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2020.09.02 18:59 MansA2Sepl Pop-ular Bbw- F-at As-s Po-rn Ph

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2020.07.04 21:35 fatlovingfeeder Looking for a feedee partner

I'm a cisgender male, mostly heterosexual, polyamorous (with one partner currently, not into feedism), and in Southern Arizona.
I'm Heathen.
I'm currently unemployed, but attending school. Will have a pharmacy tech job at some point after March 2021.
I'm 31 (born in '89), and won't date younger than 21.
And most significantly here, I'm a feedeencourager. I'm happy with a partner getting to any size, as long as they're happy with how big they are. My ideal goal for a feedee is somewhere in the 600lbs to 800lbs range and still partially mobile at least.
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2020.05.29 04:48 ThrowRA_PT_Katz REPOST & UPDATE: I (27/F) think my boyfriend (33/M) is a chubby chaser and trying to make me a feedee

Found my post was locked due to not using a throaway account. I want to thank everyone for their helpful advice. I decided to sit down with my boyfriend and confront him on this issue. I started clearly that I was going to join a gym and that I wanted to eat healthier because I've been feeling so out of shape since the pandemic started.
Well, at first he didn't try to start a fight with me or anything, but he kept trying to dissuade me from the idea. Then he went on to cook a massive lasagne. I only eat a little bit and told him it was delicious, but that I really need to start looking after my health. After not finishing my dinner, he became very distant and quiet towards me all day today.
I hate to be confrontational, but if he truly loved me, he would support me no matter what isn't it? What do you guys suggest I say to him next?

I met my boyfriend about a year ago. He works as a web developer and I met him on Tinder. Although we met online, he seemed like an amazing guy and seemed to really love me. Our first date was at Old Country Buffet. I didn't think much of it at first because I love going there too, but I do remember he kept trying to get me to eat more. We moved in together in January and that's when I began noticing things were a bit off.

I was never thin to begin with. I was a size 9 when I first started dating him, but over the months, my pants have started getting tighter and tighter. In fact some close friends of mine thought I was pregnant! But looking back, it seems every date we have involves him trying to get me to eat more. He would buy me dessert even when I never asked for it. He would buy me a large ice cream on afternoon dates even when I wasn't feeling up for it.

When we moved in together, he would always want to be the chef and would always cook me up something quite heavy. I never complained since I love eating and I love some good food, but thinking back, it was never healthy stuff. Burgers, home made pizzas, etc.

I've already tried to refuse eating or not finish my plate, but he's always so pushy! Recently I stumbled upon his browser history and it's all about feedee porn and feederism. I'm beginning to worry he doesn't respect me for who I am but just wants me to be his fetish object. I'm beginning to wonder if I should I continue this relationship or break it off. What do you guys think?
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2020.03.04 20:15 Mayk-YuFatter My Girlfriend Got So Fat That We "Introduced" Her To My Parents

The title says it all, really. My girlfriend and I met when she was quite skinny, but I didn't hold that against her (LOL). We dated for a while and eventually she met my parents (who live pretty far away, so I can't see them very often). We both thought that they got along quite well, at the time.
She saw them a couple of times, but then...
She started not fitting in her clothes quite so well and I admitted that it was probably my fault, being a fat admirer (someone who prefers fat people) and a feeder (someone who gets horny from feeding people or watching people eat a lot, especially if the people in question are trying to get fat). I'd probably fattened her up by encouraging her to eat more, never intending it to go this far. But... She admitted to being a feedee (a person who gets turned on by eating a lot, being fat, and getting fatter,) saying that she had been slowly gaining weight while she was with me, dreading me saying anything to stop it. Since I'm a feeder and she's a feedee, once it was out in the open, we started actually trying to fatten her up. She got very fat, very fast, actually.
Eventually, I decided it was time to visit my parents again, and this time it happened to coincide with her having time off from work and we went down together. After only a couple of hours, my mom started saying telling my girlfriend how happy she was that I'd found someone new and she went on a long rant about my 'last' girlfriend. It took me an embarrassingly long-time to realise that she was talking about my current girlfriend, and that she honestly didn't recognise her now that she was fat. My girlfriend wanted to just ignore the insults my mom had to say about her when she was thin and accept the compliment that she had for my 'new' fat girlfriend, so I didn't say anything.
We've been back to visit several times, now. My girlfriend is always noticably fatter than last time, although I suppose she never looked quite so different as the first time she met my mom when it is compared with the second time she met my mom. My mom still has no idea that the skinny woman I brought that first time was the same woman.
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2020.01.26 11:30 Big-Guy-Gut12 Dating Apps/Sites. Anyone have good experience with Hinge?

From what I can gather from a few minutes research, while maybe its not specifically made for feedism or feeders/feedees, Hinge looks to be populated with a very high percentage of average fatties. Anyone have any luck with using it to get dates or find a partner, or even have any experiences at all using Hinge?
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2019.11.14 05:10 M1mo-chan I'm a bisexual female feeder and people find it odd and abnormal.

(Sorry if the formating is off, I'm on mobile)
Im a 22 year old woman who happens to be a feeder. When I ever to feedefeedee sites it's always male feeder and female feedee and I can't find someone who's either a male feedee or a gay/bi female feedee. I know me writting this might cost some problems but I'm not going to go NSFW. But the thing is that not many people understand the normal idea of feederism let alone the idea of a female feeder. I have an ask reddit post for people to ask to get more info but right now I'm just venting. I've discovered this fetish about 6 years ago but it didn't became a problem until I hit the dating scene 2 years ago. I hope writing this could inspire others to open up of this idea or at least get people to ask and/or talk.
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2019.07.04 23:52 Thrizzowaweigh [21m] I feel like my sexual preference/fetish is inhibiting my ability to form relationships.

I’m a feeder. I’m into overweight women, ranging from slightly overweight to ~400lbs, and encouraging and supporting them to put on weight (up to a “reasonable” point).
I don’t know whether I can be properly satisfied in a relationship unless I’m with a feedee, i.e. someone into the receiving end of this. Trouble is, I don’t live in a big city and a person like this is obviously difficult to find. I’ve only ever messaged one person who explicitly stated she’d be interested, but she stopped returning my texts (I wasn’t acting weird or anything, she just stopped texting back).
There is Feabie, a social network/dating site for people like me, but I can’t have a profile with a face picture on it because I am trying to get involved in public life in my home country - if I gained a substantive public profile, and then was exposed as being on what some may view as a weird fetish site, it would obviously be pretty devastating. On the flip side, the Feabie community frowns upon who doesn’t have a face pic and is extremely abusive to anyone who speaks out, even though I have a perfectly good reason not to have one, and the few local women on there will not respond to messages from people without profile pics anyway. The only other potential way I had of finding a feedee was through Craigslist Personals, which has now obviously been shut down. And meeting people conventionally, revealing what I’m into and asking if they’d be interested in it is a non-starter - there are few people interested. (I’d never force this on anyone against their consent, obviously.)
My most recent relationship ended 3.5 years ago, it lasted a year and a couple of months. It ended because she lost 4 stone (56lbs) and I decided I wasn’t physically attracted to her any more. Close friends at the time told me it was a shitty thing to do, but I was adamant that I could not stay in a relationship with someone I wasn’t attracted to, and that she didn’t deserve that. I fear if I get into another relationship, this will happen again.
Sometimes I think I’d be fine to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t a feedee, or at least isn’t losing weight. Other times, I worry if I committed to such a relationship, I’d either end up marrying her and living out my life without ever getting the chance to completely fulfil my sexual fantasies, or go through another fractious break-up as before. Honestly, I could take someone not being a feedee, but even if they’re big enough that I’d be interested, they can always decide to lose weight and that puts me in yet another quandary where I risk looking like a dick and causing her hurt. The indecision is getting to the point I can’t make any progress when I’m dating a girl, because I end up backing out from committing and alienating her.
In principle the easiest way out I can see is figure out some way to find a feedee. But beyond that, I am plagued by uncertainty and indecision.
Advice appreciated. I am sorry if this comes across unusual or weird, or makes me sound in any way like I am obsessive or unreasonable.
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2019.06.15 07:07 GreatEntertainment5 A Very Honest and Emotional Text Wall

