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r/DC_Cinematic: Frequently Asked Questions about DC Films and their Answers!

2020.10.19 00:44 TheBatSkeptic r/DC_Cinematic: Frequently Asked Questions about DC Films and their Answers!

Hello /DC_Cinematic,
There's been great interest in a dedicated page for frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding DC films. This has been something we've wanted to tackle for a while, as it would help reduce redundant posts. Our team has been super busy, so we enlisted the help of u/Dantius55, who was kind enough to write up some answers. Without further ado, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about DC films, with the answers to match. Please let us know if there are other FAQs you'd like to see included here.
What’s different about the Snyder Cut?
The best way to know just how different this film is from the 2017 film by Joss Whedon is to simply watch the trailer, or better yet, watch the movie itself when it comes to HBO Max next year. If you want specifics, however, then you need to acknowledge that parts of the movie will be spoiled for you. Below is a list of many details that make Zack Snyder’s Justice League different from Justice League if you are prepared to read them. So be warned.
• The film’s original cinematographer, Fabian Wagner, said in an interview with ComicBook Debate that he had “unfortunately” seen the 2017 theatrical film, joked that he was crying all the way through the experience, and thought it was “really sad to see the film the way it turned out to be.” Ciaran Hinds (Steppenwolf) said the 2017 film was “wasn't the movie I worked so hard on. We hope the director's cut comes out because it was better than the movie in the theatres.” Joe Morton (Silas Stone) confirmed, "They completely changed the story."
• The movie/series is four hours in total, twice as long as the theatrical film, and will include absolutely none of Joss Whedon’s reshoots.
• It has been estimated that we have seen anywhere between 53-75 minutes (Snyder), 40 minutes (New York Times), or 30 minutes (Wagner) of Snyder footage in the theatrical film.
• Every second is directed and executed with the totally different tone, cinematography, style, lighting, and colour palette of Zack Snyder and Fabian Wagner.
• Snyder called it “an entirely new thing” and “a new experience.” Head of HBO Max Bob Greenblatt (33:00) called it a “radical rethinking.”
Snyder plans on filming new material.
According to Snyder, there is no Russian family, no Legion of Doom setup, no “thirstiest young woman,” no “I just push people and run away,” and no “brunch” jokes.
Countless new sequences (both action and otherwise), and including some whole new scenes.
• The method of Superman’s revival in the Snyder Cut is “much much much more” than what we got in Whedon’s film.
Steppenwolf is at the film's climax.
• Cyborg’sfather dies in an extensive scene with Steppenwolf in STAR Labs.
• Snyder dubbed Ray Fisher (Cyborg) “the heart of my movie,” and the character has at least one flashback to a football game and car scene to flesh out his backstory.
• There is no CGI mouth on Henry Cavill because he only had the moustache for the reshoots.
• As additionally confirmed in the trailer, Superman wears the black suit and Steppenwolf’s design from Batman v Superman has been restored.
Darkseid has a greater presence. He at least gets the focus of the history lesson scene, a brief vision of the future, and appearing on the other side of a Boom Tube with “the whole family” at the end.
• Appearances from an unknown Hal Jordan, Kiersey Clemon’s Iris West, Orion Lee’s Ryan Choi (The Atom), Willem Dafoe’s Nuidis Vulko, and Harry Lennix’s Martian Manhunter.
There isduring the third act.
• There is a completely different soundtrack by Junkie XL.
• So much more.
Is The Batman in the multiverse or the DCEU?”
The DC Multiverse essentially puts every single DC film and series in the same continuity, where each self-contained story is a universe that exists within a connected whole. For example, Superman (1978) and Wonder Woman (2017) are both in different universes, but both of those universes exist in the Multiverse. The “DC Extended Universe” of connected DC films is also part of the Multiverse, and its films like Man of Steel and Aquaman all inhabit the same continuity. It is possible to canonically travel between these universe, as Ezra Miller’s cameo as the Flash in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event.
In this case, The Batman is set in a whole new universe distinct from the others we have seen thus far, meaning it does not take place in the same continuity as any prior Batman film. It is a completely new story with a completely new take on Batman with no connection to the DCEU.
In short, every DC movie, including those of the DCEU, is part of the Multiverse. The Batman is set in the newest of the film universes that comprise the Multiverse.
How does Andy Muschietti’s Flash movie involve Flashpoint?
The upcoming The Flash movie is only loosely based on the Flashpoint storyline from the comics (where the Flash goes back in time to save the life of his mother, consequently changing history) but is otherwise not a direct adaptation, in much the same way Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was not a direct adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns or The Death of Superman. Instead, the film will seemingly use the premise of Flashpoint to introduce the concept of the DC Multiverse to the big screen.
Muschietti said on Twitter (translated from Spanish), “It is a story of time travel: Flash travels back to try to save his mother.” This is the cornerstone event that motivates the Flashpoint storyline in the comics. However, during a discussion with That Hashtag Show on 7 January 2020, Muschietti confirmed the film would be a “different version of Flashpoint than you’re expecting.” On 22 June, the Hollywood Reporter claimed that Michael Keaton would be reprising his role as Batman in the film, hinting at a Multiverse connection. The Wrap backed up this report the same day. On 22 August, during the DC Fandome panel for The Flash with Ezra Miller, Andy Muschietti, Barbara Muschietti, and Christina Hodson, the group revealed that the Multiverse would play a major role, and would in turn open up new possibilities for DC films.
What is Ray Fisher’s deal?
In short, Ray Fisher is accusing certain individuals, primarily Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, and Jon Berg, of abusing their power and enabling abusive behaviour on set during the 2017 reshoots of Justice League. Jason Momoa and others connected to Fisher have corroborated his claims and expressed their support. Warner Bros is contesting those claims and questioning Ray Fisher’s intentions. The full details and history of this conflict are below.
Firstly, some context. After tragedy struck the Snyder family in March 2017, Zack Snyder stepped away from post-production of Justice League in May. He was replaced by Joss Whedon, who performed extensive reshoots. At the time, Geoff Johns had been promoted to President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment a year before. Alongside Warner Bros executive vice president Jon Berg, they were given a significant degree of control over the studio’s DC movie production. Though Johns was only an executive producer on the prior DC films, he and Berg received full producer credit for Justice League. Vulture published a detailed article in 2017 about the subject.
On Twitter, 29 June 2020, DCEU actor Ray Fisher (Cyborg) retracted claims he had made while promoting Justice League back in 2017. On 1 July, he further accused Joss Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” behaviour toward the cast and crew, and that he “was enabled, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.” Shortly later, the film’s set photographer, Clay Enos, alleged to have heard the same thing as Fisher claims. Through a Variety article just over an hour after Fisher’s Tweet, Jon Berg responded that the claims were “categorically untrue” and redirected the focus to Fisher’s character, claiming he was upset that they “wanted him” to say the Teen Titans catchphrase “Booyah”.
Exactly ten minutes later, Deadline reported that Jason Momoa (Cyborg) would star in a live-action Frosty The Snowman film, produced by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. On 14 September, Momoa himself firmly denied on Instagram that any such movie was in production and that “people” had lied to discredit Fisher’s claims, supposedly by implying his friends on the set of the Justice League reshoots did not share his experiences. Momoa also corroborated Fisher’s allegations about on-set abuse, saying that “serious stuff went down.”
On 12 August 2020, Fisher Tweeted that, during the reshoots, Johns summoned Fisher to his office to belittle him for his complaints against the on-set treatment of the cast, in addition to making “a thinly veiled threat to my career.” On 20 August, Fisher Tweeted that Warner Media had “officially launched an independent third-party investigation” into his allegations, hoping it would “show that Geoff Johns, Joss Whedon, Jon Berg (and others) grossly abused their power during the uncertainty of AT&T’s merger with Time Warner.” The next day, Fisher did an Instagram live stream where he said, “Not all these stories are mine to tell. These are things that need to be discussed privately first. But when this is all said and done, I’ll have no qualms about talking publicly about every single to the situation as it stands and as I’ve experienced it.”
On 4 September, Fisher claimed that the president of DC Films (Walter Hamada) contacted him after the allegations to offer his support in exchange for easing up on Geoff Johns. The studio responded an hour later via the Hollywood Reporter to deny the allegations on Hamada, saying that Fisher was “not cooperating” with the investigation and “declined to speak to the investigator.” Fisher replied the next day to allege that the investigator was hired by Warner Bros, the very party seeking to discredit Fisher, and claimed he refused to show his cards in a rigged investigation. He also revealed he was working with a team and SAG-AFTRA, an American labour union.
On 6 September, Fisher claimed in another Instagram live stream (5:24) that, while shooting for True Detective in 2018, Geoff Johns called him personally to gloat that a new Cyborg had been cast in Doom Patrol, a show series was producing. He further clarified (6:12) that he refused to give Walter Hamada specifics about “what was said and who said it” because “this is sensitive information” and “people that have stories to tell need to be protected.” In another stream the next day, he went into detail about the importance of not showing his cards.
On 11 September, Kiersey Clemons (Iris West) expressed her support for Ray Fisher on her instagram. On 14 September, Fisher Tweeted that “the ‘independent’ firm hired by Warner Bros has conveniently avoided contacting key witnesses who gave damning statements to WB Human Resources.” On 17 September, he revealed an official request for a change of investigator had been made, and discouraged the witnesses involved from interacting with the current investigator.
On 23 September, the Hollywood Reporter published an article claiming Warner Bros had offered a generous appearance to his Cyborg in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash, but that negotiations have stalled for weeks due to Fisher asking for double the money. Fisher responded on Twitter the next day to remark, “It would appear that Warner Bros has gone from giving libellous official statements to one media outlet, to becoming ‘a source’ of purposeful misinformation for another.” On 28 September, Karen Bryson (Elinore Stone) expressed her support for Ray Fisher on her Instagram.
Ray Fisher has made a number of Instagram live streams where he discusses the details of the conflict between him and Warner Bros that you can watch.
Did Henry Cavill leave Superman?
At this time, there is no indication that Henry Cavill has chosen to abandon the role of Superman. There is, however, greater indication that the studio is unsure what to do with the character and currently has no plans to bring him back. While some sources have claimed Cavill has signed a new film deal, “scoops” are unreliable, so you may want to await an official press release. Full history of the subject below.
The biggest indicator that he may have been opposed to returning came from not making the cameo in Shazam. According to producer Peter Safran on 11 April 2019, scheduling conflicts are to blame, saying, “At one point, we’d hoped it was going to be Cavill doing it, but unfortunately his schedule didn’t allow him to do it.” We have no reason not to accept this explanation. Possibly barring Justice League reshoots, there has never been any indication that Cavill’s experience in the role was uniquely unpleasant.
On 25 April 2018 at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Cavill expressed his desire to make a new Man of Steel sequel, saying, “there is a whole bunch of Superman story that I want to tell.” On 12 September 2018, Cavill’s manager, Dany Garcia, said on Twitter, “Be peaceful, the cape is still in his closet. Warner Bros Pictures has been and continues to be our partners as they evolve the DC Universe.” The same day, the Hollywood Reporter published (with a clickbait headline) an official statement from a Warner spokesperson that read, “We have a great relationship and great respect for Henry Cavill that continues to remain unchanged. Additionally, we have made no current decisions regarding any upcoming Superman films,” though “another source” claimed in the article that, like James Bond, they “have to look at new actors.” Independent corroborated this story the day after, and Cavill made an ambiguous Superman-related Instagram post. Talking to Men’s Health on 19 November 2019, Cavill echoed these sentiments: “The cape is in the closet. It’s still mine.”
Zack Snyder suggested on 29 February 2020 on Vero that additional Superman material would be filmed for the Snyder Cut. On 24 June 2020, Cavill had a video chat with Patrick Stewart for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, where he gushed about playing the character and remarked, “I hope that I get to play more of Superman in years to come.” The Hollywood Reporter strongly indicated that Cavill’s Superman would return for additional photography for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
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2020.10.18 23:17 deriblak SEVENTEEN - Semicolon Album Discussion

