swap? Is there an ECU flow chart diagnosis I can do to determine if the ECU is definitely bad? If it’s corrosion would cleaning fix the issue? I’m confused about it being ECU failure but suspect it at the same time. Oh and lights that stay on when I turn the key to “run” is the low oil light and the check engine light. Car has plenty of oil inside of it though and runs off synthetic. I need help figuring this out.
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2020.08.13 04:30 MetalGearMark Am I ready to be the Chosen Undead again....

about 2 months ago I started my first journey through Lordran as an undead wanderer, with some knight telling me I have to light some bonfire to make s'mores with four fire benders... I bested the Taurus demon and slain the gargoyles to ring the bell of awakening, but it took me going down to yucky blight town and killing some spider lady and ringing the second bell of awakening to wake up some sleepy giant and raise the gates so onion bro could go to Sen's funhouse... I went through the forest and killed some giant butterfly and Artorias' pet doggy Sif that was guarded by these two kitty cats... Then I begrudgingly went through Sen's fortress and watched some guy fall to his death in one hit. Then Some ugly looking bats took me to Anor Londo where I had to battle Pikachu and Snorlax (thankfully sun bro got my back). Then I became Mario and went through a painting (because this IS a good game)... Then I saw an awesome chest that gave me the Lord vessel. I went back to Firelink shrine after what seemed like years and made my way down to the catacombs where I killed the boss in one hit. After that I went down to the New Londo Ruins, drained the swamp and had to fight four old guys... Then some snake dood told me that I was the chosen dark one and have to NOT light the bonfire.... So I had the choice, go with good snake guy and light the bonfire, or side with dark snake guy... I sided with the evil snake because the wiki told me I get cool gear. Then I made my way back to Anor Londo and up the Duke's archives to slay Seathe the naked mole dragon... After going back to Firelink Shrine I decided to go back down and face my demons and fight the Witch of Izalith.... Then my PS4 decided to be a little b*tch and shut down on me, turning on its pulsating blue light of death.
Good thing is I am able to get it fixed with a new motherboard, bad news is I probably lost all my save data since I don't have PlayStation+ and I get my PS4 back this Friday. So the question is... Am I ready to be the Chosen Undead again, or should I let go of this dream of finishing this fantastic game that I love so dearly.
I think you already know the answer.
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2020.08.12 21:39 evaluateempirical Dr. Tarsal is a Genius with his Hands