So I actually just wrote this text wall for a profile on a dating site for my fetish (Feabie), but I felt proud of how honest it was and felt like sharing it around reddit on appropriate subs. c:
I don't even care about making friends, I mean, who the hell could relate to any of this?? If you can, I truly feel for you from the bottom of my soul. Really, I just wanted to tell the more emotional side of my life story and if anyone is moved by it even a little, I'm satisfied with that. Of course, I'm a friendless heathen too, so by all means, message me if you aren't totally scared off afterwards!
Without further ado, here it is~

"In regards to my gender, I consider myself both bigenderfluid and versandrogyne. There are times when I feel and act extremely feminine, extremely masculine, and various combinations of both. I don't feel dysphoria and I don't give a shit about pronouns. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think gender itself is overrated and has gotten all over-complicated and I only use the labels I do to try and explain myself to people.
I only mention it at all since I know a lot of dudes want some typical submissive feminine waifu girl, and I'm not that.

Let's see... I've been through a personal living hell the past 10 years, what can I say? Shitty circumstances and one wrong move can end easily end up in death in our garbage capitalist society. If you can afford to be self-sufficient in any way, for the love of all that is holy and not, don't take it for granted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I try not to be too bitter about it, though, no sense in being a useless jaded person who sits around and bitches about the unfairness of the world as it burns around them. Don't move forward, and get burned in the flames along with it.
I'm a "chaotic" type - I'd sooner murder everyone in charge and watch people scramble around and try to sort out a new world order than to try and negotiate with the slave masters for better terms of our enslavement to them. And you'd damn bet I'd have the biggest grin while doing it! Nothing is more beautiful than true freedom, people are going to kill each other and fight either way. Maybe they'll learn to get along one day~

Yeah, I don't post much on the Internet. People tend to get quite upset when I do.

Anyway, this isn't why you're here, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You're ready for me to talk some sexy kink talk, hm~?
Well, with feedism, I've been into it since I can first remember. I ate my fucking heart out all the time starting from childhood and loved it, even despite being fat for just as long as a result. Then it stopped being fun when my parents died when I was 18 from type-2 diabetes, since they, too, ate their hearts out for my whole life and long before that. And of course, my family are all middle-class white people who don't give a flying shit about family members so long as they themselves are perfectly well off, so I was pretty much out on the streets with a little pocket change from the life insurance.
Oops, did I kill your boner? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So yeah, I used to identify as a feedee. And for years I just shoved pizza and soda down my throat despite being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes too, because why the fuck would I care if I died? I lost my shitty parents who never gave much of a fuck about me even when they were alive. I lost my ability to go to college and actually get a degree in anything worthwhile like the original Well Off White Person™ I had been born as. I moved in with my best friend states away who just proceeded to kick me out a month later for no reason and donated all my shit away. And then, to top it all off, I got into a relationship with someone who seemed genuinely awesome when we first met and moved in with me and like exactly my type, only to turn out to want to change their sex and be a stereotypical bimbo bitch. And while even back then I was alright with being with a girl, that sure as fuck isn't my type.
But we wasted all my money before I could back out, and since neither of us were self-sufficient and I had no parents but she did, I was shit out of luck and stuck with her for 4 years. My emotional state was a fucking joke during that whole time. Scratch that, my emotional state has been a fucking joke my whole life. Aloof parents who didn't give a fuck, and my own social struggles that led to being isolated for my entire life until then, except for a few online friends. But boy, did it fall to the lowest depths of the abyssal hell at that point. That was when I started shoving pizza and soda down my throat in lieu of drugs and alcohol. Gained a ton more weight, and ended up having blood pressure so fucking high that I could've had a heart attack at any point... at age 19.
And the person I was with (I already could only see her as a friend but kept that to myself for my own survival), all she could do was beg for my attention 24/7, when I just needed to be left the fuck alone to process all of the shit that had happened in the last year... the last few years... my whole damn life. I became a beast that needed to be caged up so that my hurt-fueled rage could not destroy any innocent bystanders. I've always felt that I could easily kill someone if they pushed me just a tad too far... but during that time, I would have fucking enjoyed it, whether they even deserved it or not. I didn't end up killing anyone, as close as I came on many occasions. But, I did unleash my demon on my partner. Yeah, that's right, I abused her for a time. And guess what? In the moment, I fucking enjoyed it. Because I could finally fucking share my pain and emotions with someone. At one point, I was slamming a door on her head so damn hard and I can't say I wasn't trying to kill her in the moment. Do you know why? Because my heart and soul was screaming out for the pain to stop, to be saved, and she was not curing me despite saying she could over and over. And then, 2 years later, it finally calmed down. Then, there was nothing. I felt nothing, not even my own fucking existence. I did not feel alive, I couldn't tell at any given moment if I truly was here, in this world. There were countless times when I would have to just go outside and touch something just to be certain I still had a physical body at all. All I had were memories, emptiness, and vague semblances of despair and regret from said memories. So I buried myself further in my isolation. Outside of my "partner," I had no friends at all, not even the online ones I usually used to have. And that was the only way I felt I could be at the time. I did not want to hurt, nor be hurt in return by someone. Opening my heart to anyone? What a joke! I couldn't do that even before everything went to shit!
And for years, I wallowed in my isolation and nothingness, floating in an abyssal sea of my own soul, shattered into millions of pieces all around me, though it's form before then was broken, too.
Eventually, I found myself screaming to be free of the chains I had bound myself to, of the resignation for death and failure I had assigned for myself. And finally, something within me answered. And like a wild beast in its own right it shattered the chains around us and we escaped the toxic and awful living situation that being with my "partner" had turned into, with her having become an abuser to me.

And though I escaped that, I just ended up moving in with some piece of shit who kicked me out the day after I broke an arm and caused me to be homeless for a while, then the next person I stayed with was a pervert who told me to leave after I told him not to grope my boobs.
And then I finally ended up in my current situation which I FINALLY thought would be stable after 10 years of instability at every turn, only for my new "partner" to be an apathetic piece of shit with no love or care in their heart to be found.

Why are we here, as humans, and what is the point for our suffering?
That, I don't know.
But the suffering doesn't have to be like this - mindless and empty, guided by mere luck and chance, and twisted egos.
I used to be an extreme white-lighter who wished for the destruction of everyone's egos entirely to get rid of all sin and suffering. But now... I say, let all be free. But let there be no deception, masks, or lies.
If there must be suffering, then let it be of truth, and of purpose.
Let monsters become so not out of a lack of love in the world, but if that is what they are truly meant to be.
All that exists has purpose, but it must be true to itself.

As for me, the future has never been as uncertain as it is now, nor my predictions for it so bleak.
Right now? I want to get a CDL and become a national truck driver and never live with anyone else ever again, and deal with people the least amount that I can. I don't need to rent an apartment or have a home for the 1 week per month I'd be off... I'll live in a damn hotel wherever I end up and be pleased with that.
I just can't deal with people who aren't true to themselves and are fully honest about who they are and what they want. Not knowing is one thing, but to know and to hide behind masks of deception in order to underhandedly get what you want is unsightly.
And is that what I want? To live isolated and be on the road forever?
No, and that future troubles me greatly.