SEVENTEEN - Semicolon (Special Album)
Release Date: October 19, 2020
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. Home:Run WOOZI, BUMZU, Vernon, 승관(Seungkwan) WOOZI, BUMZU, Nmore(PRISMFILTER) BUMZU, Nmore (PRISMFILTER)
02. 도레미 (Do Re Mi) 승관(Seungkwan), Vernon, 디노(Dino), WOOZI, BUMZU WOOZI, BUMZU, Vernon, Poptime BUMZU POPTIME
03. Hey Buddy THE 8, 민규 (Mingyu), 도겸 (DK), WOOZI, BUMZU WOOZI, BUMZU, THE 8, 민규 (Mingyu), 도겸 (DK), Anchor (PRISMFILTER), Ohwayl (PRISMFILTER) BUMZU, Anchor (PRISMFILTER), Ohwayl (PRISMFILTER)
04. 마음에 불을 지펴 (Light a Flame) 호시 (Hoshi), 원우 (Wonwoo), WOOZI, BUMZU WOOZI, BUMZU BUMZU, WOOZI
05. Ah! Love S.COUPS, 정한 (Jeonghan), 조슈아 (Joshua), WOOZI, BUMZU WOOZI, BUMZU, 박기태(PRISMFILITER BUMZU, 박기태(PRISMFILITER
06. 겨우 (All My Love) WOOZI, BUMZU, 승관(Seungkwan), Vernon WOOZI, BUMZU, 박기태(PRISMFILITER BUMZU, 박기태(PRISMFILITER
Fun fact that order of name listing for credits indicates the amount of contribution (first = most)!
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2020.10.18 21:30 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #61 - I Only Want to See You in the Purple Rain - 2010118 + Album Givewaay!

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got a taste of Spring in Fall with April! This week let's check out a new band that's on track to be as prolific as their namesake, let's get to know Purple Rain!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the fifteenth Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: Purple Rain is a 5 member band under JTBC Studios. They were formed through the show JTBC Superband and came in third place during the competition. They say their name is inspired by “the intensity of red and the elegance of blue, mixing strong rock music with elegant classical music, moisturizing like rain, and combining the stimulus and sensibility in imagination”
Company: JTBC Studios is the music label of JTBC, a large Korean cable television network known for hit dramas such as Itaewon Class, Strong Girl Bong-Soon, and Sky Castle along with variety shows such as Knowing Brothers. Purple Rain is the first and currently only musical group to be signed to the JTBC Studios label.
Debut: February 28th, 2020 with The King Must Die (MV) Live Stage (Link)
First Comeback: June 23rd, 2020 with Waking Up (MV) Live Stage (Link)
First comeback Pt 2: July 2nd, 2020 with New World (Live MV)
Album Pre-Release: August 13th, 2020 with Letter (audio)
Most Recent Release: August 26th, 2020 with Miracle (audio)
YouTube Channel: via JTBC Studios
Random Stuff
Trivia: The group members are all involved in various points in their music-making process. Jiwan and Hajin do most of the instrumental writing, Nau monitors sound during recording, Gwanghyeon is very good at writing lyrics and handles the writing for the percussion, and BoHoon is in charge of overall arrangement, however all members of the groups are adept at taking on other roles as needed and like expanding their skills. The group won their debut performance on Immortal Songs 2 and followed up with a second win during their second appearance on the show (falling to K-Tigers Zero and then Forestella in their third and fourth appearances). The group is planning on releasing some solo works as well as some creative projects while BoHoon serves his military service.
Real Name: Yoo Jiwon
Age: 28 (IA)
Who is she?: Nody Cika is a female soloist, singesongwriter, and producecomposer under XX Entertainment. She covers a variety of styles including R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, and Ballads.
Company: XX Entertainment is the home of girl group S.I.S as well as a co-managing partner of new girl group BOTOPASS. In addition they also represent ballad duo 12DAL and soloist Ahn Yeeun.
Debut: January 18th, 2019 with Feely You (MV)
Second Release: February 23rd, 2019 with Me Oh You (audio)
Third Release: March 22nd, 2019 with Down (audio)
Fourth Release: May 20th, 2019 with Holiday (audio) Live Performance (Link)
Fifth Release: July 12th, 2019 with Walk Along (MV) Live Performance (Link)
Sixth Release: October 1st, 2019 with Dalla (MV) Live Performance (Link)
Seventh Release: July 20th, 2020 with Oh Love (audio)
YouTube Channel: via XX Entertainment and Hommes
Random Stuff
Trivia: She is part of the production team HOMMES along with JO, Noo, and Jeff. She has written lyrics and composed music for PL (Sonata (audio)), Leo Kang (Like This (MV)), and Huh Chanmi (Lights (MV)). She participated in The Voice Korea where she received praise from Dynamic Duo and BoA who gave her the nickname "Rhythm Thug, Sexy Voice".
Who were they?: A four-five member girl group under New Planet Entertainment. Their name stood for "Hope U Bounce". Their fandom name was WE.B.
Pre-Debut Release: November 14th, 2016 with Our Time Together (audio) Live Performance (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Debut: February 9th, 2017 with Girl Gang (audio) Live Stage (Link) Choreography Video (Link)
First Comeback: June 1st, 2017 with Ooh Ooh (audio)
Second Comeback: April 15th, 2018 with When a Blossom Day of Cherry Blossom (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Final Comeback: November 8th, 2018 with Finale (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
YouTube Channel: via New Planet Entertainment
Active Between: November 2016 - Sometime in 2019
Reasons for Disbanding: No official disbandment notice has been given, but the group's social media accounts have been silent for over a year while the members have created new individual accounts that do not make reference to the group, leading to the assumption that the group has quietly disbanded. New Planet Entertainment seems to be focusing their energies on soloist Hwang In Sun at the moment, though they also have a pre-debut boy group known as BXK, which has missed several announced deadlines for release of music, and the company has had two previous pre-debut groups dsiband before debut.
Trivia: The group was atypical in that the leader, Rui, is foreign (Japanese). Rui is working as a model and has also release solo songs, including her last I Don't Care (MV). Member Gracie who left after the group's first comeback became a soloist and has several releases including her latest Conquest (MV). Former member Yuem has become a soloist and has a SoundCloud. Member Chehee now as a dog-oriented YouTube Channel.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.10.18 14:32 TTno13 How to: Duos