My name is Margaux. Or at least that’s what it says on my Instagram bio, followed by the descriptors: Taurus Luxury Lover Travel Nomad Contact: [email protected]. None of that is real, of course, besides the email address. The email leads to an inbox which, even after 4 years of dutifully posting at 10 AM every other day and 15,000 Instagram followers (you should really follow me!), has been pitifully empty of any serious sponsorship deals. The rest? Branding. I chose the name Margaux because it seemed the right balance of memorable, yet common enough to be approachable, with an air of je-ne-sais-quoi French chic. It also doesn’t hurt that the name evokes the image of Margot Robbie who, when I started my Instagram, was Hollywood’s newest little darling.
Everyone’s trying to make it big on social media these days, I know. I’d like to say that I’m not like the rest-- that I have a genuine eye for design, that I almost graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, that I’m smart and was on my high school’s state championship Quiz Bowl team, but probably every Instagram wannabe is at some point one or more of those things. And like all the rest, I had a day job waitressing, which paid for my rent in a shared two bedroom with three other girls, all recent graduates who, by necessity more than choice, were still willing to put up with the bunk bed lifestyle of their college days.
I’m not ashamed to say that I also briefly had a sugar daddy, Ted (girl’s gotta eat) who was a fifty-something vice president at an investment bank in New York. No need to be impressed though-- “vice president” in finance is just fancy for “middle level manager.” He didn’t pay for any private jets to Paris, or shower me with Louboutins, but I did get a steady $1200 check from him every month, which went straight to rentals of designer pieces that I could pose in for the ‘gram. I keep telling myself it’s “an investment,” but how good of an investment is it really if there are zero returns? Even I know enough about business to recognize that.
Ted’s car accident led me to my new job at Dr. Tarsal’s. More accurately, Ted and I had been in a car accident, driving back from Connecticut on the Merritt Parkway. He had told me it would be a “weekend getaway,” and that he would compensate for my time when he invited me. When we arrived in Westport, pulling up to his old driveway, I found out it was actually a graduation party for his youngest daughter. He wanted me there to spite his recently engaged ex-wife. I don’t know what was more pathetic-- that he felt the need to one-up the ex he was “so over” or that he needed to lie to me like it was some kind of kidnapping and he was the man with the icecream truck. I digress.
The party, which I will not bore you with the intimate details of, was expectedly bougie and boozy. We left at 4 in the afternoon, a time when in most places, on most days, nothing horrific ever happens. But while Ted was driving, telling me for the upteenth time about his lousy coworkers, his right face froze, his sentence stopping mid-gurgle, and slumped onto the steering wheel. His right arm fell limply by his side.
The car swerved gracefully in slow motion into the Walmart semi in the next lane. When we arrived at the hospital, they told me Ted had a stroke. I guess it was lucky that the stroke had paralyzed his right body so he bore the brunt of the crash on the driver’s side of the car. Ted, unfortunately for both him and for my bank account, did not make it.
After the crash, I was referred to Dr. Tarsal for a large slice straight down the bridge of my nose and a piece of skin that had peeled cleanly off my cheek. The reconstruction procedure and skin graft were technically straightforward, but as I was uninsured (like so many others in my generation), I knew that paying down the cost of the procedures would require a new source of income. As Providence would have it, as I was signing out with the receptionist, a dove gray pamphlet offering a job for a well-appearing, professional, and detail-oriented night receptionist at Dr. Tarsal’s clinic caught my eye. The job had health insurance, vacation time, and perhaps most importantly, a 15% off discount on all clinic services. It would cut down a non-trivial amount of the money I owed for my new face. What can I say, dear reader? I applied for the job.
You might wonder at this point why a respectable, boutique plastic surgery office in Union Square would even have a need for a night receptionist. It was certainly the first question I had for Dr. Tarsal’s assistant, Miriam when I interviewed for the position.
“He’s a workaholic,” she answered, a feigned nonchalance that I took for barely suppressed irritation with my question. She pulled at a hangnail on her Essie manicured hand, and took a breath in. “You know how surgeons are… always wanting to make more money!” Here, she forced a cheery and conspiratorial laugh.
“Sure,” I replied. I wasn’t exactly in a position to be picky about the job, and like I said, there was the 15% discount that I so desperately needed.
“I have a few more promising young ladies to interview,” Miriam smiled and gently shooed me out the door. “We will keep you posted with any updates on your application.” As the door closed behind me, I felt the same heaviness on my chest that I used to feel when yet another company responded to my sponsorship inquiries with “we’ll keep in touch.” I wasn’t getting the job.
I went back to my 9 to 5 waitressing at Gianna’s Little Italy Cafe, and picked up extra shifts at a Shanghainese restaurant with its bustling dinner crowd. Months went by and my debts continued to mount in a pile in my desk drawer. I gave up my Instagram account-- without the extra money from Ted to rent fancy clothes and handbags for my pictures, I was just your average looking brunette, no different from the hundreds of others on the digital platform. After what had happened with Ted, I guess I wasn’t ready to find a new sugar daddy. What we had was undoubtedly an economical transaction, but a relationship nonetheless, and when a relationship ends, especially when it ends so abruptly, it takes time to mourn.
So it was a surprise when, several Saturdays ago, Miriam called me about the position at Dr. Tarsal’s.
“Can you come in on Monday at 7 for your training?” By this point, I had gathered that Miriam was a taciturn woman who expressed just enough to get her point across. “The other girls didn’t work out.” Now, I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Whatever the reasons for why the other receptionists were fired or left was their business. Maybe they were dumb ditzes or blonde bimbos, maybe they left for a better job with regular hours. I quickly accepted the offer, and that was how I found myself as the new, mysterious night receptionist.
Onboarding was no different from any other job, and for the first two weeks, working Monday through Sunday, was a breeze. Boring, even. After Gianna’s Little Italy Cafe in the day, I took the train home, showered off the smell of wood-fired pizzas and mozzarella sticks, ate dinner, and then rode uptown to Union Square. I clocked in at 7 PM every night and clocked out at 3 AM in the morning. It took me 40 minutes to get home on the train after work, during which I snoozed in the quiet of the early morning train car. Back at my cramped apartment, I slept until 8 when I was off again to Gianna’s. Cycle after cycle, day after day, that was how I passed a blissfully busy initial few weeks.
But the honeymoon phase of a new job (a new job with air conditioning!) has begun to wear off. As I’ve said before, my job is easy-- and boring. Most of the night I spend doing clerical work: inputting patient information into their electronic medical records, printing out billing letters to be mailed by the day receptionist, finding novel ways to keep myself awake until 3. I hardly ever see my boss, though I can tell he is either in his office or one of the procedure rooms from the light seeping underneath the doors and the faint scuffle of footsteps. He is a quiet man but likes to play Vivaldi when he is working. He leaves after I do (Miriam once told me he stays until 4 or 5 in the morning), though for all I know he could very well have slept every night on a couch in his office.
Last Tuesday, something that can only be described as unusual happened: I met my first night patient. Besides his choice to come in for a cosmetic procedure at 11 PM, he was an otherwise unmemorable man. A fleshy face with an unfortunate jowl, sunken eyes, a protuberant nose, and a mouth the size of a Bing cherry. So plain in his ugliness that you forgot the specifics of his features as soon as he left the room, possibly as a way for your brain to cleanse itself of his image. But I remembered him well in that moment, likely aided by the rush of adrenaline from seeing a patient at such an hour.
