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Chronicles of Thedas; a roleplay set in the world of Thedas

2014.06.03 03:03 Mrdoctorsomebody Chronicles of Thedas; a roleplay set in the world of Thedas

A Roleplay subreddit set in the Dragon Age universe.

2020.10.25 14:57 FettManTAG Mega Man was the first robot to go Maverick

Mega Man, hero to the human race. Stands up to the Evil Dr. Wily and fights for everlasting peace. A paragon of justice and an all-around good robot boy. How could a hero like Mega Man go Maverick? More importantly, what does it mean to go Maverick?
The answer to that is in the sequel series, Mega Man X. X is the final creation of Dr. Light, a robot so advanced that he can think and decide for himself, or to put it bluntly X has free will. Knowing the potential of an AI with free will Dr. Light seals X in a capsule to run a 30 year ethics program to ensure he won’t decide to murder humanity. However, X ends up buried in his capsule for somewhere around 100 years. The capsule is discovered by a Dr. Cain who is so impressed by X’s advanced designs that he uses them to create a race of Reploids, or replicant androids. Although Dr. Cain wasn’t able to clone X entirely due to him being so advanced. Maverick is a term used to describe a Reploid that has become a threat to humanity. This can happen due to a flaw in their programming, a virus, or their AI coming to the conclusion that Reploids are superior to humans and should be the dominant species. This would lend some credibility to X needing to go through a 30 year ethics programming, which the Reploids are not put through.
Now that we know what it means to go Maverick, and that it’s a term that wouldn’t exist until 100 years after the original Mega Man, what makes me say that the Blue Bomber himself was the first? Before I answer that I want to talk about cell phones. According to an article on knowyourmobile.com by Richard Goodwin “The world’s first mobile phone call was made on April 3, 1973, when Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, called a rival telecommunications company and informed them he was speaking via a mobile phone”. The article goes on to say “In 1983, Motorola released its first commercial mobile phone, known as the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X” Which is described as having 30 minutes of talk time, six hours of stand by time, and cost just under $4000.00. The phone in question could only make phone calls, nothing else. Compare that to the utility and price of smart phones today a mere 37 years later. Technology grows at a substantial pace which makes me wonder why X is still so advanced 100 years after he was created. I mean sure, he was buried and no one would have had access to him but with the Robot Masters having been around for over 100 years you would think technology would have at least come close to X’s advancements in a full century. There’s actually an answer to that, you see Robot Masters aren’t around in X’s time.
I mentioned earlier that Reploids were created by an attempt to duplicate X’s systems but there’s one more kind of robot that exists in X’s time Mechanaloids. Mechanaloids are robots that can only carry out simple programming, they are completely reliant on humans or Reploids to give them orders and can only carry out orders within their limited capabilities. When compared to Robot Masters, the boss robots from the original Mega Man games, it appears that technology in this time went backwards from what we had before. This raises two questions, why are there not more advanced robots around 100 years after Mega Man, and what happened in those 100 years to cause advanced robotics to disappear? And I think there’s a good explanation for this, in the famous words of Harvey Dent “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. Dr. Wily, the main villain of the original Mega Man series was behind every crime committed by a Robot Master because as advanced as they are, they do not posses the ability to make choices outside of their programming. Wily reprogrammed, or built them for his world domination schemes. Because of this the general populace wouldn’t have reason blame the Robot Masters or any reason to fear them so much that not only would advancements cease but production would stop for so long that in 100 years they don’t even exist anymore. But say Mega Man were to turn against humanity. Not just any Robot Master but the little helper robot that has always fought for peace, that has selflessly risked his life time and again to protect humanity. That might just do the trick because suddenly it’s called into question if any Robot Master, or any robot at all that has the ability to act independently, could be trusted. Sure, you might be saying, that’s all nice and well but where’s the proof? Glad you asked, because there are quite a few hints within the games that point to this outcome.
Have you ever wondered why Mega Man never carries over powers from the previous games? I know I have because they never explain this within the games themselves. We know that the first set of Robot Masters were stolen and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to do his bidding. We also know that when Mega Man defeats a Robot Master, he copies their data and creates an ability from the data he copies. If you’ve ever copied or downloaded anything then you know there’s a risk of getting a virus or the data being corrupted, so it’s possible that the more data Mega Man copies from the corrupted robots the more it begins to affect him. Now this is just a guess more than anything but the Archie comics series used this as a plot point, so it’s not without precedent. Still one could just as easily say that once Wily was defeated Mega Man or Dr. Light simply deleted the extra abilities because Mega Man wouldn’t need them. But that explanation really only makes sense for the first game, after Wily came back for the second or third time it would be questionable at best to keep resetting Mega Man back to zero without at least storing the abilities for later use. Unless of course the data has the potential to corrupt Mega Man, then it makes perfect sense.
Mega Man is a bit of an anomaly himself from the beginning because it shouldn’t be possible for a robot to make a decision outside of its programming. But Mega Man volunteers to be transformed from a lab assistant into a super fighting robot, and I don’t think being changed from an assistant to a weapon would be within the base parameters of Mega Man’s programming, thus he made a choice outside of his programming right from the beginning. Mega Man also does get corrupted within the games themselves. Take a look at Mega Man 8, within the game Mega Man is fighting against an evil energy that corrupts robots. Mega Man himself is infected with this evil energy which nearly kills him until Duo pulls it out of his body. But take a careful look at that. When Mega Man is infected the amount of energy that goes into him is larger than his body, but the amount Duo pulls out is barely the size of a soft ball. Seems like Duo missed just a bit, although within the game it’s implied that all the evil energy was removed from Mega Man, how Mega Man plays in Mega Man 9 tells a different story. Ever since Mega Man 3, Mega Man has been able to slide and in the fourth game he got the ability to charge up his Mega Buster which would be abilities he kept all the way up to Mega Man 9 where suddenly he doesn’t have these staple moves. The game doesn’t shed light on why this is but say that Mega Man was being corrupted by the Evil energy and there’s no Duo to help pull the energy out, Dr. Light would have no other option but to do a complete system reboot only keeping his memories intact. That would explain why Mega Man is so nerfed in the 9th and 10th games.
We’re not done just yet either, remember how Mega Man was able to make a choice outside of his programming? Well that’s not the only problem that Mega Man shows outside of any potential corruption. You see as the games go on Mega Man shows a disdain for fighting against his robot brethren. He has been seen reflecting on the Robot Masters he had to defeat in order to bring an end to Wily’s evil plans. But he’s never once considered that he’s nearly killed Wily a number of times. In fact, Mega Man was ready to do just that at the end of Mega Man 7. He charged up his mega buster to prepare for the killing blow. Now an uncharged shot can destroy a lot of smaller robots, which happen to be made out of metals, so I’d think it would be over kill to charge up a shot to kill a squishy old man. Where in Mega Man’s programming do you suppose it’s written that killing humans, even under extreme circumstances, are okay? Simple answer, it isn’t. The robots within the Mega Man series are held to Asimov’s three laws of robotics:
  1. A robot can never harm a human.
    1. A robot must obey orders given by humans, unless they conflict with the first law.
    2. A robot must protect its existence as long as it doesn’t violate the first two laws.
Now compare that to how Mega Man treats Bass, a robot created by copying Mega Man’s systems to be his evil rival. Bass has been a far more dangerous enemy to Mega Man and has done more damage to both Mega Man and Dr. Light than Wily could ever hope to. And yet Mega Man insists that they are not enemies, he even says as much in Mega Man 8. There’s a compassion for robots that’s somewhat in context until we get to Mega Man 9. Let me set the scene, Mega Man has just defeated Wily for the 10th time and Wily as usual is begging for forgiveness. When that doesn’t work Wily says Dr. Light is sick in the next room and needs a hospital. Mega Man rushed to the aid of Dr. Light even after Proto Man warns him this is a trap. And he’s right, it is. The robot that looks like Dr. Light, because Wily used it in the beginning of the game to frame Dr. Light for Wily’s crimes, overloads itself damaging Mega Man and ultimately destroying itself. While barely clinging to consciousness and with the base crumbling around him Mega Man says the following. “I’m glad that wasn’t Dr. Light, but that poor robot”. And make no mistake, this is by design. In the beginning of the game we learn that Robot Masters have an expiration date which once reached they are decommissioned no matter what condition they are in. The set up for the entire game makes us question how people are using robots, and why would Capcom do this unless they were hinting at Mega Man himself becoming disillusioned, by having you as the player question the relationship between humans and robots?
Let’s move forward with the idea that Mega Man has become disillusioned with how Robots are used by humans combined with his seeming ability to make choices outside of his programming and being corrupted throughout his career then it’s not hard to picture Mega Man himself turning against humans to become the first Maverick in history. But just incase you’re not quite convinced, there actually exist two examples of an evil Mega Man within the games themselves. Let’s look at Bass, who we already established was created by copying Mega Man, making him somewhat of a dark reflection. But why he’s important to this is because of his ability to also ignore his programming. Bass starts out fighting Mega Man on Wily’s orders but the more powerful he becomes, the less obedient he becomes. I’m guessing this isn’t something that Wily intended to copy from Mega Man. You see by becoming disobedient Bass is violating the second law “A robot must obey orders given by humans, unless they conflict with the first law” and because Bass is ordered to fight Mega Man he wouldn’t be in violation of the first law meaning he shouldn’t be able to disobey. But Bass is not Mega Man, he’s only a dark reflection of what Mega Man could be. So, let’s get to those two examples of an evil Mega Man.
Allow me to introduce you to Quint an enemy robot from Mega Man II, no not Mega Man 2 for the NES but Mega Man II for the Game Boy. Dr. Wily travelled to the future where he found himself reformed and the world at peace. Mega Man had been returned back to just a helper robot and so Dr. Wily kidnaps and reprograms Mega Man into the super fighting robot Quint… huh, doesn’t have quite the same impact. This also should stop any comments stating “Mega Man resisted Wily’s reprogramming because he’s just that pure”. Sorry to break it to you but that was made up for the US manual and isn’t any more canon than Monsteropolis is. Mega Man was over looked because he was a child like helper robot. Now let me think, should I take the robot that looks like a 10 year old boy, or the one with an unlimited supply of bombs? Decisions, decisions. Quint is Mega Man reprogrammed for evil, thus we have the first instance of an evil Mega Man. But I promised you two, didn’t I?
In the game Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha, uh yeah, not going to keep calling it that. Let me just google this really quick… ah! There we go. Mega Man & Bass: Challenger from the Future, thanks Mega Man knowledge base! In this game there is a character called Mega Man Shadow who just so happens to be a Mega Man from the future who went evil. Interestingly enough Mega Man Shadow is actually familiar with Quint. Now the canonicity of either of these games is shaky at best but what’s important to take away from these games are first and foremost that Mega Man not only has the potential to turn evil, but has done just that in officially released games, and secondly that each time it was Mega Man from the future which supports the idea that it’s corruption over time that allows Mega Man to become compromised. And with that we have all the pieces in place!
With all this evidence we can theorize that Mega Man at some point became disillusioned with how humanity treated robots and decided to take action that would have him seen as evil. Mega Man fights for everlasting peace, so it’s not reaching too much if we assume that Mega Man concluded that humans are the reason that they cannot achieve peace. Dr. Wily is the reason the robots attacked, he programmed them to do so and the Robot Masters due to the second law of robotics “A robot must obey orders given by humans” could not resist these orders. If no humans were giving orders to the robots then there wouldn’t be any fighting. Now whether or not Mega Man wanted to eliminate all humans, imprison them, or just take humans out of power is irrelevant, the point is he became a threat. Keep in mind that not only is Mega Man a symbol of peace in this world, he’s also immensely powerful, regularly taking down Robot Masters that should be on a level above him. Mix in that he can create weapons from the data of the Robot Masters he defeats and you have a recipe for disaster. This wouldn’t be a quick and simple conflict, it would be a huge event, far larger than any of the attacks headed by Dr. Wily and he’s attacked on a global scale before. But far more than the collateral damage would be the reputational damage. No one would trust Robot Masters or any kind of independent AI. This would explain why Mega Man and the rest of the Robots Masters do not exist in X’s time. It would explain why Dr. Light created a 30 year ethics program for X. and it would explain why advancements in robotics have more or less frozen for over 100 years.
But hey, that’s just a theory. A Game Theory! Thanks for reading!
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2020.10.25 14:48 sannamalina List of all items (d/k/g) in the All Clear Gold Pipe as of Halloween Tour

Hi there! I think we can all agree that the addition of the All Clear Gold Pipe since the Wild West tour has been one of the best improvements of the game thus far. However, since it was first introduced seven tours ago, the pool of items you can get from pulling it has changed since the original news announcement listing its contents. Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to make this compiled up-to-date list of what you can get!
They are as follows,
Drivers: Dry Bowser, Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach, Pauline, Peachette, Ice Mario + no additions so far since release
Karts: B-dasher, Badwagon, Circuit special, Bruiser, Wild Wing, Bumble V, Wildfire Flyer, Red B Dasher, P-wing, Green Apple Kart, Poison Apple Kart, Dozer Dasher, Banana Master, Off-roader, Pink Wing, Koopa King, Cact-X + Head Honcho (Summer Fest tour), Green Circuit (LA tour), Sushi Racer (LA tour), Sports Coupe (Anniversary tour)
Gliders: Swooper, Cloud Glider, Gold Glider, Pink Gold Paper Glider, Butterfly Sunset, Crimson Crane, Strawberry Donut, Heart Balloons, Tropical Glider + Great Sail (Pirate Tour), Cheep Cheep Masks (Summer fest tour)
The current ratio for d/k/g is 6/21/11.
If you guys like me doing this and would want an updated list at the beginning of each tour I’d be happy to keep you all up to date!
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2020.10.25 13:42 Gearbox10 Stop Cockblocking Yourself

This is not a success story so don't worry. I'm 33M and have never been in a relationship. But I found this subreddit when I was 30 and still a virgin. I have some advice to give my younger self. Hopefully someone else too can benefit from it.
Thinking back to all the dates I've been on I was constantly shooting myself in the foot for stupid reasons. That's what being naive and inexperienced will get you. So learn from my mistakes.
For starters I lost my virginity at 31 with a girl I hooked up with. She was also the first girl I'd ever hugged or kissed, all on the same night.
The first thing you need to know is getting dates is really not that difficult, you just have to ask. Even out of politeness girls will almost always agree to at least meet for coffee or dinner. My only experience is with online dating. If the conversation is going well don't be afraid to ask to meet them. It shows confidence and it usually works. And I am by no means good looking, I'm overweight and a 3 or 4 at best.
The first girl I went on an actual date with went well and agreed to a second. She invited me to her apartment to hangout. Stupid me had the goal of a relationship in mind so was being the gentleman....Wrong! In hindsight she wanted to have sex. It was as clear as day. We made out on the couch a little but I didn't take it farther because I didn't know any better. So she lost interest and we never met again.
Get this through your heads boys, stop expecting a relationship to happen just because you like someone. I hate hook up culture but that's the world we live in. There's no place for hopeless romantics like us on the field when everyone else is playing a different game.
When opportunities are handed to you on a silver platter, take them. Don't let your morals hold you back because if you do you will always go without. I realize that's a crappy thing to say, well we all know that douchbags are the ones that get the girls...how do you think they do it?
Another time I meet this girl whom actually approached me. We went on like 3 dates and became pretty good friends. She invited me over to her house one night and we talked. I still had it in my head that I liked her and wanted a relationship so I told her that I wasn't looking for a hookup....Stupid! She later admitted to me that she had originally only wanted to have sex with me and would have ghosted afterwards. But once she got to know me liked me as a friend too much, and me telling her I didn't want casual sex sealed the deal. I practically put myself into the friend zone with that one.
This is getting long so I'll end with this. Stop looking for or expecting relationships to materialize. Get out there and play the field just like everyone else does. Don't be afraid to have fun and stop worrying about tomorrow. Stop getting in your own way. I guess I'm saying don't be a nice guy. Because nice guys don't get laid. And if you don't get laid the odds of you ever finding someone to build a relationship with are astronomically low.
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2020.10.25 13:35 ThowRASadBoi My GF (23F) of 2+ years and I (29M) recently split due to her depression but left the door open once she feels better but now I don't know where I stand