Hello there!
I made this post as a response to this question from u/xinerubts about Duo builds. This will also be my first "big" post on Reddit, so there might end up being quite a lot of editing, for format reasons.
I haven't seen a lot of "How to Duos" posts on this sub and since I, primarily, play Duos I decided to share what wisdom I might have.
My partner and I play VERY casually (5-10 games/week) but we have manage to hit Lord in seasons 1 & 1.5.
I'm not gonna talk about what units are too weak/strong or how Duos isn't getting the attention I feel it deserves from the sub, community, or from Valve. Nor will I go deep on item selection, but I will add some of my favorite picks, for each build.
This is just going to be Me, telling all of You, what builds have worked the best for Us.
Before We get into the builds:
Scouting: You have to keep an eye on your opponents builds just as much in Duos as in Standard. Don't try to force a build if your carry units are contested by more than two other players. Unless you want to. Some people, me included, play for fun more than MMR.
Levelling and Rolling: Buy units, hit interest, and level to 5. This is where you should roll for 1 and 2 cost units. You should get two 3* each, or VERY close, before levelling to 6.
Keep economy at lvl 6 and get to 7. Try to keep at least some economy here while you look for 3* units.
3 starring is important, but not all 3* units are created equal.
Level 8 is nice, but not always necessary.

So, let's get to the builds!
Knights/Healers/Trolls/Shaman 4/4/2/2
Bat, Dazzle, CK, Omni, Luna, Ench, Tree.
This one is fairly straight forward: Get Knights, get Healers, get wins!
While getting Bat & Ench to 3* is nice, they shouldn't be a priority. If they show up, great, but don't hard roll for them. Dazzle is often contested, so getting him to 3* is the dream, but again not necessary (You should always try though)
If you're doing well and want to level to 8, TB, Spectre, Lycan or Troll Warlord, are some great units to add.
I like to take all Paladin Swords I get offered when playing this build. You are playing Healers. Why wouldn't you? Other items I will always pick in this build: Necronomicon (Bat) Craggy Coat (Tree)
Savage/SummoneShamans/Brawny 4/4/4/2
Magnus, Bristle, Lycan, LD, NP, BM, Shadow Shaman.
Only 3 of these units (Magnus, Bristle, NP) are readily available in the early game, so you'll be getting some units as placeholders. Adding any 2* units you get for free will help you getting the build online. Adding Tusk and SB for early 4 savage is nice.
If you are offered Meepos you should grab them! Getting a 3* Meepo is amazing and playing Meepo instead of NP is worth it IMO. You can always add another Shaman, if you go to 8.
You don't need 3* Magnus, so if you get Bristle and NP/Meepo, you can go to 7.
Venomancer is also a great unit to get to 2* or even 3*, since picking up LD can be quite tricky sometimes.
Mana items are great in this comp. Blink Dagger on Meepo is great fun, especially when he is 3*. Refresher Orb for LD and/or Lycan Necronomicon on Bristle.

Heartless/Brutes/ Savage 4/4/2
Lifestealer, Pudge, SD, Drow, Alch, SB, Lycan
Only item dependent lvl 7 build on this list!
You need the Brute hat! If you don't get it, you'll just have to go to 8 and add Doom/Axe.
I don't have a lot to say about this build. Pudge and SD are nice to get to 3* and you can swap Drow with any other Heartless unit.
Most of the units in this build are 3 cost, so you really want to go to lvl 7 before you spend to much gold rolling.
MoM is great for Lifestealer. Attackspeed and Armor items are great. Got offered a Refresher Orb? Pop that baby on your Lycan 3*
Heartless/Hunters/Vigilantes/Brutes 4/3/2/2
Pudge, LS, SD, Drow, Wind, TB, Alch.
Early Heartless/Vigilante 2/2 -> Heartless/Hunters 4/3. Add Alch last.
Antimage is a decent 3rd hunter until TB.
Getting Crown is nice. Getting two Crowns means you can get Heartless/Hunters 4/6 by adding another hunter instead of Alch at lvl 7. If you get two crowns, go to 8 and get that Alch back in there! If you don't get any Crowns, just pick up Armor and Attackspeed.
You don't REALLY need any of the early game hunters to be 3* but unless your partner is incredibly strong, you might want to get at least a couple of them. Roll hard at lvl 7. If you go to 8, add a Mirana or Medusa (or any other good unit you find, like Tide)
Knights/Humans/Mages/Dragons 4/4/3/2
CK, Luna, Omni, Kunkka, CM, Storm, Puck, DK
I like this. This might be one of my favorite builds and the only level 8 build on this list. It's Knights AND mages, so the units are going to be hella contested! Keep an eye on your opponents.
You can swap in Lich for Storm, and if you don't find CM 3* you can add Lina or KoTL instead.
When you reach lvl 7 you should start looking for some of your 3* units, but remember, we are leveling soon! Pick up either a Viper, a Snapfire 2* or Abaddon. Level to 8 and find the DK!
Thanks for sticking around and reading this. Hopefully, some of what I've said makes a bit of sense to you. I know I haven't mentioned all the strong builds, but these are the ones I/We enjoy the most. I'll try and answer any questions that might come up.
See you all in the Duos lobby!
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2020.10.15 18:45 badpauly Significant Activist Hedge Fund Activity (Last 7 Days)

These are the latest Schedule 13D forms filed by activist investors in the last 7 days. Activist investors are investors that make an investment with the intention of influencing management in some way. There is evidence that following activist investors into investments can generate excess returns. Schedule 13G forms, in contrast, are filed by significant investors with no intention of influencing management (such as Index funds).
There is always a lot of interest in insider trades, but what a lot of people probably don't realize is that hedge fund activity is probably more predictive of future returns than insider activity. The reason is that hedge funds (a) have large research budgets, and (b) have a choice where to put their money. In contract, insiders have no choice where to put their money, but only when to time their transactions.

New Filings

This table lists new 13D filings in the last week. A new filing does not necessarily indicate a new position, as investors frequently accumulate in advance before reaching the filing threshold.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
10‑14 13D DOYU / DOUYU INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD ADR Tencent Holdings Ltd 12,068,104 38.0%
10‑13 13D CCC / Clarivate PLC Green Equity Investors VII, L.P. 115,864,432 19.18%
10‑13 13D CYRX / CryoPort, Inc. Blackstone Holdings III L.P. 7,149,670 15.6%
10‑13 13D CCC / Clarivate PLC Selige Co-Investor Pooling S.C.Sp 38,089,963 %
10‑13 13D MPLN / MultiPlan Corporation Green Equity Investors VI, L.P. 38,449,957 5.8%
10‑13 13D MPLN / MultiPlan Corporation H&F Corporate Investors VIII, Ltd. 213,802,446 32.0%
10‑13 13D HYLN / Hyliion Holdings Corp. AXIOMA VENTURES, LLC 16,656,790 10.82%
10‑13 13D PCSA / Heatwurx Inc. Com Young David 1,991,168 14.2%
10‑13 13D JILL / J. Jill, Inc. TowerBrook Investors, Ltd. 45,207,772 %
10‑13 13D CNSL / Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc. Searchlight III CVL, L.P. 6,352,842 8.0%
10‑13 13D AMAG / AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Magnetar Financial LLC 2,379,149 6.9%
10‑09 13D GLSI / Greenwich LifeSciences, Inc. Patel Kinnary 7,777,758 64.98%
10‑09 13D HYLN / Hyliion Holdings Corp. Healy Thomas J. 34,972,856 22.72%
10‑09 13D DSX / Diana Shipping, Inc. Tuscany Shipping Corp. 15,877,505 17.8%
10‑09 13D PSHG / Performance Shipping Inc. Mango Shipping Corp. 23,436,446 46.7%
10‑09 13D GRAY / Graybug Vision, Inc. Flynn James E 5,281,713 26.29%
10‑09 13D SOGO / Sogou Inc. Ltd 130,917,250 33.8%
10‑09 13D AMBS / Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc. Lorient Ventures Ltd 14,176,424 4.99%
10‑08 13D JE / Just Energy Group, Inc. PACIFIC INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO LLC 13,872,207 28.9%
10‑08 13D JE / Just Energy Group, Inc. Sagard Credit Partners, LP 2,638,250 5.5%

