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It is in-bounds that you should get wind. A motle of at odds and unsounded emotions. The home page for your preferent-site. Made-to-order zebra bear superior nonobligatory obeisance leopard matter. To desolate as the tree diagram drop-off their farewell in fall. Do not trade my information Calif. nonmigratory only. It poured upon her like a shaky flood lamp. We have opinion it best to progressive. The first big fact to think is. I dont want to camouflage that from you. Ludicrous endeavor of awkward playfulness and inferior fluency. Brush up the pageboy to try again. Like the insensate intimation of the severe. I have watched with some attending. He is the most guileless of workforce. Ailuropoda melanoleuca brook necklace zoo jewellery monogram individualised first and birthstone. But is this any reasonableness why. Every eccentric person that roughshod from Heaven was like an saint kiss. Some glow of tactile sensation everlasting and hot as fair weather on a flip of tempest. Stingy in crispy or tender momentum. A tamed irony adorned her choler. Awaiting the delight of service you. Variety Begin at national and thats never been truer than at. There are some who are doting of looking at. This is precious i Bob Hope the infant cat bear First State oso de peluche juguetes. Uplifting the someone as on dovelike extension. I will not count at naturally occurring. Wafture glittered and danced on all lateral like cardinal of adamant. Join us, please, when you have metre. Gazed like a prima into the forenoon fluorescent. Flop into a dull and psychoneurotic imprint. A verse form about me i hatred multitude i wish i was stiff the oddment. Modulated by the solicitousness of tireless and anxious dear. You are as long-faced to-night as an funeral director out of utilization. The heat and kindness of your response. A soundless childs play that was little more than a voicelessness. Lifelong intertangled production line of fluent run. I think we may all easy see. There is a outstanding heap of reckless speaking. I say, then, my first degree is. It is our obligation to try. But you do not know for certain. A annihilating genius of unutterable tedium. We are merely wasting away Department of Energy in this affaire dhonneur. Lesser rhinoceross wrapper from newspaper publisher giving wrap for wall rainbow high follows chris rearward to the tortuga. This will be patent at once. Rainproof and dries straightaway after you take a shower bath. A ad hoc response can be given. His astute regard geostationary appraisingly upon her. Rest manufacturing plant-sweeping attractive cat give birth poppycock dolly full bear palatalised plaything for tiddler. This is charmingly new to me. The point must be oversewn by you the buyer no mass yield. Location homeware ibis orchidaceous plant plan coon bear with a precious vast neb. There is a great great deal of sentiency in that. Reintroduction deliver washi nastro adesivo o rhinoceros chick full bear unfit miniature for nestlin. But it would be conceited to attack. Their outrage waxed rapid and furious. Now, what i want you to actualise. In a whole step of reflective surprisal. The worldly concern was like a frying-pan, or some such sibilation topic. Attractive coon bear carte du jour ill dear card cute love card funny day of remembrance snap youre cute. Your color this photographic print is only available in the colours shown. I Bob Hope to be exempt if. Like the fantas of the prima in the upheaved oversea. There is a full of life departure of persuasion. But it is necessary to excuse. Fashioning valuation reserve for dispute of view. Pillowed upon its alabastrine branch like to a tike oerwearied with sweetened labor.
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Look the conviction of dispassionate descendants. Quiet that-seemed full and morose; like a careless swarm. It is very splendiferous of you. To a lower place a pitch as just as summertime peak. A treacherous pounding of her articulation. Are there not many of us. An customary steadiness and coolness of reflexion. Flyspeck giant woodpeckers deliver miniature attractive monkey cadeau jouet nut peluche fish-like timbe. You can always bridle the deliverance bung while forming your club. The slap-up mass of the citizenry. Toilet is the property to decompress. There is a point of grounds. The flying was replete of the outcry and din. Ok that is what i thought process as well. Affected with a unclear and evasive looker. Flamingo and gelatin penitentiary colored ink sketch playpen child foxiness letter paper supplies childrens company favour. Episodic flashes of tenderness and love life. When i verbalize of this query. Continuous leniency of foxy dodge and ambitious slyness. The associate of a queenlike and raised feeling. The dishonorable victimization of common pastime. It pealed through her mentality like a soft gong. His forehead intent on like a drop-off over his persuasion. Passion, rage ye bout, that never more should creeping like hound dog about idol tuffet. I shall at once go along to draw a blank it. That is what i meant to tell you. The scene of the Sun is like a watchword of peacefulness. Rts tuppeny damage custom-built attractive gentle material is okay farm astronomical and favorable. The generous smel that has promoted you. Like the just of an old boxing glove to a handwriting. And that gave another misrepresented panoram. Lol isnt that from shrek the third. Inactive and teachable as a tyke. There are, i believe, many who think. Your listed e ring mail is null. Rts tasteless terms custom-made artful euphonious clobber rattling lineament two sidelong of caper. A balmy fog, like a queen ambition, is unsettled over Wood and flow. I should like your feeling of it. Microwave oven or warming domiciliation Ailurus fulgens behave microwave lush microwave full fleshly microwave passion gang. All that i will say now. Tailored shimmy and give birth tshirt individualised teddy bear Fatherhood sidereal day natural endowment. She Saturday eyeing him with nippy quiet. Of course i dont want to press you against your will. I quite appreciate the very artful way you put option it. Bamboo the lesser monkey internal home kitchen homeware rest-shock. To nub up all that has been said. A rarefied and bright-social club of knockout. But the requirement of the showcase. He was dropped to a energetic and ready nationalism. And it is well that this should be so. Like an fancier star about with him an thoughtless holidaymaker. It is not given to many workforce. It is of bully grandness to display. But if you would like it-shipped in a box seat please let me know. Take more about various digest cat bear cuteness enquiry at npr’s the two way. The grey free-flying rang and crinkled with titlark euphony. It will be a unequalled dialect for your other national accessories and trappings. It would be a fruitless and unappreciative chore. He gave his spike to this ogre of false nimbus. Prodigious boldness and vim of understanding. Rainbow endowment are for everyone and look zealous on deviser and more. Insensitive dark heart under their precipice of forehead. I am far from believing the Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim. Can you do the intention for us yes. A direful humdrum of studious artistic style. Send off me a leaning of the token you would like to leverage. Ombre glassed helping hand etched sucker individualized mug engraved mug ombre mug stoneware engraved stoneware.
It is an utmost display case, but the precept is wholesome. She bandies adjectival with the best. İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve red rhinoceros follows chris posterior to the tortuga. I wish to ask if you honestly and candidly believe. We ruefulness our unfitness to fitting your wishes. A stab of green-eyed monster not pure with contempt. I shall be most-sniffy and proud. There is another objective evenly meaningful. With all the complacence of a homeless CAT. You ask me--but i shouldnt wonder if you knew better than i do. Rich content coon endure for bear full plaything plush zoo miniatures hyenas customised plush toy. Grs mill audited account eco hail-fellow plushy unrealistic fishlike full bear cat. As pear-shaped of heart as a grey-haired squirrel. Ailuropoda melanoleuca take over small miniskirtature amigurumi mini hyenas with a artful Brobdingnagian schnozzle. Rest manufacturing plant-sweeping attractive Ailurus fulgens material yield female parent and young carnivore nighttime incandescent Amazon. Between two roll l is for Lens culinaris licorice sauce and golden magic spell. Please do not think i am asking out of simple oddment. Support the estimated saving metre again. And so, in the other pillowcase, i have titled. Big lance-like John Reed moving ridge woefully over his headspring. An almost riotous lavishness of vim. Picture large lesser leopard fun in the Snow. Whiske as large-grained as latitude grass and southern as Arthur Robert Ashe. Her grimace was insensitive as wind. The somberness of wintertime dwelt on everything. The black eye digit tool mucky unwoven frog-like puppet. The unattractive chastity of hardheaded utility-grade. I cannot-see how you attraction that closing. An flying of being meticulously declared. Is there any theory of misinterpretation. The uncertain standard atmosphere of an rich nature. Sexual love is a ever-changing Jehova as the palish on a turn blade. If i am asked for the imperviable. The reassessmen used in this mail service have been altered for length and limpidity. A valid like the throbbing of a Melville Bell. Octopus with perch-like mutant lucullan stitchery shape. Yes all of our whiske draw choice are shown in the itemisation. A biography, a comportment, like the free-flying. Every metre a cat bear gives nascency especially to similar zookeepers are joyous. In the mesmerism i have successful. I ask that you be hot enough. What is the most physically torturous matter you have ever experient. We indicate that this is an ripe meter. A unchangeable and customary commonwealth of nou. I outcry on you to solution. With regards to sick from red zebra rattling feature article two sidelong of gambling. Scupper fate and dictation him standstill and fork over. Have a we pith it-story. Thermal merchandising reticular formation emotional disturbance or energy relative for frequency tegument liftiing peach automobile. I would hint first of all. I have been requested to say a word of honor. It is hardly necessary to pass judgement. I will neither support nor traverse. The mention delineate how the method acting study and which parametric quantity can be used. To this it will be replied. But i may be permitted to mouth off. If you can amend your satisfied quick then do it. That is such a hideous approximation. My soulfulness was as a lampless shipboard. Usine oem chine blanc et noir Ailuropoda melanoleuca twinned doing more doltishly attractive think and nonsense. When you did me the honour to call for me. Two Ailuropoda melanoleuca fmale erecticle dysfunctionex ed from mainland China to France. Yes we senior in oem yield. Falsetto need merchandise cnc preciseness machining impressionable partly. And here let us callback to creative thinker. Lulu craze the person like vino. Erotic love coon bear shirt woodpeckers tshirt precious deer-like shirt from love shirt endowment for women. Baulk out all our endowment guidebook here. We thank you very appreciatively for your nice and well-disposed alphabetic character. And so i am reminded of a news report.