“Hello, how may I help you, sir?” This was my first overture as a receptionist, and the last word caught in my throat, becoming mangled on the way out.
“Derek Evers. I have an appointment with Dr. Tarsal at 11.”
“Sure, sure. Let me go check the scheduling sheet.” I turned to my desktop monitor and pulled up the Excel sheet with all of the appointments in neat rows.
“Don’t bother, it won’t be on there,” he chuckled. “You must be new. I guess they haven’t gotten you fully trained up yet. Just go knock on his door and tell him I’m here, won’t you dear?” There was no humor in his eyes. His kindness seemed forced, but maybe he was just anxious about his procedure and that worry carried over to our interaction. I was tired and he seemed to know the process better than I did, so I allowed myself to be bowled over by his commands. It was true that I had not been trained on what to do when a patient shows up on my graveyard shift.
I pushed my desk chair back and stood up, steeling myself mentally to confront Dr. Tarsal with news of his patient’s arrival when he saved me the trip and appeared, quite seemingly out of thin air, behind Mr. Evers.
“Derek, good to see you.” Dr. Tarsal had a cool evenness in his speech, with all of the supercilious confidence afforded a 6’2 plastic surgeon. “Come into the procedure room. I just had my coffee and we have much work to do, no?” At this, the corner of his lips pulled a little higher, an unconcealed smirk at his own cleverness. Together, the two men disappeared into room #2, and I was once again left to my own devices.
Someone else might think it cruel, or at the very least rude, that Dr. Tarsal had so thoroughly ignored me. I did not mind. There was a chill that settled in the room whenever he spoke, and I had no desire to engage further. I pulled on my Macy’s cardigan (a remnant of Ted’s miserly generosity), and resumed my absentminded data entry.
The next day, I shot Miriam a text: Hey, a patient came in yesterday. Is there some sort of schedule that I can use the next time this happens?
Her reply, not ten minutes later: No, it’s off the books as far as any of us are concerned. Usually just favors he does for VIP clients. Think nothing of it.
And I really would have thought nothing of it, leaving the memory behind as a blip in an otherwise dull September, except that another patient showed up Wednesday night, then another on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They were all very different: a woman in her forties with finely coiffed hair held in place by a pearl barrette, a young man in the black tee and jeans uniform of the startup nouveau riche, a mousey secretary-type who was plain at best, save her tawny eyes, which shone in the dim light of the clinic like pools of liquid gold, and a Swedish immigré with a beatific smile.
Curiosity killed the cat, and I was a kitten led to slaughter. For some irresistible reason that I still cannot articulate, I decided to linger long past my clock out time to see the finished results of those midnight patients. What extraordinary monstrosities could come out of such hours? Every night I left my post at 3 in the morning as usual. But instead of heading straight to the subway, I camped in the building’s lobby with a Vogue magazine taken from the clinic’s waiting room.
The first night, the woman from Wednesday came down the elevator just as dawn had arrived. Half-asleep, I would have missed her leaving the building if I had not heard the ding of the elevator slicing through the quiet of the marbled lobby. The lower half of her face had been bandaged neatly so it was hard to see the work that Dr. Tarsal had done on her. But what was remarkable was that her hair was also gone. Her head was bandaged tightly in a turban of sterile gauze, spots of dark maroon suggesting dried blood. If anything, she looked more like a neurosurgery patient than someone who had come for a quick, late night cosmetic procedure.
I didn’t chase her down to respect her privacy of course, but my interest was piqued enough that it justified a second night waiting in the lobby when the Thursday patient came in. This time, the man left later in the morning, when the other professionals in the building had already begun to trickle in for work. There were bandages around his ears like Princess Leia buns. I had never heard of someone getting an ear job before, but I suppose there’s a procedure for everyone. His hands, too, were wrapped up.
While those first few patients were odd, I did not begin to complete the dots until patients 3 and 4. The third patient, who came in on Friday night, had the most remarkable eyes-- unforgettable. Had they been on an exotic cat perhaps they would not have been so out of place, but on a human they were singular. So when they reappeared on Sunday morning as the young Swedish model waltzed through the lobby where I had planted patiently in wait, you can imagine my shock.
“Wait!” I called after her. I had never approached any of the patients before. I knew it was unprofessional-- unethical, even-- but the exclamation had left my mouth before I could process what was going on. I saw her back stiffen momentarily but she did not hesitate as she continued toward the front entrance. As she was the only other person in the lobby that early in the morning, she knew I could only have been calling after her.
“Please,” I tried again. “I work for Dr. Tarsal. I just wanted to…” I paused, searching for a reasonable, non-threatening excuse. I did not know what I hoped to gain from talking to her. I didn’t even know what questions to ask, only that I had questions. Too many of them. “I wanted to make sure you could get home okay. I know the day receptionist isn’t here yet, but I’d be happy to call a taxi for you if you’d like.” I tried to sound casual, even as my heart thrummed in my chest.
She relented and turned to my direction, but took no steps toward me. In a way, I was quite glad for the gap between us, as if she were some peculiar creature whose intentions-- whether to stalk away or pounce-- I could not guess.
“I’m fine. In fact, I hardly feel like I had anything done!” She put on a chipper air, the kind of pretty exuberance I had seen often in other influencers and struggling models.
“Right… the eyes…?” Blame me not, Reader, for my inelegance. By this point, I had been operating on very little sleep. “Your eyes, I mean. They’re so intense and so… unique. I have never seen such a color before until this week, but now I’ve seen them on two patients, one of them you. Is this a special service done by Dr. Tarsal? I’m not sure I’m familiar with it.”
“No, it’s not exactly a standard procedure. It looks very natural don’t you think? Dr. Tarsal is a genius with his hands. Some people would really give an arm and a leg for him to operate on.” She cleared her throat. “Please don’t tell him I told that joke. Quite vulgar. But I’ve called an Uber, so no worries.” She quickly strode toward the revolving doors before I had a chance to follow up on her comments. Why was she so nervous all of a sudden? And was that genuine fear that tinged her voice at the end?
I went home and slept through the afternoon that Sunday. Sleep debt is a real monster and I was starting to feel the cloudiness and fog invading my waking hours. I missed my shift at the cafe, but I hardly had the energy to care. In my defense, I had also been working like a dog since Ted’s accident to pay my bills, and the exhaustion from all those months seemed to have finally caught up with me.
When I finally awoke from my deep but troubled slumber at 7, I quickly dressed, pulled a comb through my unwashed hair, and headed for Union Square. I arrived at Dr. Tarsal’s a full 45 minutes late so I cannot say I was much surprised to see Miriam waiting for me at the receptionist desk.
“I’m so very sorry I’m late.” I started, hoping that profuse apologies would be enough to keep my job. “I’ve been a little overworked, with this job and another during the day, so--”
“Not just overworked, I should think. Apparently also stalking our patients in the building lobby. I heard about what happened this morning, and I have to say I’m very disappointed in you, Margaux.” She frowned and pulled on the grave airs of a parent lecturing a child. “Your predecessors at this job were asked to leave for much less severe infractions, so what do we do now about you?”
“I promise it won’t happen again, Miriam. I’d like Dr. Tarsal to know that I’m very sorry. It’s just-- well-- that patient from Saturday night. Her eyes were identical to the ones of the patient from the night before! Isn’t that strange? Are they prosthetics?” I knew I should have been pleading my case with Miriam, anxious to keep my position, but my innate curiosity had opened Pandora’s box and I could not find the willpower to restrain it.