When I was younger, I used to dream of true love and finding my soul mate during this life. I had such pure hope and intentions in my heart... I just wanted to share love and do my best to help my partner be happy.
And I still wonder... where the fuck... how the hell... did all go so terribly wrong?
At what point did the thoughts that used to fill my heart with hope and help me continue on, turn into things that tortured me and pointed a light towards the shattered remains of my soul?
My life was always full of isolation and misery, it was true... but before it all went to shit, I fought onwards, hoping for a better future in which true and pure love would be found. I had met many suitors back then, but none of them quite fit. They were all... missing something. Ambition? Confidence? Warmth? I could never quite figure out what exactly it was, but they did not fill the hole I was seeking to fill, and thus I brushed them aside.

More recently, I looked in the mirror one day. What I saw was a dark, monstrous-like being with countless scars and blades sticking out from every direction. I knew the depths of the pain it was in... of course I did, because I was looking at me. It had been neglected by everyone, but... most of all, and most importantly, by the one it needed the most. It no longer screamed, no longer tried to hurt anyone... it simply stood there and shouldered the burden of the pain alone. It had long forgotten how to cry.
Usually, I would ignore that creature, or get angry at it and curse its existence.
But, that day, I felt like doing something different. Looking upon its form, I felt something stirring within my shattered heart.
I wrapped my arms around it, and pulled it into me gently. I held it for a long, long time, and at last I told it, "I love you." And then the scars, the blades lodged into its skin, they just stung rather than being unbearable. I then took its hand, and that was when we started walking forward together.

Its been over a year since then... and still, my soul remains in a shattered state, though some of the pieces have been glued together. The void that I originally wished for my soulmate to fill has been filled, but still, something is missing. I still have yet to find the pure and true love that I sought when I was younger. Half of me has long since given up on such a person existing, much less being able to find them after all that has transpired. Half of me still hopes that somewhere, someone I can share that love with really does exist. I want to hold someone the same way I held my demon.

I still struggle, fighting and bleeding and having to re-ignite the fire of my soul over and over in order to take even the smallest step forward. Things have been broken in me that even I myself seem unable to heal. I am never certain that I'm going to live much longer, due to both my situation and how worn down my heart and soul are. I'm often still not sure if I'm alive. I look at the date and don't believe the numbers I see. Perhaps a part of me will always be back in summer 2013, driving hundreds of miles on the highway at night in order to find something... anything, that I felt was missing from my life. I had hoped so hard that I would run into my soulmate on those trips.
I miss having a car, and driving those hundreds of miles in the middle of the night.
I miss wading around in the neighborhood pool as a child while the summer sunlight shone through the water like crystals floating on its surface.
I miss walking around the farms near my grandmas house when I was a child, the smell of cow shit permeating the air.
I miss a lot of things. Luckily I believe in reincarnation, so if I die even after I've fought so hard, then maybe I can still experience it all again next time.
And maybe I won't be such an idiot next time... maybe I can love myself even when I've fallen apart, so that I won't make terrible mistakes that will lead to my death again.

For now, my shattered form, bleeding still from the wounds of old, continues to try and fight towards a path forward, the best that I can right now.
Once I can muster up the strength to take on a second job... then I can save for the schooling, and then be self-sufficient. Then I won't have to rely on people who will just screw me over, anymore.
Even if I live in complete isolation... even if I can never find more than 1 or 2 friends who can ever understand a single word I say... even if I'm too afraid and wary to speak even to them... that will still be more peace than I have felt for my entire life. Part of me truly wants that... to just be alone with my pain, my demons, my shattered self, and to spend every day just holding it gently and trying to glue it back together without anyone to interfere and break my peace.

But... even still... I think of the young girl of the past, who wished to find and share true love with all of her heart. I wish I could tell her... that the greatest void she felt was caused by her rejecting herself, being afraid of her own darkness. I wish I could hold her, and tell her that it will all be okay if she just faces the mirror and hugs what she sees...
The damage has been done, and I now walk along a path that I never wished for, that I cannot be proud of how I came to, and that I am not certain will allow me to live.
But, even so... no matter what happens... I hope that the wish of that girl comes true.
The broken me of now that walks forward with my demons with every last ounce of strength I can muster despite all the scars and the bleeding.... perhaps I struggle too much with people, still. I'd worry if I still have it within me to share true love with the right person, if they ever do show up.
But, for the young girl, still weak, still afraid of facing the pain within her, who truly wished to share love with all of her soul... I believe she deserves for that wish to come true.
So, for her sake alone, I pray it does.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting to write all of that... but I'm glad I did. It just all started flowing out, and I couldn't stop it. I apologize that it isn't conventionally "fitting" of a dating site, but there it is. I'm not sure I would even want to replace it with anything else, because that's the most honest profile I've ever written.

Ah, right... the bottom line you are all here for.
Fetish stuff.
Well, first of all, I don't give a shit about whatever fetish I or you have if we don't have a seriously deep connection regardless.
But, if we do, I do enjoy being a feeder and fattening people up if they won't die from it.
I've decided not to be a feedee and I'm actually working on losing weight for health and personal reasons. But my diet allows me to eat a lot of meat, so I have no issues with eating a ton of what I can have sometimes~

I probably won't check Feabie much, I never get any good messages on here... most are from fuckboys and the like.
If you want to talk, feel free to message me on these places:
Discord: Aria#9245
Skype: vhaagar
E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) "

If you would like to talk, I much prefer the contact methods listed above, since I barely ever go on reddit.
And if you read the entire text wall, you know my emotional state, so don't expect much. ^^;
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2019.06.05 23:33 SpiritualCandy0 I killed my wife because I'm addicted to morbid obesity

I've already posted my disturbing story elsewhere, but I figured out it's more like a confession than anything else... I want to preserve it publicly so it can haunt me forever...

This august it will be two years since I'm alone and it's completely my fault.
I've been attracted to obese women since I can remember. In primary school, I used to fantasize about girls from my class getting fatter, bigger and heavier. It wasn't sexual though, I realized this is some kind of fetish years later. It's called feederism to be precise, and in general the person who enjoys fattening others is called a feeder, while a person who enjoys being fattened is called a feedee. I was slightly disgusted by myself back then, but when I found out about other people with this fetish I kinda accepted it ("I'm not the only one so maybe it's not that bad"). Another years have passed, I moved out, started university, got a job, etc. I also went through few relationships, which wasn't easy cause I always wanted to be honest and say "I'm different" in advance. But finally I met her, the perfect one. We seemed like a long lost friends, and yes, she was already obese. Even better for me, she not only fully accepted my oddity but also was willing to "gain a little more weight" if that's important for me. Long story short, we eventually got married.
That's probably when I lost control, I started to manipulate her. I encouraged, begged, threatened, everything only to push her into morbid addiction to food. Of course it took some time, but I was so immensely happy when she reached 300 pounds, then 400... It was clear to me that she no longer can control her eating, but I still wasn't satisfied, irrational voice of fear arose in my head. I saw her fat-struggles every day and was terribly afraid she will want to lose weight. Of course I couldn't let that happen, so I did everything to limit her physical activity and increase calorie intake. The last step was funnel feeding. Thick weight gain shake poured straight into her mouth through a funnel with a tube. At that point she wanted to stop it. But when she finally realized what's going to happen it was already too late. I made her so fat that her legs couldn't support her weight. It took me only a few more weeks to make her completely and totally bedridden, fully dependent on me.
The downward spiral continued. I don't know if the point of my satisfaction even existed. I ordered the bed frame able to withstand 1100 lbs. In my imagination my wife was basically turning into a mountain of fat, barely resembling a human, and that dream image was slowly becoming a reality. But one day it turned out it was just too much, her heart gave up, crushed under folds of fat. Suddenly I felt wonderful, like I got a lifetime achievement. I had a manic grin on my face when firefighters were removing her body from the house. What really happened only struck me the next day. I needed the whole day to realize my wife is gone forever and I'm responsible for that. I deeply hate myself for that. After a while, I tried to get over it, to try get mental help and change myself. After half-year therapy I actually felt like I changed and can "overwrite" the past with the present. I tried to pretend I'm normal and started dating again, but no, skinny women still don't attract me at all. Twisted fantasies about making them awfully obese also aren't gone and nothing seems to be able to change it. The last one I met few months ago still probably have no idea why in the middle of a "date" I went to the bathroom and never came back. My sick brain brain showed me her as a fat blob laying in bed. I don't want to hurt anyone again. I know I'm a monster and living alone with my memories will be a punishment till the end of my days.
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2015.10.14 04:50 anon00001123 I want to be fat... but I don't.