For Context:
My GF (I guess ex now) started dating she was bubbly and cheerful but wouldn't take shit from you. but really started to hate her job around the end last year, this ended up creating a kind of downward spiral that damaged the relationship as well as her own mental health. Essentially, she was forced into a management position which she never wanted and resulted in building stress and anxiety, it ended up making her withdraw from pretty much everyone and no matter what I did I couldn't get her to do things that would take her mind of off it, I could've done more I know I could've but during Covid my options were obviously rather limited.
Eventually, she would barely sleep during the night due to her depression and anxiety over work, wake up just minutes before she would start work, sit at her desk for a while she wakes up and be in a distant mood until finish. Once work ended I would make dinner and she would just sit there watching livestreams or Netflix until bedtime. It got so bad that she was told to take 3 weeks off of work by her doctor. She was then also sick with an infection for another 3 weeks not too long after that which she was misdiagnosed twice and caused her some horrible pain, I tended to her as best as possible during both of these periods but I still wish I could've done more. She's had a pretty shit year all in all.
In terms of treatment for this, she's told me that she has tried anti-depressants in the past but they only make it worse, and there's a 6-month waiting list for a therapist here. So she's kind of just talking to her family about everything so she can air everything out.
I knew things were getting bad for a while because she just became more and more distant and it ran parallel with her degrading attitude towards the job. There were multiple things I was hoping to use to try and turn it around, the biggest being that we had a trip to Disney planned back a few months ago. But what happened was the trip got cancelled due to Covid and then everything got worse when she went for 2 different jobs, getting to the final interview stage for both, and then not getting either.
For me, what damaged the relationship the most was due to the fact that while working from home we were basically just 4 feet apart for the vast majority of the day. I love her more than anything else I have ever loved but people need their space and there were times, maybe once a week, where we would just have a little snip at each other, but nothing as far as a full-blown fight. The smart move would've been to find a way to separate our desks so we didn't have to be so close all the time and we each get our own space, but hindsight is always 20/20.
So fast-forwarding to the separation, she was in bed one night and I walked in to see how she was doing, and she asked me the question "are you happy?", and I thought she was just talking about work or life in general. Turns out she was talking about us and I responded that I love her but it's been a very difficult 6 months, not just for us but for everyone. We then talked about how she didn't feel like there was anything any more but how she's just sad all the time now, not just in regards to us but to everything.
We then came up with a plan to help her sort through her thoughts, she would go stay at her parents for a while to get some space and attempt to sort things out or at least try to reset her mentality a bit.
3 weeks pass by where I try to give her some space but still stay in contact, we then we have a call. She says that, for now, it feels like it's for the best for her to end it and take time away from everything. She's still working the same job but after speaking with management they've allowed her to return to her previous position/duties. I asked her about the possibility of getting back together when all is better but the answers I got to a lot of my questions we "I don't know" which I understand but it's still hard to take.
Another week or so passes by and she comes round to grab just a couple of her things and we have a chat, I ask how she thinks of me and I got the answer of something around "friend". But a lot of the answers I got from her were still along the line of "I don't know" and it seems like she hasn't been able to find her way through everything yet.
I understand that her issues most likely lie in her degrading mental health and the top priority is to fix that but the fact that she's felt that me not being there to try and help is the best course of action hit me hard. Throughout the tough times she was having I tried to make her happy, but there are multiple times (2-3) where she asked if I wanted to do something (like just play a game with her for a bit) and I wasn't in the mood. It's not that I didn't like spending time doing things with her but just at that time I didn't feel like it, and they just play on repeat in my head like they're what ruined everything even though I know the problem has most likely originated from her dislike of the job and it's spiralled and then fed into other aspects of her life.
Now I'm just in this hell where it feels like talking to her just makes her upset, and all I want to do is to help her through it and get her to remember what it was like when we were so happy together. I think a part of me knows that this could take a long time to fix and I might not even be able to contribute much to the effort and may even require Covid to fuck off before I can see her again. I just want to the chance to help her and to fix all this but I have no idea on how to do any of it.
I still remember early on in our relationship she said something to me that nothing has made me happier since. One day at work she looked over at me and told me that just doing that gave her butterflies. I don't know why but I smile whenever I think of this and I want her to be as happy as that made me.
Sorry for the essay level post but thank you for reading and any input you have, some very sad times.
GF got depressed from work and multiple other factors over the last year, soured the relationship but I never stopped loving her, lead to us splitting but she has never said no to the possibility of getting back together. I want to repair it and help her through this rough time but I just don't know how.
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2020.10.25 12:29 NotSoGentleGentleman 26 [M4f] London/Oxford, UK - You'll think I'm a gentleman all evening. The sort of guy you could really fall for. A man who'll walk you home and kiss you deep, and leave your heart racing for next time. You'd never imagine I could drag you inside, and shatter your world forever...

Trigger warning: consensual non consent. Turn back if this isn't your thing.
Imagine the perfect date. The sort of date where you lose track of time – where you’re the last couple left in the restaurant, and the staff have to ask you to leave. Every word is electric, and by the time you step outside you’re already feeling lightheaded.
“Walk me home?” you ask. He grins, taking you by the arm, and you feel that rush again. It’s been a long time since you’ve felt this way. You’ve been on dates, sure, but you've not connected with someone like this for months - years maybe. You lean your head on his shoulder as the two of you walk back, and imagine how warm his hands would feel. You imagine the scrape of his stubble on your skin, the smell as he kisses your neck.
All too soon, the two of you are outside your door. You turn to look up at him, your fingers twining with his.
"I had a really great night." You say, brushing his arm.
He smiles, glancing at your mouth, and your heart skips a beat. Then he's kissing you, and suddenly it feels like the whole world’s dropping away. You moan into his lips, and for a moment you forget how to breathe.
You’re almost tempted to invite him inside, to forget everything and just melt into his arms. For a second you nearly give in – but no. You’re not the sort of girl who does that. Not on the first date. Not even for a guy like him.
“We should do this again some time,” you say, pulling away.
You’re about to say something more, but before you can open your mouth, he presses closer. You stumble, confused, and suddenly your front door is swinging open behind you. With a cry you’re falling backwards, arms flailing, and the whole world drops away. Then he grabs you and drags you backwards into the hallway. There’s a slam as he shuts the door. You turn, confused, and suddenly he’s pressing you against the wall.
“Wh-what are you doing?” you gasp.
This time, his smile isn’t pleasant. Your heart pounds and you try to pull away – but he’s too strong. Then his hands are on you, pawing at your skirt, grabbing you hard by the throat. You whimper as he forces you to the ground. His hands don’t feel anything like you imagined. They don’t feel soft.
“No!” you cry out, as stubble scrapes your chin, rough and hard and caustic. “No, please! Don’t!”
He only chuckles.
Those are just the words he’s been waiting for.
That should give you a little taste of some of the things I'm into when it comes to kink. If you enjoyed reading or want to explore further, feel free to drop me a message. I'm open to talking to anyone - though ideally I'd like to talk to someone in the UK. Generally when it comes to kink I'm big into bondage, mindgames, sadism, and CnC (if you hadn't guessed!) - though I'm willing to try pretty much anything once. My favourite scenes are largely centered round the moment when a dream twists into a nightmare. There's something so thrilling about taking a perfect, trusting moment and twisting it into something dark and terrifying. The virgin is raped by her dream boy. The princess is rescued from the monster, only to learn that the prince is so much worse. Anything along those lines.
I'd be open to something long-term or short-term, depending on how we get on. My work takes me between Oxford and London pretty regularly (at least it used to before the pandemic!), and I'm willing to travel a little further afield for the right person. Whatever the case, we'll need to get to know each other well before we meet up. I'm pretty serious about safety, and won't compromise on it.
I think above all, what I value most is emotional intelligence and clear communication - in both casual and serious relationships. For me, kink is very much rooted in genuine connections and trust, as well as sexual attraction. I range from sweet and caring to deeply, gleefully cruel, and ideally I'd be looking for someone who has a complementary range. Someone who enjoys that dark side of kink, as well as understanding the importance of empathy, communication and mutual understanding. If you're into books, games, or theatre that's also a bonus.
I am able to provide references.
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2020.10.25 12:05 BuckGB Fallout 76: Steel Dawn - Recruitment Trailer

The upcoming Steel Dawn content update for Fallout 76 is going to introduce everyone’s favorite Brotherhood of Steel to Bethesda’s multiplayer survival RPG. This classic Fallout faction will kick off a new storyline extending into 2021 and be accompanied by new locations, items, NPCs, and quality of life features.
Check out this quick trailer to get a taste of what to expect:
Beyond that, the development update linked above also mentions some ongoing in-game events. Here are the text parts:
It’s Bombs Drop Day in Appalachia, and everyone is invited to join our weeklong celebration that includes a Fallout 1st Limited Preview, in-game events, and more. As you read on, you can also check out a new trailer for the Steel Dawn Update, as well as a few details about the quests it will bring to the game. Finally, everyone’s favorite Protectrons are returning to Helvetia for Fasnacht Parade on Halloween weekend.
Ad Victoriam! The Brotherhood of Steel is planning to return to Appalachia this December with our Steel Dawn Update for Fallout 76. Led by Paladin Rahmani, this Brotherhood outfit’s objectives currently remain unclear. However, they will certainly be looking to you for a debrief on the current state of Appalachia, and to lend a helping hand with their endeavors. You will learn much more about the Brotherhood as you take on a variety of new quests that are coming with the Steel Dawn update—but that is only the beginning. You will be able to explore the story further in 2021 with even more Brotherhood of Steel quests that we are planning to release with future updates.
Along with the new quests, the Steel Dawn Update will bring new NPCs, new locations, and new gear to the game. It will also add features, like C.A.M.P. Shelters, a host of rewards, including weapons, armor, and C.A.M.P. Plans, the return of the Holiday Scorched Seasonal Event, and a variety of additional gameplay improvements. If you own a PC copy of Fallout 76 through Bethesda.net, you can head to the Public Test Server right now to join us in playtesting and sharing your feedback on everything mentioned above. If you do, be sure to post your thoughts in the PTS forum.
We can’t wait to bring the Steel Dawn Update to you a little later this year, and we’re excited to dive into the new quests alongside the community.
You not only survived the infamous day that the bombs fell, but you’ve thrived after starting a new life in Appalachia. Now, it’s time to celebrate! Until October 26, anyone and everyone can head into the Wasteland to experience the entirety of Fallout 76 completely for free. We’re also sharing a look at some of our Fallout 1st benefits during this time with the Fallout 1st Limited Preview. Visit the Atomic Shop to claim your free Preview, and you will gain access to the Scrap Box and Survival Tent for a limited time. You will also be able to unlock free items for your C.A.M.P., like the Mechanic’s Wallpaper and Floor. If you don’t own Fallout 76, it’s on sale for the next few days, and you can even get discounts on Atom Packs for the first time ever. Be sure to visit our Bombs Drop Day article on Bethesda.net to catch the full details.
The revelry continues in-game with a trio of events that began yesterday. Until Monday, you will level up twice as quickly with Double XP in all game modes, and rank up faster than ever with double S.C.O.R.E. rewards from your Daily Challenges. Even Purveyor Murmrgh has joined the fun by offering 25% off any legendary weapons and armor you buy from her shop at the Rusty Pick in the Ash Heap. Join us in-game this weekend to level up, rank up, and get your hands on some new legendary gear. We’ll see you in Appalachia!
BOMBS DROP IN-GAME EVENT DETAILS - Includes: Double XP in all modes, double Daily Challenge S.C.O.R.E. rewards, and 25% off Legendary Purveyor Sale - Event Start: 12:00 p.m. ET on October 22 - Event End: 12:00 p.m. ET on October 26
Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to dust off your creepiest costumes and masks, and then head out for some tricks and treats. What better way to show off your most frightening, fun, or quirky attire than by joining a festive parade and marching around town with all of your Appalachian pals (and maybe some robots, too)? That’s right, the Fastnacht Parade Seasonal Event is returning this year on Halloween weekend!
Starting October 29, you can head to Helvetia every hour on the hour to speak with the Master of Ceremonies and begin the event. Join other Dwellers to find and assist dutiful Protectrons with their Fasnacht party prep, including activities like playing music, selecting the perfect decorations, exterminating pests, and more! Help the bots complete their tasks before time runs out, and they will line up at the center of town to begin the parade. Guard them on their route, and you’ll have increased chances to earn rare rewards for each Protectron that makes it to the end, including a wide variety of festive Fasnacht Masks that you can trade. Here are the event dates and times:
FASNACHT PARADE EVENT DETAILS - Event Start: The Master of Ceremonies will appear in Helvetia at 12:00 p.m. ET on October 29, and Fasnacht Parade begins every hour starting at 1:00 p.m. ET. - Event End: The final parade will start at 12:00 p.m. ET on November 2.
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2020.10.25 10:46 sunnyfloats I want to meet someone organically.

