Dave deangelo partner

Dave Deangelo at The Hertz Corporation Contact Details - find the Job Title, Phone#, Email Address, Social Profiles (Including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) and the list of co-workers of Dave Deangelo at The Hertz Corporation, and much more! Jay A Dave is CFO/Chief Compliance Ofcr at Tyree & D'Angelo Partners LLC. See Jay A Dave's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. View Dave D'Angelo’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. ... Partner Village Experiences. Apr 2020 – Present 5 months. ... David DeAngelo Owner at Double Your ... Cross Country Pipeline Supply Co., Inc. announced it has named Dave D’Angelo as its Chief Financial Officer. Mr. D’Angelo most recently served as controller for Advantage Rent-A-Car. Prior to joining Advantage Rent-A-Car he served as President and Operating Partner with DPD Consulting and SNK Capital LLC. From 1996 to 2010 he held a number ... Get in Touch. We'd love to hear from you! Use our contact form or contact someone on staff directly. 724-935-6800; Contact Form; Staff Directory Dave has over 15 years of lower middle market private equity and investment banking experience. He previously worked at HCP & Company, which managed over $200 million of investment capital at the time. Prior to entering the private equity industry Dave also worked on the investment banking team at Duff & Phelps. Dave received an […] View Dave D'Angelo’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Dave has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Dave’s ...