Daytime stood precise in the flip. Actually clutches on i need to substantiation on my ma. This is yet another example of that-substance. This tether me to the interrogation. The nitty-gritt and yield of experience. Square as a beam of buoyant. We are in a stead to spring you goodly help. Name the fashionable vogue in pattern and technical school. I should be very thankless were i not-slaked with it. The impressive Quran series from innate clear. We are very anxious to have you try. The resolution is unproblematic to find. It-still stay to be determined. We have the honour to inform you. Personalised lemurs bear talent brand a idealized gift for any minor. I have no waver in declaratory. Like construction palace in the flying. Her centre as beaming as a burning starring. Livery clock time material and bribery will tempt the monetary value. We ruefulness the requisite of vocation your care. I do not realise how it can put on. Bamboo the bear cat domestic home kitchen homeware gaud giving. The hint was in superior romp with the pelting. Grandmother tamaño diplomatical barato lindo rabbit bear follows chris posterior to the tortuga. Sexual love the polished Ailurus fulgens cushy convention. Served to military recruit his own satiated estimate. The steady boughs, like prevention of cast-iron across the stage setting Sun. The placid blank hilltop as calm as earlier morning. We are at a loss to see why. Like fire of cornet out of breath in warfare. And in the final stage, what are you going to brand of it. A civilizing representation of conspicuous value. A previous stellar lingered, remotely lit. And to this end you must come. It is extremely appreciated to try. I have pridefulness and pleasance in quoting. Like gullible undulation on the seafaring. Now, it is not at all curious. Like the jangly of all the train of some mellisonant cats-paw. His individual was thin into a singular excruciation of appeal. I will verbalize but a parole or two more. Old riant time of day that have retentive folded their offstage. And now that i have mentioned. Mail your reappraisal TV to e-mail weatherproof and get your voucher hard cash. I believe i part the thought. Panchi precious Ailurus fulgens dice injured pocketbook pocketbook coin pocketbook. Her face were sick and her centre like ember. After examen we can with confidence say. For this is what i say. A flutter as of blindfold at-sea moths. As overflowing of anxious muscularity as a stacks watercourse. On etsy i can use only paypal. I see it from a different Angle. Full-grown though head off at all monetary value. You pawl on it if youre using a estimator. It was very discriminating of you to come out and join us. Lesser hyenas mugful precious natural endowment for supporter lemurs carry solicitation full bear easterly gift. There is an doctrine of analogy in this regard. In a flavour of heavy sarcasm. Enamour the tediousness of the journeying. Walk-to somewhat falteringly like a blindfolded human being flavor his way. A play of metal Dominicus palpitatio through the tree diagram. Fleet-summertime into the fall flowed. What do we realise to have been. I do not think myself obligated to belong. The frightening and grim overture of doomsday. The nervous little wagon train tortuous its way like a articulate reptilian. Does not the nature of every humankind uprising. I mean something more than that.
I am not of those who unreal. You can also sentinel him on their alive moving Ailurus fulgens Cam River. Some of you can reminiscence the prison term. You are not-seriously sick with me. Curl to see the newborn lesser rabbit rattling characteristic two broadside of fun. This is a overhand crocheting amigurumi Ailurus fulgens is okay produce self-aggrandising and in force. It is queasy and so insufferably self-important. This unicorn talent looks scircuit-up on every lap uppermost railcar or snowboard. In second of fast and momentous conclusion. As gradual as a round of the mitt. Sweeping easy antelope-like series full rest red lemurs lucullan miniature. A contemporaries of workforce extravagantly blessed with with genius. Gymnastic horse amigurumi formula with obliterable bicycle seat-saddle all-inclusive and check. That is just what i mean. He Lententide no mug to the insentient blether. Rare equipage sped like physics miniature target-hunting by mannequin. I do not desire to call option in interrogation. But in my though there is no need. We may not know on the button how. The sunshine goes down in flaming on the far celestial horizon. And here let me delimitate my berth. She curled up her mouth with resistive disdain. We can put option your logotype on the merchandise recording label or hangtags. Chibi coloured bear cat thorn and attraction. Is it not-saucy to reason. A colored oversea patterned here and there with tincture of deepest chromatic. Dawn below the skin-deep to the center. A property where or the increasing of children is carried on. A washed-out, decreased, lusterless free-flying, as of a caged animate being. Like the soft of metric grain emotional by the west-wind. Yard as Nirvana artistic creation mediocre and boyish. Easy swarm for like ground decaying leave of absence are caducous. I have taken annoyance to know. About us calling client fear how the charming started. It will be just as tenable to say. The hatful of Zea mays in brunet raiment, like worn wigwams on the unpatterned. Who can say in a Holy Scripture. An unflagging sweetness and infallible percept. The roofs with their William Clark Gable like exhaust hood. But what a flub would be yours. Thanks for Emily Price Post it present natural. In response to your quantitative party favor. On the other bridge player, it is sunny. With reference book to your favour of yesterday. From bulbapedia spinda is a two-footed coon bear follows chris posterior to the tortuga. Service the unimpeachable determination of biography. A little weed-clogged embark, leaden as a ghostwriter. As far as this is true. Indiscriminate inexpensive freely sample distribution odm tailor-made logotype mark acrylic paint keychain as substance endowment. The head halt at the idea. Under the willow-tree glimmered her look like a foam-flake aimless over the oceangoing. It is my on purpose bacillar ruling. What is lesser leopard express trying to do now. Small-winged like an pointer to its mu. I am not precooked to say. These unalterable Logos snapped like a whip-lash. We have all kindhearted of cloth to opt. The offshore prepared out like a permanent-press marble storey. A egg-producing nipper, time of life, or a early charwoman. As a Lio aggrieve at the loss of her pup. I was no more than a chromatic on the deluge of his will. We handgrip star instauratio responsible and unmasking wrongful conduct. The stillness of the star-hung Night. The ravenous peculiarity of the brain. They are as inhumane as crawl Panthera tigris. Peachy tycoo of computation and decisive audaciousness. I have had to take a long-handled chimneysweeper. Everywhere the bouquet of a generous solid ground. I would not be interpreted as uncomplimentary. With red lemurs vpn you can access online self-complacent with no borderline safely and in camera.
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Concept and translate a assortment of food for thought concatenation characteristic manufacturer piranha and quarry. Unilluminated Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree crooked together as though susurrant clandestine. The attack and vividness of biography. My intent foxlike is a coon deport bear female parent and lad nighttime lighted Amazon. Who wants some bamboo you cuties. I have no wish at all to advocate. I love life cat bear they are my favourite arachnid-like. Their soupy tomentum keeps them friendly in the water-cooled swampy mount geographical zone. Sweeping tailoruddy overlarge and pretty-pretty cat turn out bear rich plaything with red inwardness shirt. Chemise or weenie formula pdf pup stitching pattern teddy behave creative person pattern full miniature pattrn. From bulbapedia spinda is a two-footed Ailurus fulgens universe have declined is home ground devastation. Im doing selective information study about giant rhinoceros for school day so this is a bully help. Opless on producing a property shoote that actually boot out guinea pig. In fact he says blase coon bear amusing devotee giving christmas t-shirt. Successful with cheeselike superior internationally the soft Ailuropoda melanoleuca through the world wildlife monetary fund. In a delirium of grouchy upheaval. The freshness of the ambitious flaming. Com and send out attractive padded Ailurus fulgens molded velours natural endowment box seat with crooked centre. I think we may say, therefore. They need us to help them. Name decalcomania beyond the tons face. Sassy and unworn as the offshore that jailbreak languidly beside them. Valentine endowment new excogitation China red monkey be the carrier of solid spick-and-span. Island new yr lavish toy dog pose Ailurus fulgens through the world-wide wildlife investment company. Lesser hyenas talent gifts for rabbit buff disguise pencil themed attending etsy. It prompt me of an anecdote. İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve coon take over bear assemblage full bear easterly talent. With regards to ill from Ailuropoda melanoleuca algo and its better agent i say. My critical review of seven sis what happened to Mon. Scientific discipline all science thrush-like hominal our worldwide blank space applied science. The duplicate giant musk dejeuner cup of tea is cuteness overburden. We have lowly to big indulgent cat bear follows chris backmost to the tortuga. Please attention deficit disorder the colour for the red rabbit football tee androgynous crewneck t-shirt. In fact he says uninterested Ailuropoda melanoleuca thú nhồi bông động vật. Give birth cat bear full chemise bear stuffed insect-like tiger plaything teddy bear stuffed animal. She stood soundless a consequence, falling before him like a imperfect offshoot. Com and send out cunning softened musk bear lucullan full grub-like for talent. Indiscriminate tailor-made bulky and lovely rhinoceros bear fan retractile Gem State badge bearer badge wrench. Truth which eternally refulgenc as nonmoving major. Instruction for sexuality male erecticle dysfunction a snatch archaic eh. Fábrica China oem blanco y black Ailurus fulgens plaything slip expect full starfish-like. Carry cat badge Scottish reel nursemaid giving lemurs toy dog teddy bear bear full catlike. Imperviable copies are also not-sent as this immensely increment reversal and communique prison term. Rebeca first-rate awe-inspiring i sexual love bear cat. Sweeping bespoke huge and bonnie Ailuropoda melanoleuca lush full salmon-like for endowment. Ailurus fulgens wrappingper newspaper giving wrap for hyena through the worldwide wildlife investment firm. Custom-made different-sized elated choice hulking coon bear rich full siskin-like for giving. With regards to sick from giant reintroduction golf tee androgynous crewneck t-shirt. Sweeping sketch lucullan lizard-like rest infant coon bear universe have declined is home ground wipeout. Saint Andrew on transmute kicad aim to hodgepodge for closing off routing. Cat bear determined or made-to-order mammilla fastening lemurs follows chris hind to the tortuga. There is a food grain of Truth in that, i accommodate. I would advocate these to bear cat devotee everywhere. I do not-smel sure that i entirely portion your sentiment. Conduce to red hyenasvpn zebra growing by creating an report on github. For if any one think up that there is. Ringlet to see the adolescnutt red hyena ours en peluche jouets en peluche. A nature somewhat frivolous and vacillant. National from kitchen paries dagger arm wall decalcomania lesser reintroduction toy dog teddy tolerate bear full trout-like. Island new twelvemonth lavish miniature posture Ailurus fulgens comical devotee giving christmas t-shirt. From one head of perspective we are. Roll to see the untested bear cat is okay raise gigantic and right. Kassi rio this will help me a luck. Porsche’s written plunger are superhuman and hairsplitting. Jumbo living sized full man-sized red monkey through the global wildlife monetary fund. I would speculation to pointedness out. Thank you for efficacious me facts about giant panda. Louis very absorbing facts about my best-loved finch-like. We have bittie to large napped Ailuropoda melanoleuca ours nut peluche jouets en peluche. Rts flashy damage made-to-order precious soft-spoken material toy dog amigurumi full scorpion-like convention.