As I look back on the men I dated or been in relationships with. Majority of them were met through a dating apps and I honestly wish I met more people organically. The problem is before the pandemic I was so focused on school and work that I never have time to socialize. I go to a commuter college where majority of the students just commute to school and head home. This led me to going on online dating apps and to be honest majority of the relationships I formed online were short-lived. I’ve only had one relationship where I met the person organically and that was in my senior year of high school and we are no longer together. It’s especially harder now with the pandemic. I took a break from dating. I am much happier and I think I am ready to get back in the game. I am just so tired of online dating and I know that online dating is one of the only options we can do during this pandemic. Hopefully when the pandemic is over, I can put myself out there and try to meet someone organically.
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2020.10.25 10:37 Psychological_Food46 Highschool Of The Ballbust (Part 2)

Unlucky George
Highschool Of The Brave & Bold (HOTBB)
That Tuesday was a day Tyler will forever remember to be the worst and best day he’d ever experienced. It was both the first time he got kicked to the balls and had kissed a girl, who so happened to be his bully.
One week had passed since that day, and Sadie was in Tyler’s classroom, sitting on his desk while they talked.
She brushed her hand through his blonde hair and said, "So~ ykno, there’s a certain movie showing in theaters I want us to watch together, and I was thinking this Friday after school would be the best time to go see it. It's a Romantic comedy that kinda reminded me of us."
"A romantic comedy? But don’t movies like those tend to have... 'those' scenes?" asked Tyler.
Sadie tilted her head in confusion until she realized what he meant. "Ooh, I see! Don't worry, I asked a friend who'd already seen it last week. There's no 'nutshot' scene in this movie."
Just hearing that word was enough to make Tyler then feel lightheaded and a bit nauseous.
She looked at him, showing a bit of worry and concern. “What's wrong? Are you okay? Maybe you should go see the nurse again.”
"No, no. It's nothing. I'm fine."
"Well, if you say so... But what if there’s some long-term damage to them? I'm worried because I always wanted to have at least two children in the fut..." she stopped herself after realizing what she was about to say. The two then blushed and averted their gazes from each other.
"So, um about the movie..." she said, trying to change the topic, but when she looked back to Tyler, she gasped and pointed towards his crotch. “Um, Tyler, your thing... It's uh..."
"Oh crap," he said as he tried to awkwardly wrestle his noticeable erection down until he finally covered it with his school bag.
Sadie, who was blushing and had her head turned away to allow him to handle his ‘situation’, cleared her throat. "That reminds me. Since we're both dating now, you can’t be masturbating to porn ever again."
"What? But why~ii~I mean, I don't masturbate. I don't know what you're talking about?"
"Oh please, I live with a little brother who never remembers to delete his browser history, and his room smells a whole lot like yours."
"But, I don’t do that, I’ve never-”
"Shhh," Sadie said, placing a finger on his lips. “It’s okay. I'm not telling you to stop masturbating entirely. I just don’t want you to be using porn when you do. I can’t stand knowing you’re getting off with other women.”
With her finger still on his lips, she looked around her, ensuring no one was watching them before she turned back to face him. She then unbuttoned the top of her shirt and moved it to the side. Tyler’s eyes immediately lit up the moment she lifted her bra to reveal her entire boob and nipple.
"I'm your girlfriend now, so only think of me whenever you jerk off, ok?" she asked, blushing even more than before. Tyler vigorously nodded his head without breaking his eye-contact from her tit.
Unbeknownst to the couple, Tyler’s friend, George, was across the classroom, glaring at them. Sadie's back was facing him, so all he was able to see was Tyler's face. "Ugh, just look at him. He looks so stupid, gawking all over her like that," he said with a hint of scorn in his voice.
Lucas, another friend of Tyler, was sitting beside him and said, "Dude, it's Tyler. His face always looks stupid. Anyway, are you seriously getting jealous again?"
"For the last time, I'm not jealous. I only wish they'd go flirt somewhere else. Somewhere where I'm not present," George said.
"No one's forcing you to look, you know. You could always go elsewhere."
"Hmph! You know what? You’re right. Wanna go eat lunch in the cafeteria. I also brought the UNO cards."
"Sure, let's go."
"Lucas~," said a girl’s voice.
The two boys glanced around to see three girls approaching them.
"Where were you? You promised you'd eat with us on the roof today," the girl, who had called him, said.
"Oh shoot, I forgot,” Lucas said. “Sorry George, I kinda promised them I'd-"
"Yeah, I heard," George said, sounding a little annoyed.
"You can come too, if you want.”
"C'mon Lucas. Let's go," the girl said as she tugged at his arm.
"Ugh. Just go, man," George said to Lucas.
“Sorry, bro. We’ll play UNO later. I promise,” Lucas said before he was dragged out the door.
Seeing how the three girls fawned over Lucas only added to George’s jealously towards his friends. Unlike him, Lucas was very popular amongst the girls of HOTBB. Lucas was athletic, had smooth dark-brown skin, long curly black hair, and he also had a rare gene of having blue eyes, which many girls adored. George, on the other hand, was more on the average side. He was bigger than Lucas, but he lacked muscle tone, had short messy brown hair, and minor ance covered his peach-colored skin. Usually, he wouldn't feel too bad whenever Lucas got a lot of attention from girls because he had Tyler, who he could also relate to. But now that Tyler is with Sadie, George felt alone. Fed up, he left the classroom and began to walk to the cafeteria, cursing under his breath.
"How is it that I’m the only one who doesn't have a girlfriend? Lucas, I knew all along could get any girl he'd want, but I for sure thought Tyler would’ve been the only one among us to remain single for at least till graduation. He's just lucky he had a cute childhood friend who lived next door to him. But I'll show ‘em. I'll get the hottest girl ever to go out with me and rub it in their faces," he said in his mind and stopped in place.
He then slammed the side of his fist into a nearby locker. "Dammit! It's so unfair!"
"You there!” A woman’s voice shouted.
George began to fret, thinking he's gonna get in trouble for damaging school property. But when he turned around, he saw the school nurse, Ms. Gentles approaching him along with two girls in their gym uniforms with her.
"Young man, what’s your name?” she asked him.
“G-George.” He replied.
“George, are you free right now? Sophia and Chloe here need to borrow your strength for a moment," she said, gesturing to the respectful girl when she stated their names. George looked at the two girls and couldn't help but notice how hot they looked. Especially with them wearing their tight gym shorts and sweat covered tops. Sophia was the taller one with white skin and a long, brunette ponytail, and Chloe was the shorter one who had black skin and shoulder-length, black braids. He also noted that Sophia had large boobs, while Chloe, though not as gifted as Sophia in the chest area, had a large ass.
"George! Did you hear?" Ms. Gentles said, regaining his attention.
"I said, a girl in their class sprained her ankle during their PE class. They need help lifting her to my office. Can you do that for me?"
George couldn't believe it. He thought that maybe, fate had sent these two hot chicks his way for him to show off how reliable and strong he is and impress them. Maybe once he was done, he might hookup with one. It didn’t matter to him which, either one was fine.
"Yeah, sure I could!" he replied still eyeing the girls.
"Oh, you're wonderful! Thank you! So, just follow them and be careful while lifting her," Ms. Gentles said.
George followed the girls to the gym. Once they were there, he saw that the injured girl is still sitting on the floor, holding her ankle. He also saw the gym teacher, Mr. Knight, not doing anything to help her. He was plain ignoring her, nonchalantly packing away gym equipment.
When Mr. Knight had seen him, he disappointingly shook his head and said, "So you two came back, and you brought help too? Listen, boy, little-miss over there is just lying about her injury. I already told those two, but they didn't listen. So I'm telling you right now, don't you dare go help her. She needs to learn not to fake injuries just so she could skip her physicals.”
George looked at the girl, and it was clear to him that she’s obviously in pain and was seriously hurt. George also knew that Mr. Knight had a reputation for treating students harshly and would often not care whenever one of them gets injured. The situation could not have been more perfect for him. He was the charming hero who came to rescue the damsel in distress from the villainous gym teacher. So, ignoring Mr. Knight's order, he went straight over to help her.
"Friggin’ disobedient teenagers. Fine then! Go carry Miss drama-queen! Get her out of my sight!" Mr. Knight said as he furiously packed away the last remaining gym equipment and went into his near-by office.
Now crouching next to the injured girl with the other two girls, George asked, "So how are we gonna carry her?"
"You hold her by the legs while we hold her arms," Chloe said.
"Got it!" George replied.
Everything was going great. All he had to do was carry the girl to the nurse’s office, which wouldn't be any trouble at all. "Nothing could possibly go wrong," he thought as he grabbed the girl's feet.
"Ow!! What are you doing?!" the injured girl screamed because George had grabbed her injured ankle too hard.
She pulled her injured leg towards her, which also pulled George forward as he was still holding unto it. She then instinctively kicked out her other leg to push George away from her. What happened after was almost predictable. The incoming George collided directly into the heel of her sneaker. The classic scenario of 'Girl's foot meets Boy's testicles' was played out.
"Oof!" he uttered as all the air escaped his lungs. He immediately went to his knees and cradled his injured balls.
"Be careful!" Chloe yelled.
"What are you doing!? Quit playing around!" Sophia yelled at him.
"Balls…," George said, his voice in a higher pitch.
"What? This is no time to be playing with your stupid balls! Take this seriously!" Sophia yelled again.
"Bitch! I just got kicked in my fricking balls! Wtf do you mean 'playing around'? I'm probably more hurt than her right now!" was what George would've said to Sophia, but he could hardly speak at the moment. In the end, he calmed down and contained his anger. After all, his goal was to impress them. So using all of his might, he pushed through the pain and got back up on his feet.
He grabbed the injured girl's feet again, careful not to hurt her again, and hoisted her up while the other two held her arms.
As they carried her to the nurse's office, he faced another problem. He realized why these two girls weren't able to carry their injured friend on their own. It’s because she was (a bit) on the heavy side. That, plus the discomfort in his lower region, made his pace a lot slower than the other girls’. Unable to keep up, he tripped over his own feet and fell on his butt, causing the injured girl’s butt to crash down against the hard floor with a loud thud.
"Oooooow!" she cried out.
" What’s wrong with you!?" Sophia yelled, who had finally lost her patience with him.
"Sorry, sorry, sorry," George apologized, as he hurriedly picked himself up to carry the girl again till they were finally at the nurse's office.
Nurse’s Office
As they laid the injured girl onto the bed, Sophia and Chloe explained what happened to their friend in more detail to Ms. Gentles while George just stood at the corner of the room, self-loathing at how pathetic and uncool he looked.
"Hey, you!"
George looked up to see a furious Sophia approaching him.
She snap-kicked him right between the legs causing his entire body to immediately stiffen up as he looked at her with an expression of confusion and sadness.
"That's for hurting my friend! Twice!" she yelled before exiting the room.
George then tried to cup his balls but was stunned once again as Chloe gripped his shoulders and sent her knee into his crotch. He could feel his balls squish against his pelvis. His eyes crossed, his knees bent inward, and his mouth opened wide into the shape of an ‘O’.
"You wanted to play with balls earlier, right? So here, now you can play doctor with them!" she said as she jerked her knee further into his crotch before retracting her leg and also exited the room.
“Oh dear,” Ms. Gentles said, with her hand covering her mouth as she saw the young boy curled up into a ball on the ground, dry heaving as he tightly cupped his groin.
"Yikes! A kick followed up with a knee. Your poor testicles. You really must've angered them, huh?”
George only pitifully moaned.
“Sorry George, if I'd known this would've happened, then I'd have asked a girl for help instead of you. But I’m sure you’ll recover just fine. Try thinking happy thoughts,” she said before she left him alone to attend to himself.
One hour later, Ms. Gentles was at her desk sorting documents while the injured girl, with her ankle bandaged up, was sitting on the edge of the bed texting on her phone.
*Knock! Knock!*
“Excuse me, Ms. Gentles?” said a woman as she entered the room.
“Mom!” the injured girl said, looking ecstatically at the woman.
Earlier, Ms. Gentles had phoned the girl's mother to pick her up as she was too injured to continue to attend the rest of her classes for the day.
"Cindy, how are you feeling?" the girl’s mother asked as she went to her daughter.
"I'm feeling a bit better now. All thanks to Ms. Gentles."
"That’s so good to hear. Thank you so much, Ms. Gentles! I’ll take her from here," the mother said as she helped her daughter off the bed.
"It was my pleasure!” Ms. Gentles said.
Since Cindy was no longer hurting as much as before, her mother was able to at least limp, making it easier for her mother to carry her. As they got to the door, the mother turned to Ms. Gentles. "Um, excuse me but, what's wrong with him?" she asked, pointing at George, who was still, curled up, on the floor.
"Oh, he's fine. He's just playing one of those silly boy games us girls wouldn't understand."
"Ah, I see,” the mother said, looking back to George. “Boys sure can invent some silly games. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in their heads."
"Or what goes on in their sacks," Ms. Gentles whispered.
Shortly after, she ushered them out the door and then looked down at George, who was still moaning.
"How long are you planning to stay done there? You’re not trying to skip your classes, are you?” she asked.
"Balls...," George whimpered.
"My balls..."
"Ooh, your testicles? Are they still hurting from those hits earlier?"
George nodded.
"Oh, my. Maybe you got hit harder than I thought. I’m gonna have to remember to properly teach those girls how sensitive testicles are. They could’ve seriously damaged you,” she said as she helped him over to the bed. “I’m going to need to examine you. So pardon me while I just...” she said as she crouched down to unbuckle his pants, giving him a perfect view of her cleavage.
Also, with her face being so close to his junk, he couldn't stop himself from springing an erection, which slightly increased his ball pain. The moment she grabbed the lining of his underwear, he panicked and gripped her hand.
“Wait!” he said.
“What's wrong?” she asked.
“You’ll see to my dick.”
“I know it might be uncomfortable for you, but I need to check if it requires treatment. Besides, It’s not like it’s something I’ve never seen before, so there’s no need to get embarrassed.”
“No, but mines different, don’t look!” he said as he struggled to pry her hands away.
“Stop it, George! I'm doing this for your own good! So show me your penis!” she demanded, using both hands to yank down his underwear as he was too weak to put up any resistance. His large, swollen red balls came flopping out along with his 3.5” dick, which caught Ms. Gentles off guard. Even with her professionalism, she was still stunned from seeing the contrast of sizes. It was the largest pair of testicles and the smallest penis she’d ever seen in her whole career.
She looked up at his face, which was now the same shade of color as his balls, and saw him looking to his far left with his lips compressed.
"Is it... erect?" she asked, pointing at his dick. George just nodded.
"Oh, okay… I’ll just…" she said, not knowing what exactly to say to him.
She then held his dick with her index finger and thumb and leaned it left, right, back, forward, and examined it all sides. She then peeled his foreskin further back to reveal his bellhead. He felt exposed and embarrassed as she stared down his peehole.
"Well, it doesn't look to be injured. So that’s some good news for you, at least,” she said while petting the head of his penis. “Now, time to check your testicles."
She then held his balls and began rolling them around, ensuring to feel every bit of texture in them, which caused him a bit of discomfort.
“Is anything wrong with them?” he asked.
“I’m not feeling anything out of the ordinary. They just seem to be swollen. An ice pack should sort that out just fine. I also have a painkiller injection I could use too.”
George sighed in relief, but then he heard a sudden knock came through the door.
“Who is it? I’m sort of busy at the moment,” Ms. Gentles said, balls still in hand.
"It's us again. Cindy said she left her phone’s charger, so we came to pick it up,” said the person behind the door.
George recognized the voice belonging to Sophia, the angry brunette who had recently busted him. Just hearing her voice again was enough to instantly kill his tiny boner.
Ms. Gentles immediately noticed his balls were retreating away from her, so she tightly wrapped her index finger and thumb around the neck of his scrotum, blocking their escape.
As she looked down at the pair of balls, she began to ponder to herself, "Actually, this might be perfect.”
“Hold on a minute, girls!” she shouted before looking back to George.
“George, you remember me saying I needed to properly teach those girls how sensitive testicles can be? Well, I think now might the ideal time to do so, with them seeing the real thing instead of a diagram.”
“Wait, what? B-but-,”
“I know, I know. You don’t want them to see your penis. Lucky for you, they only need to see your testicles,” she said as she readjusted his underwear and pants to hide away his dick, leaving only his balls to protrude out of his pants’ zipper, assuming he had no issue with showing them.
"That should be better, right?” she asked.
He was left speechless at her utter nonchalance, and the only reaction coming from him was his balls trying to retreat into his pants.
“Geez, George. Can’t you control these things?” she asked, giving his sack a frustrated and firm tug, which made him immediately stiffen up.
“There. Alright, girls, you can come in now!"
George's heart sank as the door opened. The two girls entered the room and were greeted by his large plums.
"Balls!" Chloe gasped, covering her mouth.
"Yes, Chloe. Balls! But the correct term is testicles," Ms. Gentles said.
The girls looked at each other and back to the scene in front of them. Suddenly, they started laughing out loudly. It was the combination of George's stupid-looking expression, the sight of his big swollen balls, Ms. Gentles pulling them out towards them, and finally her calling them 'testicles', that had made them lose it.
"C’mon now, I know testicles are funny-looking, but please pay attention. It’s time you two properly learn how sensitive a boy’s testicles. Luckily George is willing to help. Now, come over here and let me give you a quick lesson.”
Not wanting to miss such a rare opportunity, they immediately agreed and went to sit by either side of Ms. Gentles. Chloe was now facing George's right ball while Sophia was facing his left one.
"Ok, first, let’s try to understand what testicular pain is like. So George, could like you explain to us how felt when you got kicked in the testicles?"
George was still speechless as he just couldn’t comprehend the whole situation. He's beyond embarrassed, and now he has to try and define ball pain to three females in a way they could understand?
His mind started to question everything. “Why is this happening to me? Is God punishing me for being jealous of my friends earlier? If so, then why my balls? Why am I being punished through my balls?” he asked himself.
All these questions ran through his brain rapidly, which led him to ask even more questions. “Why do we even have balls? Why they designed this way? Why are they so sensitive and vulnerable?”
Then a thought dawned on him as if he'd finally figured out the meaning of life. “What if God is female? Of course, it all makes sense. She gave us balls to be easily controlled by women. Maybe that’s my purpose? To let them have their way with my balls."
At this point, George’s mental state had broke, in which he just accepted his newly discovered fate. So he went ahead and tried to answer the question the best way he could.
"When I was kicked there..."
"Where? You need to be more specific."
"My ba- My testicles."
The girls started giggling.
"Shhh! Let him finish. Please continue, George," Ms. Gentles said.
"I felt an awful pain travel up my body, and my stomach started to hurt really badly like I wanted to puke."
"So a stomach ache? But you boys act as if it’s much worse than that," Chloe said.
"Yeah! Us girls feel stomach aches every month, and you don't see us complaining," said Sophia.
"No, it's much worse than a stomach ache. It felt like I was gonna die," George explained.
"Or maybe you boys are just wimps," Sophia said.
Her statement ultimately shut him up as he realized there is no way to correctly describe ball pain to them or any female for that matter. It's just impossible for them to understand.
"Ok, since George is bad at explaining testicular pain. We're just going to have to try some tests," Ms. Gentles said.
"T-tests?" George worriedly asked
“Yaay, let’s test the testes!” Chloe cheered, gaining a laugh from Sophia and even Ms. Gentles, who tried to hide it.
"It’ll only be a short demonstration. Nothing too severe. We already know how devastating a kick to the testicles could be, so we're going to find out what other ways they can be hurt, just to get an idea of their sensitivity."
George only cursed at himself for his inability to properly convey ball pain to them.
"We’ll do finger flicking first. Chloe, you’ll flick his right testicle, and Sophia will flick his left one. This is a test to see how painful a flick is and if one testicle feels more pain than the other. So, George, I want you to rate the pain you feel on a scale of 1 to 10,” Ms. Gentles said, tugging his balls further, which made them completely compressed within his sack. The three females had the perfect view of their exact shape and the visible veins of each testicle.
"Wow," Chloe said, entirely fascinated at the detailed sight of his right ball. Sophia, however, only said, "Gross," as she stared at his left ball with a look of disgust.
"Teeen!" George screamed as he felt his nutcords stretch.
"Now, now, George. We haven't even started yet, so you can’t be rating so soon. Ok, Chloe, you flick your testicle first," Ms. Gentles said, speaking as if the girl owned the ball.
Without hesitation, Chloe flicked his right ball, causing it to vibrate intensely for a while before finally settling. The three of them immediately looked up at George’s agony-stricken face, eagerly awaiting a rating from him.
"Ten! Ten!" He screamed.
"Yaay, I got a ten!" Chloe cheered.
"You’re next, Sophia,” Ms. Gentles said.
This time instead of vibrating like his right one, his left ball had risen upward higher than his other ball and had slightly flipped sideways into a diagonal position. If his scrotum had not been tightly holding the ball in place, he was sure that his ball would've made a complete 360 spin or maybe more. Now it was clear to him Sophia had a personal vendetta against his balls. He tilted his head back and howled,
"Ms. Gentles, he's not being truthful. He's just rating everything 10," Chloe pouted.
"Please, George. Take this seriously and give us honest ratings," Ms. Gentles scolded him.
“I was being honest, you bitch!” was what he wanted to say, but he figured it wouldn’t be wise to call the woman, who's literally holding his balls, a bitch. He then calmed down and remembered that he had already decided to submit to them.
"I'm sorry. I won’t lie again," he said.
"Good! Cause we'll be doing squeezes next. Chloe, would you kindly?”
Chloe then pinched both sides of his testicle and steadily applied pressure. A muffled scream was heard from him as he bit down on his lower lip.
"What's the rating, George?" Ms. Gentles asked.
His eyes started to water, and he wanted to tell them it’s a 10, but he feared being called untruthful again and angering Chloe. So he lied and said,
"Seven! No, an eeaaaiight!"
"See, I knew he was lying about the flick,” Chloe said, releasing his ball, which now had her fingers’ indentation.
“My turn!” Sophia said as she pinched the top and bottom of his testicle. Unlike Chloe, she didn't start off applying pressure slowly. Instead, she had pinched with all her might from the very start, pancaking his ball.
Now, this to George was, no doubt, a 10, an 11, probably a 20. In the end, he couldn't think of an accurate number, so just screamed out, "Hundred!! Pleaseletgo, pleaseletgo, pleaseletgo!!"
He repeated over and over until finally, silence. Even the sudden silence shook Sophia enough to release his ball.
"What happened to him?” Sophia asked Ms. Gentles.
“Is he dead?” asked Chloe, a bit worried.
“Oh, heaven’s no. This sometimes is what can happen when the testicular pain is too intense for a boy to handle. They pass out,” Ms. Gentles said as she stood up. “So, now do you see what happens when you don’t know how to hold back? I hope you both have learned from this.”
"Yes, miss. We sure did," Chloe replied while giggling along with Sophia.
"Good! Now here, take this and head back to your classes! I need to attend to poor George," Ms. Gentles said, handing them Cindy’s charger.
She watched them leave, now proud of herself for educating them. Then behind her, she heard a moan.
"Balls... Balls... my balls.”
"Oh, you've woken up already?” she asked, surprised to see him curled up on the bed, clutching himself. “That’s quite impressive! Usually, others would be out for far longer. But George, what did I say was the correct term you must use?"
"Testicles... testicles... my testicles."
"Good boy. Now just wait for a bit. I have something that’ll take away your pain," she said, walking to her desk to prepare her painkiller syringe.
Meanwhile, George had come back to reality as he regained his senses. “The hell was I thinking? Why did I let them hurt my balls? I need to get out of here!” He didn’t even bother tucking his balls back into his pants. He just slowly got off the bed, still holding his groin, and made his way out the room, without Ms. Gentles noticing. Now outside, he sighed in relief, feeling a bit safer.
"George, was it?"
A shiver went up his spine as he turned to see Chloe, who was standing next to the door.
"Here," she said, walking closer, which made him flinch until he realized she’s just handing him a piece of paper. Confused, he hesitantly took it with one hand and looked at it. Her phone number was written on it.
"I thought you were kinda cute back there, you and your numbnuts. So, text me later, ok?” she said as she looked down to see his other hand was barely able to contain his swollen balls, causing her to cover her mouth and chuckle. She then spun around and went left, down the hallway as she said, “Bye~.” He watched as her ass, still well defined behind her skirt, swayed from side to side as she jogged away.
George couldn't believe it, so he had to take a second glance at the piece of paper. He got a girl’s number. He smiled and, triumphantly, raised his fists into the air.
"Take that, Lucas and Tyler! You sons of -"
"Look out!"
To his right, stumbling down the hallway opposite to nurse’s office, he saw a girl that was carrying a large stack of books, heading his way. She inevitably lost her balance, dropping all of her books and tumbles forward. George instantly knew what was gonna happen next. After all, he did the math. A female + balls hanging out of zipper + both hands currently too far to protect them in time equals a world of hurt. He just accepted his fate and prepared for the worst.
"Please, just don't break them," he whispered as if he was begging God. The top of the girl's head collided directly into his balls, pinning them against the wall behind. They both slowly slid to the floor, with his balls still pinned for the entire journey down the wall.
"I'm so, so sorry. But thanks for catching me. That fall could've ended badly for me," She said as she lifted her head to rub the top of it and adjusted her glasses.
"But your hands, though. Why did they feel so squishy?” she asked, only to be greeted by large, swollen red balls in front of her.
"Ohmygod! I'm so sorry! But why would you use your…," she stopped, realizing he was completely unconscious.
"Ohno, this isn’t good,” she said as she looked around in a panic. “I don’t wanna get in trouble, but I can’t just leave him here.”
She then saw the nurse’s office was just next to them and also saw that George had a piece of paper.
After a couple of minutes later, Ms. Gentles heard a knock on her door. She opened and looked around, only to see George unconscious next to her.
“That's where you ran off to. So you tried to leave on your own but didn’t make it very far, huh? You should know your own limits,” she said. Then she noticed a piece of paper neatly placed over his balls and crouched down to get a closer look at it.
“We’re hurt. Please take care of us,” the note read with a simplistic drawing of a frowning ballsack.
The End
Author's note
Okay, I wasn't expecting this one to be that long, but for some reason, I enjoyed torturing George as I wrote this. Lol.
So, part 3 will be Lucas-focused, and it will not be the last part. Just think of parts 1-3 as origin stories for the three boys.
Also, if anybody was wondering why Ms. Gentles never wears gloves before she handles male genitalia, don’t worry about it. She’s a professional. :)
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2020.10.25 10:17 heltkrise homo-erotic undertones in my new friendships with my uni classmate??? - this read is a slow build up but I think it’s worth it.