2049 Capholds

2018.10.11 03:25 GraemeTaylor 2049 Capholds

NOTE: This is my first time doing this, I definitely messed some stuff up. Please double check your team, and let me know what I did wrong :)
RFA's cap holds will be equal to 1.5x their value on their 4th year contract (first round picks only). 2nd-round picks will have a caphold of 2 million. Rookies that had their teams forego their 4th year option will have 2x their salary as a cap hold. UFA will have a 1x cap hold. So, without further ado, here are capholds for each team, listed alphabetically. A friendly reminder that the renunciation of capholds is irrevocable. You can renounce players in the comments:
Ahmad Webster: 11.5
Andre Thomas: 8
Phil Bell: 2
Tomas Seibutis: 11
Spencer Jackson: 2
D'Waylan Romano: 2
Total: 36.5
LeTaylor Ball: 16.85
Dominque Jacobs: 22.5
Terry Jones: 12
Monty Muhammad: 2
Andre Morgan: 2
Total: 55.35
Anthony Nourse: 21
Terrance Blake: 0.75
Bruce Brown: 5.5
TaBarri Waller: 11.25
Lewis Walker: 3
Total: 41.5
Nigenomome Oinko: 13
Charles Ryan: 10
Andy Davis: 2.25
Justin Best: 10
Harley Floyd: 2
Bo Brody: 2
Total: 39.25
Chris Lee: 10
Fatts Russell: 10
Von Walton: 22.5
Charles Daniels: 2
Total: 44.5
Papa Nzeulie: 12
Josh Wutford: 2.25
Lewis Young: 1.75
Jo Bala: 5.07
Anthony Warsaw: 2
Total: 23.07
Carl Drammeh: 10.125
Stefan Obradovic: 4.5
Robert Davidson: 4.4
Stefan Vuksanovic: 2
Total: 21.05
Tony Gill: 22.5
Logan Bartlstein: 2.5
Jere Vukusic: 10
Shawne Barbour: 10
Marshal Sims: 4
Luke Dickher: 7
Dominque Swarbrick: 4.75
Kyndhal Williams: 1.75
Total: 57.5
Chris Dabich: 17
Tyrone Whiting: 22.5
Casey Morris: 4.5
Toby Johnson: 1.25
Nedim Agva: 0.75
Romain Lettuce: 0.75
Total: 46.75
Larry Edgerson: 20
Chauncey Stephenson: 4.05
Jacquan Jones: 2
Kevin Evans: 2.3
Total: 28.35
Salim Langura: 22.5
Wannah Neil: 5.5
Jerome Forrest: 5.5
Wayne Kuebler: 1.75
Arnold Loving: 1.75
Matan Zeusman: 1.75
Torree McConnell: 0.75
James Brown: 1
Total: 40.5
Dax Nudo: 1.75
La'Shard Hunter: 1.75
Jimmy Ervin: 1
Hubert Waczynski: 2
Total: 6
King Strong: 2.5
Chris Ocherobia: 1.75
TJ Ptacek: 2 (undrafted is treated as a 2nd)
Stephen West: 2 (undrafted is treated as a 2nd)
Total: 7.75
Vitor Hettshemeier: 5
Josh Ebow: 2
Waylon Johnson: 6.42
James Ellis: 6.5
Adam Vonleh: 2
DeAngelo Brooks: 2.1
Jermaine Huestis: 2
Lorenzo Hollowell: 2.25
Total: 28.27
Matej Batina: 2
Terrance Mozzarella: 13
Dale Haley: 1.75
Virgle Carr: 2
Jerry Baylor: 3
Reggie Hazouri: 2.25
Anton Benzon: 4
Total: 9.25
Metin Yilmaz: 9.3
Aleska J: 8
Austin Blosser: 5.745
Nick Dorsey: 0.75
Podfog Washed: 3
Kenny Washington: 2
Harrison Watson: 2
Total: 30.795
Anthony Lucas: 18.5
Matt Brown: 20
TJ Kaminecki: 16
Kion Montgomery: 4.5
Cecil Dielo: 1
Vanja R: 0.75
Steve Shedd: 0.75
Total: 61.5
Charles Ball: 2
David Kinzer: 4.725
Total: 6.725
Talbott Atamah: 4
Drew Smith: 5.4
J.T. Newsome: 2
Walker Ellis: 16
Brian Molinari: 22.5
Jeff Grice: 6.195
Lee Caird: 22.5
Ishmael Blackstock: 10.13
Kendal Bunce: 1.5
Steve Horowitz: 1
Donnie Lassiter: 0.75
D.J. Lane: 1
DeAndre Taylor: 0.75
Tim Reuter: 1
Devin Adapolo: 1.00
Josh Parker: 1.75
Total: 86.075
Stipe Stemberger: 22.5
Terrell McKee: 4.5
Brian Logan: 1.75
Dave McNeal: 1
Thomas McCrae: 0.75
Ego Eslik: 0.75
Total: 31.25
Gorkem Yildirim: 11
Joey Welcher: 15
Devario Owens: 8
Dominque Fenton: 11
Javier Evans: 3.315
Ottopeek Coffeey: 11.82
Robby Badbreath: 4.5
Lucious Taylor: 2.75
Robert Frazier: 2
Total: 69.385
Travis Brown: 3.375
Micheal Johnston: 5
Ray Bryant: 10
Leon Seiferth: 3
Trey Estes: 1.5
Sidney Thompson: 2
Total: 24.825
Loren McConnell: 24
Swaggy Pee, Jr: 27
Jayson Jackson-Johnson: 2
Vishal Alexander: 3.375
Daddy Madrich: 7.605
Total: 63.98
Tony Robinson: 1
Jared Ingram: 0.75
Marques Freeman: 1.75
Tim Williams: 2.7
Total: 6.2 (not sure if HD will count in this, not sure if he opts out or what)
Devario Owens: 3.375
Lindsay Parker: 2.5
Steve Partner: 4
Total: 9.75
Thon Maker, Jr: 2.95
Dendre McClean: 22.5
Poormanz Rains: 3
Aivaras Tatarunas: 10
Jared Van Schiack: 3.375
Graville Rivers: 6.75
Charles Ayeni: 2
Damarcus Hassan: 9.375
Will Berry: 2
Total: 61.95
Rich Johnson: 22.5
Shawn Davis: 5.5
Faronte Stephens: 6
Danny Young: 1.5
Donovan Horton: 4
Mike Eddy: 2
Total: 41.5
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2017.11.06 07:00 DGenerationMC The (Re)Booking Game: Bound for Glory 2017