Every time I eat so much and I get stuffed, I just feel like I want to get fat. I'm not even that big of a guy, but I've always had a fascination with fat and getting/being fat.
I'm almost 19, and I've "struggled" with this my entire life on and off. I don't constantly think about it, but when I do its like: would I really do it? With this though, I've always been attracted to bigger girls and would really want to date one. I don't care who I date or who eventually becomes my wife, fat or thin, but a part of me hopes she's big. Even though dating is really on my mind at the immediate time, I would always be open to the idea. And I would want to feed you. I'm would want to be the feeder and you the feedee. I want to see your belly grow and mine a little bit too. I want you to want to be that big and want to get even bigger. But at the same time, I feel like I would want to get fat right along side you.
This would be such a shock to my Christian parents. If they knew I don't even know how'd they react. It's a scary thought really. I don't want to tell them. I don't want them to know. But if you did know... would you accept me? Would you except me and my (hopefully) fatter girlfriend/wife? I do know the risks of being fat and etc. Honestly I don't care. That's how I would want to live my life.
Would you be open to me gaining weight? And me wanting to gain weight? Or how about me making my girlfriend fat? Making her eat and eat? I will never be open about this with you, but would you except me for having these fantasies?
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2015.09.01 05:29 whoops_theregoesmy My [24 F] first date with [27 M]; we're compatible but our kinks are not

I met a guy on OKCupid and talked to him a little bit online this summer. It was hard to tell from his pics if I found him attractive so I was starting to pull away but eventually he posted a new picture that I liked so I asked him out.
We met for drinks and the date was pretty great. Conversation came easily and we found we have a good amount in common and almost started talking almost like we were already dating, about the places we should travel together and things like that. We have the same job in different industries so there was a lot to share, and I find his industry very interesting (with no desire to be in it). I found him to be interesting and attractive. Definitely thought it was the start of something good.
One thing led to another and we head back to his place. We start hooking up and he gives me a heads up that he's kinky. I was intrigued because I consider myself kinky (though more on that later) and I was interested to know what he was into. He mentioned wanting to be my slave or my "sissy" and I was intrigued bc I do have a fantasy of dominating a guy (though I really didn't think through what the title of sissy would mean). I told him I had only subbed before (years ago) but I was interested. He basically said, "Let's explore" so explore we did.
But in exploring, I discovered/was reminded that I'm not really into certain things but that didn't stop me from indulging him for the most part. While talking, he mentioned Feederism (him being the feedee) but I turned that down immediately since it's not something I have any interest in whatsoever. Then he talked about latex and he really wanted a full body suit with inflatable boobs (which he showed me online). It eventually became clear that he wanted to dress like a girl so I ordered him to put my panties, bra and dress on and he loved it. I have a go-with-the-flow kind of nature and it was amusing/fun to see, especially since it must have been the first time he had done it (he didn't own anything relating to his fetishes) but I wasn't turned on in the least. He kept saying "We have so much in common! I can't believe we found each other!" and I didn't really say much since that was awkward.
Afterwards, I had the realization that I basically led him on. Like I've overstated in this post, I'm not into most of what happened but, since I am open-minded and have no moral or other objections to his kinks, I didn't have a problem with what we were doing. As far as the fantasy I have of dominating a guy, this wasn't it. I'm really into the idea of dominating men who aren't at all feminine and don't want to be. We did indulge my "sub" side a bit that night but I wasn't super into it and honestly, I feel like I've grown out of that kink for the most part (something I've come to realize before this encounter). I'm definitely on the vanilla side of the spectrum and I'm at the point where I want to have fulfilling vanilla sex with someone I really care about. I could just tell that he was at the beginning of exploring this stuff, when I more or less have done enough to have a solid understanding of what turns me on/off.
Anyway, my instinct should be to simply fade due to the awkwardness of the whole situation but we've been texting here and there since the date and for some reason I just don't want to. I have a hard time dating in my city and I really thought we hit it off during the date portion of the night. Even if I were to say that I don't think we should see each other, I would want to offer an explanation (I know I don't have to).
I would feel terrible about fading on him. I'm nervous to get together with him because I'm afraid that he expects that I'm into all those things. But I did really like him on the date. I feel like it's worth finding out if the kink is something he needs to have indulged or if he's willing to put it on the backburner (I'm not 100% opposed to indulging it once in a blue moon but I don't want him to think I'm into it all the time).
Part of my hesitation to just drop him is that, when I was 18, I was in a similar situation where I encouraged a male friend reveal a similar kink to me (he liked to wear ladies stockings) and I told him it wasn't weird (this was actually a miscommunication...I thought he was telling me he liked MY stockings, not that he wanted to wear his own). It was literally my first sexual experience and I had no idea what to do so I went along with it. Afterwards, I ended up treating him like shit and ignoring him and I have always regretted it since I imagine it really hurt him. I would expect this guy is in a similar situation, where he might be ashamed of his kink and my rejection or telling him that I'm not turned on by it will not go over well.
Should I even try to explain to this OKC guy that I like him but I don't like THAT?
tl;dr: Met a guy on OKCupid, had a great date which turned into a hook up where I basically led him on by indulging his kink for wearing ladies clothes even though it doesn't turn me on. Torn about whether to fade on him or to communicate my feelings.
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2015.05.29 01:17 bbwfeedee I am a feedee and 320lbs heavy woman. I dated an 130lbs feeder guy. We live together for a month now

My boyfriend did an AMA today. It's my turn now.
I am going to sleep soon. Just ask, I will get up tomorrow extra early to answer all your questions.
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2015.05.28 19:42 bbwfeeder I am a feeder, and I have a relationship with a beautiful morbidly obese girl, a feedee. AMA.

At first, be both really enjoy what we are doing. We don't do it if we don't like it.
We met each other a couple weeks ago via the internet. We found out we lived not far from each other. We planned a date, and we loved each other since the first minute we met. :-)
We are now in our early twenties and both studying at a different Uni in the same city. We are both 5"10 long, 24 years old, but I am 129lbs and she is 320lbs. She don't want to weight more than 400lbs, to not lose mobility. She wants to be able to walk for 30 minutes without a small stop.
Last week, we did some force feeding with a funnel, which we did really enjoy. She wants to become fatter in the future, but she wants to limit it a bit to keep mobility and do everything that she wants. So we keep that strictly limited. So far, she don't have any health problems, luckily (Although I'm a little bit afraid of the future.). After she will reach 400lbs I will probably switch to vegetables.
So, let's AMA!
A picture of a very sexy girl in my opinion (not my girlfriend, this is Foxy Roxxie, a model)
Edit: My girlfriend is now also doing an AMA, https://www.reddit.com/casualiama/comments/37nkm1/i_am_a_feedee_and_320lbs_heavy_woman_i_dated_an/
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2015.04.25 23:05 durbinsa Dating and being fetishized...