Amended Filings

This table lists amended filings in the last week, and is useful for monitoring changes in existing investments or when a fund closes a position. I have eliminated all filings with less than a 5% change in ownership.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
10‑15 13D/A 11284V105 / Brookfield Renewable Corp BROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT INC. 39,875,890 34.7%
10‑14 13D/A GLNG / Golar LNG Ltd. Luxor Capital Group, LP 10,430,137 10.52% 15.86
10‑14 13D/A PRSP / Perspecta Inc. JANA PARTNERS LLC 13,853,914 %
10‑14 13D/A CFII / CHESAPEAKE FUNDING II LLC CFII 2017 3A A1 144A CF Finance Holdings II, LLC 13,580,000 21.4% -9.32
10‑14 13D/A ENZN / Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ICAHN CARL C 36,056,636 48.6%
10‑14 13D/A RNVA / Rennova Health, Inc. Lagan Seamus 1,263,594 40.4%
10‑14 13D/A ZMTP / Zoom Telephonics Inc. MANNING FRANK BLASE 21,286 0.0% -100.00
10‑14 13D/A GRA / Grace (W. R.) & Co. 40 North Management LLC 9,865,008 14.9% 6.43
10‑14 13D/A SWTX / Southwall Technologies Inc ORBIMED ADVISORS LLC 7,406,307 15.5% -9.36
10‑14 13D/A NVUS / Novus Therapeutics, Inc. OrbiMed Israel BioFund GP Limited Partnership 176,850 14.1% -14.02
10‑13 13D/A EYRYY / Erytech Pharma BIOTECHNOLOGY VALUE FUND L P 4,461,941 23.5% -7.11
10‑13 13D/A GH / Guardant Health, Inc. SOFTBANK VISION FUND (AIV M1) L.P. 7,037,960 7.1% -50.00
10‑13 13D/A MN / Manning & Napier, Inc. Olesen Value Fund L.P. 1,278,475 7.9% -13.19
10‑13 13D/A SGMS / Scientific Games Corp. MacAndrews & Forbes Inc. 8,871,313 9.3% -18.42
10‑13 13D/A DHI / D.R. Horton, Inc. HORTON DONALD R 628,200 0.2% -97.14
10‑13 13D/A ELLO / Ellomay Capital Ltd. Kanir Joint Investments (2005) Limited Partnership 3,588,577 28.4% -18.86
10‑13 13D/A MPLN / MultiPlan Corporation MPH Acquisition Holdings LLC 0 0.0%
10‑13 13D/A DKNG / DraftKings Inc. RPII DK LLC 16,895,490 4.5% -27.42
10‑13 13D/A GPOR / Gulfport Energy Corp. SHAH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 12,266,335 7.66% -9.13
10‑13 13D/A TRCH / Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. McCabe Greg 17,648,390 17.09% -21.24
10‑13 13D/A VALE / Vale S.A. BNDES Participacoes S.A. 1,363,316,161 26.6% -32.83
10‑13 13D/A AIMT / Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc. Societe des Produits Nestle S.A. 100 100.0% 410.20
10‑13 13D/A DAC / Danaos Corp. Economou George 857,142 3.7% -66.33
10‑13 13D/A SJ / Scienjoy Holding Corporation Cosmic Soar Ltd 3,786,719 14.01% -25.76
10‑13 13D/A ZMTP / Zoom Telephonics Inc. HITCHCOCK JEREMY P. 12,439,432 51.8% 39.25
10‑13 13D/A AKCA / Akcea Therapeutics Inc. IONIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC 1,000 100.0% 31.75
10‑13 13D/A DKNG / DraftKings Inc. Meckenzie Shalom 23,611,173 6.2% -28.74
10‑13 13D/A ZIVO / Zivo Bioscience, Inc. STROME MEZZANINE FUND, LP 91,665,619 18.9% -48.50
10‑13 13D/A UXIN / Uxin Limited ADS Inc. 97,087,378 9.9%
10‑10 13D/A STRT / Strattec Security Corp. GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 428,024 11.09% 11.35
10‑09 13D/A LMB / Limbach Holdings, Inc. Pratt Brian 1,189,167 15.08% -22.67
10‑09 13D/A XOMA / XOMA Corporation BIOTECHNOLOGY VALUE FUND L P 4,182,243 38.0%
10‑09 13D/A LAZY / Lazydays Holdings, Inc. Coliseum Capital Management, LLC 6,095,038 40.4% -7.13
10‑09 13D/A ENSV / Enservco Corp. CROSS RIVER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC 19,145,814 26.4% 14.29
10‑09 13D/A LPG / Dorian LPG Ltd. KENSICO CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CORP 8,014,837 15.7% 11.90
10‑09 13D/A UEPS / Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. Value Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd 10,154,965 17.9% 9.15
10‑09 13D/A LULU / lululemon athletica inc. Wilson Dennis J. 10,955,225 8.4% -7.69
10‑09 13D/A HYMC / Hycroft Mining Holding Corporation Class A WHITEBOX ADVISORS LLC 13,012,516 21.8% -14.51
10‑09 13D/A DSX / Diana Shipping, Inc. Taracan Investments S.A. 1,578,268 1.8% -88.78
10‑09 13D/A PSHG / Performance Shipping Inc. Taracan Investments S.A. 0 0.0%
10‑09 13D/A AUP / Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc ILJIN SNT Co., Ltd. 11,770,036 9.3% -14.68
10‑09 13D/A PINE / Alpine Income Property Trust, Inc CTO Realty Growth, Inc. 2,039,644 23.5% -8.91
10‑09 13D/A ATNX / Athenex Inc. LAU JOHNSON YIU NAM 7,254,350 7.8% -22.77
10‑09 13D/A ESEA / Euroseas Ltd. Friends Investment CO Inc. 475,345 8.49% 17.27
10‑09 13D/A CSTL / Castle Biosciences, Inc. Sofinnova HealthQuest Partners, L.P. 983,577 4.997% -16.72
10‑08 13D/A MCHX / Marchex, Inc. Edenbrook Capital, LLC 13,036,796 37.36% 85.50
10‑08 13D/A LBRT / Liberty Oilfield Services Inc. Riverstone/Carlyle Energy Partners IV, L.P. 28,304,996 25.1% -16.89
10‑08 13D/A OGEN / Oragenics, Inc. KIRK RANDAL J 230,792 0.4% -95.96
10‑08 13D/A FPRX / Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. BIOTECHNOLOGY VALUE FUND L P 8,364,353 22.8% 6.54
10‑08 13D/A RST / Rosetta Stone, Inc. GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 990,038 4.02% 12.29
10‑08 13D/A SGMS / Scientific Games Corp. MacAndrews & Forbes Inc. 10,835,598 11.4% -18.57
submitted by badpauly to StockMarket [link] [comments]

2020.10.15 16:28 Sconnie92 Around the Alliance 13.20 REST IN RIVALRY

This week in the UFFA came a time of contemplation, both of the past and the present. The injury-marred 2020 season has left us reflecting on potential lost and hearts broken. The close matches of week 5 also reminded us of how fierce the competition inside the Alliance truly is. To that end, the Alliance Archives (a sub-division of UFFA Media and partner of Around the Alliance) has revised the Legacy Scoring SystemTM in order to include the influence of rivalry wins/losses in a team's legacy (more on that later).
In this edition of AtA...