Ok so i (F18) started crushing on her all really the first week of uni, and I was pretty sad about it because not only was I confident she was straight, I also thought she would get bored of me as a friend quite quickly because I thought she was a lot more interesting than me. I didn’t want to care too much about her.
However this is close to three months ago, and were still friends, and I’m hopelessly simping over her.
The reason it has gotten so bad is the fact that she won’t confirm whether she is straight or not (she knows I’m a lesbian btw). She keeps saying she’s never been in love, and therefore she can’t know for sure. However she’s dating a boy. But the thing is that she doesn’t seem into him on an emotional level, but this is hard for me to know for sure since she won’t talk to much about him with me. They stopped seeing each other for a little bit, because she didn’t want to anymore, however they started meeting again even tho she has told me she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend. When she goes to meet him, she tries to hide it from me. And when she talks about him she always apologizes afterwards.
The second thing is that our friendship is quite intense, at least more than I am used to. It started with smaller things like us two being weirdly comfortable with sitting alone in totalt silence while looking at nature and stuff. It may not sound that weird, but it started the first week of us knowing each other, we would just sit in each other’s presence in silence, and sometimes she would ready me poetry.
Then a little time went by and when we would get drunk together we would feed each other food, like cereal and stuff, which is kinda weird.
She also always uses my name, and says it to me a lot, which is an indicator of flirting here in Norway.
Then our communication started getting a bit strange, whenever we are together we really enjoy each other’s company (she will just sometimes say “you make me so happy”), but at the same time it seems like there always is something she won’t tell me, like she’s thinking of something. I asked her about it and she said “whenever I’m with you I think of so many complicated things, and I have to watch what im saying”
Over text she seems quite distant, and I often have trouble understanding what she really means and is thinking (she is incredibly care if you know that term). However when we meet we have so much fun that I forget the issue. And she has told me many times that she sucks at online communication.
Another issue is that she promises to meet up to study together, but is often a no-show. She (and often I as well) dismisses these instances with the fact that she has a disinterest in school, not me. However, if her studying goes badly, and she has to drop out and move, well probably lose contact (considering she sucks at online communication), and therefore the two aspects are sort of intersectional. Which makes me feel more offended when she doesn’t prioritize studying.
Because of COVID constrictions we rarely touch. It was a running joke that we had slept in the same bed (this actually happened once when we were drunk, and she put her head on my shoulder🥺) but still had not hugged.
However about two weeks ago we were going to a concert, we were going to different pre-games. She showed up to the concert absolutely shit faced (I was also quite wasted tho), and when we met at the venue we had our first hug. She hugged me extremely hard and long and would not let me go, and I literally had to tell her to let go. Then she grabbed my hand and went on about how she had missed me (I had seen her two days before, she could have met me the day before tho but she ditched me) and that I just was soooo cooool. Then we got into the venue, and we both had to pee, she insisted on us sharing the same cubicle. She legit pulled me into hers.
When we got to out table we were still holding hands, and our faces were really close to each other and I would put her side bangs behind her ear and she would giggle and according to our other friends we were quite intense.
it was all nice I guess until she suddenly stopped talking, and then she threw up hehe. I had to take/carry her home, shower her and put her to bed because she was totally out of it.
After that we have sort of not talked about us being so touchy that night, and i don’t wanna bring it up just for her to blame it on the drinking.
Communication has been worse since then as well, she’s doing even less studying, and lying to me about what she is doing instead when I ask. (This town is a small place so my friends have seen her around). However when we actually meet things seem somewhat normal.
This Wednesday we found a dehydrated butterfly and fed it sugar water, while we were watching in we sat with our faces really near each other. We just sat there in silence for at least half an hour. Is this normal???
Then yet again yesterday she ditched me after promising to study with me, and went shopping with her roommate (one of my friends saw them)
I haven’t confronted her about lying to me, but when I told her I was sad to no see her she legit just responded with “mew” to the text. And when I asked her what the hell that meant she said “it means I’m both happy and sad ❤️” ... like what the hell does that even mean.
And then she proposed that we should go explore a building site nearby, which I think she did to change the subject, because when I asked her about where and when she just said “idk”
So yeah, idk what is happening with this girl,, I am really attracted to her tho (but I try to hide it as much as I can cause I don’t want to make her uncomfortable) do any of you think there is a chance she is attracted to me as well, or what do you think is up??? Because I’m honestly extremely confused.
I don’t know enough about her other friendships with girls to know if she is always like this. Also I have only known her for three months so I feel like I know quite little in general...
Please give some advice.
Thanks for reading 🥺
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2020.10.25 10:04 MonkeyWithAnAntenna homo-erotic undertones in my new friendships with my uni classmate??? - this is a slow build up but I think it’s worth it.