I am a big guy. I've worked on it for a few months now and have lost around 40 lbs. I have finally had the confidence to start dating after breaking up with my ex. However, whenever I go on dates, people mistake me for a feedee/gainer. If you are not familiar with this term, there are groups of people who try to gain as much weight as they can. There's even a dating website for this, Grommr. I get extremely uncomfortable on these dates and I've even been called "fatty," "fatass," "lard," etc. on these dates as if it was my first name. One date I went on ended with them saying, "Wear blue, it makes you look wider."
How do I get away from this fetishizing? Or would you just consider this to be somebody's "type?" Is this common with other members of the queer community?
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2014.12.12 14:21 thr0wawaypervert I have a bizarre fetish

At least fetish is what my research has indicated it most likely is, though I haven't managed to find a single other person who shares it. Fetishes are apparently much more common in males than females too, and I'm female.
I lost my virginity at 13 but didn't have my first orgasm until 19, and then it was through solitary masturbation, not sex, and the first time I had attempted masturbating, had no idea how to even start before that. At the time I was dating an alcoholic, and I fantasized about him drinking a lot while masturbating. Of course I enjoyed the orgasm but felt weird having thought about something not even related to sex to achieve it. I tried looking at porn and thinking about all kinds of sex-related stuff but never could come close to an orgasm again for quite awhile, until I again started thinking about an alcoholic drinking.
For the next several years I only masturbated rarely, because I still didn't really know how to do it very well and the things I had to think about to have an orgasm disturbed me. Eventually I got over the embarrassment and confusion enough to masturbate regularly and started being able to have mind-blowing orgasms, and series of them to the point I'd be exhausted afterward. I still only ever did it alone though, because if someone were having sex with me it distracted me too much from what I needed to focus on. I've had sex with, well, way too many people (had wild partying years in my teens and 20s, have calmed way down with only several additional sex partners since then, in my early 40s now) and on a very few occasions have been able to masturbate and orgasm during sex, while thinking about something completely different than what was actually going on. I haven't told any of my sex partners what it takes for me to have an orgasm, only that it's difficult, all in my head and if I don't have one it's absolutely not their fault. I have told a few people online, only after they begged to know and promised they wouldn't think it was weird, but then without exception they did either think it was weird and/or didn't understand it at all.
So I'll try to explain here. It's not just alcoholics/drinking, though that remains one of my favorite fantasies to use for orgasms. It seems to be an "addiction" fetish. I can think about a wide variety of substances and behaviors which are harmful in excess and can be addictive. It's not a turn on to me if the person I'm fantasizing about can control their behavior, only if they can't, and especially if they repeatedly try and fail to stop or cut down, and if it seriously disrupts their lives and health, though I've never fantasized about anyone dying of addiction/overdose. I have tried many drugs, been addicted to a few but was able to break the habits. Now I only drink rarely, use prescription pills to relax and get high occasionally and marijuana regularly, for which I have a medical card. Interestingly, I have never been able to have an orgasm thinking about marijuana "abuse" I think because I don't think of it as a potentially harmful drug, or at least not harmful enough. I can think about myself or other people using drugs I've never even tried though, like heroin, and have orgasms that way. Though I'm heterosexual, my orgasm fantasies can involve just me, me and another person or just another person/other people who can be male or female, though I have no desire for any sexual relation with another female. I'd like to stay single forever actually, especially since I'm only really attracted to people who are addicted to something and messing their lives up over it which doesn't make for a good relationship outside of sex.
The closest things I've found online to what turns me on are feedefeedee/weight gain/food addiction scenarios, and some people, again almost all male, are turned on by drunk people though with them it seems to be related to being able to more easily take advantage of them or have sex with someone who's passed out which I'm not into. I don't think about sex at all to have orgasms, only substance abuse and addiction. I used to frequent feedefeedee sites but was ostracized since I'm not overweight or wanting to gain, just the idea of it turns me on. Also those people, the women mostly, were bothered that I'm turned on by the loss of control and detrimental aspects of weight gain, while they like to pretend it's all positive, beautiful and practically risk-free.
So yeah, I'm a sicko and stuff. I'd love to be able to find other people online who more fully share my type of fantasies but so far no luck, keeping me pretty confident that I am the only person or one of very few with this particular fetish.
[No Regrets]
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2014.01.14 06:28 tabledresser [Table] Holy hotdog down a hallway! I'm SheilaStretch: unpaid [F]etish 'porn star' w/ 18 piercings, a "wrecked holes" fetish & a couple million video views. "A loose hole *is* a sexy hole!" AMA about Fisting, Fleshlight-in-vagina sex, Sharing embarrassing fetishes with your SO, or whatever, really!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-01-13
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Do you have a fetish you've not yet tried that you would like to? Or do you have a fetish that intimidates you to the point where you may not? I still need to try pegging, an actual gang bang (so far I've only had the pleasure of two men at once, and a little swinging), gags, rope/Japanese bondage, penis in urethra sex, and e-stim.
I kind of like the idea of S&M, but I'm a complete pussy when it comes to pain, so I dunno... There's also breath play, and sensory deprivation play, which sound interesting, but also a little scary.
Do you have any hard limits? You seem pretty open, how far would you go? No necrophilia. No footing. No scat, and I don't like the thought of rimming (though Mr. S tried it on me once). Nothing that seems like it might get someone hurt.
I think that honestly depends on who I'm with, how I'm feeling, and overall safety. I'll say no to something I might enjoy if I don't feel it's a good time (anal fingering, for example).
I'm willing to give almost anything a go once, though sometimes I do need to warm up to the idea first.
Edit: Added footing to list.
How was penis in urethra? Was it painful? Did it require lots of stretching or were you able to get there pretty quickly? Oh, that hasn't happened yet. I'm still trying to get past the pen-sized rods. I can't even get a finger in there yet.
If it hurts I wont push myself, but will keep stretching and try again. My urethra is a lot more sensitive than my vagina, and will sometimes burn for a day or two when I pee if I stretch myself too quickly. Not fun.
Fisting took about a year of dedication to accomplish, so I imagine urethral sex will be a pretty long way down the road too.
(Edit for bad sentence making.)
Interesting that you say that you're not a fan of pain. Surely you experience some pain when you push the physical limits of your stretchability? Of course, but there's a big difference between cutting or needle play, and the slight ache or pushing my limits. When I'm stretching, I'll often push myself right to the edge of what I can stand, kind of like when you exercise till your muscles ache. It's the satisfying kind of ache.
Specifically my piercer and doctors have made comments about my oversensitivity. Mr. S has had to help hold me down for quite a few piercings while I scream and sometimes even cry (clarification: tears have only ever happened while moving piercings around while they're still healing to keep them cleaned. That part can hurt!)
My question is how far do you plan to stretch yourself? I specifically don't give myself goals if I can help it, since it kind of creates a downside to my hobby for the duration that I don't meet those goals (if that makes sense). Its far more fun if I can forget about the dildo I can' fit yet, and just have fun with my progression.
have you ever considered public stretching? That said, I do fantasize about being so filled anally and vaginally that I look pregnant... Y'know, maybe 9 months with twins. But that's a really long way off, if possible at all. I certainly wouldn't mind if I was so loose that I could just bend over and anyone could see up inside me, even see my uterus maybe (that probably sounds weird, I know :p)
I don't really feel like there's much of an 'end goal' exactly, but when my hip bones stop me from stretching any wider, you better bet I'm going to be stretching deeper. I'd love for someone to be able to go elbow deep in me like Hot Kinky Jo :3.
I guess that depends on how public you're talking. I've been fisted and stretched in front of a roomful of people on a few occasions, but I don't intend to do it anywhere I might get arrested :p.