In the continuing saga of Power Rankings, half of the Alliance has yet to plateau at any point (St. Louis, Lincoln, Swansea, Hawaii, Dunedin). Albuquerque breaks their streak, while Alaska, OKC, and Northwoods all hold firm for a 3rd straight week.
Biggest Rise: Lincoln (+4)
Biggest Fall: Swansea (-3)
  1. Alaska Kodiak 4-1 (High: 1 / Low: 1 / - )~~~ Alaska remains the consensus top dog in the Alliance. The impending return of Christian McCaffrey has spirits nearly as high as the fans' expectations. The Kodiak have assembled a true super team thanks to a high percentage of draft picks and free agent signings paying off. Most recently was QB Andy Dalton, who was shipped off to North Wisconsin in exchange for a 21 2nd round pick and WR Kenny Stills.
  2. Oklahoma City Storm 2-3 (High: 2 / Low: 4 / - )~~~ Despite a narrow loss to division rival Lincoln, the rankers remain high on the defending champs. Concerning reports about 2019 MVP Michael Thomas and recent injury to RB Dalvin Cook are major cracks in the armor. If OKC can't manage some big wins in the near future, they might see their cache of confidence start to dwindle.
  3. Lincoln Johnsons 3-2 (High: 2 / Low: 5 / +4 )~~~ Arguably the most spastic of UFFA teams, the Johnsons are back up after a down-to-the-wire win against the Storm. Currently, Lincoln sits over 100pts behind the Hoes on tiebreaker for the Interior. With that kind of deficit, Derrick Henry and company are going to need to power up the offense a little more. The addition of WR Brandin Cooks from Hawaii may do the trick, as Cooks looks to make a splash on his 4th team in the last 2 years.
  4. Northwoods Hodags 3-2 (High: 1 / Low: 5 / - )~~~ After a big win over Hawaii and securing the Interior lead, the Hoes find themselves still ranked behind two division rivals. Northwoods is only 11.5pts behind OKC for 2nd in total scoring, and with a primetime, homefield showdown against their arch-rival in week 6, the Hodags get a shot at sweeping the champs!
  5. St. Louis Clydesdales 3-2 (High: 3 / Low: 6 / -2 )~~~ It was a fun week for the herd on top of the Interior, but a crushing loss to the underdog Roadrunners has brought St. Louis back to earth. While hopeful to get their TE stud duo of Hockenson and Fant back, the Clydesdales now have to head to Alaska with questions surrounding RB Melvin Gordon's status going forward. Gordon's image was removed from all St. Louis social media accounts following his DUI arrest in Denver, CO.
  6. San Juan Shrimp 2-3 (High: 3 / Low: 7 / - )~~~ San Juan went toe-to-toe with the Kodiak in an impressive performance, but came up short of a W in week 5. The Shrimp's defense held the big plays in check, but had no answer for TE Diety Travis Kelce. This ended up being the tipping point, as Tyler Higbee was unable to keep pace. San Juan should be encouraged that they matched across the board (nearly point-for-point by position) against the top dog. Now they travel across the globe for a showdown with arch-rival Swansea in a big prove-it contest for both teams.
  7. Dunedin Rangers 2-3 (High: 6 / Low: 8 / +1 )~~~ Trading for QB Justin Herbert flew in the face of the "we're tanking" narrative put out by team media the last two weeks. And in case there were any doubters on the deal, Herbert hit the ground running with Dunedin, leading them to a resounding victory over the Ducks. The Rangers still sit on the outside of the playoff bubble, but look to have the firepower on offense to get back into the tiebreaker fray soon. In years to come, GM Koch's strategy may be the blueprint for retooling in-season.
  8. Swansea City Ducks 3-2 (High: 6 / Low: 8 / -3 )~~~ Dropping two straight games is rough, but the Ducks did themselves no favors by putting up the lowest score on the week by a decent margin. Injuries have left City borderline lame with their lack of depth. Jimmy Garappolo is back, but looks hella rusty, and now the team is facing questions from WR starters Dionte Johnson and Keenan Allen. RB Nick Chubb still looks a long way off on his return, but there is a glimmer of hope in the emergence of DK Metcalf and the continued (and surprising) youthfulness of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  9. Albuquerque Roadrunners 2-3 (High: 7 / Low: 9 / +1 )~~~ With a home win over the division leading Clydesdales, the Roadrunners pick up their second W on the year. More significant, they left a strong enough impression with the rankers to lift themselves out of 10th for the first time all season. The old man TE squad is still a major concern, but RB Chase Edmonds has given a lot of hope these past weeks. Paired with the surprising start for Ryan Tannehill and Stefon Diggs, things might be looking up sooner than later in the desert.
  10. Hawaii Volcanoes 1-4 (High: 8 / Low: 9 / -1 )~~~ The Volcanoes finished in the top half of scoring yet again, but came away with the loss. Hawaii will be without Team Captain Drew Brees this week (mandatory rest), but was able to find Joe Flacco off the street to fill-in. There's hope that rookie WR Jerry Jeudy's return from mandatory rest (a surprise add to the COVID list) will give the team the spark they need against division rival Dunedin this week.


When reading Legacy Scores, remember these are reflections of a team's trend. The science behind the score is built around a baseline of 0pts. If a team has a score > 0 that means their fans are generally happy with the teams direction/production/recent success. The higher a number is from zero, the happier a fanbase is. For reference, a perfect season (16-0) with maximum rivalry bonuses would yield a score of 57.45.
Meanwhile, a score < 0 reflects a fanbase that is generally unhappy with a team's performance/direction. The lower this number gets, the closer to mass riots a city comes. For reference, a team with an 0-13 record in 2020 would produce -28.2.

> 50 Donald Trump and Joe Biden agree that you are the best.
40 ~ 50 Yankee/Cowboy/Laker fans adopt you as their UFFA team; Ben & Jerry's give you a commemorative flavor.
30 ~ 40 Hot take headlines like "dynasty" and "generational" are being tossed around; People are hate-watching your games.
20 ~ 30 People are wearing team jerseys to formal events; Free agents put you at the top of their list.
10 ~ 20 Fairweather fans are coming out of the woodwork and corporate offices are buying up suites.
1 ~ 10 If you aren't making the playoffs this year, it's clear you'll be the offseason darling.
0 No one is writing fiery posts and spewing scorching hot takes; Andy Dalton is your starting quarterback.
-1 ~ -10 Fans are still disappointed by a loss, but the fairweather fans are growing disinterested.
-10 ~ -20 People are complaining and believe the team needs a big shakeup.
-20 ~ -30 The team is a bit of a meme with some real ghosts to exorcise; Season tickets are drying up.
-30 ~ -40 Hue Jackson is your head coach and Bill O'Brien your GM; a fresh relocation may be in order.
-40 ~ -50 Downtown is burning, Marshal Law declared, FEMA and the UN are prepping care package drops; The president is calling for Brandon Weeden's head.
< -50 You've relocated to Gary, IN.
  1. Oklahoma City Storm (31.1)
  2. Alaska Kodiak (24.15)
  3. Lincoln Johnsons (15.65)
  4. Northwoods Hodags (10.05)
  5. Swansea City Ducks (-2.05)
  6. Albuquerque Roadrunners (-2.1)
  7. San Juan Shrimp (-2.35)
  8. Dunedin Rangers (-2.55)
  9. Hawaii Volcanoes (-6.3)
  10. St. Louis Clydesdales (-28.25)
In a revision of how Legacy Score is determined, the following is the formula used:
Wins: +1pt (+0.1 against rival, +0.25 against arch-rival)
Losses: -1pt ( -0.1 against rival, -0.25 against arch-rival)
Recent 20 Games: (+/- games above/below .500 winning percentage) \ 1.1pts*
Wildcard Berths: \ 1pt*
Division Titles: \ 5pts*
Playoff Wins: \3pts (+0.25/rival, +0.5/arch-rival)*
Playoff Losses: 0pts ( -0.1/rival, -0.5/arch-rival)
Championship Win: 15pts (+1/rival, +3/arch-rival)
Championship Loss: 0pts ( -0.25/rival, -0.75/arch-rival)



QB - Dakota Prescott (NW)
Week 1 - Week 5
We will always remember your 6,700yd pace. You gave hope to a passing attack weighed down by Wentz and Haskins. May your mangled foot be accepted to the injury gods as payment enough to leave the Hoes alone.
RB - Austin Ekeler (ABQ)
Week 1 - Week 4
You were meant to be our lightning to James Conner's lightning. In retrospect, we should have gone with Thunder. May your road bring you back again soon.
RB - Christian McCaffrey (ALK)
Week 1 - Week 2
We all knew Superman doesn't get colds, but evidently he does get high ankle sprain.
RB - Saquon Barkley (SC)
Week 1 - Week 2
**Unabashed weeping**
RB - Marlon Mack (DDN)
Week 1 - Minutes in Week 1
Your contributions to the team will never be for - Hey, look! Jonathan Taylor and Nyhiem Hines are killing it!
WR - Michael Thomas (OKC)
Week 1
May you find your way back to 2019 MVP form and not this man child that gets grounded as soon as he can run again!
WR - Courtland Sutton (StL)
Week 2
This season of OBJ is dedicated to you, his partner in crime. #PonyUp
TE - Blake "Dalton Schultz" Jarwin (OKC)
Week 1
Thank you for accepting our money. Now that you won't sue us for the team doctor tearing your knee while trying to give you a pain shot, can you please be good next year and not lose your NFL job?
submitted by Sconnie92 to UFFA [link] [comments]

2020.10.15 07:10 Clilly1 [MK] My Dream Mario Kart Game, including Characters, Cups, Items, and Modes