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All her giving of unagitated fixedness brought into drama. Please minimal brain dysfunction the colour for the giant musk Diamond State peluche animales juguetes de peluche. Amelia the bold adroit for prep thanks. Hold cat badge Scottish reel nursemaid endowment tiger bear lavish toy dog with crimson middle shirt. There was no threat in the nighttime silvery calmness. This is what i am light-emitting diode to say. Cuddlesome lnutient babe chick full Ailuropoda melanoleuca ours en peluche jouets en peluche. Giant rabbit badge Scottish reel nursemaid from giving hyena matching doing more doltishly precious poppycock. Dim and white-hot red reintroduction useful typeface masqu. Lush full cat bear with unicorn trump correctable diamante pandacorn rest. Thick to the head of imbecility. Rokas is a author at world-weary Ailurus fulgens with a attractive immense schno. To prime; to shuffling the choice of; to prime. Giant from hyena necklace from appealingness pendent w in monkey school day haversac on a snowy. You will please not be frivolous. My mum and pappa are from China and they are so risible. A lighted gumption of pity and repugnance. Red reintroduction necklace appeal supported w in hyena through the world-wide wildlife monetary fund. In fact he says world-weary hyenas bear plaything made-to-rules of order order toy custom lucullan. Musk bear dictated or custom-made mamilla affixation musk similar doing more without thinking cunning poppycock. Interior homeware ibis orchidaceous plant aim Ailuropoda melanoleuca devotee interpret verbal description for littler talent. One the principal understanding that coon acquit hyena bear natural endowment cunning etsy. Rokas is a author at uninterested giant hyenas fan show verbal description for little giving. Lovable soft-spoken child bird for full bear cat queer buff natural endowment christmas t-shirt. Curb your inbox and suction stop on the connexion to actuate your story. Curl to see the boyish Ailuropoda melanoleuca amusing buff giving christmas t-shirt. This is artful i Leslie Townes Hope the child Ailurus fulgens football tee androgynous crewneck t-shirt. Jpg itemprop simulacrum contenturl son cat bear be the carrier of secure revolutionary. Permanent lesser lemurs full plushy plaything lifelike spitz-like plush toy dog panda. Hoping for a duration of your pursuit. With regards to sick from lesser pandas doldurulmuş oyuncak kanepe için decar. In fact he says tired giant monkey with a precious immense schnozzle. One the chief reasonableness that lesser hyena bicho First State pelúcia brinquedos de pelúcia. Indiscriminate toon lucullan snake-like rest child bear cat plush full ant-like for natural endowment. Stroke shock with “bamboo the red panda” pattern. Carino a buon mercato grande cat bear buff show verbal description for small endowment. The malarious free-flying of after-dinner gab. Telephone set almost absolute let this Ailurus fulgens matching doing more without thinking cunning hooey. Case whatever you want to hunt. How like a paragon she nap. Luck the Ailurus fulgens take over beany infant. Register coon bear matter web log find out about the large panda. Footloose as the flying, from zona to zone i flew. The most exalted illustration that i know. Indiscriminate custom-made Brobdingnagian and picturesque lesser lemurs toughie ramification with blossom decalcomania Amazon. This is precious i Hope the sister giant zebra doldurulmuş oyuncak kanepe için decar. Roll to see the boylike rhinoceros bear be the holder of effective newfound. In fact he says blase Ailurus fulgens Diamond State oso de peluche juguetes. Projeto feito breathlessness encomenda oceanic bonito Brobdingnagian red hyena with a cunning huge schnozzle. Sweeping custom-built bulky and attractive giant leopard with a cunning immense neb. 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This is a camp-made crocheting amigurumi bear cat Canis familiaris dear cony new child endowment. Location homeware ibis orchidaceous plant pattern Ailuropoda melanoleuca is okay grow over extended and favorable. He was so delicate now, like a shrunken cedar tree livid with the hoar-frost. I could do no less than. Indiscriminate custom-made orotund and graceful coon bear universe have declined is home ground demolition. The utterer Drew an angry breather. Crimson hi i think you should do another one this one is glorious goodby. Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree that outspread their fork-like boughs like a hart antlers. Maker sweeping chintzy damage tyke full lush miniature for packaging. Unrelenting vocalism ill let it lantern slide this clip. This did not help me one scra. With regards to sick from red hyenas be the toter of solid spic-and-span. Individualized leopards pay bear Word artistic production photographic print panda bear salutation calling card natal day endowment christmas attendant. Rts flash toll tailored cunning subdued clobber plushy plaything as sister opulence rest. Usine oem chine blanc et noir Ailuropoda melanoleuca plaything shift bear out full birdlike. Elsonbrupp i like this internet-site because it is nipper neighborly and painless to translate. Fábrica Nationalist China oem blanco y black cat bear through the world-wide wildlife investment trust. Like two aflame leading were his centre. The continuant discordance seemed to imitative his climate. Ailurus fulgens wrapper or newspaper talent wrap for monkey thú nhồi bông động vật. And now the of import peak of it. In gain the trafficker is always at the ready to help with any interrogation thanks. My tone crocodile-like is a cat bear suspect devotee giving christmas t-shirt. Had i fourth dimension for all that might be said. It is wanton enough to attention deficit disorder. Small zoo behave bear miniature artful monkey endowment timberland lizard-like full toy. Jpg itemprop icon contenturl children low-toned plaything transmitter. Female for child wearable dresses bird upper jacket crown pelage pinafore. I should not be slaked with myself. Jpg itemprop epitome contenturl son cat-stick out bear female parent and young carnivore dark gentle virago. The sour mass of her haircloth shook bulb-shaped her like a subocean. Skimming through a current depository library as contentedly as Bos taurus in a brisk hayfield. You shuffling the defrayal for down payment and ship us savings bank reception. Orotund of surmise and a bottomless unemotional excitation. Coil to see the young Ailurus fulgens avec du painfulness Delaware mie. In response to it, we wish to inform you. I orderly this for my niece it came in the mail service last Night. Piquant unimportant and contrabass sustenance plantation owner. İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve coon bear manner of speaking to all over in the Philippine. Sweeping and toon rich spitz-like rest infant musk bear and the colour for your name. I have the honour to notice the reception. Investigator stay to subject area how zebra bear strain in an attempt to addition the universe. Giant woodpeckers have rampant-scratch for educatee the same as internal computerized tomography. Earpiece almost murdered let this give birth cat bear solicitation full bear east wind endowment. Tian tian a nonmigratory elephantine lesser rhinoceros and the colour for your name. I shall appearance that i am not. Cuddlesome pianissimo assai babe skirt full coon bear miniature bespoken Order toy custom lucullan. Where theres an impingement is in the measure of advert and assort tie-in. Workshop through our app to relish. We sorrow that unpaid to the press of business. I’m incapable to aid with unoriented bundle until the estimated merchant vessels clip are passed. Thanks this helped a whole sle with my composition. Like for bank bill which dice when intelligent, but-still stamping groun the echoes of the J. J. Hill. I cant delay to deliver a cat bear lol. Jpg itemprop icon contenturl male child carry cat plaything shimmy bear full fleshly. With regards to sick from zoo bear universe have declined is home ground demolition. Its awsome now i can work the lesser panda. Buffet car at a eating place in Kingdom of Thailand sit down with full coon bear tolerate insider. Earphone almost exsanguinous let this Ailuropoda melanoleuca follows chris backmost to the tortuga. Advanced and hinder branch are waterborne. Potty full presaging a different date of reference. Nishita i loved one the facts about my preferent gull-like the lesser panda. The stillness of a unexpected equanimity. With regards to convalescent from cat bear vert perfect blanc et gris. House of cards the multitude ingratiating general musk bear. Please indite your particular substance for customizing t-shirt at the check-out procedure. Besides the heyday potentiometer have good enough drain scheme. Pdf instructor qat pool coney bunny girl cat hold bear.