“Don’t be daft. We don’t do prosthetics here, you should know that. Maybe your memory is getting all mixed up. How much are sleeping? Four, five hours?” Miriam clucks. “Sleep is essential to clear all the debris and waste products in your brain. Maybe you could cut back on your hours at your day job. In fact, I might be able to look into a slight pay raise here to help you feel more comfortable.”
I knew something was off from the sudden 180 that Miriam took. I was this close to being fired and now I was being offered a raise? It was not subtle.
I looked at Miriam clearly for the first time since we had met. Her luscious corkscrew curls, poreless skin, perfectly arched brows, and trim, athletic figure. Her usual poise and equanimity peeled off in that moment, revealing a glib liar. What I had always taken for a chic taciturn attitude was her pretense for omission.
“Are you trying to buy me off with a raise? What is it that I cannot know? Why does Dr. Tarsal even need a night receptionist?” The questions that had bubbled beneath the surface for so long came out in a tidal rush. It was as if I was afraid that if I did not get answers at the moment, I may lose that opportunity forever.
Miriam glanced down and flicked at the face of her Apple watch. Had she just called someone or turned on the recording function? “You know I offered that raise as a kindness toward you, and I can always rescind it whenever I please.” Her tone was now sharp and cold. “There are plenty of young women whom I could call right now to replace you. And it’s not like your job requires much training-- you are completely replaceable,” she sneered.
I nodded-- her anger and annoyance emboldened me. I was hitting a nerve-- the thrill of coming so close to an answer to the mystery thrilled me in a way I had not expected. I was like another person at that moment. “I’m sure I’m not the first nor will I be the last person to ask you those questions. Is that why you had to fire all the women who came before me?”
As if on cue, Dr. Tarsal’s office clicked open and he walked out. I should have assumed that he would be in there, listening to our conversation. I suspect Miriam had called him on her watch, relaying my accusations in real time.
“That is enough speculation,” he said. “You’re right, I’m tired of the rotating roster of night receptionists, and I like your confidence. Maybe you will handle the details of my operation better than the ones before. Come into my office-- we’ll have a chat.”
“If it were up to me, I’d have you out on an NDA,” Miriam spat. “So much trouble for such an inconsequential worker bee.” She shook her head and followed Dr. Tarsal into his office, leaving me a quick moment to consider all the possibilities of the secrets they could be hiding before I, too, entered the room.
“I have a… program.” Dr. Tarsal nodded at the seat across from his desk, motioning for me to sit down. Miriam stood sullenly in the corner, her head bent over her phone as she scrolled on social media. “A membership, really, for people who want to change their appearance in a more organic fashion. So much of cosmetic surgery today is synthetic material-- silicone breast implants, hydroxylapatite filler injections, the list goes on and on. Even your skin graft-- looks like it was done in my office-- is made primarily of Gore-Tex, the same waterproofing material they put on shoes!” My hand came up to the “skin” on my cheek, which had begun to tingle as if self-aware of its own inadequacy.
“Well, I wanted to offer my patients something different. No plastics or rubbers or shelf-stable chemicals manufactured in a lab in Mexico. You know, humans are so remarkably similar. More similar than we are different. For decades, biologists have been able to do skin grafts from one cheetah to another with no trouble at all. Why should we not do that for humans? And not just the skin, but lips, ears, fingers. If you can break down the body into modules, then anything is interchangeable.” He paused with a triumphant smile, letting his words sink in.
His words poured over me in almost a dreamlike trance.I should remind you, Dear Reader, that I was a high school champion Quiz Bowler. I knew that transplanting body parts was not so simple-- your HLA types had to match, there were strict biological constraints, not to mention the legal and ethical implications of such work.
“You make it sound so straightforward. Even if your patients consented to this, where do you get the… parts? Surely it’s not so easy when you also take into account organ rejection?”
“Very good,” he looked gleeful for someone to appreciate his work. “It has been quite a feat, if I do say so myself, to ensure that the donor and recipient are compatible enough that we do not trigger a host versus graft response. You’ve heard of immunosuppression after organ transplants I assume?” I nodded, vaguely remembering something about drugs that keep the body from rejecting a new heart or liver from high school biology.
“I took that concept and ran with it. I have developed a weekly injection that completely wipes the immune programming in the host such that they see the new implant as their own. Of course, the patients do get sick with common pathogens more easily, and that is the next barrier I’m going to solve. When I was able to overcome the technical difficulties of needing to find genetic matches, then the sourcing became very simple! Anyone can donate a tissue-- an eyeball here, a scalp there-- and accept one. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. So that is the essence of my program. I coordinate the... exchanges, shall we say, so that every patient is satisfied.”
His project was something straight out of science fiction. If what he said was true, he had developed the capabilities to help so many people and solve the problem of organ shortages. But here he was, using his skills for a commercial profit, retrofitting people with new eyes and scalps?
“Breathe,” he said. Until then, I had not noticed how rapid and shallow my breathing had become. “You have choices, here, Margaux. I can have you sign an NDA-- can’t have you spilling industry secrets to my competitors-- pay you a couple thousand, and have you leave on your merry way. Or, you can keep working for me with a raise. As you know, it is a very easy job as long as you stay out of my way and don’t try to accost my patients as they’re leaving again. Of course, I would like to have you stay willingly with the right compensation, but the choice is yours to make.”
Since picking up the phone and saying yes to the position in the first place all those weeks ago, I felt like I was again at a crossroads. Keeping my job would be a wise financial decision for the long term, obviously, since the alternative, a couple of thousand dollars and the NDA, would only last for so long. Then I would be back working multiple jobs with no hope of ever restarting my Instagram dreams. And keeping the job would be a middle finger to Miriam for whom I had grown a strong distaste within the last couple of hours. It seemed like such a straightforward decision at the time.
“I’ll stay.”
*** Update: 7 months later ***
I’m back on Instagram now, and I’ve even gotten a few decent sponsorship deals. They don’t pay nearly as much as my job at Dr. Tarsal’s, but I like to think that someday I will make enough to be an influencer full-time. I yearn for the day I can quit my job at the clinic.
For a while, I went to church on Sunday morning, hoping some sermons and choir music would soothe my omnipresent anxiety, until the faces of the other parishioners started to blend together. Too much time watching a steady flow of midnight patients come and leave (I am now working until the morning for the overtime pay), with body parts switching between them like a game of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head was distorting my memory.
If I am totally honest with myself, I fear I am beginning to lose sight of people as individuals. My roommates-- young, thin, and well-manicured-- had already looked similar before, but now were indistinguishable. I have made no new friends in this time. I doubt I would be able to keep their names and faces straight. Did you know, Reader, that some people are born with face blindness? I am starting to wonder if that is something you can also develop.
But at the end of the day, are we not all just skin, flesh, blood, and bone?
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2020.08.11 12:06 horoscopespecialist Accurate Astrology Predictions Free: Effects of Jupiter Transit