Since Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was released, I have been dreaming of what the next Mario Kart main title could be for the Switch U or whatever. So I decided to put all my ideas down into one huge post for ya’ll to enjoy! It has two main gimmicks: a punching mechanic and multiple costumes for each character.
I decided not to even attempt describing tracks but I do have a neat idea for the cups themselves. Let me know what ya’ll think!
Be they gliders, two people in one kart, or 0-gravity, each Mario kart game introduces a new gimmick. This one will maintain the glider, underwater, and 0-gravity gameplay, but also introduce “punching” as a main gameplay feature. This would operate similarly to the two-player mode in double dash, but be used in every mode for this game. Punching allows you to: force another kart to spin briefly (about half the time of, say, a red shell), steal any item from an opponent (or trade with them if you are holding an item; this would not apply to items being held behind you), or force you to the right or left of the track (useful if you are falling off of the edge). Punching is controlled with ZL or ZR depending on the direction you would like to punch. I’m sure you can see how this will add another layer to the gameplay, chaos to the racing, and interesting and fun situations for couch gameplay.
This will include what is now standard for Mario Kart now-a-days: Drifting, Gliding, Going underwater, doing tricks off ramps, 0-gravity, holding items behind you, ect.
Karts are very similar to MK8, where you can pick a kart with wheels, body, and glider to get your preferred stats.
· Punching Glove (Extends power and reach of punch)
· Blue Shell
· Red Shell (sometimes x3)
· Green Shell (sometimes x3)
· Banana Peels (sometimes x3)
· Fake ? Blocks
· Mushroom (sometimes x3)
· Boo (Steals items and makes intangible)
· Star
· Chain Chomp (Like Double Dash)
· Golden Shroom
· Air Horn
· Fire Flower
· Bomb-omb
· Squid
· Tanooki Leaf
Battle Mode
There are 4 separate battle types in battle mode. Each one only supports 4 players.
1. Shine Sprite Catch
a. A Shine Sprite appears in the middle of the stage. When someone grabs it, a timer begins to count down. If they are hurt or are hit with a mushroom, they lose the shine sprite and it falls to the ground again. It can also be transferred by punching. Whoever has the shine sprite when the timer runs out wins.
2. Bomb-omb Battle
a. Each person has 4 empty stars at the top of their screen. Blowing someone up, be that by hitting them with a bomb or sneakily leaving one behind them, will fill a star. Being blown up will make you lose a star. Players can hold to 6 bombs at once, stacked on top of eachother. If someone is punched holding more than one bomb, all the bombs will come crashing down and hurt both players.
3. Balloon Battle
a. This will behave in the way it always has, but without the ghost nonsense
4. Tag
a. One player is randomly selected to be “it”. There is a timer counting down during the entire battle. If they manage to punch someone or hit them with an item, the person they hit will be “it”. Only the person who is “it” will have items. When an item is used, a roulette is automatically spun for the next item.
Double Dash Mode
This is a two-kart vs race between four players. Each kart has a team of two. The person in the front controls driving and drifting, the person in the back controls punching and items. All tracks are available, but only certain karts are in this mode.
Grand Prix
This will include 50, 100, 150cc, and a unlockable Mirror (at 150 cc’s) and 200 cc modes.
There will be four cups, with four additional unlockable cups. Each cup will contain four races. The first four are represented with the traditional icons of Mushroom, Flower, Star, and Special Cups.
The unlockable cups are the Retro Mushroom, Retro Flower, Retro Star, and Retro Special Cups. Each are represented with 8-bit style pixel art, and when the curser hangs over them, will play an 8-bit cover of the menu theme. The four traditional cups will contain all-new tracks. The four retro cups will contain throw-back remastered/retooled tracks from any Mario Karr game in the past. The first time Mushroom Cup is beaten, in any cc, the retro mushroom cup will be unlocked—and the same with each corresponding cup.
There will be more cups covered in the DLC section down below.
There will be 12 players in each race, with the typical win/lose point system.
Online will allow for each of the above modes to be played but Grand Prix. Instead of Grand Prix, there will be an “Online Grand Prix” where each player selects a preferred track, and four of the group are selected randomly to create a 4-course set. Each mode can be played with random people online or with friends through creating stadiums. This online works and is wonderful and never has problems. This is wish fulfillment, ok?!
Time Trials
Time trials work as they always have.
Another selling point for this game will be costumes and color-swaps. Similar to Smash Bros, there are 3 starting colors/costumes for each character. You start with the original cast from Super Mario Kart and earn the rest. After all of the Cups have a gold trophy in a given CC tier, another costume/color pallet swap is unlocked for the entire roster, adding 5 more costumes. Once every single Grand Prix in each CC has a Gold Trophy, a 9th golden pallet swap (like Gold Metal Mario in Mario Kart 8) is unlocked for the entire roster. Below I will list the character, along with some of their costume swaps, assuming the first pallet is their normal design. I’m interested to hear other costume ideas in the comments! Unlockable characters/cups/kart parts do stack, if more than one requirement is met.

1. Mario
  1. Jump-Man Pallet (From Donkey Kong)
  2. Metal Mario
  3. Builder Mario
  4. Wedding Mario
  5. Mario 64 Model
  6. Tanooki Mario
  7. Super Mario Kart Sprite

2. Luigi
  1. Super Mario Bros (Mario) Pallet
  2. Waluigi Pallet
  3. Fireflower Pallet
  4. Gooigi
  5. Mr. L
  6. Golden Tanooki Luigi (Mario 3D Land)
  7. Super Mario Kart Sprite

3. Princess Peach
  1. Super Mario Bros (Toadstool) Pallet
  2. Fireflower Powerup
  3. Pink Gold (I had too)
  4. Wedding Dress
  5. Motor Cycle
  6. Peachette (I’m sorry)
  7. Super Mario Kart Sprite

4. Yoshi
  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow
  4. Pink
  5. Black
  6. Yarn
  7. Super Mario Kart Sprite

5. Bowser
  1. Black
  2. Super Mario Bros (King Koopa) Pallet
  3. Dry Bowser
  4. Wedding Bowser
  5. Dark Bowser
  6. Cat Bowser
  7. Super Mario Kart Sprite

6. Donkey Kong
  1. Yeti Kong Pallet
  2. Original DK Arcade Pallet
  3. Pink Fur
  4. Funky Kong
  5. DK 64 Model
  6. Green Fur
  7. Super Mario Kart DK Jr. Sprite

7. Koopa Troopa
  1. Red Para-troopa
  2. Blue Troopa
  3. Yellow Para-Troopa
  4. Outfit from Paper Mario (Classic Series)
  5. Dry Bones
  6. Winged Blue Shell (From Mario Kart Series)
  7. Super Mario Kart Sprite

8. Toad
  1. Yellow
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Toadette
  5. Captain Toad
  6. Toadsworth
  7. Super Mario Kart Sprite

9. Wario (Unlockable after finishing in any place after 1 race in any mode)
  1. Mario Pallet
  2. Waluigi Pallet
  3. Luigi
  4. Biker
  5. Biker-Pink Pallet
  6. Super Wario
  7. Metal Wario

10. Waluigi (Unlockable after completing any Grand Prix in any place)
  1. Luigi Pallet
  2. Wario Pallet
  3. Mario Pallet
  4. Reverse-pallet
  5. Fireflower
  6. Pink Pallet
  7. Mario Tennis Aces

11. Daisey (Unlockable after completing the Flower Cup in 50 cc in any place)
  1. Green Dress
  2. Peach Dress
  3. Rosalina Dress
  4. Pauline Dress
  5. Biker Suite
  6. Biker Suite Pink
  7. Biker Suite Blue

12. Birdo (Unlockable after completing the Retro Flower Cup 50 cc in any place)
  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow
  4. Red
  5. Black
  6. White
  7. Light Blue

13. Baby Mario (Unlockable after completing any Grand Prix in 3rd place or higher)
  1. Fireflower
  2. Jump-Man Pallet
  3. Baby Luigi
  4. Diaper (Yoshi’s Island)
  5. Baby Peach
  6. Baby Daisy
  7. Baby Rosalina

14. Diddy Kong (Unlockable after beating Donkey Kong “ghost” on the 50 cc DK Mountain time trial)
  1. Yellow Shirt White Hat
  2. Pink Shirt Pink Hat
  3. Mario Hat and Nintendo Shirt
  4. Donkey Kong Jr. Shirt
  5. Dixie Kong
  6. Green Shirt Yellow Hat
  7. Diddy Kong Racing Model

15. Bowser Jr. (Unlockable after playing Shine Sprite Catch)
  1. Red Color Pallet
  2. Blue Color Pallet
  3. Super Mario Bros (King Koopa) Pallet
  4. Covered in Goop (Yellow and Pink)
  5. Covered in Goop (Yellow and Green)
  6. Covered in Goop (Yellow and Red)
  7. Mario Bib and E. Gadd Brush (With Shadow Mario Transformations for tricks)

16. Petey Piranha (Unlockable after completing Retro Mushroom cup on 100 cc in 3rd place or higher)
  1. Dino-Piranha Pallet (Mario Galaxy)
  2. Super Mario Bros (Piranha Plant) Pallet
  3. Poison Piranha (Paper Mario)
  4. Purple with White Spots
  5. White with Gray Spots
  6. Black with Red Spots
  7. Covered in Brown Goop

17. King Boo (Unlockable after playing as Luigi in any Grand Prix and placing 3rd or higher)
  1. Bomb-boo (Mario Galaxy)
  2. Luigi’s Mansion 3 King Boo
  3. Luigi’s Hat instead of Crown
  4. Blue Skin Yellow Eyes (Portrait Ghost) Pallet
  5. Invisible (Floating Crown with KB showing himself for tricks)
  6. Mario Sunshine King Boo
  7. Super Mario World Boo Sprite

18. Rosalina (Unlockable after placing in first place in the 100 cc Star Cup)
  1. Peach Dress
  2. Daisey Dress
  3. Pauline Dress
  4. Motor Cycle Outfit
  5. Motor Cycle Outfit-Pink
  6. Blue-Gold
  7. Cosmic Rosalina