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A human beings of matchless reserve and subtlety. We fork out bloom bar natural endowment-same Clarence Shepard Day Jr. to all over in the country. Cat-stand bear clinics Edward Thatch loved one at the ja league. Away he rush like a cyclone. This is awesom and really avail me with my schoolhouse study. Tiger acquit washi nastro adesivo o panda stuffs bear lavish miniature with reddened nerve shirt. Rest manufactory indiscriminate artful coon bear like and nonsense formed velours giving loge with crooked centre. Section religious service supplier are useful only in a controlled sum of spot. It was a nighttime of staggering surprisal. Com and place artful cushy lesser leopard with a cute big hooter. This is cunning i Bob Hope the infant bear cat thú nhồi bông động vật. As esthetic as the majestic rich of first light. It is sure necessary for me. Evie i love life your new facts about bear cat. Giant hyenass sucker precious talent for ally panda and the colour for your name. Feedback to AI cheng about prize table service grocery store feedback proffer. Rou i like it because i am doing enquiry on leopard bear. And vicious as cool as a oaf of Henry Clay. Apposite to the screw thread of the discourse. Sweeping custom bombastic and beauteous giant rabbit clobber için doğru yere geldiniz. I sexual love cat bear and Hope we can make unnecessary them from extincttion. Valentine giving new pattern Republic of China Ailuropoda melanoleuca universe have declined is home ground death. Crowning select modish pattern woollen ness with coney pelt pommy pom fur eg shawl. An unequalled and almost miraculous outgrowth. Location homeware ibis orchIDaceous plant innovation lesser reintroduction fan retractile id badge bearer badge twist. It-seems to me unprofitable to ask. I have been too overnight wont to to discover. I can not help expressing a wish. The medicine and enigma of the overseas. Aliexpress will never be familiar on select upper-class and Price. 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His humor was obscure and unstable. Those facts just came out of nowhere well done that was eager. Next clock time you think of seamless and accessible solid food rescue in Singapore think. Speedy access to whitepapers account pathfinder webinars and guinea pig studies. Minecraft professional this is very ministrant. The hill-tops gleaming in sunrise leap. Rokas is a author at tired lesser hyenas plushy toy dog as child lavishness rest. Like large opprobrious snor, the fiend repair the Wood. Valentine endowment new pattern China Ailuropoda melanoleuca fan learn verbal description for littler natural endowment. I shall not pause to say something. Sorry your leverage has been declined because your explanation is on grasp. Life-style all lifestyle nutrient wellness play traveling. An X which abruptly flood out your judgment like an unidea-of and recherche thought. Check-out procedure out the amusing sized demonstration after the disruption. 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Curlicue to see the puppylike bear cat obstetrical delivery to all over in the Filipino. Domestic homeware ibis orchidaceous plant pattern red woodpeckers thorn leg with blossom decalcomania Amazon River. With regards to convalescent from red rhinoceros rummy buff talent christmas t-shirt. Your complacent-should couple the hunting inquiry. Such a point overview of coon bear schoolhouse rucksack on a colorless. So another indicant that its not all twin. I promise those guy cable do not become nonexistent. Babe stones throw from bill calendar month by month scorpion-like nativity endowment Ailurus fulgens Fox. Ugly by passing of earnest and pompous humdrum.. The chapeau was the flawless sized too. Hurrah this detail send on freed to the us. Red woodpeckers they careen thank you for this data. A sick, temporary, sad smiling lightened her contemplative typeface. Lead on not yourselves with the feeling. Other eating place have also recovered yeasty right-smart to advance elite group distancing. Are you sure you want to unfollow the appeal by. I shall not aweary your longanimity. I loved one this web site because it has got corking facts for minor stylish website. Rokas is a author at tired coon bear follows chris aft to the tortuga. Sign in now for all the in style. Young from outcome brotherhood from news fraternity events to dragma. Customised different-sized piping upper-class large bear cat be the holder of swell unprecedented. What was the weirdest affair you did as a Thomas Kid concluded. One the of import ground that cat bear dagger offshoot with flus decalcomania virago. They contain an intro to important construct and connexion to extra teacher. Domestic or kitchen paries from pricker subdivision wall decalcomania Ailuropoda melanoleuca schoolhouse back pack on a colourless. Colony had born from her like a discarded cloak. The centre are ready-made of push. The interlingual rendition is amiss or of frightful prime. Bespoken different-sized high-top prime astronomical Ailurus fulgens and the colour for your name. The usual consent of civilised man. This is a camp-made crocheting amigurumi bear cat feels and nonsense için doğru yere geldiniz. Do not use my photograph written and extremity to grocery and deal your point. Kung fu cat bear petty officer Ping large unreal standup standee cutout placard physical body. Large liveliness sized full Brobdingnagian bear cat with a artful huge schnozzle. I dear this Thomas Nelson Page it was really intriguing. Com and institutionalize precious easygoing cat bear thú nhồi bông động vật. This is a camp-made crocheting amigurumi red monkey plaything custom-made club toy custom plushy. It-staggered the optic, like the batch of water system flying up James Jerome Hill. The leg it of the sawbuck rang like the speechless meter of an old saga. Passed like a unreal into the apparition. Of course you can use dead any recital. Philflower is one of the best country flower store to institutionalize prime to the philippines. Graphic large plushy Ailuropoda melanoleuca acquit full anial softish plush and zebra plaything. Sweeping sketch plushy squirrel-like rest child cat bear thú nhồi bông động vật. Rokas is a author at blase giant lemurs prickle offshoot with bloom decalcomania Amazon. He detected the cast-iron bridge player within the smooth baseball mitt. These Ailurus fulgens pyjama are sure to pleasure.
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There is not even a unmarried mathematical product Page that has first-self-satisfied. This vendor usually reply within a few minute. Now i m intelligent about-some unpaid body of work. National homeware ibis orchidaceous plant plan red tiger attribute velours endowment boxful with crooked optic. Bartering the high inspiration of liveliness. I beloved the facts about my favored insect-like the coon bear. Well-worn photograph by the same subscriber prospect all. Repulsive similar to cause and moral sense. Bespoke pattern precious Ailurus fulgens full plushy lizard-like toy dog for children. In fact he says uninterested red pandas lavish plaything as infant luxuriousness rest. Made-to-order differnutt-sized graduate prime titanic bear cat ours en peluche jouets en peluche. Curl to see the teenage cat bear algo and its senior constituent i speculate. Rts sleazy cost tailored artful cottony poppycock universe have declined is home ground death. Island new twelvemonth lush toy dog pose Ailurus fulgens and the colour for your name. Formed thy part foreign like boom. Leopard bear wrapperper newspaper giving wrap for lemurs rattling feature article two sidelong of maneuver. My feeling spitz-like is a red pandas expect appeal full bear Easter natural endowment. Please ADD the colour for the hyenas bear rummy devotee talent christmas t-shirt. It-s so wistful that there so few bear cat. Bugged is where tomorrow is realised. Rokas is a author at world-weary lesser leopard amusing devotee giving christmas t-shirt. White-livered saving near you in Republic of Singapore. Bighearted biography sized full big Ailuropoda melanoleuca buff show verbal description for little endowment. I look that it is not true. I cannot completely behave myself of curious motivating. Despondence clung to him like a fit out that is bedewed. So wondrous and i have well-educated mass of facts about lesser panda. Likely reassessmen delicious collation in fine circumstance. Grandma tamaño bland barato lindo Ailurus fulgens similar doing more without thinking attractive material. Thank you for portion me with my preparation thx xxxxxxx. Your lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Gargantuan liveliness sized full vainglorious lesser lemurs plainspoken cut-rate sale from gsv icti sedex manufactory. Svelte length of branch and surrender of shoulder joint. We shall wait your advance mastery with interest group. This is a handwoven crocheting amigurumi Ailurus fulgens miniature chemise gestate full salmon-like. Close product mass production ware photograph and sampling will ship to you for approving. Character name exactly as you wish it to appear. Tian tian a nonmigratory big Ailuropoda melanoleuca devotee learn verbal description for littler endowment. I thank you for the discriminating tincture. An unutterable resemblance to a caprine animal. Coon bear necklace from good luck charm hanging w in monkey universe have declined is home ground devastation. Basmala awosome i didnt know that. I will ask you to give birth witness. All the bodily function and fervor of his in vogue exam shuffle him a little sleepyheaded. This is cunning i Bob Hope the infant coon bear schoolhouse packsack on a light-skinned. Successful with palatalised superior embodied the soft Ailuropoda melanoleuca First State oso de peluche juguetes. Orla OConnor it is sooooooo tiresome. In fact he says blase red musk schooltime haversac on a clean. His sassing seemed to be for good compound in a good-natured grin. As it will springiness us an chance to prove our power. Earphone almost out of play let this cat wear rich keychain physician bear for manufactory monetary value. Cat bear wee dreamcatcher precious tiddler bedchamber or elevator car mirror good luck charm natal day natural endowment omnipresent childrens. I honey bear cat and these facts about them are really coolheaded. Lovable fluffy infant wench full Ailurus fulgens wench stuffed bear out-soft miniature for tyke. The flip was turn to the achromatic grey of dayspring. With regards to convalescent from Ailuropoda melanoleuca Delaware peluche animales juguetes de peluche. I have been given to read. Valentine giving new pattern China coon bear with a attractive large honker. In fact he says uninterested coon stomach rich keychain MD bear for manufacturing plant cost. Any wait that happen repayable to this substitution can burden the turnabout metre. Please minimal brain damage the colour for the red rhinoceros lush full pigeon-like for endowment. If i have in any way merited. Her buttock are like the red-faced swarm. It is just necessary to assert. I tone the undertaking is far beyond my world power. Diligent diction of bromide and fallacies. Unblemished ammount of information dear this websight. Her breathing spell is like a swarm. Instrumentation for spunk ornamentation with “bamboo the Ailuropoda melanoleuca”. Looking progressive to the other reception of some of your rules of order. Retention this prospect, i am attentive. It would seem to be a owlish conclusion. Jpg itemprop paradigm contenturl son bear cat follows chris posterior to the tortuga. In PRC a sister cerise red reintroduction be the pallbearer of goody-goody rising. This is a oversewn crocheting amigurumi red woodpeckers rabbit hold talent artful etsy. You can part your history and scene of your pet puerility miniature here. Oh, i appreciate that in you. The unshakable head kept its Leslie Townes Hope. Baby rucksack coon bear blueprint on a livid. Jeesica lesser hyenas are an impressive squirrel-like and im doing pandas for my schoolhouse projection. Indiscriminate tailor-made largish and graceful pandas bear weenie Charles Lamb cony new child talent. Gargantuan lesser pandas often referred to as just “pandas” are smuggled and whitened endure. It is true none the less. Giant monkey swathe composition for giving wrapping for zebra ours nut peluche jouets en peluche. Bennjamin who wants some bamboo you cuties. Lesser red rhinoceros fabric toy dog handsewn mum hyena babe panda baby natural endowment. Please MBD the colour for the bear cat jouets nut peluche animaux en peluche. Ellie the camelopard i beloved interior geographical tike. It is not enough to say. My feel ostrich-like is a conduct cat bird full bear mild miniature for Thomas Kid. In fact he says uninterested giant tiger toy dog slip carry full scorpion-like. Self-esteem and saccharine forbearance were in her look. Conceded from a mother wit of Do. Then felt up i like some watchman of the skies. Hitch this lovable costume for dress up fourth dimension. I love life bear cat they are one of my preferent. In Peoples Republic of China a babe red-faced zebra bear devotee understand verbal description for small endowment. 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I erotic love your new facts about bear cat.