My second edition in this game. Just in case your unfamiliar with the rules:
Link to my TLC 2017 card: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/791h94/the_rebooking_game_tlc_2017/?ref=share&ref_source=link
Once again, I'd like to give credit to Wrestling Forum's Machismo88 for the idea. I haven't been watching TNA/GFW/IMPACT in a long time but I did see BFG all the way through tonight so I'll give this a shot.
Eli Drake(c) (with Chris Adonis) vs. Lashley (with American Top Team) vs. Moose in a Three-Way Match for the Impact Global Championship
In my opinion, Lashley-Moose was the match that should've been the World Title main event for this year's BFG. To me it seems like the best way to crown Moose as the face of Impact while giving Lashley a good opponent to finally dethrone him. Now, while this isn't the direction Impact has gone in, Eli Drake is very entertaining.
Lashley and his MMA friends want to take the Global Title and parade it around to prove the pro wrestlers aren't really that tough compared to MMA. Bobby plans to win the belt and never come back to concentrate 100% on his MMA career. Moose takes great offense to this and stands up for pro wrestling essentially, caught in a feud with not only Lashley but his training team as well.
In the midst of all this, Drake and Adonis want revenge on Moose for teaming with football player DeAngelo Williams to humiliate them at Slammiversary. Not only does Drake want to retain his championship, but prove that Moose is just a failed football player, Lashley is a MMA wannabe and neither of them deserve to be in the wrestling business, much less be Global Champ.
This match is basically Lashley and Moose beating the tar out of each other while Eli tries to steal a victory. Chris Adonis attempts to bail Drake out when Lashley and Moose gang up on the champ, but American Top Team scare him off. Wanting to show how dominant he is, Lashley asks his team to not interfere, so they leave. Moose is able put away Drake to become the new Impact Global Champion. Moose doesn't have long to celebrate when LAX comes down to attack him, Eli and Adonis. Lashley considers making the save but American Top Team usher him out.
The show comes to a shocking ending as the masked man from the earlier 5150 Street Fight is revealed to be the former Impact Global Champion, Alberto El Patron, who is now the newest member of LAX. Upset that he was stripped of the title and suspended months ago, Alberto finally aligned himself with LAX to ruin BFG and send a message to current title holder that Moose is holding "his" title. In the aftermath, he cuts promos claiming that "his people" have been stepped on recently and together LAX will get what is rightfully theirs. Alberto felt betrayed by Impact and it's fans at how quickly they turned their backs on him after personal issues came out, so he wants to make them pay.
Team Impact (Johnny Impact, Impact Grand Champion EC3, James Storm & Abyss) vs. Team AAA (El Hijo del Fantasma, Garza Jr., Texano & Pagano) in a Lethal Lockdown Match
Depending on you look at the story, there is no set heel or face team. EC3 antagonizes AAA but is a dick to his teammates, Garza Jr. is very respectful to Impact and while Abyss wants to destroy everyone, he's an Original just like the beloved James Storm. The real game changer is Johnny Impact, who was the most hated AAA Champion of all time before coming to Impact, where he is cheered.
It's teased that EC3 while abandon his team, but never happens. In the end, Impact wins (it is their signature match after all, so AAA doesn't look too bad in defeat) but Garza Jr. is willing to shake hands first before the rest of AAA follows, ensuring his future with the company and officially becomes a babyface.
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Grado (with Laurel Van Ness) for a Impact Wrestling contract
Grado must once again prove his worth as a part of the Impact roster, facing a mystery opponent for a spot in the company. At first we think Grado is facing the former Santino Marella, Anthony Carelli, who Grado challenges to hop the guardrail like he did in his WWE debut 10 years ago.
But, Canada's own Tyson Dux puts a stop to that, complaining that he deserves a chance after being overlooked his entire career. Grado quickly rolls up him and thinks he's retained his job only to be notified that Dux wasn't the scheduled opponent.
Suddenly, Jimmy Jacobs shows up and reveals this has all been ruse as he is Grado's real opponent. Somehow, someway, Jimmy was behind Grado's troubles to remain apart of Impact and had him jump through hoops recently. It's almost as if Jacobs is a Higher Power trying to write Grado out of Impact for good. Grado tries to overcome the shock but falls to Jimmy, who gets the cheap victory when Grado's crazy "girlfriend" Laurel distracts him from the crowd to earn a Impact Wrestling contract. After the match, Laurel kicks Grado in the nuts and goes to celebrate with Jacobs as Impact's new psycho couple.
Sienna(c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Rosemary vs. Allie in a 4-Way Match for the Impact Knockouts Championship
Rosemary was supposed to face Taya in a First Blood Match but due to Taya's visa issues, it was canceled. So, she'll replacing Taryn Terrell, who was originally going to be in this 4-Way but left the company. All signs point towards Gail retiring as the record breaking KO Champ's. However, the biggest underdog in the fight Allie rolls up Gail Kim after she had just give Sienna Eat Defeat. Rosemary is just a split second too late to break it up.
Shocked that her moment was basically stolen, Gail remains classy and shakes Allie's hands in front of her fellow Canadians. Sienna throws a fit and leaves while Rosemary simply stares at the new Knockouts Champion with fascination.
Trevor Lee(c) vs. Petey Williams for the Impact X-Division Championship
Lee has been the biggest chickenshit heel X-Division wrestler in years and Williams is determined to complete his comeback story in Canada. Trevor cheats the entire match and almost steals the victory until Sonjay Dutt comes down to stop him. One Canadian Destroyer later and Little Petey Pump is once again X-Division Champion. Petey and Sonjay celebrate together tonight but the pioneers might have to battle over the gold in the future.
oVe (Sami Callihan, Dave & Jake Crist) vs. LAX (Homicide, Ortiz & Santana) (with Konnan) in a 5150 Street Fight
The tag titles aren't on the line as LAX simply want to hurt oVe. However, the Crist Bros haven't revealed their partner against LAX. Surely walking into an ambush, oVe appear confident as one by one, masked LAX members lurking are found backstage knocked out by an unknown assailant that can only be assumed to be the third member of oVe. The tag champs come out last and their partner is none other than Sami Callihan.
While The Crist Brothers, Ortiz and Santana do the acrobatic moves, it's the violent veterans Homicide and Callihan who bring the street fight. Sami ends up going on a rampage, taking out Homicide, Ortiz, Santana and even Konnan. But, he never sees a masked LAX member (One LAX guy must've gotten away from Callihan during his pre-match LAX hunt) come from behind to knock him out. LAX recovers as Santana and Ortiz hit their Street Sweeper finisher to get the win. The titles may not have been on the line, but LAX's argument for another championship opportunity just got stronger after surviving this war.
Eddie Edwards(c) vs. Taiji Ishimori for the GHC Heavyweight Championship
I don't recall Ishimori ever getting a GHC Heavyweight Title match but he is the longest reigning GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion, so I guess he's qualified to receive a shot here besides being the only Pro Wrestling NOAH wrestler on the show. Another good match for the card, Eddie retains.
Matt Sydal vs. Desmond Xavier
Instead of a pointless 6-Man spotfest, we get a old school vs. new school clash of the X-Divison. Sydal has yet to become champion while Xavier has been touted the future. Desmond has Sydal on the ropes but the veteran capitalizes off the youngster's mistakes to win this exciting opener.
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2016.11.09 00:45 getfighted138 Found MarriedRedPill two months to late. Getting divorced, and in a really bad state. Any help, insight or analysis would be helpful. Thanks