Ok so i started crushing on her all really the first week of uni, and I was pretty sad about it because not only was I confident she was straight, I also thought she would get bored of me as a friend quite quickly because I thought she was a lot more interesting than me. I didn’t want to care too much about her.
However this is close to three months ago, and were still friends, and I’m hopelessly simping over her.
The reason it has gotten so bad is the fact that she won’t confirm whether she is straight or not (she knows I’m a lesbian btw). She keeps saying she’s never been in love, and therefore she can’t know for sure. However she’s dating a boy. But the thing is that she doesn’t seem into him on an emotional level, but this is hard for me to know for sure since she won’t talk to much about him with me. They stopped seeing each other for a little bit, because she didn’t want to anymore, however they started meeting again even tho she has told me she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend. When she goes to meet him, she tries to hide it from me. And when she talks about him she always apologizes afterwards.
The second thing is that our friendship is quite intense, at least more than I am used to. It started with smaller things like us two being weirdly comfortable with sitting alone in totalt silence while looking at nature and stuff. It may not sound that weird, but it started the first week of us knowing each other, we would just sit in each other’s presence in silence, and sometimes she would ready me poetry.
Then a little time went by and when we would get drunk together we would feed each other food, like cereal and stuff, which is kinda weird.
She also always uses my name, and says it to me a lot, which is an indicator of flirting here in Norway.
Then our communication started getting a bit strange, whenever we are together we really enjoy each other’s company (she will just sometimes say “you make me so happy”), but at the same time it seems like there always is something she won’t tell me, like she’s thinking of something. I asked her about it and she said “whenever I’m with you I think of so many complicated things, and I have to watch what im saying”
Over text she seems quite distant, and I often have trouble understanding what she really means and is thinking (she is incredibly care if you know that term). However when we meet we have so much fun that I forget the issue. And she has told me many times that she sucks at online communication.
Another issue is that she promises to meet up to study together, but is often a no-show. She (and often I as well) dismisses these instances with the fact that she has a disinterest in school, not me. However, if her studying goes badly, and she has to drop out and move, well probably lose contact (considering she sucks at online communication), and therefore the two aspects are sort of intersectional. Which makes me feel more offended when she doesn’t prioritize studying.
Because of COVID constrictions we rarely touch. It was a running joke that we had slept in the same bed (this actually happened once when we were drunk, and she put her head on my shoulder🥺) but still had not hugged.
However about two weeks ago we were going to a concert, we were going to different pre-games. She showed up to the concert absolutely shit faced (I was also quite wasted tho), and when we met at the venue we had our first hug. She hugged me extremely hard and long and would not let me go, and I literally had to tell her to let go. Then she grabbed my hand and went on about how she had missed me (I had seen her two days before, she could have met me the day before tho but she ditched me) and that I just was soooo cooool. Then we got into the venue, and we both had to pee, she insisted on us sharing the same cubicle. She legit pulled me into hers.
When we got to out table we were still holding hands, and our faces were really close to each other and I would put her side bangs behind her ear and she would giggle and according to our other friends we were quite intense.
it was all nice I guess until she suddenly stopped talking, and then she threw up hehe. I had to take/carry her home, shower her and put her to bed because she was totally out of it.
After that we have sort of not talked about us being so touchy that night, and i don’t wanna bring it up just for her to blame it on the drinking.
Communication has been worse since then as well, she’s doing even less studying, and lying to me about what she is doing instead when I ask. (This town is a small place so my friends have seen her around). However when we actually meet things seem somewhat normal.
This Wednesday we found a dehydrated butterfly and fed it sugar water, while we were watching in we sat with our faces really near each other. We just sat there in silence for at least half an hour. Is this normal???
Then yet again yesterday she ditched me after promising to study with me, and went shopping with her roommate (one of my friends saw them)
I haven’t confronted her about lying to me, but when I told her I was sad to no see her she legit just responded with “mew” to the text. And when I asked her what the hell that meant she said “it means I’m both happy and sad ❤️” ... like what the hell does that even mean.
And then she proposed that we should go explore a building site nearby, which I think she did to change the subject, because when I asked her about where and when she just said “idk”
So yeah, idk what is happening with this girl,, I am really attracted to her tho (but I try to hide it as much as I can cause I don’t want to make her uncomfortable) do any of you think there is a chance she is attracted to me as well, or what do you think is up??? Because I’m honestly extremely confused.
I don’t know enough about her other friendships with girls to know if she is always like this. Also I have only known her for three months so I feel like I know quite little in general...
Please give some advice.
Thanks for reading 🥺
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2020.10.25 09:36 candlepatch What’s My Type? (VERY Long and Annoying)

Describe yourself in as much elaborate detail as possible (that still renders you anonymous, or to a level of acceptable comfort)
​Okay, so, I am a 16 year old. Also, I apologize if this ends up being a scattered mess. I’ve gone through what I would say in a post like this at least a dozen times in my head over the course of, well, a while, and I’ll probably be all over the place. Also, I apologize if this ends up sounding really stupid/awkward. I’m pretty bad at self-questionnaires and just generally never liked them, but obviously I’m giving this a shot. I’d also like to preface this by saying that I apparently don’t know much about myself (which is one of the reasons why I’ve been looking into MBTI), so don’t be surprised if my descriptions suck and end up being rather contradictory of one another. This’ll also probably be pretty long, but please stick with me. Okay, so...
I’d say I’m probably an extravert, but I’m not quite sure. I think I should also point out that I have a few “conditions” that could affect my being typed. I’m diagnosed with MDD, GAD, and OCD (aka the Triple Entente of Misery), but I don’t know what other sort of things I could have “wrong with me” (not to say that having these things makes there something “wrong” with someone, but you know what I mean) since psychiatrists like to sit you in a room for 5 minutes every 6 months and come out acting like they know your whole life story based off that. But anyway, yeah. I also was thinking about eventually talking to someone about the possibility of C-PTSD. So yeah. But anyway, (sorry for my incredibly annoying writing style and for how long this is already becoming), I’m evidently a lot different now than I used to be, so it’s kinda hard to know which one is the “real” me and which attributes I should look towards when typing myself. Which is why I’m here. I have bad social anxiety, so I don’t really have any friends, and I really do enjoy spending time alone. I think I’ve always been pretty imaginative, even though I don’t consider myself the most creative as of right now, and I used to always be doing something. Nowadays, while I usually don’t really do much except go online, I think it’s safe to say that my mind is constantly running. But I still need external stimulation. I’m super talkative when I’m comfortable with people, but I can also be super aloof and wanting to be alone a lot. So I’m not sure. I’ll get more into this in later sections, but yeah.
I’m not sure which functions I use. If it helps at all, I’ve also been looking into the enneagram for a while, and I think I’m either a 3 or a 4; I’m leaning toward 4, although I think I may be a bit too extroverted to have such a typically introverted enneagram type. But I wouldn’t exactly trust my judgement there considering how awful I apparently am at self-evaluation. I have a few ideas about what I might be, but I’m not certain, and I don’t want to skew the results with my baseless thoughts, so yeah.
Why are you interested in knowing your type?
I’m not totally quite sure. I mean, the whole “getting to know yourself better” part is definitely appealing, but I guess it’s just something that’s been on my mind a lot and I really just want to know. I found out about MBTI a while ago and let go of it for a few months. I came to the conclusion (somehow mistyped that as city flushing... thanks, autocorrect) that MBTI is “stupid” since I couldn’t type myself... and I’ve gotta say, I’m not completely passed this thought yet. I find this part a big concern of mine, so please don’t skip it. While this subreddit certainly does seem good (hence why I’m here), I do find there being a lot of bias in MBTI typing... specifically toward sensors. And I’m kinda afraid that, when being typed, people, and even potentially myself, are overlooking sensor types as possibilities just because “if you’re researching MBTI, there’s no way you’re possibly one of... shudders them....” I mean, to be fair, 1/4 is a lot more than at least I seem to think it is, but there still is a pretty decent chance that any one of the folks typed as intuitives, including potentially me, could very well be sensors. So just wanted to point out that concern of mine. Again, this subreddit seems to be pretty good, but I just felt like I should address that. ​
Do you go to work and/or you in school? If so, what field/occupation/subjects?
​I’m currently in my second year of high school, so I’ll just answer for that. I’m just mostly taking the regular classes, plus one mandatory chosen art class, so there’s very little room for choosing your own subjects to study as of right now. But I certainly do have preferences for some of the classes that I’m enrolled in. I will say that, while a teacher can often make or break a class, there are certain subjects that I’ve always been more fond of than others. I’ve never really been interested in history at all... I’d say that that’s my least favorite class. I mean, parts are interesting, and it’s important to learn from the past and all, but, I don’t know, I just never found it too appealing. Math is interesting, kinda fun, and I’ve always been quite good at it, but it’s probably not my favorite either, although it certainly can depend on what we’re specifically learning. Science is pretty interesting, although I’m rather queasy, so certain parts of biology gross me out. I have mixed feelings on English; one one hand, I hate being forced to write about stuff that I have no opinion on, that I couldn’t care less about and don’t really have any thoughts on, and force something out of myself, make myself write some stupid poetry just because I have to, even though I’m in the worst possible mood for it. I prefer to express myself when I actually want to and actually feel something to express and the need to express it; in the past I certainly haven’t been a fan of forced creativity. However, nowadays, with depression (I hate having to say “depression,” since it’s become such an overused term for sadness) and all making me... not lazy, and certainly not demotivated, since I wouldn’t be looking for ways to improve if I wasn’t motivated (which is something that’s been brought to my attention recently)... it’s hard to describe- just, this inability to do stuff that comes with it? But yeah, anyway, I have found it helpful that English class does sort of give you a push, make you think of stuff and give you an opportunity to be able to, to have to, express yourself. And it can be really quite fun when you have something to say- I also like being able to be introduced to literature I might not normally pick up- it’s just that forcing it has historically been something that I’ve found annoying. But anyway, I’ve got to say that music class is my favorite. I’m in an art school, so every student is enrolled in one of a handful of arts, and I’m in music. I’ve played the piano for a few years (although, regretfully, I stopped taking lessons a few years ago once anhedonia began to settle in), but since that wasn’t an option, I’m in a string orchestra now. I’d played violin for a bit in the past, and I didn’t quite like it, so I wasn’t too happy about it at first, but it’s certainly started to grow on me, although my favorite class is music theory. I have aspirations to write music, so I’m pretty excited to be learning more of that.

Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
... ​Oh boy.... Well, I don’t wanna sit around here writing “My Life of Misery: A Memoir,” so I’ll just say... complicated. Remember the C-PTSD mention earlier? Yep, complicated. I also don’t want this to come across as a sob-story, and parts are so outrageous that most folks probably wouldn’t believe me, considering how people shamelessly go about claiming to have cancer for a few cheap internet awards, but yeah, anyway. I am religious. I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic schools from kindergarten (I didn’t go to preschool) through 8th grade. Although I certainly don’t agree with everything in the religion (like the notion of praying to saints), there’s no point in switching, and I do believe that everyone, even within one religion, believes and worships differently, so that’s that. My beliefs are pretty similar to my mom’s (did I mention I have a single mom? it’s always just been me and her living in our household, although I did have frequent contact with my paternal family throughout my childhood, although for most of it, not my father himself), and my mom got told by a priest once that she’d make a perfect Protestant, so... lol. But anyway, yeah. My childhood was, to some extent is, although much less so now, pretty chaotic. I was bullied a lot and therefore switched schools multiple times. My parental grandmother was always a pretty negative influence, although she was always the “nice” grandma, which made her company pretty appealing to a little kid. But yeah, lots of mixed messages. Anyway, I used to be super outgoing, friendly, the kinda kid on the playground that would always go and make friends with the kid that had nobody to play with. But I was always fine by myself, too, of course. I was definitely a leaderly type. While I wouldn’t, looking back, say that I ever really had any true friends IRL, I did have lots of acquaintances. Well, actually, I did have a few people that had the potential to become really great friends earlier on, but I was an emotionally distressed idiot and drove them away. Hahah... Uhh, what else? I always enjoyed coming up with games to play with people. I was very social, outgoing, adventurous, pretty much just a perfect, happy kid. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked when I went to school. Bullying, etc., and my self esteem plummeted until I was left as the socially awkward creature that I am today. (Boy, this really is turning into a memoir, huh?)
​ Do you need logical consistency in your life?
​I guess????? I’m not really sure what is meant by this question, and believe me, I’ve skimmed through several other posts to get an idea of what I’m supposed to be going here to make sure I’m doing this right, and I ended up seeing a variety of different interpretations of this question. I don’t know if that’s the intent behind it, or if it’s just poorly phrased, or I’m just an idiot, but yeah. Sure. Next one.