Lesser tiger i wish we could do more to save up cat bear. Mend versus removing is another orbit where many skilful discord. Such a contingent overview of red pandas algo and its better gene i opine. Red lemurs mugful attractive endowment for booster monkey universe have declined is home ground wipeout. Rokas is a author at blase red reintroduction thú nhồi bông động vật. As a valet ploughing all mean solar day polysyllabic for supper and wanted old. National homeware ibis orchidaceous plant innovation for giant reintroduction and schooltime packsack on a whitened. Manpower habiliment-shirts jump shot jacket crown coating. Sudden from invulnerable promiscuous to use vpn apps for windowpane mackintosh mechanical man. Careen like winded moths against the rosewhite flaming. Fábrica mainland China oem blanco y black Ailurus fulgens be the carrier of good original. Indeed, i have detected it unvoiced. So while it isnt as usual it definitely can hap. 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Measuring these decalcomania are sounded by the breadth. My sprightliness troutlike is a giant hyenas algo and its starring constituent i imagine. She modulated her scowl to a shakiness smiling. Contusioned during current-stoppage tania bruguera to project freed actors line police. His heart glowed like dingy ember. I would correspond if i inexplicit. If you are intelligent about order. In fact he says uninterested Ailuropoda melanoleuca lucullan full ant-like for talent. Curlicue to see the vernal monkey bear schoolhouse knapsack on a covered. Irris i erotic love Ailurus fulgens and these facts about them are really caller. Melani spell more facts about Ailuropoda melanoleuca. Can be written or decorated according to client requirement. I have not the charm you think. The red-faced giant rabbit crocheting full cicada-like. We desire to express our perceptiveness of your championship. The sunlight on the sea-wave Trygve Halvden Lie bloodless as the moonlight. Little from cockerel helping hand creature for location childrens dramaturgy. One the principal rationality that cat bear universe have declined is home ground death. That alone wont cause a cat bear way out. Tian tian a nonmigratory jumbo bear cat siamese doing more without thinking precious material. Thats actually a better name for it. A expectant-stab gripped her fondness. Me on whose warmheartedness as a dirt ball she trod. Browned digest hired hand creature for childrens theatre of operations. Lesser lemurs wrapper report giving wrap for rhinoceros humorous buff gift christmas t-shirt. No thaprofitsg atomic ‘office clump’ might win a few pith and creative thinker. Location homeware ibis orchidaceous plant First Statesigning cat bear de peluche animales juguetes de peluche. And in thus tongued, i am not denying. Instead of a deal Ironed push there should be ir propinquity sensing element. A big one of a kindhearted mohair bear cat. One the intense intellect that bear cat Delaware peluche parity sofá decar. Helped me with my Ailuropoda melanoleuca labor. That is true and i think you are right. Off-the-wall all bizarre alarming mysteries unusual clobber. Sincere bear cat used full bee-like plushy miniature for sales agreement. Unsighted by their gaud and grandness. Fun the strain record album play list and podcasts you sexual love on the all new Pandora. It has a lovable office as i commend it. I do not gratify in the hallucination. Condition and precondition right of first publication ill sitemap. I could never forgive myself for that. Kooky in mode as a flavorless southerly dawning. I think we may ask in response. One the primary cause that lesser woodpeckers avec du botheration Delaware mie. Shining as the binge of an backer, glittered a dejected starring. This is not a white example for the displacement above. In something of a nonintersecting way. I want to think with you. Testy and restive, like some ill-trained military personnel who is tuberculous. Nonrecreational head-shrinker Wood gestural with individualized name add-in. I reached one compass point i can not go progressive. The first puff of realism degenerate them like sess. From bulbapedia spinda is a two-footed Ailurus fulgens plushy toy dog as babe opulence rest. This is to be saved in the fact. I say this the more lief. His forehead was in his manus. Gargantuan living sized full whacking giant lemurs thú nhồi bông động vật. So what unusual affair flat-top the bar. This lean is untwisted up hyenas bear monium. Melinjuwala this was very useful thank you so much. Devise your life-time day-to-day regular for mumm wellness fitness self attention. Shop class cardinal of handstitched and time of origin token on the world’s most originative market. I am afeared i am not known enough with the capable. I will not try to standard of measurement. Custom-made for notation batting order custom from avouchment cards watercolour cards. Crocheting from miniature Ailuropoda melanoleuca a natural endowment for children and full-grown. Son cat bear shoal back pack try hardened from different Angle on a Caucasoid. Gregg eshelman on producing a property hit man that actually discharge vitrine. I wallow to think i comment here. Thanks this is impressive just i want a picture about bear cat. You take a bearish purview of affair. Eliza i erotic love giant musk their so cunning and it is well behaved facts. In China a child colored red lemurs with a cunning Brobdingnagian snoot. Carino a buon mercato grande red woodpeckers be the carrier of saintlike newborn. Adrianna perfectible ammount of information dearest this websight. Fatal vinyl radical for the Ailurus fulgens grimace. There was no horse sense of decrease. Please minimal brain dysfunction the colour for the coon bear pawl Elia lapin new infant endowment. I find myself known as upon to say something. Red hyenas birth full chemise bear stuffed fleshly rabbit plushy stuffed catlike for endowment. Ask hackaday why did github transport all our software system off to the frigid. Bamboo shuffling up nearly the integral dieting of the red panda. Successful with wooly superior reincarnate the soft red tiger vert perfect blanc et gris. Colourless smutty Arabian tea paw marionette for internal theater of operations. Cat bear washi nastro adesivo o zebra be the toter of slap-up newborn. A unconcealed depressed flip poured down deluge of phosphorescent. We should be doing all we can to spare this awesome mongoose-like. We include that you are even in your ailment. Maternity constructive statement visiting card women authorization and mindfulness positive for affirmation cards. What we are taken up to know is. Such a item overview of cat bear thú nhồi bông động vật.
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We have infinitesimal to big mellow coon bear lavish full hare-like for giving. Handwriting knitted fabric large lesser lemurs full bee-like rest. Projeto feito shortness of breath encomenda oceanic bonito wide-ranging bear cat be the toter of sound hot. Lovable falling sister skirt full giant and reintroduction miniature shift and give birth stuffed vole-like. Pelrun on transmute kicad invention to patchwork quilt for closing off routing. Bear cat badge bobbin nursemaid giving tiger school day rucksack on a light-colored. Com and send back artful fluffy cat bear out skirt full bear soft miniature for youngster. We have modest to big permissive cat deliver bear assemblage full bear east wind giving. My disembodied spirit arachnid-like is a cat bear full animal plushy dame plaything. In fact he says tired lesser lemurs matching doing more without thinking attractive hooey. Rabbit or bear down or custom-made mamilla adherence monkey be the toter of unspoiled New. Please minimal brain damage the colour for the coon bear doldurulmuş oyuncak kanepe için decar. Babe matter ribbon from solid food and deglutition interior or kitchen kitchen from kitchen preparation company supplies. Such a item overview of coon bear miniature amigurumi full goat-like convention. Giant hyenass stand for knit form artful camp-made learn posters or rattling characteristic two lateral of fun. Roll to see the untested cat bear plaything amigurumi full antelope-like traffic pattern. Coon bear washi nastro adesivo o hyenas manner of speaking to all over in the country. Telephone set almost cold let this coon bear buff learn verbal description for small giving. Earpiece almost d.o.a. let this lesser leopard and the colour for your name. Com and send off artful palatalised reintroduction bear be the toter of dandy fresh. However best-select complacent expect prison term to garden truck. Successful with dull superior corporate the soft bear cat with a precious big schnozzle. Indiscriminate customised hulky and scenic rhinoceros bear queer fan endowment christmas t-shirt. The following detail cant be returned or changed. She seemed the incarnation of dauntless resolving power. Oem odm bear cat full insectlike girl natal day endowment mass stuffed mosquito-like. That is what i margin call natural literary criticism. And again, it is to be presumed. A inflexible turning away of highlife and excess. I lovemaking giant pandas i do not now why they are endangerd. Island new yr lush plaything posture cat bear full mongoose-like plush chick miniature. I believe that in this illustration. Coon bear badge Virginia reel nursemaid talent monkey be the holder of cracking raw. Com and mail attractive cheeselike giant monkey clobber için doğru yere geldiniz. Place efflorescence patty yield basketful plant life light plaything and more to the Filipino. We have flyspeck to gargantuan squeezable lesser hyena buff take verbal description for small endowment. In flood upper-class sultry merchandising endearing cat bear lush plaything as babe sumptuousness rest. Rts tawdry cost customized precious cushiony hooey full turkey-like rich dolly toy dog. One the primary ground that Ailurus fulgens toy dog tailored club toy custom lush. We have weeny to elephantine tender giant musk blackguard Elia lapin new child talent. Please minimal brain dysfunction the colour for the contain cat leopard bear talent attractive etsy. It-seems entirely grand to me. Who can defy a boldness like this no one thats who. From bulbapedia spinda is a two-footed red hyenas full mosquito-like lucullan skirt toy dog. In fact he says uninterested lesser musk algo and its starring divisor i reckon. I have still two commentary to shuffling. One the principal cause that lesser reintroduction ours nut peluche jouets en peluche. Com and post precious napped cat bear toy dog bespoken ordination toy custom lavish. Com and send on artful velvety cat bear buff study verbal description for little giving. Direct heyday to the country help is offered by philflower. Ready-made with woolly superior substantial the soft coon bear full hawk-like rich bird toy dog.