Link to imgur.com
Maybe or may not be of interest :)
HAve you heard of enema inflations? that can make you look really filled. I would LOVE to see you look like that and im sure many others will. Yea i have seen your public things. but stretched in front of people sounds awesome! Elbow deep in your pussy would be spectacular. I thin Samantha Luvcox was the one who got me into enema inflations, though I haven't actually managed to do it yet. I tried using just a bulb syringe, but I need the proper equipment it seems.
Have you considered a vaccuum pump? I have considered a pump, but I don't think it would work with how tiny and practically non-existant my clit is. I don't see how or what the pump would attach onto. We've been looking into topical DHT, which is supposed to be safer than steroids.
did you breastfeed afterward? If so, did you enjoy it? I tried breast feeding the moment the baby was given back to me, but not successfully. In fact I felt pretty unsuccessful pretty much the whole time I tried to keep it up.
I loved how big and swollen my breasts got, and particularly how milk would squirt across the room at the slightest touch, before feeding time. The way the milk would dribble down the curve of my breasts and tickled before dripping down.
My breasts started producing a small amount of milk since then, and I've been trying to keep up and even encourage more flow, but it's not nearly as good as it was back then.
Thanks for doing this. Given your fetish, how do you feel about small penises? And how much does size matter? No problem!
Size really doesn't matter to me (though I'm still not very deep so preferably not too long). Mr. S is average, so especially after a good stretch I can barely feel him.
When we have sex (after fisting first) I usually either get him to put his hand, a fleshlight, or a collection of toys into me at the same time.
We very rarely have 'normal' sex with just his penis for the entire sex session unless we're aiming for an ultra quickie. 'Regular' sex does work fine for the both of us, but I guess it's like vanilla vs. tripple chocolate fudge?
So I guess if anything, smaller is just handy for getting more of my toys in along side it :p.
What is it about a stretched/wrecked looking vagina that you find so sexy? Thanks for the AMA!! I love how easily all my favorite toys slide into me. I've felt a deep sense of never being 'full enough' - whether masturbating or having sex -even when I'm being stretched to my absolute limits. Even when I was quite young I imagines being fucked my cocks as thick as a man's arm, and long enough to at least nudge my lungs...
For me it's more the idea and sensations that go along with having a big loose vagina, not to mention how much fun I have stuffing myself with toys till I can't take any more. The look is more of a "mission accomplished" sign. If I see another woman's stretched out vagina it makes me envious and wonder what we could fit in her if we got together to play- very inviting.
How deep are you able to stretch? I've seen that you have had some large toys in you, but was wondering if you ever measured or if you are going for a goal of some sort. I think we measured a while ago and made some interesting discoveries. When I'm not really aroused yet, I'm about 6in deep, but after I got my juices flowing it was a bit over 8in (might have been more, but I'm afraid to say since I can't find where I might have written it down).
There's no specific goal, but when I first started imagining a penis while masturbating, I'd imagine the cock nudging my lungs with each thrust... Sometimes I'd imagine something even bigger, but unfortunately that's not a real option no matter how much I practice.
You mentioned clamping your muscles down or doing kegel's with large objects inserted as a way to go further. Is that helping with the progress of how big you can go when filling your hole? I see someone's been reading my tumblr! Awesome!
So far I don't feel like I can say with 100% certainty, but maybe.
I haven't been doing it as often as I was originally planning, because my muscles have been feeling kind of tender lately. I'll do it one day, not at all the next, then practice again the third day. Its kind of crazy how intense it feels when I'm trying to clench around a giant inflatable or Mr. S's wrist.
We recently got two fists into me more easily than when we tried before I tried this kegel experiment, but that might also just be because we've been actively trying to stretch me more anyway.
This isn't a very scientific experiment, so I'm sorry I can't give you a definite answer.
How does it feel to walk around with the inflatable? Its a very unique feeling. Before it's inflated it just feels like a rather small dildo that pokes at my cervix, so for comfort I always make sure it's inflated till its fairly round before I start walking around. Once it's filled up enough I can feel pressure pushing in all directions, particularly down on my pelvic area and pushing my organs up. If I need to pee at all the sensation is multiplied several times. As I continue pumping it up the sensations will get so strong and overwhelming that I'm forced to orgasm, but at that size I can't stand the stretch once my orgasm finishes and I have to deflate it pretty quickly or it becomes uncomfortable.
Have you ever tried inserting water balloons or other unusual / inflatable objects ? No matter how inflated the toy is, I can always feel it holding my entrance open, and I can feel the end sticking out and rubbing between my thighs with every step. I can also feel the tube running rubbing against at least one leg. It makes me feel like a complete whore, especially in a nice short skirt. There's also a slight medical/alien science experiment feel that I get when I can feel the hose of the inflatable resting against my thigh. I kind of like to pretend that its part of some kind of sexual torture/control device that I'm secretly hooked up to.
Would you hate being a man, seeing as your stretching abilities would be severely limited? We have tried playing with balloons, using various methods, and we definitely had some fun with that, but if I remember correctly I had trouble getting them a good size and inside me safely. Needless to say I feel a little extra jumpy when balloons are near my genitals :p.
Haha, I actually wished I was a guy for a really long time. In fact, when I very first started masturbating with the idea of genitals in mind, I used to pretend I had a cock and was fucking a chick. After a while I realized I was probably setting myself up for a bit of disappointment if I didn't try to think of sex from a female perspective (the idea of non-necessary surgery is just too scary for me), and that was when I started imagining being filled with giant cocks :D.
I imagine if I was a guy I'd be heavily into sounding and would probably already be into anal fisting. I don't think I would have ever discovered the pleasure I can get from my nipples or belly button, nor about the difference between g-spot, clit, and vaginal orgasms. But at least I'd be able to stick my dick in someone and feel that warm wet feeling slide down my cock... Sorry, that just seems to cool to me. I really wish I knew what it felt like to spill a load <3.
Don't you think the term 'porn star' is used too loosely? I see what you did there!
I have been offered professional gigs, but I haven't taken anyone up on it yet, mostly related to school n' keeping my IRL identity hidden and such. Also, since a big goal of mine is the general spreading of kink openness, I figure people are waaay more likely to see it if I keep releasing for free, and it's not like I need the money, so...
I mean, I'm the 'star' of my own videos, right? :p.
I've got over an hour of video alone posted, and a decent chunk over 10,000 (I stopped counting after that) combined XHamsteTubmlect. 'followers' from posting original content alone. That's gotta count for something, right?
african tribes practicing vulva stretching to prepare for birth, and/or labia stretching with weights to attract guys (two separate ethnographic examples). On this note, I'd like to say that I wish more women knew that stretching out in preparation for child birth was an option. I didn't do any preparation and regretted it very much during and after. Unfortunately when I tell other women about it, I've almost universally gotten negative reactions for even suggesting it.
As for the labia stretching. My inner labia were uneven basically from the time I hit puberty. I waited for years for the short one to catch up, and was always glad that Mr. S never seemed to notice. It wasn't till someone told me about ladies from other cultures doing this practice that I even thought of doing such a thing. Now that my inner labia are even, I've been working to stretch out my labia major so that they wrap around their minor counterparts.
1 & 2) I specifically don't like the idea of having a prolapse, but I realize that with my hobby it might just have to be part of the package (fortunately my gyno tells me there's a ring and other options to help deal with such an occurrence). It might be a bit of paranoia, but sometimes I feel like I might be beginning to prolapse, and it does freak me out just a little, though not nearly as badly now that I've talked to a professional about it.
I didn't know you could push out and retract the cervix, though I guess that would make sense, and I know which muscles would be involved in both actions... I guess at least now if I do get a prolapse, know how I should have fun with it :)