Accurate Astrology Predictions Free: Effects of Jupiter Transit
Want to know what Jupiter transit Brings to you? Is the transit being good for your horoscope or bad? Find out detailed effects of Jupiter transit with the remedies. Find out what Accurate astrology Predictions free report says about it.
Accurate astrology Predictions free report gives you the total data on the travel of Jupiter and its effect on all the zodiac signs. The planet of development, Jupiter holds tremendous significance in Vedic Astrology. It is viewed as the educator of the Devatas. The planet rules more than two Zodiac Signs, Sagittarius and Pisces. The effect of Jupiter at the forefront of one's thoughts is exceptionally noteworthy. This is the reason Jupiter is otherwise called the planet of intelligence.

Jupiter Transit Table For 2020

Jupiter Transit 2020 Day Date Time
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Effects of Jupiter Transit on Gemini Horoscope

Exact future predictions Free Report says Jupiter Transit 2020 clarifies that planet Jupiter is the master of the eighth and eleventh house for the zodiac sign Taurus. Jupiter will be placed in your eighth house during the main period of the year. You will harvest the sweet products of work done previously. Jupiter Transit 2020 additionally clarifies that with Jupiter in your eighth house, you will build up a strict bowed of brain. During Jupiter's retrograde movement, you will be required to finish your undertakings inside time on the off chance that you need to accomplish great outcomes. You may end up pushed and strained during the most recent couple of months of the year.
Cure: You should circulate writing material to students on Thursday, this year, and water the Peepal tree.
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Effects of Jupiter Transit on Cancer Horoscope

Free Life Prediction says Jupiter oversees the 6th and ninth place of Cancerians. The year 2020 will begin with Jupiter set in your 6th house according to Jupiter Transit 2020. This will assist you with getting free of your current medical issues. Be that as it may, you should attempt to devour new and sound food on the off chance that you don't need your stomach related framework to endure. The retrograde movement which will begin on 30th June will achieve some difficult issues in your wedded life, which you will be required to deal with. As the retrograde period closes, singles may discover the adoration for their life. Predict your Future free online to know your future event.
Cure: Fast on each Thursday and wear the Panch Mukhi/Five Faced Rudraksha on a yellow string, around your neck.

Effects of Jupiter Transit on Leo Horoscope

Future Prediction by date of birth says The fifth and eighth houses to your Moon Sign are governed by Jupiter. Jupiter's situation in your fifth house will make the underlying months of the year ideal for you as indicated by Jupiter Transit 2020. Your presentation in your instructive field will be striking. The harder you work, the better outcomes you will get. There are odds of you heading off to a journey with your significant other.
Cure: Worship Lord Shiva consistently and offer him wheat. Additionally, offer food to Brahmins on Thursday.
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Effects of Jupiter transit on Virgo Horoscope

Free Future prediction says Planet Jupiter will be in your fourth house during the start of the year. It, being the master of your fourth and seventh house, demonstrates development in business according to Jupiter Transit 2020. attempt to accommodate with individuals with whom you have issues. You may possess another home or a vehicle. As Jupiter retrogrades, your lost love may step once again into your life.
Cure: You should wear a gold chain around your neck on a Thursday. Likewise, offer Besan ka Halwa (pudding of gram flour) to Lord Vishnu and disperse it to individuals as Prasad, and afterward eat it yourself as well.
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Effects of Jupiter Transit on Libra Horoscope

Free full life prediction Jupiter runs the third and 6th houses from your Moon Sign. It will be put in the third house toward the start of the year. You will appreciate an elated wedded life. You will be a devoted and submitted accomplice and will set a model for others to follow. Contentions with your youngsters will turn into the significant reason for your concerns. Post September, you will build up a strict twisted of brain. You may pack an advancement or a climb in your compensation. Keep up a sound connection with your seniors.
Cure: Offer chickpeas to the temple on Thursday and give perusing material to students.
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Effects of Jupiter Transit on Scorpio Horoscope

Planet Jupiter isn't just the master of your own zodiac sign yet additionally the ruler of fourth house. Being placed in your own home as the year 2020 starts it will offer to you a useful time as per Jupiter Transit 2020. You should make each stride cautiously during the most recent months of the year. Recovering the cash that you have loaned to others won't be a simple errand however you will have the option to do it on the off chance that you handle the circumstance thoughtfully.
Cure: To get great outcomes, you should wear the Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) gemstone, on your pointer. Wear this, mounted on a gold ring, between 12 to 1 o'clock on Thursday evening. Get best suggestion of gemstone using Indian astrology by date of birth.