It kills me that I am writing this right now. Had I found this sub six months ago, maybe I would have saved my marriage. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read the entirety of this, and can offer some insight, and some guidance going forward. MY SITUATION- I had been married to my wife almost three years. Mid-October would have been our anniversary. We had been living together for nearly 8 years total. Sadly I came across this sub too late and I am now going through a divorce. Many signs of unhappiness were thrown my way such as terms like "my needs aren't being met" and constant signs of disrespect and significant less passion in the sex (when it actually happened). Prior to her asking for a divorce we hadn't fucked in over a year. There was a constant issue with her saying that I had to initiate sex, and that she wouldn't initiate because thats not how she was. It caused an issue because I felt like it was a cold call attempt on my part, and never received any indicators or advances from her to even make me aware she was interested or attracted anymore. So there is that. After she asked for divorce I was made aware by a friend f mine that he had stumbled across an Adult Friend Finder account that happened to be hers upon me investigating further. The account was created 6 months before our wedding. It contained phrases such as "looking for a fuck buddy", "Im looking for uncomplicated sex" and "please be discreet if you contact me". I had confronted her about it, and she claimed that it was like porn for her. That she used it to look at pics of regular people and that she never met up with anyone. Obvious bullshit. Over the past few months she has been spending time in the city going to concerts without me and staying at a friends supposedly. After a bit of snooping I have put together evidence that she is most likely with another guy. She has since moved out. It is probably for the better but has left me significantly doubting myself. Especially because she was on a sex specific website. Because of all the signs in the marriage that I didn't know how to fix, and of where where I am now with both my confidence and my mental state. When I first met my wife I was fluent in PUA teachings and used many of those teachings to get her in the first place. Then overtime my techniques started to fade and the marriage started to go stale. Ive cried in front of her multiple times, and most likely displayed emotions and characteristics shunned by people here. I feel as if my major problem was not knowing how stay the course in the PUA teachings and becoming a mushy vagina again over time. The techniques are was using to get her (Dave DeAngelo's Double Your Dating) stressed that he was fluent in teaching dating skills and not how to maintain a marriage. I feel that had i found this sub, it may have been the missing link. All and all, I am pretty fucking damaged. Its really sent my head into a tailspin. An issue of mine prior to this was a constant issue with anxiety about sex. That if I didn't perform well enough that the woman would leave. This caused obvious issues such as performance and stamina problems. It takes me a while to get over that once Im with a new partner. This has obviously cemented my fears and made the issue way worse. So on top of my already destroyed emotional state, and my now worsened sexual anxiety I am left not knowing how to climb out of this hole. I don't want whatever relationship I am in next to suffer the same fate. I ask for any help or guidance. Again, this group could have saved my marriage. Any insight, conversation, or motivation will help.
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2016.01.14 22:54 BananaGooP DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS: Pregame Report Seattle at Carolina.