19. Shy Guy (Unlockable after playing Bomb-omb Battle)
  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow
  4. Pink
  5. Black
  6. White
  7. Sniffit

20. Koopaling (Unlockable after beating 100 cc Crown Cup in first place)
  1. Larry
  2. Roy
  3. Lemmy
  4. Wendy
  5. Iggy
  6. Mortan Jr
  7. Ludwig
  8. Super Mario World Sprites for all of them

21. Goomba (Unlockable after beating 150 cc Retro Mushroom Cup in first place)
  1. Gloomba Pallet
  2. Para Goomba
  3. Pink Goomba with Hat (Mario Odyssey)
  4. Para Gloomba
  5. Goomboss (Same size as average goomba)
  6. Mario Hat and Stache (Mario Odyssey)
  7. 8-Bit Sprite

22. Lakitu (Unlockable after 150 cc Retro Flower Cup in First Place)
  1. Green Shell
  2. Blue Shell
  3. Yellow Shell
  4. Pink Shell
  5. Black Shell
  6. Mario 64 Model (Uses Camera for tricks)
  7. 8-Bit Sprite

23. Hammer Brother (Unlockable after playing Tag)
  1. Fire Bro
  2. Boomerange Bro
  3. Black
  4. Chef Hat (Mario Odyssey)
  5. Pink
  6. Orange
  7. 8-Bit Sprite

24. Pauline (Red Dress) (Unlockable after placing 1st in 150 Crown cup)
  1. Pink Dress
  2. Blue Dress
  3. Orange Dress
  4. Mayer Suite
  5. Motor Cycle Suite Red
  6. Motor Cycle Suite Black
  7. Arcade Sprite

25. Nabbit (Unlockable after completing Shine Sprite battle 25 times)
  1. Yellow Pallett
  2. Blue Pallett
  3. Red Pallett
  4. Mario Hat/Overalls
  5. Luigi Hat/Overalls
  6. Waluigi Hat/Overalls
  7. Peachet Crown/Dress

26. Proffesor E. Gadd (Unlockable after beating a King Boo “ghost” in time trials on the 150 cc Luigi’s Mansion Track)
  1. Green Suite Coat/Glasses
  2. Purple Suite Coat/Glasses
  3. Yellow Suit Coat/Glasses
  4. Luigi Hat/Overalls
  5. Young (Partners in Time)
  6. Gooigi-Goo
  7. Blue with yellow eyes (Portrait Ghost)

27. Kamak (Unlockable after beating Yoshi “ghost” in time trials on the 100 cc Baby Park track)
  1. Purple
  2. Green
  3. Red
  4. Pink
  5. Yellow
  6. Orange
  7. Yarn

28. Fawful (Inside Story) (Unlockable after getting 1st place in any Grand Prix in Mirror Mode)
  1. Black Cape
  2. Pink Cape
  3. Blue Cape
  4. Yellow Cape
  5. Black Skin, Red Eyes (Inside Story)
  6. Brown Hood (Partners in Time)
  7. Original Design (Super Saga)

29. Paper Mario (Unlockable after getting 1st Place in any Grand Prix 200 cc)
  1. Luigi Outfit
  2. Wario Outfit
  3. Waluigi Outfit
  4. With White Lines
  5. Sticker Star Texture
  6. Doopliss Black
  7. 8-Bit Mario 2D Sprite
· For doing certain tasks such as beating certain time trials, Grand Prixes, and playing battles, certain characters are unlocked (ref. above) For completing similar tasks not listed beside a character, you get a kart part
. For completing one of the main 4 cups, you get a retro cup
· For getting a Gold (first place) trophy on every Grand Prix, you get a Golden-Metal Variant of the Base model for each character
· For Beating all time trials, you get a golden kart
· For playing 50 total battles, you get golden tires and a golden glider
· For getting all Golden parts and characters, you get a customizable title screen where you choose the music, character and character variant shown
· You also get the Super Golden Mushroom, which lasts twice as long (you can toggle to turn on and off for items)
Each DLC will come with 3 Characters, The parts for 3 Karts, and 2 Cups (8 Courses). The first character is unlocked upon downloading the DLC. The second and third characters are unlocked upon completing that DLC’s cup in any CC at any placement. The Costumes are unlocked according to the amount of Grand-Prix Completed.

DLC Pack 1: Hyrule Pack

Character 1: Link (Green Tunic)
  1. Champion’s Tunic
  2. Red Tunic
  3. Blue Tunic
  4. Fierce Diety
  5. Shodow Link
  6. Climbing Gear
  7. A Link to the Past Sprite
Kart: Champion’s Cycle (Breath of the Wild)
Cup 1: Triforce Cup
Unlocked Character for Triforce Cup: Villager
  1. Isabelle
  2. Female Villager
  3. Isabelle Orange Fur
  4. Villager (Outfit 2)
  5. Female Villager (Outfit 2)
  6. Isabelle (Red Sweater)
  7. Tom Nook
Kart: Bug Net

Cup 2: Bell Cup
Unlocked Character For Bell Cup: Zelda (Ocarina of Time)
  1. Breath of the Wild Outfit 1 (Blue)
  2. Skyward Sword Outfit
  3. A Link Between Worlds
  4. Hilda Pallet Swap
  5. Breath of the Wild Outfit 2 (White)
  6. Twilight Princess
  7. A Link to the Past Sprite
Kart: Master Cycle (Mario Kart 8)

DLC 2: F-Zero Pack
Character 1: Captain Falcon
  1. Pink
  2. Red
  3. Black
  4. Yellow
  5. Purple
  6. White
  7. Melee Model
Kart: Blue Falcon
Cup 1: Lightning Cup

Unlocked Character for Leaf Cup: Samus (Varia Suite)
  1. Gravity Suite
  2. Dark Suite
  3. Light Suite
  4. Fusion Suite
  5. Power Suite
  6. Phazon Suite
  7. Dark Samus
Kart: Gunship
Cup 2: Metroid Cup

Unlocked Character Metroid Cup: Kirby
  1. White (Original) Kirby
  2. Fire
  3. Ice
  4. Cutter
  5. Sword
  6. Mario
  7. Yarn
Kart: Star
submitted by Clilly1 to mariokart [link] [comments]

2020.10.08 19:38 AgentAndrewO Working on a timeline. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

*Yoshi series branches off and runs concurrently in unknown order
*Donkey Kong series branches off starting with DK3 and runs concurrently in release order, spawning Donkey Kong Country series
After this it starts getting increasingly hard to put the games in order. 64 takes place after World, and if Yoshi is to be believed, there is a long gap between the two. Mario 3 is a stage play, but retells events that did happen. Mario 3 may take place after Super Mario 3D Land. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker takes place after Super Mario Galaxy, and is a prequel to Super Mario: 3D World. Super Mario Brothers 2 is not a dream, but instead the characters traveling to Subcon through their dreams. Subcon and the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening may be connected in some way, providing a small link between the two separate universes. The connection to Paper Mario 1-2 and 3 is unknown, but the universe that SS, CS, and tOK take place in is connected to the prime universe through a portal inside a book in Peach’s castle.
submitted by AgentAndrewO to Mario [link] [comments]

2020.10.08 18:42 miles_be_here Mario Timeline :):):);)

Yoshis island
Yoshis new island
Yoshis island ds
Yoshis story
Partners in Time
Wrecking crew
Donkey Kong
Dk jr
Sankey Kang 3
Mario bros
Super Mario bros
2 (Lost Levels)
3d land
Land 2
Weggy house ( Luigi’s mansion)
Galaxy 2 electric boogaloo
3d world
New souper mario
New 2
Super star saga
Mariokart Ds
Luigi mansion dark moon
New wii
New U
Partners in time
Bowsers inside story
Princess Peach
Dream Team
Paper jam
Paper universe in order of release
Probably gon’ make a revised version in the future
You can sprinkle Dk, wario, Mariokart and sports around.
submitted by miles_be_here to Mario [link] [comments]

2020.10.08 07:20 miles_be_here Mario timeline

Yoshis island
Yoshis new island
Yoshis island ds
Yoshis story
Partners in Time
Wrecking crew
Donkey Kong
Dk jr
Sankey Kang 3
Mario bros
Super Mario bros
2 (Lost Levels)
3d land
Land 2
Weggy house ( Luigi’s mansion)
Galaxy 2 electric boogaloo
3d world
New souper mario
New 2
Super star saga
Mariokart Ds
Luigi mansion dark moon
New wii
New U
Partners in time
Bowsers inside story
Princess Peach
Dream Team
Paper jam
Paper universe in order of release
Probably gon’ make a revised version in the future
You can sprinkle Dk, wario, Mariokart and sports around.
submitted by miles_be_here to Marioverse [link] [comments]

2020.10.08 03:18 ali3npl4y [H] Flip Lore FT 0.19 [W] $175 USD (BTC/ETH/TransferWise)

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2020.10.07 00:19 ali3npl4y [H] Autog. Capsule Challengers (Foil) Cologne 2016 [W] $40 of any skins