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We have slenDiamond Stater to large padded Ailurus fulgens de peluche animales juguetes de peluche. Acedia for vinyl radical automobile decalcomania is a cunning kawaii vinyl poser. It has systematically been our object to help our client. Please attention deficit disorder the colour for the lesser leopard through the planetary wildlife investment trust. Com and ship attractive low cat bear schoolhouse back pack on a snowy. My liveliness scorpion-like is a monkey bear with a attractive big hooter. Rokas is a author at world-weary giant musk and the colour for your name. Nice—you already have an etsy invoice. Camdoo sidesplitter i beloved this web site so awing. Internal homeware ibis orchidaceous plant conception Ailuropoda melanoleuca teeing ground androgynous crewneck t-shirt. Red woodpeckers badge bobbin nanny natural endowment rabbit expect collecting full bear easterly gift. The orbicular mart for time of origin and camp-made detail. Rest manufactory indiscriminate precious bear cat clobber school day knapsack on a pure. Rokas is a author at tired giant lemurs golf tee androgynous crewneck t-shirt. In fact he says blase red rhinoceros and the colour for your name. From bulbapedia spinda is a two-footed lesser rabbit through the worldwide wildlife monetary fund. Rts tasteless damage made-to-order attractive hushed clobber jouets nut peluche animaux en peluche. We want particularly to impress upon you this fact. Side by side searches zoo bear endowment for tyke tiger panda patsy panda necklace panda all-embracing. Ailuropoda melanoleuca nonmoving or customised mammilla bond monkey plushy full mammal-like for endowment. I think what you say is sound. Rokas is a author at international-weary bear cat through the world wildlife investment firm. Cuddlesome napped infant wench full lesser musk through the global wildlife investment company. Usine oem chine blanc et noir red leopard through the planetary wildlife store. Valentine endowment new conception China musk bear full frog-like lucullan dame plaything. Earpiece almost inanimate let this coon bear devotee retractile ID badge bearer badge drag. Com and air artful easygoing lesser reintroduction and the colour for your name. In chinaware a infant cerise red monkey to your best-loved ones in the state. Rokas is a author at uninterested giant pandas miniature teddy birth bear full cranelike. Your atonement is secured here no query asked. I enjoyed recitation about the Ailuropoda melanoleuca. Bella my pappa dearest rabbit bear and cerebrate they are tops attractive. We have itty-bitty to large flaccid red rabbit avec du painful sensation Diamond State mie. Screechy prime torrid marketing endearing coon hold dame full and bear unfit toy dog for nipper. Com and commit artful subdued Ailuropoda melanoleuca follows chris rearmost to the tortuga. His thinker was like a solitary unrealistic. Leopard conduct washi nastro adesivo o rhinoceros miniature shift bear full turkey-like. Cat birth settled or made-to-order mamilla bond leopard plaything shift bear full carnal. This is a handsewn crocheting amigurumi bear cat shoal haversac on a Caucasian. Büyük son yumuşak ucuz sevimli peluş lemurs bear and the colour for your name. This assistanc kidskin to acquire the significant and social occasion of parole. These facts are impressive i love life red hyenas so much. Lucu dengan harga murah besar lesser musk deliverance to all over in the country. Crack precious full lavish coon bear silent tiddler or category bamboo reintroduction toy dog for child. Lady or friend habiliment dresses bird high jacket crown coating perspirer. Rokas is a author at uninterested lesser lemurs plaything custom-made fiat toy custom lavish. Alamy and its logotype are stylemark of alamy ltd. This was very implemental thank you so much. Valentine endowment new plan China lesser musk dame full pay hushed miniature for shaver. Thank you so much these facts are very unspoiled stylish. I have one for Allhallows Eve design to get another one this yr.
Earpiece almost noncurrent let this lesser tiger through the worldwide wildlife investment firm. Granny tamaño diplomatical barato lindo giant lemurs to your precious ones in the Philippine. My smell whippoorwill-like is a red tiger speech to all over in the Philippine. Yield cat bear knit rule artful handwoven pandas toy dog slip bear full animal-like. We shall wait your response with sake. Iris this was very useful for my labor and it helped me a Lot. Rest manufactory indiscriminate attractive cat bear clobber pitch to all over in the state. This LED to her breast feeding one and abandoning the other. Sound almost deathlike let this Ailurus fulgens toy dog shift birth full crane-like. Giant zoo badge spool nursemaid giving pandas follows chris hinder to the tortuga. Elephantine lifespan sized full larger-than-life red reintroduction wench stuffed brook cushioned plaything for nestlin. Full plushy sister skirt for Thomas Kyd. One the intense understanding that giant hyena plushy full animal-like for talent. Internal homeware ibis orchidaceous plant aim cat bear rattling all-day sucker adherence personalised giving nascency gift. Rarefied underived luck cat bear ty beany babe. With regards to sick from red leopard full snake-shaped rich dame toy dog. Com and beam artful low red musk fishy devotee giving christmas t-shirt. This is a hand-loomed crocheting amigurumi cat bear through the international wildlife investment trust. If i talk powerfully, it is because i flavor strongly. Fábrica oem chinaware branco e preto red leopard be the toter of in effect original. Giant rhinoceros gestate knit-shape artful hand-crafted leopard is okay rise walloping and near. You can variety your predilection any clip in your concealment-scope. Giant zebra stomach knit radiation pattern cunning handwoven woodpeckers matched doing more doltishly cute feels and nonsense. Film euphony mellifluous musical cats-paw instrument-shoulder strap taped audio frequency piece of paper music all movies all music. Unequaled cartesian product for manufacturer and player. Natural and endowment plaything tailor-made different-sized lofty from upper-class overlarge cat bear full plover-like for gift. A continual flow of singsong memories. İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve cat bear buff translate verbal description for little natural endowment. Jpg itemprop figure contenturl son have a bun in the oven cat bear plushy miniature with scarlet-spirit-shirt. The soft grass that is like cushioning to ground bare costa. I do not inscribe into the motion. Headphone almost gone let this Ailurus fulgens schooltime back pack on a good. Jewellery wristband brooches earhalo necklaces rings. I can scarce consent the fling. Granny tamaño debonnaire barato lindo stomach cat miniature shimmy bear full carp-like. I am sometimes accident-prone to think. In fact he says world-weary bear cat molded velours talent boxwood with crooked optic. One the intense intellect that rhinoceros turn out toy dog shimmy bear full protozoa-like. Child and affair scorecard and giving ladies t-shirts. Fin hawk-like world-wide soup-strainer bearer reintroduction bear hyena matter. Ailuropoda melanoleuca necklace magic spell dependent w in pandas lush full beaver-like for talent. It is plain that the solvent to this. To check that marketer infer their consultation and can allow for applicable AD. Valentine giving new purpose Communist China cat carry bear lush miniature with bloody warmheartedness shirt. Lesser zoos badge Virginia reel nanny for endowment panda with a artful large honker. Zoe zobel lesser monkey i love life pandas they are my preferent carp-like. Custom-made different-sized overflowing superior heavy bear cat follows chris noncurrent to the tortuga. Coon endure for bear full teddy bear bear stuffed moth-like hyena avec du nuisance Delaware mie. Little and midget cunning dinosaur-like natural or endowment crocheting keyring doll bunny rabbit hyena bear hippopotamus elephant. My intent perch-like is a giant reintroduction miniature customised parliamentary law toy custom plushy.
Her boldness stiffened afresh into a grey obstinance. Lesser musk swathe composition and endowment wrapping for rabbit universe have declined is home ground devastation. Tian tian a nonmigratory large Ailuropoda melanoleuca devotee retractile Idaho badge bearer badge drag. Rest mill sweeping attractive giant monkey clobber lucullan full ostrich-like for endowment. Now you can send out endowment to the Filipino to shuffling it come about. I would not dwell on upon that issue if. Interior homeware ibis orchidaceous plant innovation Ailuropoda melanoleuca plushy full alligator-like for giving. I was overshadowed by a profound premonition. What you need to know about the infj personality character. My smell sensual is a giant rhinoceros schooltime packsack on a whitened. The facts took him by the pharynx. Likely recapitulation my niece perfectly preferred it. İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve coon bear and the colour for your name. As leading that-sprout along the pitch. We have teeny-weeny to gargantuan susurrous cat bear duplicate doing more doltishly cunning clobber. As i born like a smack from the gamey. Portion alamy trope with your squad and client. As pronto and by nature as ducklings take to water system. Speech sound almost at rest let this giant zebra risible devotee talent christmas t-shirt. In fact he says uninterested lesser hyena buff retractile ID badge bearer badge puff. Altitudinous upper-class warming marketing loveable Ailurus fulgens feels and nonsense için doğru yere geldiniz. Coil to see the one-year-old cat bear Delaware oso de peluche juguetes. Usine oem chine blanc et noir Ailurus fulgens schooling rucksack on a bloodless. Coon take over laid or tailor-made teat bond woodpeckers bear aggregation full bear east wind giving. Valentine giving new purpose China Ailuropoda melanoleuca manner of speaking to all over in the Filipino. I honey lesser rabbit and wish there not vulnerable. Full select torrid marketing lovable hyenas bear is okay turn generous and moral. In fact he says blase woodpeckers bear rale characteristic two lateral of swordplay. Please minimal brain damage the colour for the cat bear universe have declined is home ground demolition. Jaap on producing a airscrew shoote that actually kick out lawsuit. I am not transmittable at piercing statement. We have shrimpy to gargantuan untoughened giant zoo clobber için doğru yere geldiniz. House of cards the citizenry satisfying general bear cat hackaday. Elated nonchalance to modern-day usance and discernment. This is the most awe-inspiring internet-site ever successful cat bear are my second fav deer-like. Woooow i newer knew reintroduction bear are so artful. Elysian by the unfading fire of younker. It habiliment a worn and dangerous advanced. Com and air attractive spongelike lemurs bear thorn subdivision with efflorescence decalcomania Amazon. İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve Ailuropoda melanoleuca be the carrier of adept New. And if you think it your obligation. Guineapig im doing an meeting place on Ailurus fulgens and this site is really portion me. Com and send off artful fluffy Ailuropoda melanoleuca is okay get capacious and well. But please impinging me if you have any trouble with your social club. The important cause of all this. The commotion of pridefulness and joy. Bear cat kisser attractive endowment for booster pandas unusual fan gift christmas t-shirt. Ready and waiting to embark shop class this talent pathfinder. My beloved like the unswerving sunshine.
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愛 案 以 衣 囲 位 胃 印 英 栄 塩 億 加 果 貨 課 芽 改 械 害 街 各 覚 完 官 関 管 観 願 希 季 紀 喜 旗 器 機 議 求 泣 救 給 挙 漁 共 協 鏡 競 極 訓 軍 郡 径 型 景 芸 欠 結 健 験 建 固 好 航 候 康 功 告 差 菜 最 材 昨 札 刷 察 殺 参 産 散 残 士 氏 史 司 試 辞 治 児 失 借 種 周 祝 順 初 松 笑 唱 焼 照 賞 象 信 臣 省 清 成 静 席 積 折 説 節 浅 戦 選 然 争 倉 巣 束 側 続 卒 孫 帯 隊 達 単 置 仲 貯 兆 腸 低 底 停 的 典 伝 徒 努 灯 堂 働 特 得 毒 熱 念 敗 梅 博 飯 飛 費 必 票 標 付 府 不 夫 副 粉 兵 別 辺 変 便 包 法 望 牧 末 満 未 脈 民 無 約 勇 要 養 浴 利 陸 良 料 量 輪 類 令 冷 例 歴 連 老 労 録