Divisional Round Playoffs Seattle vs. Carolina: Pregame Report

Weekly Contest!!!

Carolina Panthers VS. Seattle Seahawks : HEAD TO HEAD

526 Attempts 2282 Yards Rushing 500 Attempts 2268 Yards
3873 Yards 53 +20 Yard Receptions Receiving 4061 Yards 60 +20 Yard Receptions
1049 Total 44 Sacks Tackles 975 Total 37 Sacks
+20 Turnover Ratio +6
103 Penalties 12 Declined Penalties 123 Penalties 23 Declined
31.2 Avg. PPG 26.4

Game Information

Record Against the Spread
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite: Carolina by -1.5
OveUnder: 43.5
BoA Stadium, Charlotte, NC 1:05pm Day January 17th, 2016
NFL Broadcast Nationwide: Fox
Announcers: Troy Aikman & Joe Buck
WEATHER FORECAST: Stadium Type: Grass Temperature: 43°F Forecast: Partly Cloudy (4% chance of rain)
Broadcast Station(FOX) - Where to Watch
NFL Red Zone - Provider Participation Required
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Radio Broadcast Information
Need A Ticket?
Head Official will be Tony Corrente, who is in his 21st season and 18th as referee. This will be Corrente’s 15th postseason assignment, including 5 Wild Card Playoffs, 4 Divisional Playoffs, 5 Conference Championships, and Super Bowl XLI. His Super Bowl assignment was as a referee.

In the Red Corner: Seattle Seahawks

We went over to /seahawks and got some great answers. Most notably darkmuta25 seemed to have a lot of information on each question. Here is his answer. Here is a link to the other responses which were all great. If you go over there please be respectful, they were good sports and we should be nothing less than.
Which players stood out the most last week?
Michael Bennett terrorized the Vikings O-line, blew up play after play after play.
Kam Chancellor, other than the pass he gave up at the end, was also good, causing the AP fumble was huge.
Jeremy Lane is playing like a lockdown corner tbh.
Russell Wilson, I don't care what the stats say, he played well given the conditions.
Our o-line, honestly other than the snap over the head, I don't remember too much about them, which as we know is a good thing.
Who do you expect to make the biggest impact in Sunday's game?
Russell Wilson. When it's not negative 10 degrees and he's not playing the Rams, he's been on fire, I think the loss of Tillman is going to hurt you guys worse than you think. In the first game we focused on Graham and the run game, at the time it was thought that was our best bet on beating yall. Now however, we have Baldwin, Lockett and Kearse, to go along with Freddie, Christine and and much better O-line, speaking of.
The O-line, I cannot stress how much better our O-line is since we faced each other the first time, it's night and day, black and white, peanut butter and something that is the opposite of peanut butter. If i'm not mistakes the stats we're something like 45 sacks given up through the first 9 weeks, 25 in the last 8. They're also opening up holes for Christine, who's playing really well. Speaking of
Christine Michael. Has looked as good as he ever has, him taking a ride on the NFL carousel has made him shape his ass up, he's focused and has decent run blockers, so he's contributing like never before.
Earl Thomas. The thing is, Sherman will shut down whoever he's on (Ginn I would guess), Jeremy will do well, so will the rest of the LoB, but Thomas makes game changing plays when they need to made, and I feel like Cam is the type of QB who will give him the opportunity to do so. Cam's been great this year, but his completion percentage is awful, and from the 6 Panthers games i've seen, he's prone to throwing two or three passes that could be picked a game. The good thing for him is that defenses haven't been making plays on those balls....other defenses however, don't have Earl Thomas, so good luck to Cam when he throws some ducks up.
Cliff Avril. The last guy is Cliff, basically because I have a feeling Caroline will scheme around keeping Black Santa in check, which means Avril will have to step it up, and he's more than capable of doing that, he's been a nightmare when he gets going, and as I recall you guys have one O-lineman who's been a liability all year (Mike Remmers), it wouldn't surprise me to see the Seahawks switch out Bennett and Avril to Remmers side the entire game.
Are there any key injuries that will affect the game?
I can say with complete honesty, no. The only player who won't play is Luke Wilson, who is a good tight end, but Helfet and Coffman have proven to be more than capable at filling in.
What concerned you most in last week's game?
The weather, Seahawks fans on here played it down, but everyone knew in reality it would be tough. I don't care who your team is, unless you used to playing in that kind of weather, which the Vikings are, it's going to affect how you play. I know a lot of Panthers fans will look at last week's game and say their not worried because we barely beat the Vikings on the road, but I'd tell them to give serious consideration to how the Panthers would have played in minus 10 degree weather.
Any other relevant information for this game that you feel like Panthers fans should know going into the game.
We were starting Cary Williams last game, I cannot, cannot stress enough how bad he was. Lane is graded as a top 15 corner by PFF since he came back,and that has been huge. Bobby Wagner didn't play last game, he's our best run stuffing/play making/coverage linebacker, he's been on a tear since coming back, cannot understate how important he is to our team, looking at last years team with and without him, it's that peanut butter and opposite of peanut butter thing I said earlier. We also weren't playing Kelcie Mccray or Deshawn Shead last game, do not under any circumstances underestimate how big they've been in our win streak, being able to mix and match DBs/Safeties has been huge for keeping our defense fresh in the game. We've gotten much better on third downs, most Panthers fans probably want to forget we we're leading in our first game, but one of the reasons we kept blowing fourth quarter leads was our offense's inability to stay on the damned field, hasn't been a probably since week 9 or so. Sherman is playing with swagger again, I know to Panthers fans that may not mean much, but I promise you'll see what I mean on Sunday.