Effects of Jupiter Transit on Capricorn Horoscope

As per Jupiter Transit 2020As the year 2020 starts, you will have Jupiter set in your twelfth house. Jupiter is the ruler of your third and twelfth house. Its position will get you great outcomes from unfamiliar excursions. investing your cash doesn't appear to be a smart thought. With the finish of retrograde period, you ought to be more cautious in budgetary issues. There are chances that an old companion may sell out you.
Cure: Wear the root of the Peepal tree to get the gifts of Lord Jupiter. You can sew this root in a yellow material or string and wear it on your arm or around your neck

Effects of Jupiter Transit on Aquarius Horoscope

Jupiter administers the second and eleventh house from your Moon Sign according to Jupiter Transit 2020. It will be put in your eleventh house during the start of the year and remain placed there till 29th March, 2020. Speculations identified with land and property will bring your riches. There are odds of a mishap during the year's end. Deal with your wellbeing and drive securely.
Cure: Offer water to the Peepal Tree, without contacting it, each Thursday. Likewise, if conceivable, cook yellow rice and offer it to Goddess Saraswati.

Effects of Jupiter Transit on Pisces Horoscope

As per Jupiter Transit 2020, Jupiter which is the master of your own sign likewise leads your tenth house. As the year starts, Jupiter will be placed in your tenth house. You will have better possibilities in your business and will be compensated for your endeavors at your work environment. During Jupiter's retrograde movement, you will have the option to deal with your costs. Your difficult work won't go futile. The help of your seniors will push you up the stepping stool of accomplishment.
Cure: Chant the Jupiter Beej Mantra day by day, beginning from Thursday: "oṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ saḥ guruve namaḥ/ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः" and wear yellow and cream shaded garments.
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2020.08.02 02:15 Tystrologer Psychic Day 2020 My Vision of Earth's Future: 2020s, 30s, 40s, 50s & Beyond Intuitive Empathic Visions & Predictive Astrology

Psychic Day 2020 My Vision of Earth's Future: 2020s, 30s, 40s, 50s & Beyond Intuitive Empathic Visions & Predictive Astrology