How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about?
​I’d say I’m pretty curious, although I think I used to be much more curious than I am now. I wouldn’t say that I have more ideas than I can execute; it’s more like that I’m just too afraid for whatever reason to actually execute them. As I already mentioned, I used to think it was a lack of motivation, but I wouldn’t care about it if it was that, so... I guess it’s a fear of being judged, including by myself? I’ll touch on this more later, but, partially just so I don’t forget, I tend to be a strange mixture of pointlessly private and overbearingly over-sharing. I feel very uncomfortable doing anything that others can see/hear (which is definitely pretty helpful for when you’re interested in pursuing art careers...). I don’t want to have others see what I do, but I think there’s also definitely a part of me that’s scared to actually try, because I’ll find that it takes work and I’m not instantly as good as I wish I could be, which just takes me back to (something I’ll likely touch on in the “fears” section) feeling worthless. I definitely have lots of ideas, although I wouldn’t necessarily call them good. They’re more like stupid randomly-generated thoughts? Like, very few actual decent ideas nowadays, more like random shit like “there could be a city inside a mouth and the teeth could be the houses” nonsense. But I used to be pretty creative. Still, my mind keeps going.... I’m curious about various things, including MBTI. My interests tend to come and go with time; I’ll get very interested in a topic, and then my interest in it will slowly fade away..., but I will give you some general interest of mine. I’ve always enjoyed a good story, whether that be a TV show, novel, something posted on nosleep (I love that kinda stuff), or a story-based video game. I’m interested in art, learning to get better at art (and, in the process, confront this fear of failure, or whatever it even is.) I know that, for a job, I wanna do something artsy, or, more fittingly, creative (this will also be touched on later), but I remember the first thing I ever wanted to be was President of the United States. Although, back then, four year old me though that it was more like being a “nice dictator”... I didn’t realize how messy politics really is. Honestly, I’m not even sure why. I remember wanting to fix things I didn’t like (banning noisy motorcycles, lol), but I’m not sure about my entire thought process there. I guess it just seemed cool. I think I also wanted to be an astronaut and a paleontologist for a short time, but I lost interest in both of those relatively quickly.
If money was not an issue, what careejob would you have?
​I think I’d probably want to make a video game; that seems to encompass all the things that I’d really be interested in. I’d get to make music, of course, which is something I’m very interested in. I also like doing visual art, but I kinda suck at drawing, and animating something like a cartoon would be way too much... plus, that would also require the involvement of other people, so I think a pixel art game could work just fine. I mean, the real goal here is to tell a story. I’ll talk about this in the question about my fears, but that’s what I think I really wanna do with my life: tell a meaningful story. And there’s no way I’m writing a book or something, cuz that just seems too “involved.” Plus, I like the idea of being able to hide stuff in the code and stuff, leave puzzle pieces for folks to theorize about (that is, if my game did end up taking off). I always liked the amount of interactivity that games have. That’s just something that appeals to me and encompasses all the things I’d look for in a project, so yeah, probably that. I have no clue how to do any sort of programming, but I’d probably end up figuring it out, since money wouldn’t be an issue.
Are you a free spirit or do you play by the rules? If so, why?
​I’d say, as with many things about me, it’s a strange mixture of balance and contradiction. I certainly enjoy breaking the rules, though not exactly just for the sake of doing so. To be fair, I don’t break rules at school- I don’t want to have to deal with getting in any sort of trouble. But boy do I love pranking/messing with folks. I often get ideas, sometimes even really good ones, and about a myriad of things, but I just end up kinda forgetting about them, letting them go, waste away and disappear into the void, a dark heap of wasted potential and unused dreams.... But anyway, an acquaintance (I wouldn’t say friend, though... I haven’t had many “real” friends... I find myself being rather clingy, yet, due to my social anxiety, very hard to get to know. But once you know me, oh boy, I don’t leave you alone, lol. Which is great for online friendships- I used to play this online social kids’ game, which I pretty much got addicted to, so I had lots of friends, both actual good friends that I inevitably, due to being unhealthy, ruined my relationships with, and also awful “friends.” So, anyway, I tend to be rather selective about who I actually consider a friend, since lots of people don’t want actual friends, but more just like people to get them through their social life until they can find better suited people to get on with. But anyway...), I’ve always been a bit of a prankster and rather outspoken too (contrary to what my quiet public demeanor would suggest), and this acquaintance got me into prank calling, and it’s really fun. Nothing mean or anything, just talking with Amazon for hours (P.S. THEY ARE PERFECT FOR PRANK CALLING BC THEY HAVE SOME SORT OF POLICY WHERE THEY CAN’T HANG UP ON YOU AND MOST OF THEM FOLLOW IT AND ARE GENERALLY JUST REALLY NICE, BTW) and stuff like that. Calling local stores, sometimes even a local priest, but never anything malicious. I do really enjoy messing with people anonymously online... again, not in a malicious way, although I will admit I can be a bit more harsh considering I’m usually a lot more oriented in getting a good reaction on those ones. I like going on those pictionary games and drawing random nonsense and just generally messing with folks, although I’m never evil... just, I suppose, releasing some repressed chaoticness. And sometimes there are nice people to chat with, so that’s a bonus, plus I also just get to draw random shit while talking to folks so that’s fun. But yeah, I enjoy breaking rules and messing with people, so long as it’s not really harmful and I don’t get in any trouble. Although I was raised to always stand my ground. I’m very publicly quiet and sometimes folks take that as some sort of invitation to be bullied, so I always do stand my ground then. (I highly pride myself on this one time this kid was picking on me in gradeschool for no apparent reason whatsoever, and once in art class he sat across from me, so I kicked him under the table and he told on me and I got him in trouble for it... good times, lol.)
​ If I asked you to take a shot with a football how would that make you feel? Would you be able to do it well? Would you enjoy it?
​Well, I guess I’d take it, albeit likely rather awkwardly, and I’d throw it. I’m not very sporty (in fact, unlike my mother, who claims she doesn’t feel “alive” unless she’s moving, I’m not a very physically oriented person; again with the contradictions, I can be very restless and fidgety, and I do walk very very quickly- although that might just have more to do with my occasional no-nonsense-ness... yes, again a bit of a contradiction, ughhh- so yeah). But I’d try to throw it, and I probably wouldn’t do outstandingly well... I might even be afraid to try my best, cuz can’t fail if you don’t try, right?????????? But who knows, I might get lucky. Would I enjoy it? Uhh, I guess? I don’t know. It’s nothing special, no, but it’s not like I’d despise doing it either.
If I asked you to write me an essay, would you enjoy it? What would it be about? How would it make you feel?
​I think I talked a lot about my disdain for forced creativity earlier. Although, again, my mind is constantly racing, I’m constantly having internal monologues, including several I’ve had about the types of things I’d say on this very questionnaire (which made me nervous to actually get to writing it cuz I was scared that it wouldn’t be genuine and authentic after doing that, for some reason, although that could certainly just be an OCD thing or something, Idk). I’m not sure what I’d make my essay about... I think I’ve written several essays worth of paragraphs on here already....
Is it okay to crack a few eggs? If it makes an omelette? Do the ends justify the means?
​Again, as with most/all things, it’s a matter of balance. And there’s no one way of looking at things. It all depends on what, why, how, etc. I remember at school we had to watch some film about Mark Zuckerberg and some of his rather unethical practices, but I did find myself somewhat torn on the questions on our assignment about whether or not he ended up being successful, whether or not it was right. Yeah, those people were stupid enough to get duped, but it still didn’t make it good or rights. Things are complicated, life is complicated, and I think, as with many/most things, it all depends on context.
​ Do you put things back in their proper place?
​No, I’m pretty messy. If it weren’t for my mom’s neat-freakishness, my room would be a complete mess. I mean, I like organizing things, quite a lot actually. It’s rather fun, Imo. It’s just that organization just never works for me... me and structured order just don’t mesh. I’ll organize my desk, and try to keep this routined cleanliness, but it just doesn’t work out. I forget, or more likely just get lazy and it gets all messed up. So yeah, not really. My closet is a mess and I haven’t really cared much for fixing that. Again, I don’t really care; even if I do something about it, it’ll get disorganized again. And while rearranging my art supplies every now and then may sure be fun, organizing closets is not. Now, I’m certainly not dirty, I don’t leave crumbs and filth all over the place; I’m just super messy.
How do you behave around strangers, acquaintances and friends?
​Okay, so, I covered how I used to be when I was younger previously, and touched on how I am now: a social wreck, afraid of any contact with strangers, even if it’s something I desperately long for, just to have a friend. I find myself having lots of platonic crushes, just yearning for social interaction with others but too afraid to actually talk to anyone, or respond adequately to just generally like a normal human being when somebody nice says hello. Last year, which was my first year of high school, a girl approached me and tried to befriend me. I don’t know what possessed her to make her stick with me so long, but it took me four months to warm up to her. I’m surprised she didn’t go into hypothermic shock after being hit with just how talkative, extravered, and, admittedly, clingy, I can be. We stopped talking a while ago... we didn’t really have any common interests- we had commonalities, but not similarities, and nobody bonds over a same favorite color. I guess it’s just that the friendship wasn’t really formed naturally, and she probably just ended up finding herself stuck with this miserable lonely weirdo who she probably, understandably, ended up wanting to have nothing to do with, but was too nice to do anything about it at first, although she was kind of a jerk about it. I seek deep connections with people, strong and meaningful friendships. For what it’s worth, I think that it’s certainly a possibility that I’m aromantic (and asexual, although I do have my doubts considering that I am rather young, but then again, nobody tells straight kids dating in kindergarten that they’re too young to know, right?), and I think a lot of people tend to reserve the emotional depth that I do look for, long for, crave, for romantic relationships. But anyway, I did end up seeing her as a pretty shallow person who only cared about superficial stuff like discussing her favorite boyband, and I did find myself trying to get to know her, but, Idk. People don’t tend to like me very much, tbh, for a variety of reasons. I guess I’m often just not what they expect, and usually I don’t even give folks a chance to get to know me, out of fear, I guess, which is now just this habitual fear, which has descended, degraded, disintegrated into apathetic worry, uncaringness because I’ve learned to be happy, to make due, with my internal life, which I did enjoy in the first place, but still. I find myself being a weird mix of introverted and extraverted, as I already mentioned; balance and contradiction. (Also, sorry that this turned into a fucking memoir, I really didn’t expect myself to get that into this... hope you don’t mind...) I want to express myself, to have meaningful connections with interesting, meaning-filled people, and social interaction often, although not always, since I do have my very irritable moods, greatly energizes me. Yet I also feel like I’m only truly myself when I’m alone. Not even that I always am when I’m alone, but that I only can be when I am alone. This probably belongs more in the fears section, but I often feel like I’m losing myself, losing myself to apathy, apathy or something else, I’m not even sure- even in writing this, I’m fearful, nervous that I’m not being authentic and “true to myself” in all this. But anyway, I feel like there’s pieces of me that I have to hold onto for myself, that I can’t let others “taint,” for fear of losing it all. I’ve been told by my family I’m very good at resisting peer pressure, but idk about that... I’d say I’ve been rather influenceable throughout my life... but Idk. I just don’t know much anymore. I’m overly private I fear of being judged, yet overshare like crazy other times. I don’t know, it doesn’t make much sense, I guess, but that’s how it is...
Do you have exquisite tastes that you would expend effort or money for?
​I would say that I do tend to have rather expensive tastes, and I definitely wouldn’t mind spending hypothetical money on such extravagances, but I could also live without them. I’ve always wanted a private indoor pool (since I love swimming but hate the notion of any creepy things getting into the water), but I’ll likely never get one, and can certainly live without one. Honestly, I’m not even sure what kind of question this is. Are some of these less about the content and more about just getting me to speak, or are these some really weird questions, cuz I think pretty much everybody would have the same, if not extremely similar, responses here?
How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
I guess I’d help, as long as they’re polite about it. I don’t take mistreatment kindly, if that hasn’t been made apparently, but if they’re nice about it and helping them wouldn't disrupt me in any way, then sure, why not? I’m being asked this question, I’ve realized even more so that I know very little about my motivations, cuz I honestly have no clue why I’d help them. Just cuz it’s nice? Cuz it’s the thing to do, I guess? Idk, I guess helping is just the decent thing to do, plus a little appreciation now and then certainly does feel good.
How long do you take to make an important decision? How would you go about it? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
​I don’t know. I tend to second guess myself quite a bit, and often change my mind after there’s not much that can be done, and just end up feeling bad about things. I’m definitely an “I don’t know what I have until I lose it” kind of person, and it’s hard to say with this question. I’m not sure not how long it takes... I guess it depends. I don’t like these sorts of hypothetical questions, because you never know how accurate your response is actually going to be, and I have personal experience with this. Say you encounter a bear. One persons may say, “Of course I’d be courageous!” But then they end up running away crying like a baby. Another person might say they’d panic and do the completely wrong thing to do, but in reality they may end up doing the exact opposite of that, since it’s more of an instantaneous, instinctual reaction that you have in the heat of a moment like that, and that sort of thing can be really hard to predict. I think the answers to questions like this say more about what someone thinks of themself (and potentially others) more than about what they would actually think or say or do in a specific situation. ​
If I asked you to design a plan of action, would it be easier to work alone or in a group? Do you ask for others opinion? or stick to your own guns?
​I enjoy working by myself, but I also enjoy talking with and getting energized by others. I hate to sound like the conceited brat that I’m totally gonna come across as, but people can be idiots, and I’ve been held back by others not listening to me and having to have their way (one of the reasons I sometimes abhor democracy). I find that it’s better to be able to do things myself my way, and if I end up screwing up then that’s on me, but at least I didn’t get something wrong or screw up cuz somebody else thought their idea was better. But I do enjoy talking things out with others. As I mentioned before, I’m a very “leaderly” type of person (well, at least was, or moreso an when I’m comfortable), and being around others and discussing with them energizes me and gets my brain (no, autocorrect, not my Brian, I don’t have a Brian), a-goin’. I guess the ideal circumstance for me, although it would be rather impractical, would be to do things completely myself but have others around just for the sake of it, and maybe to add on some good ideas if they had any, because let’s face it, others can come up with great things that I might not have— it’s just that I can’t have others getting in my way when I know I’m right, either.
A weekend best spent looks like ...?
​Well, I’ve gotta say, this almost definitely would probably be different a few years ago, it’s different depending on how I feel, and that’s changed a lot since a few years ago... but right now? Right now, I guess just this. Hangin’ around, being online, perhaps have my mom go shopping for the day so I could freely practice my instruments. Just relax, I guess, because I think we all need a little bit of that sometimes. Just one weekend isn’t really enough time to get any major change enacted, but I suppose it’s enough to get a few things done, to have a little leisurely fun. Although I’m sure this’ll all change at least a bit in due time...
My biggest fears are ...
​Ahh, the dreaded question, the question I’ve been so apprehensive about answering just right, the one I’ve referenced so much up until now, just awaiting this point in time where I’m met face to face with this question. Now lemme skip it.
(Jk.) Okay, so. I’ve touched on a few things before... to recap, fears of losing myself, fears of doubt, being judged, judging myself... they all come into play here. Now, of course, I have my physical fears. I’m terrified of physical pain, gross things, things that can cause me some sort of real or perceived harm, but I’m guessing that’s now what you wanna know here, huh? Nooo, at 4 AM, yes it’s been that long, wow this memoir sure is fine and fun and goin’ great... nobody may even end up reading until this point, but Idc bc this is still surprisingly fun.... Well, anyway, I said I want to create something, and that’s my way of combatting this fear, I guess. I want to create something beautiful, because all my life I’ve been worn down and harmed, and I see all these people, well, let me gather my thoughts a bit here. I assure you that it’s not just the 4-AM-ness getting to me— I forgot to mention, and I’m too lazy to go back, that as part of my ideal weekend, I’d be up at night because I’m pretty much naturally(???) notucal. So yeah. But anyway, I see all these people, these people I admire. Musicians, storytellers, great, talented people, I see them create beautiful things, memorable things, things that are just so innately beautiful and meaningful and human, and you wonder how anyone could ever have it in them to create something to meaningful, so wonderful, so true. I will admit, if you haven’t noticed, I have these dueling feelings of both inferiority and superiority when compared to others. I could probably rather accurately be described as a bit arrogant. I look down at some others and see them (perhaps often not inaccurately) as complete idiots, utter imbeciles, yet I still see that they’ll be happy, that they’ll find meaning, that they’ll have their lives all figure out. And then there’s me. Life’s hurt me, and I guess I just want to prove to myself that I haven’t lost, and that I did, and still do, in the first place even have that innate SOMETHING that makes these people I admire so great, that makes them able to create something to beautiful and wonderful and true and great. Sure, a bit of distanced internet fame wouldn’t hurt, could be nice, but I just need to prove this, not even to the world, but just to myself, that I do, still do, always did and still do, have it in me to create something so meaningful and beautiful... that there’s nothing defective with me, that I can do it too, that I have that innate natural talent and beauty that allow people to tell stories that make you cry. And that’s what I wanna do. I wanna make people, as odd as this sounds, cry, but in a good way. And not about them crying, but just to prove that I can be, and am, as good as all the people I admire. That I can do it too, have to same influence in the world that they had on me. And I just need to, have to prove this all to myself. I guess that’s my fear. Not doing that, not being able to do that. Geez, almost made myself tear up there for a few seconds, lol.
How much do you express yourself and what mediums do you do that through? Art? Writing? Talking?
​I already covered this. I’m pretty art-inclined, but I don’t feel too artistic. I fear that I’m just gonna end up copying others, that there’s nothing original inside me, and that’s what I want, need, yearn for, crave for— to know what there is just that little itty bit of meaningful, creative originality, original creativity, within me.

Generally where do you lean politically? Is it every man for himself? Should people be pragmatic? Does the government need to step in and help people?
​I’d rather not disclose my political leanings, this being Reddit and all...

Does it matter if something is factually correct for you to believe in it?
​To what extent do you mean this? Certain things, like religious beliefs, are more up in the air, up to interpretation with no concrete evidence either for or against them. But I think most people wouldn’t believe something proven to be false, unless they have extreme doubts. But things that are more up in the air, sure. And, even though I don’t think I personally show many signs of thinking this way, I will just point out that all science back in the day suggested that the geocentric theory was accurate.
Are emotions/feelings an important aspect of your life? If so, then why?
​I suppose so, yeah. I tend to feel, at least nowadays, either very apathetic or very strongly “emotioned.”

How attached are you to reality?
​I don’t know. I spend a lot of time in my head, enjoy thinking and theorizing about what really is “reality” (please don’t type as as intuitive just for the sake of me having a brain and being capable of imaginative thought). I often feel like my body is a bit on autopilot, as are my senses, except for perhaps hearing and often sight. I don’t know. As I mentioned before, I’m not the most physically inclined person, so yeah. But if you mean mental reality, then I don’t know. I think everything, even the most absurd brainchildren like winged sausages with hats still have some stem in reality.
How thick skinned are you? Are you sensitive to criticism?
It depends. I think this’ll definitely be one of the more difficult questions for me to answer. I’ve faced a lot of rude and I non-constructive criticism, so I obviously don’t take lightly to that, but I suppose constructive criticism doesn’t hurt, though I can’t say for sure how it’d emotionally impact me, considering that this is a very speculative thing I’m doing, trying to figure out how I’d emotionally respond. And my memories don’t exactly hold up (although I wouldn’t use that as an indicator for typing me since, sorry if this comes off as a sob story, but I think either depression or trauma or some mix of both can cause memory blocking— again, don’t want to come off as whining about my miserable life, just don’t want results to be skewed in any or either way). I will say, though, that I hate when people give me criticism that doesn’t apply— let me elaborate. I hate when people think they know me when they don’t, act like they know exactly what’s going on in my mind, try to tell me what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling, what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I hate that. I can’t say how I’d respond, though, cuz I don’t know me that well yet, which is partially why I’m here.... Thanks if you actually read through all that, although I’d doubt any sane person, or anyone with a life (or at least as much of a life as you can have if you’re on Reddit at 4 AM) would read all this, but thanks if you did. Plus, if you have any idea about my enneagram type, feel free to share your thoughts on what it might be, as well.
But please don’t just say I’m intuitive cuz I have intelligent thoughts! Thanks again for reading my memoir and/or responding!
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2020.10.25 09:16 myauntandmydad My dad (39M) and my aunt (45F) have been having an affair for 4+ years. They have no idea I (20F) know about it, but I caught them together last night.