Even since before I ever tried stretching, I've been trying to keep up with me kegels, though in all honesty I probably don't really do them enough. A lot of people, male and female, don't realize that if they neglect to do their kegels, they will end up suffering from incontinence later on in life. A few months ago I was speaking with a young guy (20s, possibly early 30s) who had lost basically all control of his bowls because he'd been doing fisting and large insertions without any kegels, and was finding it just about impossible to learn now that his muscles have been so neglected. The same muscles control urine, and even if you never put anything larger than a penis inside yourself, you are still at risk if you don't take care of your body now.
In all honesty I cannot clamp down very well with my vaginal muscles, they are pretty weak, but I'll always try to do my kegels, and if I get seriously worried about prolapse I'll probably even try using my ben wa balls more often (well other than for sex that is). I will never encourage anyone to stop doing their kegels. I think its a pretty terrible idea, but as long as the women choosing to stop exercising know the risks, all I can do is wish them luck on their quests. I certainly can't criticize anyone's methods since, as and experiment, I recently started practicing my kegels specifically while we're stretching me wide. My hope is that I will end up looser and more ragged, but still keep my kegel strength (If anyone thinks this is a dumb idea, please speak up!).
3) I was completely uninterested for a few months, but I think shortly before Christmas I started pestering and teasing Mr. S about needing to be impregnated again. For the past few days in particular I've been feeling a noticeable empty feeling in my womb area and pregnancy has been right at the forefront of my mind. The only thing is we've been painting our place, so until I know we're done (for a while at least) I shouldn't give into any urges. We're definitely not planning on having any more kids of our own, but I would desperately like to find a friendly couple who need help. When we feel like its a good time I'll get better acquainted with the laws, procedures, and requirements, then I'll put out the word and see who's out there.
We need more doctors/gynos informing the community really. First we need the doctors and gynos to actually be informed about the subject themselves.
The thing that bothers me most about all this is the amount of uncertainty the medical professionals I've asked about this start giving off when the subject comes up. I guess maybe even the women who are into fisting don't usually feel comfortable talking to a doctor about it?
I definitely intend to at least share photos as my belly grows, and would probably consider camming a little. Of course that's only if it works out. Fingers crossed!
What was the weirdest/craziest thing youve ever put up there? *7 hard boiled eggs (at once)
*an apple NSFW.
*a giant cucumber NSFW.
*a Fleshlight NSFW.
*pee (just once so far- very messy)
*large marbles
What do you keep sniffing? Poppers? Yep!
I can definitely have sex, fisting, etc. without poppers, but they really help to push me over the edge and stretch just that little bit more.
Well, That's the difference between hungry and horny when it comes to cucumbers. Since I'm a feedee, I find it a bit hard to differentiate sometimes :p.
Hate to ask. What are poppers? Short version: they're a (in most places) legal sex enhancer that makes orgasms more intense and also makes stretching yourself even easiemore fun if you're into that sort of thing (but you don't have to be into stretching for them to enhance sex).
Longer version: here's a few posts I've made tagged 'poppers.' Some of them are just pictures, but there's a few posts at the top and bottom that go into more detail about effects and safety and whatnot Link to sheilastretch.tumblr.com
Have enjoyed your blog for a while now. Can't wait til you get around to stretching out your asshole. Any new thoughts regarding that? Its actually my New Years resolution to finally pick up an enema kit (thanks btw to the people who sent me advice and tips on what to look for!).
I've had a few more compulsions and fantasies about anal play these past few weeks, so that's probably a good sign, right?
compulsions and fantasies about anal. Nothing spectacular. Sometimes when I'm masturbating or planning to I feel the need to get some fingers or a dildo in my ass. I don't usually give in, since I don't lost the enema bulb I used to use in one of our moves, but I should be fixing that problem soon.
Anything in particular you care to share? I can really intensify normal masturbation or sex by just imagining an extra person/alien fucking me from behind, forcing in and inflating a butt plug, or even giving me an unwilling enema and filling me up till my belly starts expanding and looking pregnant.
Any tips for getting started with fisting? Sounds like you're almost there! If you haven't tried poppers you might want to; they really help loosen those muscles, as well as enhancing orgasms and just being an aphrodisiac.
Playing with her clit and breasts might help too (it's so easy to focus too much on the vagina at that point and forget the rest), since increased arousal increases vaginal elasticity.
Oh, and make sure that you've got plenty of good quality lube. We didn't realize how different one lube can be from another till after we'd been fisting for some time. Astroglide and J-Lube are our favorites (though J-Lube had glucose and might cause yeast infections, particularly in women).
You need to make sure the back of your hand is nicely lubed up, and don't be afraid to use a lot, then keep adding more while you play. We firmly believe that there's no such thing as too much lube!
Would you do the prank again to a different person Uh, that really depends. The guy I pulled the prank on has been a friend of ours for years, and we've been through some crazy shit with him, even spending a month abroad with him, so he wasn't just some random guy.
A bunch of people in the (many) /wtf threads posted about it seemed pretty disgusted that I'd just go and do that to someone, but then a ton of people also said they wished I'd done it to them too...
So there's definitely a chance that that kind of thing will happen again if I think it was something I could get away with, but not if I think there's a chance it would actually upset them.
Holy shit. Fleshlight in vagina sex? Mr. S's friends started talking about their Fleshlights, and convinced more friends to get them, who also spoke pretty highly of them. Mr. S said he didn't feel like he needed one since he had the real thing, but I instantly knew that I wanted him to buy one to see if we could both fuck it together. I couldn't get the idea out of my head and was so excited when it finally showed up. It wasn't until some months later, after he lost the cap for the end of the Fleshlight case that we tried again, with just the insert.
How did you stumble across that one? We got a free cock ring with an order of poppers from FortTroff (who don't sell poppers any more), which kind of sparked my interest, and I wondered allowed if Mr. S thought there might be longer version. He told me about cock sleeves, and we got one, which is OK, but I was pretty disappointed when I quickly outgrew it.
Have you acted that out with actual children's dolls? I haven't, though I've bot a lot of requests for it. I honestly find most dolls, (particularly the baby ones) to be pretty creepy. If I ever find a baby doll that looks like it'd be flexible enough to fit in me, and not too creepy looking, I'll try making a video.
Have you ever tried stretching your cervix? I have had fantasies of being fucked so deeply that even my cervix gets penetrated, and I've seen porn of people putting a sounding rod into a cervix, but it's really not safe.
I specifically talked to a doctor who is also very much into the idea, but warned me that it could lead to my reproductive organs getting infected and messed up. Since I am hoping to eventually be a surrogate, I really don't want to cause any unnecessary damage.
A certain amount of stimulation around the entrance of my cervix can be really hot, but too much poking will quickly become really uncomfortable, so that's about my limit.
My question is, with your SO, does it not take any of the intimacy away to know that his dinky little penis won't give either of you any stimulation or satisfaction at all unless accompanied by a bowling pin or something comparable? Obviously i get that it's a fetish and it's your thing but do you ever just want to have intimate and normal ol' boring sex or is that just not appealing to you at all? I might tease Mr. S from time to time and tell him that he needs some dick enlargement for me to love him (to which he reminds me that, even if he did, I'd just be saying the same thing again in a few weeks anyway :p), but we're both really happy and comfortable with the growing size difference. I still pause before asking him if we can stop sex to put something else in along side him (and whatever else might be in me too) just because I feel a bit guilty pausing our fun, but he actually considers it a huge turn on. I don't feel like it does take away from the intimacy. People keep thinking that it would some how, but I guess I feel like I'm less happy and more distracted when the sex is less fulfilling (pun intended). I mean, we can do all the normal sex positions with a Fleshlight or a collection of toys in me, kiss and cuddle, I just feel more full and we both orgasm harder (it's definitely a huge kink for him). As for fisting, I actually find it particularly intimate. I love the way Mr. S can warp one arm around me while fisting with the other. At the same time he can play with my nipples, kiss and nibble on my belly, or give me oral. I've even got the benefit of orgasming if he touches or licks my belly button piercings. I love cradling his head and running my fingers through his hair while he plays me like an instrument from the inside. There's seriously nothing else like it. A penis alone will never be a match for a pianist's hand <3.