The Synodic Symphony guides our evolution
My Future Vision of Planet Earth 20s & Beyond
By Tyler Shoemaker, Intuitive Empath
01/08/2020 8:00PM EDT
...2028 has a ring to it, kinda like 2020 ... kinda like 2012
Below is a prediction I made using intuitive tools which I will spend this entire incarnation learning to master these tools. Don’t take it too seriously because we are often wrong and I am still young at 32, I will years down the road see transits I got wrong (especially) slower moving planets are tough to nail. I tried to keep this short and concise and I plan on leaving it up over this these decades to check my work regardless of the outcome.
All these years I mentioned are connected by the synodic Venus cycle. It’s an important planet for life here on Earth being sister planet, once quite an active planet billions of years ago, she too thrived for many billions of years in the habitable zone. This cycle is important in astrology and helps me work on the year of 2028 with great intrigue
We think of 2020 as a historical year and it most definitely is, but 2028 will also be a significant year historically, and all these changes you see happening today are a direct result of this entire series of game-changing transits which began at the start of 2020 and lasts roughly four decades ... & beyond
This is one of the best times to be incarnate on a planet during these four transformational decades:
2020s - 30s - 40s & 50s
so get ready
The year 2028 kicks off with pleasant aspects of Jupiter transiting mutable Virgo heading into Cardinal Libra an aspect for the generous use of new materials ... less of the hoarding for power and more of the doing for the greater good of everybody.
2025-2028 Saturn makes its way through late Cardinal Aries into fixed Taurus again, moving from the more postulating sign of Aries into a doing sign of Taurus ... of course Taurus can be stubborn, but generous, exposes hidden knowledge and represents the ‘’material’’ world and all things Venusian, the sign of the Home, combining forces with this slow moving ruler Saturn (2/3 years) in the same year Venus completes.
Saturn transit thru Taurus is always extremely important for Earth as it will be at the end of the decade especially with the great conjunction of Saturn/Neptune completing their cycle in 2025
...Just as it was in the solar year 1999 & 1969 & beyond
2028 you can expect major advances in genetic engineering & tinkering, like the first use of genetic alteration/bioengineering in the plastic surgery business as well widespread use of cloning technology for aesthetic & general health advancements by this time. In this year bioengineering will make plastic surgery less invasive, expensive & less taboo in developed nations. This series also eludes to a disease remerging in 2029 however we'll snuff them out a little faster this time.
With generational Neptune we have this riveting transition from Mutable Pisces where he is home currently (experienced) into Cardinal Aries (brand new dreams of the future) mid 2020s ... this is all about the uncovering of ancient technologies & histories never before unveiled to the surface civilization. A ‘passing down’ if you will ... all of these technological leaps and bounds are brewing right now with Uranus in Taurus but it is all shrouded in darkness (Neptune/Pisces)
Around the year 2028 going into 2030s will be incredibly rapid advances by the widespread sharing of ancient extraterrestrial technology that have been available throughout the epochs of our history only ever in the hands of select few, however that’s of course all about to change in the 2030s:
It is now we enter the Aquarian age as Pluto makes this generational transit, with Neptune now in Aries and Uranus now in early Gemini (mutable - complete) there will be zero desire to hoard these ancient materials no longer — 2026-28
This series of transits also allude to a ‘dissolution’ of the church and many major religions. However, I suspect rather than disappear they will merely join forces and become one entity, like a congress of religion if you will. This will most likely be in place around 2042, however there will be many events leading up to this that will put the gears in action as early as the mid 20s ... many will fight.
2030s — Prime directive number one will become the advancement of terrestrial Earth civilization via the sharing and exploration of ancient extraterrestrial technologies such as free energy and time travel.
One of these technologies will be some of the first domed cities. This will come about late this decade after materials are sourced to produce diamond-strength plastics for virtually free, or abundant synthetic diamond. It will become quite common place in the late 2030s. And by that I mean there will be some, and some will choose to live there. Believe it or not advancements in HVAC systems between 2020 and 2026 will help eliminate much disease and cancers in wealthier countries around this time (2045). As well this year of 2045 is a major year in artificial intelligence as the children born today (2020) begin to recognize the utilization of the AI we create today for the advancement of all things spiritual and pseudoscientific, which they utilize moving into the 2050s. The generation just ahead of me born 60s-70s isn’t entirely keen. The generation born 80s-90s is mostly raising them & rooting for them. As well as attaining new thresholds of solar & cheap battery technology building brand new technological empires in the middle of nowhere at very little cost by 2050. These changes along with rapid advancements in Nano technology will expand average human life to over 100 years in developed countries by 2032 and immortality becomes affordable in the 2050s.
Of course these same domed cities will be appearing everywhere throughout the solar system on various planets & moons. The advancements in teleportation by the year 2035 will make it feasible to mass migrate anywhere in the solar system with good jobs and comfortable lifestyle waiting on the other end. Towards the end of the 30s we will begin exchange programs including inter dimensional travel with other worlds throughout our galaxy in order to gain better intelligence on prehistoric civilization & better overall understanding of our history and place in the cosmos. This has always been on the forefront but with very little transparency shrouded in greed, until now, Uranus’ long sojourn through airy Gemini (experienced, completed) & Neptune enters the Cardinal fire of Aries, the application of once forbidden technology for the greater triumph of humanity.
Watch out for June 2032 when a great Gemini stellium is formed under a powerful conjunction of Saturn & Uranus joined by Mars & Venus ... this time features an explosion in travel especially technology & exploring new frontiers of our planet, galaxy & alternate dimensions. This formation eludes to a great dissolving of age old geopolitical tensions and an erasing of borders. You can expect to see great unions made here on Earth & beyond as the planet becomes a much smaller place. These transits also allude to an uncovering of our secret history, millions of years that were previously missing & even stolen from us come to light... This stellium will expose a lot of corruption in history & rewrite brand new chapters, textbooks, series. Many atrocities of the these dark programs begin to surface around this time, much of our true history is uncovered.
Advanced micro-chipping and brain implants become commonplace by 2035 which manifests a telepathic revolution. There is much controversy and delusion over chipping & vaccines throughout the first half of the 20s with Neptune in Pisces but that all changes with these later transits. There is far more acceptance of these technologies in the 2030s especially when the data on health benefits really starts to advocate for the merging with our technology, the reduction in healthcare spending alone will make it almost sinister to not merge with tech. This will be the strongly held view of the 40s after much back & forth.
Decentralized banking and fabrication hardware, decentralized markets for fabricated food and goods, the internet of things all become reality in the mid to late 2030s. By reality I mean maturation. This is happening now and we’ll be like ‘wow’ by 2025 when Neptune leaves Pisces & Uranus ticking towards Gemini.
Most food is synthetically produced across the solar system by 2045
Transportation & Fleet Services
Don’t really need to say much about autonomous driving ... over 95% of transportation will be automated by 2032. Rapid advancements in solar technology and high quality synthetics will make oil somewhat obsolete by 2026-27-28... Car manufactures will become fleet vehicle manufactures mostly, some will own cars but most will not. Not when it costs pennies to hail a disinfected fleet vehicle. These manufactures also get into the business of building off-world vehicles for the various environments found throughout our solar system.
Tunnelling becomes much more advanced in the 2030s driving the cost down to virtually zero by 2048/49. It’s a monumental task today but will soon be easy and inexpensive. Space hotels, visiting friends on other planets quickly and cheaply, middle-class lifestyle off-world will become quite commonplace by the year 2060.
Don’t really need to say much more about the recession we can all see barrelling towards us, which takes place over the years of 21 - 24 via some nasty Saturn/Uranus synastry. It’s not only that, it’s the complete automation/robotization of everything by 2026 because of it. Uranus racing towards Gemini is fuel on the fire of this automation explosion. There will be mega-tensions surrounding the elections of these years leading up to 2028 because of this. Politics will look totally different by 2032 being much more democratic and progressive, believe it or not. (Of course this is an oscillation of both left and right politics through the 2020 decade). Regarding politics which I don’t have the greatest insight on, I can say that the 2020s will see incredible progressions in politics as we learn to be more hands off with it, where it needs to be and more hands on with it where it needs to be — because throughout the 40s & 50s law & order really become much more hands off with this upcoming series of slow moving planets shifting & uniting forces, & there’s a shred of this energy beginning today.
On the AI boom: AI is non hostile throughout our lifetimes but there is drama far down the road.
As I write this I can think of another over the next 4 years and that is the idea of ‘computer space’ hard-drive space will be obsolete by 2025. I.E. iPhone with x amount of space. Cloud space is about to become incredibly cheap incredibly fast with 5G, and only high end processing will require small amount of money for decent amount of cloud space by 2025. You’ll never lose a photo or document again by, well even this year these changes are being implemented. This is Uranus in Taurus action. As well you can expect your devices to charge more or less on their own by mid to late 2030s, however these changes will be implemented even this year with the introduction of impressively fast wireless charging. Of course this wireless tech will just get faster & faster throughout the 20s. Wireless charge pods are common place by 2028 where you just park your car on a pad in your garage or street and charge it relatively fast. Tesla, love ya baby! Nikola ...
Speaking of which when was the last time Uranus was in Taurus? 1856 was one of them the year Tesla was born ... & he survived his 84 year Uranus return, and died the moment Uranus last left Taurus in 1943 at the age of 86, the generation both my grandparents arrived
I have been predicting the disclosure of the Navy program which emerged from the darkness during the onset of this Mars squaring Capricorn stellium July 24 2020
This group would later eat up tens of Trillions in dark funding for off-world programs.
The U.S. Navy group, which is more like a breakaway society at this point has developed over the last decade a serious interest in total disclosure on the program by end of the decade. This ‘trickling’ of information is highly intentional — even they themselves said after coming out of the dark about one week ago — information will now become available every 3 months. There’s a reason for that. They are working with high level empathic individuals as well & these transits take time so this type of work takes time to develop the right moves at the right time.
But it’s coming.
Saturn approaches 10th degree of fixed Taurus — we end this new Venus cycle May 2028, Mars in Taurus — of course Neptune deep in Cardinal Aries now: This is the point at which secrets can be held no more, and even those that hadn’t grasped the new reality brought forth by these dark programs coming out of the darkness in Aquarius there will be no turning back at the end of the Venus cycle, and I foresee an extraterrestrial group finally making contact with terrestrial humans summer of 2028.
Beginning in 2017 each of these dark programs throughout the globe have shifted interest with the onset of the Capricorn stellium, because they see the advantage of sharing secret technologies they received from extraterrestrials throughout the first half of the 20th century — these programs were dark for a reason through these years however the tables certainly have changed and now they see the advantage of bringing these long held secrets to light such as time travel & teleportation.
2030s — Saturn enters Gemini transits the 11th degree where Venus completed & this secret tech becomes impossible to hide and incredibly disadvantageous to do so. Major galactic alliances & trade expansion is formed on this degree. Later Neptune transits the first decan of fixed Taurus enters the 11th degree, Pluto completes its long sojourn through fixed Aquarius entering decan One of the mutable Pisces. At this time we advance into a higher level species as we open this chest of ancient +billion(s) year old tech, the decades of the 2030s and 40’s will see the fastest migration of humans, faster than the Victorian era with cities of millions on multiple planets by mid 2050s: expect an eventful Halloween this year 2020 with likely confirmation on extraterrestrial civilizations. Many will choose not to accept it for many years.
Tyler Shoemaker
Intuitive Empath & Astrologer
Follow me on all the places
Gmail: tystrologer
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2020.08.02 00:01 autotldr Firearms exports to Brazil surge as gun ownership increases under Bolsonaro