Long time lurker, first time poster. Sorry in advance for length; I have a lot to get off my chest.
A little background info cause our family situation is pretty weird: my mom went to college a few hours away from her hometown in 1999 and met my dad. My parents were together very briefly (like a month) and my mom got pregnant with me. She moved back to her hometown after getting pregnant, and my dad followed so he could be involved in my life. My mom died the day after I was born due to childbirth complications, but my dad stayed in her hometown to raise me. He’s not close to his family at all, so my mom’s family has pretty much become his adoptive family. My maternal grandparents practically see him as a son at this point (and vice versa) and my mom’s two sisters see him as a brother (or so they say).
Now a little background on my mom’s oldest sister: she’s been married since before she met my dad in 1999, but she’s despised her husband for as long as I can remember. No one in the family likes him either for reasons I won’t get into. She always says she’ll leave him but they’ve been married for 22 years and she still hasn’t. She has no children. She and I aren’t super close but we’re also not estranged or anything.
Background info on my dad: He had a couple long-term girlfriends when I was much younger, but he hasn’t had one in at least 10 years. He claims it’s because he “likes being single and having fun”. Everyone sort of just views him as a womanizer who doesn’t want to settle down. He’ll occasionally tell me he has “a date” but I’ve never seen any proof of this. I’m extremely close to him, but I don’t ask him about his love life cause that would be weird.
Outwardly, my aunt and my dad aren’t super close. They see each other when we all get together as a family (which is often), but they’ve never openly hung out one on one or anything like that. When we’re all together, they just act like siblings. However, I’m a very intuitive and inquisitive person, and when I was about 13 I started getting suspicious of them. The weirdest thing was there was never any proof or evidence that something was going on between them. It was just a gut feeling I had; something in the way they looked at each other and spoke of each other.
I started to theorize about the technicalities; wondering how and when they’d be meeting up if they were. I wondered if they were secretly meeting up when I was at school or at my grandparent’s (when I was younger I used to spend the night at their house at least four times a month just because I wanted to, and sometimes my dad would ask them to keep me because he had to “work late”). But, like I said, there was never any proof or evidence, so my theories were no more than occasional passing thoughts.
Fast forward to when I was 16. My dad owns a store, and when I first got my license, curiosity took over me and I started driving by his store on the nights he was “working late” to see if he was actually there. He always was, but one time my aunt’s car was there, too. (My dad has a pull-out couch in his office. He doesn’t know that I know this – the only reason I do is because I looked at it really hard one day and figured it out. It’s one of those couches that looks completely normal but turns into a bed.) Seeing her there confirmed my suspicions. I decided to leave it at that and stop prying because I already felt weird and nosy enough.
The whole situation really haunted me for a while, and it honestly still does. I sobbed all the way home and all night long after confirming my suspicions. I always viewed my dad as someone with amazing morals, and the thought of him having a long-term affair with a married woman (not just any married woman but my own aunt) really messed with my head. And on top of that, I couldn’t tell anyone about it. It’s confirmed this has been going on for at least four years but I suspect it’s been way, WAY longer than that. Like I mentioned earlier, my dad hasn’t had a girlfriend in over 10 years. I suspect his relationship with my aunt is the reason. There was also an instance in 2018 where my aunt and my dad both “coincidentally” went out of town and came back at the exact same time. My aunt claimed to be in New York visiting a friend and my dad claimed to be in Nebraska for a business convention but I think they may have actually taken a trip together.
I’ve been walking on eggshells for the past four years, and living in constant fear that I’ll be caught in an awkward situation and/or accidentally see something I’m not supposed to; something much worse than just a car at his office. And then....my fears finally came true a few hours ago.
I'm doing college from home right now, living with my dad. Tonight we had a miscommunication. He thought I was spending the night at my boyfriend's, but I was really planning to come home. I got home at about midnight, and figured it was safe because my aunt's car wasn't there or anything. I also was under the impression that my dad knew I was coming home, so he wouldn't have her over. But when I walked in, my aunt and my dad were just sitting on the couch watching a movie, all cuddled up. I went in through the game room door, which is the room they were in, so I walked right in on them. THANK GOD they were only watching a movie, but it was still pretty traumatizing considering they have no idea I've known about their relationship for years now. We all just kind of froze for a second, then my dad said "I didn't know you were coming home" and I said "I told you I was". Then in a weird freaked out state, I ran back to my car and went back to my boyfriend's.
I'm still at my boyfriend's (he knows everything btw, he's the only one who does) and I haven't heard from my dad since. It's 3 AM and I've been waiting for a text or a call but I haven't gotten one, which I think is super weird considering we're close and usually have great communication. I haven't reached out to him either because I don't know what to say.
Obviously we're inevitably going to have to address this (probably tomorrow) and I'm so freaked out I can't sleep. Do I wait for him to reach out to me first, or do I text him if he hasn't texted me by morning? Do I tell him I've known the whole time? If he says they were "just hanging out", or it "was a one time thing" (which I feel like he might), do I pretend to believe him?
TL;DR: My dad and my maternal aunt (who's married) have been having an affair for at least four years. They have no idea I've known the whole time, but I came home and caught them together last night (just watching TV all cuddled up, not doing anything gross). I quickly ran back outside and left, and I haven't spoken to my dad since. We're going to have to address this tomorrow and I don't know how to.
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2020.10.25 09:14 MrLoveMods Karma Preview of Wonderland after Dark Event

Image FB
“Seeing you pulls at my heartstrings.”
Halloween Wish Tree Odds Up Event 🧚‍♀️Wonderland after Dark🧚‍♀️ will be online from Oct.29 to Nov.8
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✨ Obtain this Karma to unlock—— Rapunzel [Escape Date]A mischievous blonde prince is abducted by a witch and imprisoned in a tower.My warrior lady, now set out to rescue the truly kind prince!
——“The secret weapon that breaks my fetters is your embrace.”
“You shouldn't be here.”
Halloween Wish Tree Odds Up Event 🧚‍♀️Wonderland after Dark🧚‍♀️ will be online from Oct.29 to Nov.8
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✨ Obtain this Karma to unlock—— Little Red Riding Hood [Fullmoon Date]
To become an excellent hunter, you head to a castle where the Mr.Wolf is locked up.On a full moon night, the snow falls in a whril and his secrets are waiting for you to uncover.
——“Who says monsters cannot love?”
“Let's go again for next year's fresh snow.”
Halloween Wish Tree Odds Up Event 🧚‍♀️Wonderland after Dark🧚‍♀️ will be online from Oct.29 to Nov.8
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✨ Obtain this Karma to unlock—— Snow White [Prison Date]
The all-knowing Magic Mirror is sealed in a distant castle due to her honesty, where she meets an exiled prince.Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, he has a question for you.
——“As dazzling as the sunlight may be, it's not where my heart is meant to be.”
“I'll tell you everything you'd like to know.”
Halloween Wish Tree Odds Up Event 🧚‍♀️Wonderland after Dark🧚‍♀️ will be online from Oct.29 to Nov.8
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The rose turns into a human and as her heart rate spikes, flowers sprout from the chest.Break his curse and in return, he'll teach you how to be a real human.
——“You want my answers? Stay by my side.”
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2020.10.25 09:00 aBitofKindness [Wraith: Of Villains] - Chapter 2.1