The Panthers and Seahawks have met a total of 10 times with the Seahawks leading the series 7-3. This may not seem like too many matchups, but since 2012 the rivalry (yes, to those outside these two teams, it is very much a rivalry) has grown with each team facing off every year and once in the playoffs, making this Sunday the 6th time in four years the Panthers and Seahawks have met. These two teams have fierce defensive battles each time they meet with a point differential of 31 in the last 5 meetings. Not counting the playoffs, that point difference drops to 17 in 4 regular season games. Combine the elite defenses, mobile and agile quarterbacks, strong running games, and great secondaries, the Panthers and Seahawks are built very similar which usually means great games. The nice thing though is our offense is tough to figure out!
Date Location Result Score
October 8, 2000 Charlotte W 26-3
October 31, 2004 Seattle L 17-23
January 22, 2006 Seattle L 14-34
December 16, 2007 Charlotte W 13-10
December 5, 2010 Seattle L 14-31
October 7, 2012 Charlotte L 12-16
September 8, 2013 Charlotte L 7-12
October 26, 2014 Charlotte L 9-13
January 10, 2015* Seattle L 17-31
October 18, 2015 Seattle W 27-23
(*) Playoff game

Players to Watch

Kawann Short

Unequivocally the best player on the Panthers defensive front, KK Short finished the 2015 season in rare form, wrapping up his second of two "Defensive Player of the Month" awards this season. This is the first time a Panthers player has won this award twice in the same season and the first time in NFL history a defensive tackle has done so. That's right. Suh, Donald, Atkins, etc....none could achieve this. Short is, in his third season of NFL play, quickly turning into a dominant force for the Panthers.
Fresh off a bye week, after soaking up a Pro Bowl nod and a 2nd team All-Pro rep (both his first), KK turns his sites on a banged up Seattle offensive line that struggles to keep Wilson upright at times. Short brings an 11 sack, 3 forced fumbles, and 36 tackle resume to the game. 2 sacks came the last time he faced the Seahawks in week six. With the defensive ends struggling at times, watch for Short to set the tone in the middle.
It will be imperative that Short, with his partner in crime, Star Lotulelei, bring their best game to stuff Seattle's run-intensive offense, and contain Wilson from his explosive capabilities out of the pocket.