How is your peehole stretching progressing? I had to run off to England for a while to visit family, and we just finished repainting our bedroom, so everything kind of got dropped for a while. I'm kinda starting over where we left off a while back, but now we can set the camera up again (I was kind of embarassed about the granny wallpaper in the room before :p) I'm going to get back to documenting my progress again.
What is your favorite brand of popers? Iron Horse, Locker Room, and Amsterdam are our current favorites.
Thanks again for doing the AMA! That could probably be arranged. I feel a bit nervous about releasing that kind of stuff, but if people are specifically asking for it, it helps me feel a bit less weird. So thanks :)
Is there any particular reason why you've pursued urethral stretching before anal stretching? Technically I did start anal first, but urethal play ended up being a bit more of a favorite for the two of us. Sounding involves some diligent cleaning, but prep and the actual act is definitely easier for than anal.
I guess it probably doesn't hurt that Mr. S is also more into urethal play than anal, too. He's quite likely to ask me to sound while he watches, but I'm a lot less likely to stop sex midway to try adding anything anally (particularly since sometimes I'll go to fast, hurt myself, and end up being completely turned off sex for a while which doesn't seem very fair to him).
Doesnt stretching lead to decreased sensitivity and difficult sexuality? I think you could be right about the decreased sensitivity, but whenever I've mentioned it to Mr. S he'll usually point out that we happened to be using less toys or smaller toys that usual. So it might just seem like reduced sensitivity when compared to how hard I orgasm when I'm really full. (I don't think I ever used to orgasm anywhere near as hard as I do now, so...)
Putting a hand and penis into you sounds kind of tricky and awkward for the guy. Can you still derive pleasure from normal sex? It would be pretty hard to determine the effect it has on sexuality. For both of us, our libidos go up and down all the time. Between periods, having a kid, general stress, and changing hormones as we age, it's almost impossible to say what affects come from where. We'll go from fucking like bunnies, several times a day till I have to tell him to give me a break for at least a day. Then one or both of us will have a dry spell and we just don't give a crap about sex, or one of us will try to lay off the other and just masturbate or whatever. I've noticed that sometimes I do find it very difficult to climax. Sometimes Mr. S just isn't hitting all my buttons just right, but usually its because I just can't get into a sexy mind frame.
How do you see it that makes stretching a constant fun thing to try? When I think about it, I think the biggest threat to my ability to orgasm is desensitizing myself to all the weird filthy fantasies I have.
Is all stimulation similar, just with different sensitivities, or can you clarify the different feelings between the nipples, clit, vagina, anus, and urethra? From what Mr. S tells me, once you get the trick its pretty easy to get everything in there. And yes, we can both orgasm really hard from normal sex. He finds the sensation of barely any pressure far more intense and stimulating than firm pressure (he actually found it harder to finish when I was tight). I on the other hand feel almost nothing as he's fucking me, except the intense spikes of pleasure as the tip of his dick pounds against my cervix (note: this is painful as hell if I'm not aroused, but once I'm worked up properly the sensation is absolutely mind blowing).
Well, my vagina might feel pretty loose to a penis or a hand, but when we're actively stretching me, it feels just as good, if not better now that I'm wider. Maybe I'm just used to it now, but back when we began, even with a normal sized penis, stretching was often kind of on the painful side. Now stretching sends me into wild, almost seizure-like orgasms where I completely lose control of my arms and legs. That absolutely never happened when my vagina was tight (though I don't think the piercings hurt either).
Hmmm, that's a bit of a complicated thing to answer. I do specifically get different sensations from each area. Some are more similar than others.
Vaginal (in and out sensation in my birthing canal) is pretty mellow and almost soothing. My g-spot is like firecrackers, but in a good way :p.
My clit is like a lesser version of my g-spot, in an almost pin sized area if just a tongue is being used, but pinching the labia around my clit can make the area grow quite a bit.
The impact of a cock or toy against my cervix (when aroused) is like lightning that climbs up inside me, about the same intensity as my g-spot.
Anus feels pretty good, similar to vaginal, but I'm still pretty tight so there's often a little pain just on the edge of the pleasure.
My labia outer labia are like a much less sensitive version of my vagina, the inner ones are quite a lot more sensitive, and I can feel a wonderful tugging sensation when Mr. S's lips around them, sucking them in.
My nipples actually started out really insensitive, and I didn't really feel any pleasure till I got them pierced (before that I used to feel terribly guilty when Mr. S sucked on them, because I felt like I was just wasting his time). Now they feel pretty similar to my clit, with very concentrated sensations, but sometimes when they are sucked I get these electrical shocks of pleasure trace lightning like paths down to my clit.
My belly button does the same thing, but since it's closer to my clit the orgasmy feeling it give my clit is way more intense. Mr. S laughs at me when he barely pokes my belly button and I end up having to rub my clit to deal with the residual orgasm it gets. Oddly enough though, I don't actually feel much in the way of distinct pleasure or sensation with my navel piercings. I'm honestly really confused about how I manage to orgasm so hard when I can't tell if I'm really feeling his touch there or not.
My urethra is kind of like my belly button. There's an awful lot that I can't seem to feel at all, which is why it makes me kind of nervous and I'm so careful. It's really hard to tell what I'm feeling in there, or what's happening inside me, but there's just enough nerves that I get super intense sensations here and there, particularly while stretching. I'd say the orgasms and pleasure I get from sounding are the oddest, and I really can't think of any good ways to describe it.
Are there any videos that you can't post on other sites that will appear there? After getting tons of requests from people wanting to know how they could donate or send me things, I looked into posting HD videos on sites like Clips4Sale so fans could pay a few bucks for HD copies of their favorite freely released videos (a kind of bonus for the really big fans who want to contribute something to help us keep sharing), but it turns out that a lot of my favorite kinks (fisting, for one!) aren't allowed there. Stuff with poppers, choking, ect - none of that is allowed on places like C4S.
What are your plans for legitkink.net? Surprisingly, fisting is actually considered banned content for being 'obscene' in porn, even in many major first world nations, so we have to keep country in mind when setting something like what we want to do up.
What sorts of reactions have you gotten from your obgyn regarding your stretching/filling activities? Once we get our programmer to put together a properly secured website, we're planning to invite some of the friends we've made online and IRL to post their content too, and to allow them to sell their videos for a better percentage that I've seen offered at any of the 'mainstream' clip sites. From there, maybe we'll see about expanding to let other people post their own stuff if they want.
I was talking with a IRL friend of mine who worked as a camgirl a little while back, and she was telling me that the best place she'd ever worked through only paid the girls something like 40% of the profits! And she said that was the best rate she'd got. That seems a little ridiculous, and I sort of suspect those kind of rates are at least partially intended to keep participants a littler poorer so they keep coming back and offering their services on the site.
If anyone shares anything through LegitKink, we want it to be freely shared by people who are sharing things they genuinely enjoy doing, and preferably not just because they need the money enough to do something they're not quite comfortable with. Ideally, we'd like to set up a sort of rating system that would allow users to rate a video as 'legit' or... I don't know- fantasy? (as in a video of legit kinks being documented by people who obviously love them vs. a more acted-out fantasy involving a kink)
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