Start Previous Next
Celeste squinted against the harsh glare of the emergency lights flickering from the cop cars. The poor dock worker had not asked to come across a murderous villain. He probably had a family at home, a wife and kids, or pets still waiting by the door. Why should Wraith walk away from this while an innocent man just doing his job lay dead on the pavement?
Celeste turned away from the civilian workers documenting the crime scene and crossed the street to where the Hero Vaise stood arguing with a medical technician.
“I will not accept your primitive treatment, and that’s final!” she snapped imperiously. Catching sight of Celeste approaching, she barked, “Hey! You need better control of your civil servants!”
“It’s alright, sir,” Celeste directed at the unfortunate EMT. “Tikri will visit the medical bay on the Hester-Scowen.” Turning to the Hero, she went on, “Our city isn’t your mining planet. We don’t command the civil service workers. We work alongside them.”
“Foolish and inefficient,” Tikri spat. “And call me Vaise, dammit. I hate that Yorgian name.”Illustration
“Okay,” Celeste replied amicably. “You confronted the aether thief, right?”
“Aye, I confronted the damn hellgrammite. Pulled a stunner blade on me.”
“How much dust did he take?”
“Seven liters,” Vaise growled, beginning to pace in agitation. “That’s three point eight million credits of stock!”
“Your vessel has insurance, so you should get most of it back,” Celeste said reassuringly. “But I’ll try to get your stock back. Did Wraith say anything that might indicate what he’s planning?”
“Nah. Well, he kept sayin’ he didn't have an associate, but we saw the big guy on our cameras carrying out the aether. Had some device that mucked up our sensors, though, so we only got a short glimpse before he vanished from our radar. The kid—Wraith, you called him?—wasn’t smart enough to bring his own mask, I guess, though his visor had short range masking capabilities. Old tech. He seemed incompetent. Who is he? I didn’t see him on the watch list…”
“He’s new,” Celeste sighed. “Not yet on the watch list, but…” She glanced at the bloody remains of an innocent man. “I’ve been trying to get him marked by the board.”
Vaise sniffed haughtily and muttered under her breath, “Inefficient.”
Celeste quirked a corner of her mouth ruefully. “It’s politics. You make sure you get your medical bay to check up on you, alright?”
Vaise simply waved her off with brusque impatience and marched away. Celeste snorted in amusement and approached the officers documenting the scene.
“Accipitridae,” the blond-haired woman greeted formally, stepping away from her colleague. “You asked us to let you know if we saw anything unusual, and I thought you might find this to be of interest.” She held up a plastic bag between them. Inside, it contained a single glove, partially torn along its outside stitching. “We only found one. We still need to run it for prints and size, but--”
“Is there any way we can do that in our labs?” Celeste interrupted abruptly. “We would get the analysis done quicker, and I think this could be really helpful in finding the man who did this.”
The officer stammered for a second, clearly caught off guard. “I… That’s… Well, it doesn’t exactly follow our chain of custody protocols, but I suppose…”
She glanced over her shoulder and saw Carmen duck underneath the crime scene barrier. He hurried to her side, glancing at the tragic scene with genuine dismay.
“I’m glad you could make it,” she told him as he stopped next to her and the officer. “I’m certain this is Wraith, and we might have his DNA on his glove—”
“How do you know it’s him?” Carmen interrupted.
Celeste gave him a flat look.
“Okay,” he went on reasonably, “let’s just say it’s extremely likely.”
“If it is him, that would mean he’s gaining momentum. This is two deaths in just as many days--and theft of a highly regulated substance! The Council has to put him on the watch list after this! Maybe even the priority list--”
If we can prove it’s him,” Carmen tempered.
“We have his DNA,” Celeste smiled, nodding at the cop holding the evidence bag. The cop just looked between the two Heroes with uncertainty. Turning her attention back to Carmen, Celeste went on, “It will certainly help. We may even be able to find this guy and take him out before he kills any more Heroes or innocent civilians!”
Carmen sighed, studying the glove through the clear plastic. “We can’t officially run the DNA without probable cause by an evidentiary hearing. Before you say anything,” he hurried as Celeste opened her mouth to protest, “I’ve got a drinking buddy who works on this stuff for the Council. I can call in a favor and get the analysis on an unofficial basis.” As he spoke, he extended his hand for the evidence bag, and the blond woman hesitantly handed it over.
Celeste grinned triumphantly. “Fantastic. We’ll find this guy in no time. I’ll take him out myself if I have to. No one else will die by his hands!”
Dad was a small man, but he hit hard.
“When are you going to get your act together!?” my father shouted as I slammed into the wall. He grabbed my collar and shoved me back, looming over me with all his drunken fury. I cowered beneath his glare. What could a kid do against a monster?
Jabbing a finger into my chest, the liquor sloshing in the glass bottle that he held, Dad went on, “You’ve got the blood of one of the greatest Heroes who ever lived! But what good are you as a Hero’s son if you’re so weak!?”
“I’m sorry,” I whimpered, but he just backhanded me across the face again, knocking me to the ground. On my knees, I held my hands to my stinging cheek, fighting with all my might to hold back the tears and failing.
Dad sneered down at me, curling his upper lip in disdain. “You’re weak! Powerless! Useless!”
Peter lurched awake with a frantic gasp, sitting bolt upright. Something was tangled around his arms and legs--restraining him--and he flailed in blind panic. His heart palpitated against his ribcage as if trying to escape the prison of his past, and he ached all over from his father’s beating, but he struggled through the pain.
Two arms suddenly wrapped around his chest to hold him down. His father! He fought back, desperate to escape, but then he heard in his ear, “Peter, Peter, it’s okay!”
He instantly froze, blinking in the darkness. Yes, this was Delia’s apartment. With a sigh, he sank back into his pillow. The sheets were damp with sweat, but he felt cold all over. Beside him, Delia sat up.
“Was that another one of your stupid nightmares?” she asked, reaching over to turn on the lamp beside the bed.
Peter rolled over, turning his back to her.
Behind him, she went on, “Will you ever tell me about them? After all the times you’ve woken me up because of them, I still don’t know what they’re even about—”
“I don’t want to talk about it,” Peter snapped, still trembling all over.
After a moment, Delia lay back down beside him, wrapping an arm around his side. They lay silently in each other’s company for a few minutes before Delia spoke again. Her voice was soft and supplicating in his ear as she said, “You really scared me yesterday.” She hugged him closer, awakening more aches and bruises. Peter tensed with longanimity. “You were completely raddled when I found you at that park,” she continued plaintively. “I could barely even get you to the car.”
Peter closed his eyes. “I’m sorry.”
She wriggled her fingers in between his and pulled her hands over his heart, and she kissed the back of his neck. “I’m here for you, babe.”
Nestled in her arms, Peter fell asleep feeling grateful that he had decided to trust her.
Peter had been more exhausted than he had thought, for he slept soundly for almost two days, slowly recovering from his wounds. He awoke in the gray hours of the morning on Saturday, groggy but refreshed. Delia was still asleep beside him, so he quietly crawled out of bed to take a much-needed shower and change into a spare set of clothes he had left at her apartment during a previous overnight stay.
As he toweled his hair dry, he looked at himself in the foggy mirror; his dark brown hair was getting long, and his brown eyes were sunken from the beginning stages of starvation. The same words that always floated through his mind every time he saw his reflection came back to him now. Weak. Useless. Worthless. He glared at his reflection.
He had grown up doing everything he could to prove them wrong. If only he had succeeded in stealing the aether dust! It was the last thing he needed to pull his plan together! But that goddamn supervillain Naku had gotten in the way—and so effortlessly, too! How had he simply walked out of the freighter ship unharmed?
In the other room, Peter heard Delia rifling through cabinets in the small kitchenette. With a small exhalation, he pulled his eyes away from the mirror and hung up the towel. He had been nervous about asking her to come help him that night in the park. He was afraid she would leave him if she knew the extent of his ‘vigilante work,’ as she called it. But she had been so loving and supportive over the last few days. After everything he had put Delia through, Peter figured he had to repay her somehow. I’m long overdue on that day-long date she wanted, he thought with a smile, and he reached for the door.
He paused, however, his hand hovering over the doorknob. Did he really have time to waste on an outing? With his plan so disrupted after his failed aether heist, he had a lot of work to do. The only way to get dust was to buy it or steal it, and he worked on minimum wage. He had to prepare adequately if he was going to steal from the high-security processing plants that purchased the dust legally, and...
Tomorrow, he told himself firmly, turning the doorknob. It can wait until tomorrow.
The sun sat comfortably over the tops of the buildings as Delia and Peter strolled down the mall corridor together on their way to one of the many small amusement parks scattered throughout the megacity. It was a busy Saturday morning, shoppers ducking in and out of small boutiques with an exploratory air. There was a general sense of peace in the day, and Peter slowly relaxed to let himself feel it. Delia chattered on about this and that, mostly inanity that did not require Peter to participate. She looked as radiant as the sun, exuding joy and delight the likes of which Peter had never seen before. He thought he would have regretted leaving the comforting confines of a bed so soon after his battle with the Hero Vaise, just to spend a day at an amusement park he could barely afford. But seeing the happiness in her countenance, he decided that he ought to take her on dates like these more often.
Delia entwined her fingers in between Peter’s and pulled him close so that his elbow was tucked around hers. “Remember when we first met?” she asked, rubbing his arm with her free hand as she pressed joyously against him. “You said you weren’t looking for a girlfriend and would never go on walks in the park or hold hands.” Her fingers trailed along an old scar twisting toward his wrist. “Now look at us!”
“Seven months makes a big difference,” Peter said with a smile, tightening his fingers around hers. She brimmed with joy as she beamed at him.
A flash of silver on the other side of the street caught his attention. He pulled up short when he saw parked on the curb a Gallafex Z-3 magnecycle. It was just sitting there, right in the open!
His sudden halt pulled Delia back with a sharp yank, and she looked back in confusion. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
“That’s a Gallafex Z-3!” he exclaimed, taking a step closer. It was beautiful, polished to a sheen, sleek and inviting and just sitting there.
“Babe, it’s just a magnecycle!” Delia retorted. “Let’s go before the park reaches max occ!”
“Please, just five minutes,” Peter pressed, smiling back at her. “I want a closer look!”
She laughed at him, but obligingly allowed herself to be led across the street toward the gleaming vehicle. The Gallafex Z-3 was an older model, but it was still a magnificent bike. Rotating converters, transfrictional tracks, hypodronic sweep stills. Gallafex had pioneered all the top-of-the-line vehicular enhancements that flooded the market today. Even eight years past its release date, the Z-3 maintained its position in the Thursson’s Top Five ratings--and number one in Peter’s heart.
As his eyes lit up with admiration, Delia snorted, “You’re such a loser when it comes to machines.”
“Give me a break!” Peter grinned, his eyes locked onto the bike. “I’ve never seen a Z-3 in person! It’s a gorgeous model and one of the best designs even to this day. Take care of a vehicle like this and she’ll carry you for decades!”
Delia rolled her eyes, but he ignored her. Now that he was closer, he saw the drunnel chambers looked slightly askew. Bending closer, he saw that their bolt heads were actually cracked.
“Come on, babe,” Delia said, tugging his arm playfully.
“The drunnel heads are cracked,” he replied, studying the fissures.
“They’re an important part of the filtration system,” Peter explained, squinting to see if the attachment rods deeper in the engine had been affected, too. “If the owner drives this bike much longer, it’ll burn the lift stabilizers.”
The rods had been affected. One was bent slightly, pressed up against the bike’s body by the tilted position of the drunnel chambers. Reaching out a finger to point them out to Delia, he said, “These rods need to be replaced, too, or the exhaust will leak into the coolant system, and that’s an exothermic chemical reaction, which could be really dangerous. I hope the owner is aware...”
“He is,” a new voice spoke up. With a start, Peter straightened and stepped back, turning to see a man with sandy hair. He was of medium height and medium build, but he had a sharp, jutting chin, and his blue eyes were bright. He stood just a few feet away; Peter had been so engrossed in the magnecycle that he had not even heard the man approach. He took another step back, tense and nervous about how the man would feel about someone poking close to his bike.
But the corner of the stranger’s mouth was pulled into a smirk as he extended his arm for a handshake. “Name’s Tony,” he said. Peter tentatively returned his grip. “It took my regular mechanic four weeks of tests to figure out why she was running so roughly.” He gestured somewhat forlornly toward the bike, and Peter noticed an autoparts bag in his hand. He must have just bought the replacement drunnel heads. “Yet you take one look and figure it out in just ten seconds? That’s impressive.”
Delia stepped forward and clung to Peter’s arm, a coy smile on her face. “Peter’s a brilliant mechanic,” she told Tony, her voice dripping with pride. Warmth contested the nervousness coiled in Peter’s chest. He was unused to the compliments.
The man nodded amicably and asked, “A Heroes’ mechanic?”
Peter swallowed and said, “No, I just work part-time at a couple of shops. Nothing for Heroes, though.”
“Well,” Tony shrugged, raising his eyebrows, “with an eye like yours, you ought to apply for your license.”
Peter said nothing, for he really wanted nothing to do with the Heroes, but Delia eagerly piped up, “Does it pay well?”
Tony laughed heartily as he packed his shopping bag into a compartment beneath his bike’s seat. “Aye, they make a killing off of all the Heroes up in the Council. It’s not a bad gig, if you can get it.”
“I don’t have a sponsor,” Peter finally cut in, gripping Delia’s fingers hard enough that she looked up at him reproachfully. He silently willed her to keep her mouth shut.
“You don’t necessarily need one,” Tony replied lightly. “I think they open applications every two years to apprentices all across the galaxy, too.”
I can’t afford the entry fee, anyway, Peter thought, wishing the man would drop it.
Yanking her hand out of Peter’s grip, Delia told the man, “That’s wonderful news! Peter will definitely apply for it!”
“Maybe,” Peter hurriedly put in, snatching Delia’s hand again. “Uh, good luck with your bike. Don’t use synthetic lubricant for the drunnel heads. It mucks things up in the long run. Come on, Delia...”
Tony waved genially as the two strode briskly down the street. Pursing her lips, Delia huffed, “What is with you!?”
“I can’t afford to apply as a Heroes’ mechanic!” Peter hissed evasively.
“But that guy said they make a lot of money!”
“I don’t want to do it, alright?” he snapped, hating himself for stopping to check out the bike in the first place. “Will you just drop it?”
“You don’t have to be a bitch about it,” Delia snorted. Peter slowed his earnest pace and let out a long sigh.
“I’m sorry,” he grumbled. “Come on, before the park fills up.”
She hooked her arm in his, cuddling close again. Peter glanced back once, still unsettled at having been so unaware of the man’s approach while engrossed in the bike. Tony stood by his bike, smoking a cigarette and watching them leave. That nervousness crept back into Peter’s mind, and he quickened his pace infinitesimally. Illustration
Carmen strode down the quiet corridors in the Blancandrin Research Building. His friend down in forensics, Theo Dore, had served the Council for almost his entire life. The Heroes blood in the Dore family was beginning to fade, and Theo was the first one who opted out of any training, even as a sidekick. Out of respect to his family, he had been given the chance to still work for the Council. Ever since he’d been granted access to the Council, Carmen had made a concerted effort to befriend everyone who worked there, those with power and those, like Theo, who had little to no power left at all. His efforts paid off for when he needed a discrete favor, like now.
When he reached Theo’s lab, Carmen knocked quietly. The door cracked open, and Theo’s pale blue eyes peered out for a second. Upon recognizing the Hero, Theo pulled the door open and hastily waved him inside.
“Your message said it was urgent,” Carmen began.
“Yes,” Theo whispered, though it was clear there was no one else in the lab. He bustled across the cramped space toward the only workspace devoid of any clutter. “You know that glove that you sent to me last week to get a DNA sample?”
“Did you get Wraith’s DNA?” Carmen asked, reining in his enthusiasm. He would leave that to Celeste, if there was anything of note.
Theo looked up at Carmen with a timid glance. “That’s... Well, that’s why I asked you to come here discretely. I... You know my position, Carmen. I’m in the Council by the grace of the Heroes. Running this sample without due cause was illegal, and I don’t want to get mixed up in more, and... I haven’t told anyone, not a single person, and no one knows I ran the sample, and... and we’re friends, you and I, and—”
“Who is he?” Carmen asked quietly, interrupting Theo’s nervous tittering. After a brief moment of hesitation, Theo reached out toward the display panel on the desk and pulled up a digital profile. Carmen leaned close to read the cramped sans serif font.
His entire body went cold.
After a few silent minutes, he slowly straightened, his mind racing. Celeste’s persistence had not been in vain, but despite her acuity, not even she would have guessed this.
With his eyes still riveted on the screen, Carmen asked tightly, “You’re certain you’re the only person who has seen this? There are no copies of this where someone could stumble across it?”
Theo nodded emphatically. “I’m the only one who knows. I don’t want to get mixed up in Council politics, Carmen. I don’t want my name associated with any of this. I am deeply grateful for my place here even though I am powerless, and—”
“I understand, Theo,” Carmen interrupted. Slowly, resolutely, he reached out and hit the Delete option, wiping the data from existence. “This stays between us. If this information got into the wrong hands... into Celeste’s hands... Well, let’s just say she would take political advantage of it.”
“I don’t want to get mixed up in Council politics,” Theo quailed.
Carmen patted his shoulder reassuringly. Without another word, he turned and left the lab.
Peter and Delia spent the afternoon walking around Chalde Amusement Park, admiring the side shows and playing in the game stalls. At the laser gun shooting gallery, Peter managed to win Delia a stuffed penguin that was nearly as tall as she was, though he was tasked with carrying it around everywhere under his arm. As the sun neared the horizon, they strolled along the busy paths with ice cream cones. Clinging to Peter’s arm, Delia led the conversation, crooning over the blooming flowers, laughing at chittering squirrels, and otherwise allowing Peter to dwell on his own thoughts. Quite suddenly, Delia veered across him onto a gravel path.
“Oh, what a pretty garden!” she gasped, dragging him into the colorful landscaping. The path was lined with stones and flowers, and a hundred square feet of well-manicured lawn stretched out over the small hill. “I always wanted to live in a nice place with a garden,” Delia went on. “Wouldn’t you?”
“Yeah, it’s pretty,” Peter sniffed noncommittally, for he had never cared about flowers.
“Oh, it’s got a photo trellis!” Delia exclaimed, hastily darting beneath the delicate, silver arch. “Come on, come on!” she implored as she pressed her Kyp against the activation node. Peter watched her enthusiasm with a smile. Anything to make you happy, he thought, and he obligingly stepped beneath the arch and pulled her close. They both smiled up at the camera lens that protruded from its hidden stalk among the flower beds beside the gravel. When it beeped its completion, Delia stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him on the cheek.
“Now I can remember this perfect day,” she said as the picture transferred into her Kyp account. She beamed exultantly as she pulled it up on her wrist display. “And look, it didn’t get anyone in the background!” she cooed as they continued down the gravel path. “This is one of the best photo trellises I’ve ever seen!”Illustration She paused and then smirked. “Almost like the one in that park where I rescued you!” she went on coyly, elbowing him.
He could not remember there being a photo trellis there. Nonetheless, Peter snorted, “I wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘rescue,’ but...”
“Are you kidding? You were completely passed out!” Delia laughed. “You could have gotten mugged by a villain or something.” She went silent for a moment and glanced sideways at him. “You know, you still haven’t told me why you were in that park.”
Peter descried a round stone that had been dislodged from its decorative patch lining the gravel, and he toed it back among its brethren. “Long day.”
Delia pouted at him. “But what happened, baby?” she pressed. “You never tell me what happens in your life. I thought you loved me.”
That’s why I don’t tell you, Peter thought, gritting his teeth.
She stopped in the middle of the small garden, her limpid green eyes glimmering at him reproachfully. “I’m always there for you, aren’t I?” she plied. “I just worry about you, babe.”
“I told you when we met,” Peter muttered crossly, his eyes darting around for any listeners. “I said I’d never tell you everything. I do dangerous work. I’m not going to involve you in it.”
She had a sneer on her face as she replied, “You also swore you’d never fall in love.”
Peter said nothing as he turned and left the small photo garden, scowling. Frustration writhed within him as Delia’s flip-flops clapped against the steel in his wake. Her silence was the worst thing in the world. Was she mad at him? Would she leave him? He just wanted to protect her.
Or maybe I don’t really trust her as much as I thought, a small voice wriggled in the back of his mind. A pang of guilt seized him at the idea. He had trusted her before—why could he not trust her with this? Was it unfair to keep her in the dark even if he demanded her help and support?
If it keeps her safe, he decided, though doubt weighed on him.
They had just exited the park’s gates when Delia spoke up again. With no segue, she huffed, “I think it’s absolutely cruel that you would lie to me every day by not telling me what you do!”
Peter stopped up short and spun to face her. “Lie?” he protested. He had made pains to do quite the opposite!
Her face scrunched up as her cheeks turned red. “I have loved you and trusted you up to now, but... but...” She suddenly sniffed, tears welling up in her emerald eyes, and she turned away so that a curtain of red hair hid her face. “You don’t trust me. You don’t love me!”
“Delia, I—” Peter hastily looked around at the other park-goers slowly trickling out, and he lowered his voice. “When I asked for your help a few days ago—I trusted you with that! And you know I’m... working toward a... goal.” He stammered, his heart hammering against his ribcage. He did not trust her! Never had it pained him so, but he did not trust her! Gritting his teeth, he pressed, “And I do love you! I do!”
Her shoulders began to shake as she started weeping, and Peter’s soul keened in anguish. “You don’t!” she cried, drawing a few eyes. “If you did, you would tell me everything!”
“Delia,” Peter whispered, grasping her hand in his, “I love you more than anyone in the Nine Hundred Galaxies. But I can’t tell you everything... I... I don’t want to put you in harm’s way. Please, I need you to understand.”
She turned her tear-stained face up to him, her eyes big and watery. “If you love me, you won’t keep secrets from me. But if you can’t be open with me, I can’t... I don’t think I can keep this up.” With a sob, she yanked her hand out of his grip and walked away.
The sudden, familiar desolation of abandonment reared up inside of Peter like a black wave before he managed to quell it with anger. Spinning, he caught up with Delia and hissed, “I told you I love you. I bend over backwards to make you happy. I even went on this stupid date with you! Why can’t I have this one thing for myself!?”
“You clearly don’t know how relationships work, do you?” she huffed with a bit more composure, dabbing at her eyes with her sleeve. “Both parties must always be open and honest. If you can’t tell me what you’re actually doing, then for all I know, you’re doing other women.”
“I’m not cheating on you!” Peter snapped, drawing a few eyes again. He lowered his voice to a growl as the two of them continued down the cramped streets of the Chaldean sector. “You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, Delia. I don’t love anyone else—I don’t even like anyone else. Just you. What do I have to do to make you believe that?”
She lifted her chin and declared intransigently, “You could tell me everything. And if you can’t, I’m leaving.”
Peter stepped in front of her to force her to stop. “You would leave?” he snapped in disbelief. “Just like that?”
Tears began to fill her eyes again, but her face was set as she nodded resolutely. She said not another word as she stepped around him and continued down the street.
Peter stood where he was, the giant stuffed penguin still under his arm. His anger began to wilt before his fear. Delia did not even look back as she strode down the street. She would really leave him? This whole time, he thought she would leave if she knew what his ultimate goals were—she still might. But if he did not tell her, she would leave anyway.
He felt torn in two. He had lost, either way. But one way still gave him a chance.
He spun and ran after Delia, ignoring the muttered curses in his wake as people had to dodge out of the way. When he caught up, he grabbed her hand again, pulling her around to face him.
“I love you,” he pressed. “And I’ll tell you everything. Just not out here.” He gestured to the busy mall street that they had been strolling down earlier that morning. “I’ll tell you everything when we get home,” he promised, squeezing her fingers imploringly. “I swear. Anything you want to know. Just please don’t leave.”
That angelic smile lit her face again, and everything was right with the world once more.
Chapter 2.2
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