Kurt Coleman

Back on the practice field today for the first time since his injury, Coleman's presence is a sight for sore eyes to a Panther's fanbase suffering through some serious secondary hardship. With the losses of Bené Benwikere and Peanut Tillman, the Panthers were forced to make more in-season signings to patch up their cornerback rotation. Practice squad stud Lou Young and Patriots castoff Robert McClain, as well as the now-seasoned Cortland Finnegan, will be on the field Sunday to hold down a secondary that really turned it around this season.
Josh Norman has been acclaimed (and at times reviled) nationally for his elite play (and edgy behavior) in his fourth year breakout season. His numbers speak for themselves and what they don't say has been covered extensively by NFL pundits since September. But the Panthers secondary has another weapon that, outside of local attention, goes fairly unrecognized for his performance this year.
Seahawks fans are no stranger to Coleman, either, as he was badly burned on a trick play the Seahawks ran in week 6, a fake sweep play action pass to Ricardo Lockette, who made a fantastic catch for a TD over Coleman's outstretched body.
And so the narrative would suggest a cause for concern, but Panthers' fans know otherwise as Coleman, like many good players, used this performance as motivation to work harder and elevate his game. Coleman was responsible for one INT prior to the October matchup with Seattle, and then turned it on afterwards, with six picks over 9 games...finishing the season tied for second in the NFL with 7 interceptions.
Coleman ended the regular season tacking on a sack, 9 passes defended and 90 tackles, which was third most on the team behind Kuechly and Davis. His presence back on the field after missing the last regular season contest, will greatly benefit the Panthers secondary, the most injury-riddled unit on the team.

The Return of the Piano Man

After sitting out almost the entire last month of the Panthers' regular season, the franchises favorite classically trained one-man wrecking ball is back just in time to compose Carolina's #2 ranked rushing offense against the league's premiere rushing defense.
Stewart finished the regular season as the #8 back in terms of production, gaining 11 yards shy of the 1,000 mark in 13 games of action. Before going down with sprained foot in the first game against Atlanta, Stewart was the third best back in the league behind Adrian Peterson and Doug Martin. His 7 combined TD's don't tell the whole story of Stewart, who has to share his scores with the #1 rushing QB in the NFL, as well as a pro-bowl fullback in Tolbert. It's not far-fetched to imagine Stewart would have topped the 1,200 yd/10 TD mark had he remained healthy throughout the regular season.
J-Stew is one of the most under-appreciated running backs in the NFL, due in part to missing so much time in seasons past to injury, and playing second-fiddle to DeAngelo Williams for most of his career in Carolina...one of the first teams to deploy a genuine running back by committee approach. But the silver lining in Stewart's career on a committee is longevity and Stewart has had an incredible resurgence since taking over for Williams late last season. He has not disappointed taking on the team's full-time tailback role. He's one of the most difficult backs in the league to take down and his ability to gain yards after initial contact is elite.
For anyone wondering if Stewart will be rusty from an extended break in action, note that he came off a comparable injury stint on December 7, 2014 to tune up the Saints for 155 yards and a score in the Panthers' blowout victory. He posted 78 yards and 2 TD's in Carolina's first game against the Seahawks this season. Expect a rested Stewart to find his rhythm on Sunday.

Devin Funchess and Ted Ginn, Jr.

One of the themes leading in to this game is that Seattle is "not the same team" as the one Carolina faced in week 6. Really there is no argument. The Seahawks went 8-2 down the stretch and, due largely to Russell Wilson, looked like their former dominant selves again in the back half of the season.
But this same sentiment holds true in Carolina. At the time when Seattle and Carolina met for the first time, Carolina was still struggling to find its rhythm in the passing game. Up to and including the first Seahawks contest, Ted Ginn, Jr. and Devin Funchess combined for 286 yards and 3 TD's in five games. In the 10 games since week 6 (Both were inactive for one game afterwards each), Ginn and Funchess have combined for 926 yards and 12 TD's.
The Panthers don't feature any premiere names at receiver and were a squad the NFL media left for dead when the true #1 option, Kelvin Benjamin, went down in the preseason with a torn ACL. This group didn't necessarily light the world on fire, but they outperformed expectations this year and contributed heavily to the Panthers league-leading scoring offense. Yards and production can be deceiving when you consider that the Panthers also led the league in both turnovers and turnover margin this season, taking the ball away a ridiculous 39 times. Playing on short fields provided by the defense allowed the Panthers to post up points on lots of short fields.
As the Seahawks plan to try and figure out a way to stop Third Leg Greg, who ripped off 131 yards and a score in week six, they now must also account for a much more polished group of receivers who also include Jericho Cotchery (Clutchery around these parts) who is always at the right place at the right time with the most reliable hands on the team. The Seattle defense will need to digest all of these moving parts, while also accounting for Stewart, Cameron Artis-Payne, and Mike Tolbert out of the backfield on two weeks rest.
There is another player on offense that Seattle has to account for, but I'm having trouble remembering who that is. Oh...that's right...