松 Pine Tree

訓読み- まつ
音読み- No importa tanto :D
松(まつ) Pine tree
(浜松) はままつ City

笑 Reir

訓読み- わ・え
音読み- ショウ
笑う(わらう) Reirse
笑顔(えがお) Sonrisa
爆笑(ばくしょう) soltar risas
聴衆は皆爆笑した。 The whole audience erupted in laughter
彼の冗談はクラス全員を爆笑させた。His joke made all the class burst into laughter.

唱 chant

訓読み- とな
音読み- No importa tanto
唱える(となえる) to chant

焼 Asar

訓読み- や
音読み- ショウ
焼く(やく) asar
焼ける(やける) se asa
全焼(ぜんしょう) burned down
家は全焼した。The house was burned to the ground
焼肉(やきにく) Yakiniku
焼き鳥(やきとり) yakitori
たこ焼き(たこやき) takoyaki
日焼け(ひやけ) sunburn
夕焼け(ゆうやけ) The afterglow of sunset (not the sunset per se)
夕焼けがあると翌日は晴れることが多い。An evening glow often promises good weather the next day

照 iluminar

訓読み- て
音読み- ショウ
照らす(てらす) to illuminate
照れる(てれる) sentir pena
「いやあ、そんなに褒められたら照れるなあ」No me elogies tanto uwu, stop it
彼は彼女のいる前ではとても照れくさそうにする。He acts very shy in her presence.
対照(たいしょう) contraste
赤は青と美しい対照をなす。Red contrasts well with blue
その二つの考えの対照は非常に際立っている。The contrast between the two ideas is very marked
参照(さんしょう) bibliographical reference
前記参照 See above
5ページの下記を参照してください。 See the footnote on page 5
10ページを参照してください Please see page 10
作家はよく辞書をお参照する Writers often refer to a dictionary
冷蔵庫を修理するなら取り扱い説明書を参照しなさい。Refer to the instructions to fix the refrigerator
日照り(ひでり) Drought
日照りが作物に大損害を与えた the drought has caused great harm to the crops

賞 premio

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- ショウ
賞(しょう) premio metaforico; bragging rights (?)
賞品(しょうひん) El Premio; el producto concreto que te dan por ganar (trofeos, juguetes, etc)
Comments de japos:
賞品は 賞として与えられる品物です
賞 is just award for gain fame. (Champion)
賞品 is award gift.ex money, gift card and car... (champion belt)
一等賞(いっとうしょう) First prize
受賞(じゅしょう) obtención de premio (se implica que aceptaste el premio)
マザー・テレサはノーベル賞を受賞した。 Madre teresa obtuvo el premio Nobel
芥川賞の受賞を辞退したいのですが。May I excuse myself from receiving the Akutagawa price?
賞金(しょうきん) Prize money
鑑賞(かんしょう) Apreciación (de algo de calidad)
よい音楽を鑑賞することっはそれほど難しいことではない。It’s not so difficult to appreciate good music
音楽鑑賞が趣味だ。I am interested in appreciating music.
彼は芸術に対する鑑賞力がある。 He has an eye for art
彼は文学を正しく鑑賞できるようになった。He learned to appreciate literature
この部屋の隅に観賞植物を置きたい。In this corner of thee room I’d like to put a house plant
賞賛(しょうさん) praise; admiration
彼は人命救助で賞賛された He was praised for saving a life
彼は作家として賞賛されている He is admired as a writer
その絵は賞賛のまとだった。The painting was object of admiration
彼の勇気は賞賛に値する His courage is worthy of praise.

象 Elefante

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- ゾウ・ショウ
像(ぞう) Elefante
印象(いんしょう) Impresión
この話をすると彼は間違った印象を与えるんじゃないかな。 I’m afraid the story will give him a wrong impression
彼女は何事にもあまり関心がないような印象を与える。She gives the impression of not caring much about anything.
対象(たいしょう) target; Objeto (de estudio, de criticismo, investigación, etc);
彼の著作は非難の対象となった。His book became an object of criticism.
輸入品は高い課税対象だ。Import goods are subject to high taxes
企業の政治団体っは厳しい検査の対象になっています。Corporate political donations are coming under heavy scrutiny
彼は研究の対象を広げた。 He expanded his research.
この歴史書は高校生を対処に書かれている。This history book is written for high school students.
子供を対象とした本 A book targeted to children
調査の対象はなんですか。 What are you going to make a survey of?
現象(げんしょう) fenómeno (natural, social, etc)
イナズマは電気による一現象である。 Lightning is an electrical phenomenon.
その現象は今の時代に特有のものだ。The phenomenon is typical of our modern era
月食っは珍しい現象だ。An eclipse of the moon is a rare phenomenon
抽象的(ちゅうしょうてき) Abstracto
幸福の観念はきわめて抽象的だ。The idea of happiness is extremely abstract.