As tittle says!
Accepting offers:
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2020.10.07 00:18 ali3npl4y [H] Autog. Capsule Challengers (Foil) Cologne 2016 [W] 18TF Keys or $40 in any skins

As tittle says!
b/o = 18TF Keys or $40 in any skins
Accepting offers:
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2020.10.05 22:41 Aldoralein 24 [F4M] DK/Europe - still looking for a partner

Good evening,
I thought I would try one more time. To be honest, I feel slightly awkward and clumsy about it due to the shyness.
So, let me start with presenting to you what I’m looking for; I’m looking for a partner from Europe who are close to my age; 24-31. As I mentioned in my previous post then due to COVID is still rampant and I’m writing my final paper; (I’m a MA-student), I may be distant – but still there, though with slow responses and perhaps short replies. I often prefer to communicate over voice due to I’m bit tired for the most part and it’s easier that way for me.
I would like someone who is taller than me, I’m 161 cm – so now you can figure out if you are taller or not.
Bit information about myself. My musical preference varies although I do not like metal music (I like some songs of Rammstein) and rap music really. I prefer classical, traditional, and pop and among others though it varies dependent on my mood. I have a sweet spot for swing and old songs from the 1900s.
Regarding travelling, I do not enjoy travelling and it happens very rarely – if I do travel, I prefer train over plane and I also enjoy museums, parks, and historical sights.
For my interests, I just began crocheting – currently still doing my first project that involves a blanket for my parents. I’m currently at 85 chains, I believe. I’m hoping to crochet myself a hat once I’ve a hang of things. I also photographs, but I haven’t done it for a while, and I can’t tell much about the techniques in it due it’s just a hobby for me.
I’m also currently self-learning French – it’s a slow progress but I’m trying my best. Si vous pouvez m'aider. Je vous serais reconnaissant, en particulier si vous avez la patience. Je peux écrire et lire un peu de français mais je ne peux pas le parler – j’ai de la difficulté avec la français parlé, je ne comprends pas la français parlé.
submitted by Aldoralein to r4r [link] [comments]

2020.10.05 09:06 LeloucheOTR A quick roundup of happenings from Yokohama Ribbon October on Saturday. A lot to unpack.

A quick roundup of happenings from Yokohama Ribbon October on Saturday. A lot to unpack.


  • With Tequila Saya off this weekend, full commentary duties went to MIO Shirai. She did a phenomenal job. IR have an abundance of riches when it comes to commentary.
  • Asahi came out to address the crowd before the show started. She felt very bad about missing shows last week and apologised profusely. As outlined in the TEENS post that u/melancholia- posted, Asahi will be going on hiatus again until she graduates from high school next Spring. She promises to return.

  • Hamuko Hoshi and Totoro Satsuki vs Tsukushi and Ibuki Hoshi (Spring Meteor) . Tsukushi went over Totoro with the Diving Foot Stomp. After the match, Hamuko revealed that she had chosen Ayako Sato (Diana) to partner her against Ibuki and Aja Kong at Oktober Ribbon Fest on 10/31. Remember that this is Ibuki's "wish" match from winning the Kizuna Tag Tournament.
  • Maya Yukihi and Yappy vs Tae Honma and Uno Matsuya. Yuki really enjoyed herself out there. Uno went over Yappy with the Matsuya Special. Yappy was pissed. Joint Army have dominated Yappy of late and she's had enough!
  • Rina Yamashita vs Maika Ozaki. Really liked this one, the Rebel x Enemy cohorts worked great together. Rina went over with the Splash Mountain. This wouldn't be the end of their interactions on the night.
  • Triangle Ribbon Championship, Ram Kaicho (C) vs Akane Fujita vs ASUKAMA. Kaichow went over with her Diving Hip Drop on ASUKAMA to succeed at her 2nd Defence. Post-match Kaichow summoned her demons from Shinjuku 2-chome Wrestling and 666, Lady Koju and another wrestler whose name might be Jakucho Setouchi. Kaichow will defend her Triangle Ribbon Title at the next 666 show at Shin-Kiba against Koju and Jakucho. Akane couldn't stop laughing at Jakucho Setouchi.
  • Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Saori Anou. Was a really good match. Tsukka went over with the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex. Saori became a regular participant and the Best Friends Vs. Tsukushi and Saori match is already booked.
  • Kurumi Hiiragi and Mochi Miyagi (C) vs Suzu Suzuki and Risa Sera for the International Ribbon Tag Championship. Superb match, go watch it. Mochi went over Suzu AGAIN with the Avalanche Metabolic Sand. Then things got more interesting...

Kind of Roundtable

  • With Mochi having two clean pinfall wins over Suzu in the last week she has the clear right to challenge for Suzu's belt. However, with Mochi needing to defend the Tag belts with Kurumi at Oktober Ribbon Fest, she had to defer the challenge to later. It's similar to the situation that Yuki and Tsukka had last year when Yuki held the Tag belts with Azure Revolution.
  • Mochi then called out Rebel x Enemy to nominate them as Frank Sister's next challengers. Maika ( who has really had a bee in her bonnet lately), refused to be overlooked as a challenger even though Mochi seemed to prefer Yuki as an opponent. Finally, through persistence, Maika got the spot and scandalously chose Rina Yamashita over Yuki as a partner. This really hurt Yuki's feelings, shame on you Maika!
  • The match was made for Oktober Ribbon Fest on 10/31.
  • Then, for a reason that's still a mystery to me, Akane challenged Kaichow to a singles match at Oktober Ribbon Fest. Maybe Akane wanted revenge for the abuse she got from the 2-chome wrestlers?
  • Finally, Haruka Umesaki (Diana) came out and challenged Suzu for her ICE x ∞ Title. This was strongly hinted at P's Party a couple of weeks ago. The challenge was accepted and will happen at Oktober Ribbon Fest at Korakuen Hall.

Future Shows

Osaka Ribbon 10/18

  • Sera Vs Uno Submission Only Match for the Fantast ICE Championship.

Oktober Ribbon Fest 10/31

  • Hamuko Hoshi and Ayako Sato (Diana) Vs. Aja Kong (OZ Academy) and Ibuki Hoshi
  • Akane Fujita Vs. Ram Kaichow
  • Tsukka and Arisa Nakajima (Best Friends) Vs. Tsukushi and Saori Anou
  • Kurumi Hiiragi and Mochi Miyagi (c) Vs. Maika Ozaki and Rina Yamashita for the International Ribbon Tag Championship.
  • Suzu Suzuki (c) Vs. Haruka Umesaki (Diana) for the ICE x ∞ Championship.
I'm still on hiatus, just taking a break :P
Image sources:
submitted by LeloucheOTR to iceribbon [link] [comments]

OnlinePartnersDK - YouTube Admission of a partner  d.k.goel solutions  Part 16  class 12 Admission of a partner  d.k. goel solutions  part 5 Admission of a partner  Q14(A) to Q25  Part 5  Dk goel solutions  Class 12  Commerce guruji Part 18 How to Solve Questions of Admission of a Partner Dk Goel Q.52,53,54,55. - YouTube

Partners Your Brand Partner

  1. OnlinePartnersDK - YouTube
  2. Admission of a partner d.k.goel solutions Part 16 class 12
  3. Admission of a partner d.k. goel solutions part 5
  4. Admission of a partner Q14(A) to Q25 Part 5 Dk goel solutions Class 12 Commerce guruji
  5. Part 18 How to Solve Questions of Admission of a Partner Dk Goel Q.52,53,54,55.
  6. - YouTube
  7. Choosing a life partner 1.wmv (Audio). Dr D.K. Olukoya ...
  8. Retirement of a Partner Class 12th - YouTube
  9. Admission of a partner d.k goel solutions part 6 class 12

#cbsenews #cbsedate #admissionofapartner. Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money on Clickbank for Free (Step By Step 2020) - Duration: 22:47. Santrel Media Recommended for you Skip navigation Sign in. Search when new partner brings goodwill Concept video Admission of a partner Class 12 Q14(A) to Q14(B) Dk goel solutions Commerce guruji #cbsenews #commerceguruji #admissionofapartner #cbse #commerce #class12. For the Love of Physics - Walter Lewin - May 16, 2011 - Duration: 1:01:26. Lectures by Walter Lewin. Part 01 Admission of a Partner Introduction Part 02 Calculation of new Profit sharing ratio DK Goel Q.01,a,b,02,a,b deler guides, tips & tricks til montering, opsætning og vedligehold af cykler og cykeludstyr. OnlinePartners er et searchbureau med fokus på kvalitets SEO, PPC og webanalyse. Vi har base i Kolding men betjener kunder i hele landet. Vi elsker at teste ... This is a message preached by Dr D.K. Olukoya at a youth church. Dr Olukoya is the General Overseer of the Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries which is ... JEE Main Mock Test 2020 Episode -6 By Neha Ma'am IIT JEE Main Maths JEE Mains 2020 Vedantu Vedantu Math 461 watching Live now