The talk all week, and deservingly so, will cover the NFL's newfound conference rivalry between two quarterbacks that are changing the way the game is being played....Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. There have been many discussions about which of these guys is better...and with the recent success of the two franchises, is a matchup turning in to this decade's Manning/Brady contest in terms of buzz and heated debates between the fan bases.
While Russell Wilson hit the league by storm and has found a lot of success since his inaugural NFL season, Cam's elevation has taken longer to round in to form. Unlike Wilson, Cam had to deal with the loss of his first OC and waded through several years while the Panthers new DC fashioned the defense in to a premiere unit. Cam came in to the NFL with a lot of raw potential but not a lot of experience playing in pro-style offenses. His truncated (but very successful) NCAA experience made him a work-in-progress and Cam has spent several seasons making eye-popping plays with his legs, but being inconsistent with his arm. He had difficulties moving through his reads, putting too much juice on the ball, and sailing passes high.
This season Cam has made huge leaps in his passing game development, topping 3,800 yards again for the first time since 2012 with one of the most pedestrian set of receivers to play this season. His 35 passing TD's are his career best by a wide margin, and coupled with his 10 rushing TD's, made him the league's top scoring player. His trajectory continues to rise each season and now, as a seasoned playoff quarterback, has a lot of prove at home against one of his team's biggest challenges during his short career in pro football.
This week will mark the sixth time these teams have played in five years and Cam is only 1-5 in those contests, which include a brutal divisional-round loss last season in Seattle in front of a raucous crowd. Cam sets out to prove that he finally shed the Seattle Monkey off his back in October, when he went completely bonkers in the 4th quarter, completing 12/15 for 162 yards and 2 TDs in the last two drives of the quarter.

What to Watch:

Michael Bennett vs Panthers Running Squad

According to the folks over at /Seahawks , Michael Bennett and the Seahawks entire defensive line did an amazing job shutting down the run last week. This week with JStew coming back, CAP, and Tolbert there will be a lot for their D-line to worry about. Watch for JStew's return this week and Michael Bennett to see how he does trying to shut down the run game.

Russell Wilson vs Panthers Secondary

Wilson finished the game last week with only 13 completions on 26 attempts, but just keep in mind he was playing in sub-zero temperatures. The Panthers secondary has been superb all year and Sunday will be no exception. Coleman will be back which will be a big help to the secondary. Don't be surprised to see a few interceptions by the thieves this week!

CaMVP vs Kam Chancellor and the Seahawks Secondary

Cam the absolute monster of a QB he is will be throwing against some top tier Safeties and Corners this week. He threw 2 picks last time they played Seattle at the beginning of the season. One was purely a bad decision and his arm got hit on the other. Kam had one of those interceptions on Newton in their last matchup. This game will be one to watch for sure. Keep an eye out for Cam and Kam this Sunday.


Name Pos. Injury Status
Fozzy Whittaker RB Ankle DNP


Name Pos. Injury Status
Will Tukuafu FB Hamstring DNP
Michael Bennett DE Toe DNP

Playoffs - Divisional Round Picks



Pete Prisco Jason LaConfora Will Brinson Jared Dubin Ryan Wilson John Breech Dave Richard Jamey Eisenberg
Record 155-101 152-104 153-103 150-106 154-102 154-102 168-88* 163-93


Mike Garafalo Alex Marvez Peter Schrager Jimmy Traina James Parziale Sid Saraf Ross Jones
Record 163-97* 161-99 133-127 157-103 152-108 154-106 148-112


Mike Golic Merril Hoge Ron Jaworski Chris Mortenson Adam Caplan Mark Sclereth Tom Jackson Keyshawn Johnson Mike Ditka Chris Carter
Record 155-105 162-98 161-99 165-95* 156-104 159-101 156-104 163-97 155-105 160-100
*indicates lead dog


6 4 9 19
2 3 1 6

Computer Analysis

538 Microsoft Cortana
Record 175-85 163-97
55% 57%
45% 43%


Reminder to not go into the Saints or Seahawks subreddit after the game on Sunday.

Last Note:

I didn't do any of this, this week. The team really stepped up while I had to attend to real life matters. I finalized a few things and didn't get a chance to read over it all and edit it properly. This is the most unedited piece and it shows just how good of a team we have. Great job to everyone. Seriously. Y'all have no idea how much work is put into these posts and everyone behinds the scenes deserves 99% of the credit.
Thanks to the team:


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