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 77%. (I'm a bot)
Firearms exports from Austria to Brazil have surged by more than 377% in the first half of this year as gun ownership increases under the South American country's rightwing president, Jair Bolsonaro.
Official data from Brazil's trade ministry seen by the Guardian shows the renowned Austrian weapons manufacturer Glock exported more than $14.8m of guns from Austria to Brazil in the first six months of 2020, compared with about $3.1m in the same period last year.
The jump came as gun ownership soared following a series of presidential decrees that have made it easier for Brazilians to buy larger numbers of weapons, ammunition and increasingly powerful guns, including semi-automatic assault rifles.
Upon election, the far-right populist kept his word, with more than a dozen decrees that sought to make gun ownership easier.
In May 2019, Bolsonaro signed an order that changed existing laws about access to firearms and relaxed regulations for gun imports, breaking the quasi-monopoly of the Brazilian manufacturer Taurus, one of the largest small-arms manufacturers in the world.
Gun ownership had already risen considerably after Bolsonaro took office in January 2019, but in 2020 it exploded.
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2020.07.31 14:02 autotldr Firearms exports to Brazil surge as gun ownership increases under Bolsonaro - Controversial relaxation of gun laws is fuelling fears among experts that moves will add to already shocking levels of violence

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 77%. (I'm a bot)
Firearms exports from Austria to Brazil have surged by more than 377% in the first half of this year as gun ownership increases under the South American country's rightwing president, Jair Bolsonaro.
Official data from Brazil's trade ministry seen by the Guardian shows the renowned Austrian weapons manufacturer Glock exported more than $14.8m of guns from Austria to Brazil in the first six months of 2020, compared with about $3.1m in the same period last year.
The jump came as gun ownership soared following a series of presidential decrees that have made it easier for Brazilians to buy larger numbers of weapons, ammunition and increasingly powerful guns, including semi-automatic assault rifles.
Upon election, the far-right populist kept his word, with more than a dozen decrees that sought to make gun ownership easier.
In May 2019, Bolsonaro signed an order that changed existing laws about access to firearms and relaxed regulations for gun imports, breaking the quasi-monopoly of the Brazilian manufacturer Taurus, one of the largest small-arms manufacturers in the world.
Gun ownership had already risen considerably after Bolsonaro took office in January 2019, but in 2020 it exploded.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: gun#1 more#2 Brazil#3 year#4 arms#5
Post found in /worldnews, /worldnews, /GUARDIANauto and /TheColorIsBlue.
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2020.07.21 18:34 Lucifer_Zagreus Im finding sidereal to be more accurate, if you haven't looked up your sidereal yet I highly recommend it.

In tropical im an Aries Sun, Taurus Ascendant, and Sagitarius Moon. These placements sort of made sense to me, but didn't fit exactly. When I use sidereal with equal houses my chart makes the most sense to me personally and I believe that this can provide a lot of insight to those that feel astrology doesn't work for them. The way astrology was formed was by observing the stars at night and how the planets and sun moved through them. If we were to do this today we would be using sidereal instead of tropical as our spring equinox is in aquarius now if using equal houses. Still in the end of pisces looking at actual constellations. When I put my birth data in sidereal I get Pisces Sun, Aries Ascendant conjuct mercury and venus taurus in 2nd, and Scorpio Moon. These placements make much more sense to me as I am a very empathetic person, constantly have conflicting points of view in my head and when I don't reconcile them feel odd, especially in regards to the venus - moon opposition. I can tap into that aries energy when i need to but Im very spiritual with it. If youre interested in looking up your own, I would use cafeastrology or astrodienst but youll have to change the settings yourself on astro.
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