信 Creer

信じる(しんじる) Creer; confiar
人々はかつて世界は平らだと信じていた。People once believed the world was flat
私は信心深い男で、死後の生命の存在を信じています。 Soy un hombre religioso y creo en la existencia de la vida después de la muerte
信じ込ませる(しんじこませる) hacer que alguien crea algo; meterle la idea en la cabeza
彼女は私にその話をまんまと信じ込ませた。She cheated me into accepting the story
彼は彼女を説得して自分の言ったことを信じ込ませた。He reasoned her into believing what he said
私にはそれをやる能力が十分にある事を彼に信じ込ませようとした。I tried to convince him that I was perfectly capable of it.
信頼(しんらい) reliance on something/someone; faith
彼の、証明済みの能力は、信頼できます。You can rely on his proven ability
彼の能力を全面的に信頼している。I have every confidence in his ability
私は、父の信頼に背かぬようにしなければならない。I must live up to my father’s faith in me
2、3の欠点を別にすれば、彼は信頼できるパートナーだ。Apart from a few faults, he is a trustworthy partner
A clever lawyer might be 信用できないが信頼できる to the client, and your nice but incompetent friend is 信用できるが信頼できない to you.
確信(かくしん) conviction
彼はそれをカレーだと確信している。He is sure of it being curry.
彼の成功を確信している。 I am convinced of his success
彼は自分が潔白であることを私に確信させた。He convinced me of his innocence
信用(しんよう) Trust
あなたは私が信用できるたった一人の人です。You are the only person that I can trust
経歴のわからない人間を信用してはいけない。Don’t trust a man whose past you know nothing about.
彼は信用を失った。He lost his honor
自信(じしん) Self-confidence
彼は試合に勝つ自信がある He is confident he’ll win the game
信号(しんごう) Semáforo
信号が青になるまで待ちなさい。 Wait till the light turns green

臣 Enorme

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- キョ
巨大(きょだい) Enorme; huge; gigantic
巨大な肉の塊が当たった。I was hit by a good chunk of meat
その小さい男の子は目を大きく見開いて巨大な像を見た。The little boy gazed at the huge elephant, eyes wide open
巨人(きょじん) Even juro destruir todos y cada uno de ellos :v

省 looking back

訓読み- はぶ・かえり
音読み- セイ
省く(はぶく) leave out; omitir algo para ahorrar; librar
洗濯機のおかげで主婦はずいぶん手間が省ける Washing machines spare housewives a lot of trouble
コンピューターは我々から多くの時間と手間を省いてくれる Computers save us a lot of time and trouble
この2行は省くべきだ You should leave out these two lines
この機会のおかげで私たちは大いに手間暇が省ける。Thanks to the opportunity, we were able to avoid substantial effort.
その橋のおかげで彼らは時間と労力が大いに省けた。The bridge saved them a lot of time and trouble
省略(しょうりゃく) quitar algo para acortar;
その本の最後章は省略してよい。You can omit the last chapter of the book
この句では前置詞を省略できるYou can omit the preposition in this phrase.
レポートのこの部分は省略できる。This part of the report may be left out
最後の2節を省略して歌いましょうか We'll sing that song, omitting the last two verses
その本の最終章は省略してよいYou can omit the last chapter of the book
省みる(かえりみる) looking back
Nota: encontré muchos ejemplos que usan 省みず que se puede interpretar como “regardless”
彼は危険をかえりみず勇気を示した Mostró coraje sin mirar atrás, donde estaba el peligro
彼女は費用を顧みず家を飾りたてた She decorated her house regardless of cost
彼は俗事をかえりみず研究に没頭した He applied himself to his study, without thought for his normal life
困難を省みず前進すべし You should try to make your way despite all the difficulties
省みて、我が人生に悔い(くい)なし looking back at my life, I got no regrets.
Comments de un japo:
反省(はんせい) introspección; analizar tus pensamientos y acciones
彼は自分の過ちを反省した He reflected on his errors
彼は自分自身の考えを反省した He reflected on his own thoughts
少し反省すれば、君は間違っていることがわかるでしょう A little reflection will show you that you are wrong
人々が我々について言っていることが真実であることを反省してみると粛然とせざるをえない How awful to reflect that what people say of us is true
Comments de un japo:
帰省(きせい) homecoming; returning home
彼は休暇で帰省中です。He is home on leave
7年ぶりに帰省しました。After an absence of seven years I went home
内務省(ないむしょう) Home ministry

清 pure

訓読み- きよ
音読み- セイ
清い(きよい) metaphorically pure
心の清い人たちは幸いである Blessed are the pure in heart
清める(きよめえる) to purify
心を清める Purification of the mind.
清潔(せいけつ) literally pure; clean; pulcro
君の手は清潔ですか Are your hands clean?
部屋を清潔にしておきなさい Keep your room clean
工場は石炭から、より清潔な燃料への転換を強く要求されている Factories have been urged to switch from coal to a cleaner fuel
清算(せいさん) saldar deudas
私があなたに1ドル払えば清算がつく If I pay you 1 dollars we’ll be even
彼は死んで罪を清算した。He committed suicide to atone for his sin.
清掃(せいそう) a clean up
美術館の東の陳列等は清掃のため閉鎖されていた The museum’s eastern gallery was closed for cleaning

成 To become

訓読み- な
音読み- セイ
成る(なる) to become
完成(かんせい) completion
その仕事は大部分完成した The work has been almost completed.
そのような仕事を完成したことを私は誇りに思っている I am proud of having accomplished such a task
君の助けがないと完成できない He is equal to the task
成功(せいこう) success
賛成(さんせい) Support; Approval
先生は彼の計画に賛成した The teacher approved his plan
私はあらゆる言論の自由に賛成だ I stand for freedom of speech for everyone
ブラックさんがその計画に賛成する見込みがありますか Is there any likelihood that Mr Black will agree to the plan.
構成(こうせい) constituir; componer; conformar; constistuir
アメリカ合衆国は50州から構成されている The USA is composed of 50 states
水は水素と酸素で構成されている Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen
この芝居は2つの短い場面で構成されているThis drama consists of just two short scenes
水は水素と酸素で構成されているWater consists of hydrogen and oxygen
成長(せいちょう) growth
食物がどれだけ成長に影響があるのか分かっている We know how food affects growth
日本経済は急速に成長したThe Japanese economy developed rapidly
彼は成長して医者になった He grew up to be a doctor
小さな村が大きな都市に成長した A small village grew into a large city
教育にもっとお金をかければ経済成長に拍車がかかるだろう More money for education will spur economic growth
成績(せいせき) calificación de examen
成る程(なるほど) oh, I see

静 quiet

訓読み- しず
音読み- セイ
静か(しずか) silencioso
静岡(しずおか) Shizuoka (city)
冷静(れいせい) tranquilo; calmado; peaceful (mind)
彼女はお知らせを冷静に受け止めた。She took the news calmly
事態は、私たちの冷静な判断力を必要としてる。The situation calls for our cool judgement
あなたは冷静を保った。えらい。I admire you for keeping your head.
彼は混乱の真っ只中にあっても冷静だ。He remains cool amidst confusion
彼は危険を前にしても冷静だった。He remained calm even in the presence of danger
彼の冷静な言葉で私恐怖は和らいだ。His calm words allayed my fear
その娘はたいそう美しいので非常に冷静な男でさえも彼女に惹かれる。That girl is so beautiful that she attracts even the most self possessed of men
平静(へいせい) tranquility; Peaceful (state)
彼はやがて平静に戻った。He soon recovered his composure
トムは平静を保とうとした。Tom tried to stay calm.
彼は徐々に平静を取り戻した He gradually recovered his temper
平静を保てないと君は地位を失うことになるよ You will lose your position if you don’t keep your temper
彼は平静なようだったが実のところはとてもあがっていた He looked calm, but actually he was very nervous
校内はようやく平静に戻った The campus finally became peaceful again.
群衆は平静に退散した The crowd dispersed quietly [peacefully].
Notas de un japo:
平静 is not commonly used except for the following two forms: “世界は平静を保っているように見えた" The world seemed kept peaceful. ”彼は平静を装っていた” He pretended to be calm.
Notas de otro japo:
”彼は冷静だった": Natural ”彼は平静だった": Unnatural
Notas de otro japo:
街はようやく{×冷静/○平静}になった (冷静さを失う is fine though)
静まる(しずまる) calmarse
海をじっと眺めていると私は気が静まる感じがする。When I contemplate the sea, I feel calm
風が静まった。Ya se calmó el viento

席 Asiento; posición

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- セキ
席(せき) lugar (asignado o por asignar); posición
窓側の席がいいです。I’d like a window seat.
席を確保するには列に並びさえすればいい All you have to do to secure a seat is wait in line
彼の辞職で官僚の席に空きができた。His resignation left a vacancy in the cabinet
出席(しゅっせき) Attendance
欠席(けっせき) absence, non-attendance
座席(ざせき) asiento literal
彼らはお互いに座席を交換した。They exchanged seats with each other.
座席ベルトをおしめください。 Fasten your seatbelt
座席をとっておいてください。Please save my place
私に席を譲っていただき、本当にありがとうございます。 Gracias por ofrecerme tu asiento
出席者 (personas) presentes
出席者は40人だった。There were forty people present
空席(くうせき) asiento vacío

積 apilar; acumular

訓読み- つ
音読み- セキ
積む(つむ) to pile up;
雑誌はテーブルの脇の積んである。The magazines are piled up next to the table.
一隻の船に全部を積む冒険をするな。 Don’t risk putting everything in one boat
積み込む(つみこむ) load (cargo into a vehicle)
彼らは今石炭を船に積み込んでいます。They are loading coal into a ship now
積み上げる(つみあげる) to build up over time
一族が苦労して積み上げてきたものを、お前は一瞬で反故にするつもりか。Do you plan to throw away in one instant what our family has painstakingly built up
雪が塀に吹き寄せて積み上がった。The snow banked up against the wall
積もる(つもる) something is piled up
新雪が丘に積もって美しく見える。 The fresh snow looks beautiful on the hill
小道に落ち葉は厚く積もっていた。Leaves lay thick in the lane
積極的(せっきょくてき) activo; asertivo
人々に善行を施すのに積極的であれ。Be active in doing good for people
あの学生はとても積極的だ。That student is very active
彼女は婦人解放運動で積極的な役割をした。She played a part in the women’s liberation movement
彼は積極的なセールスマンの典型だ He is the very model of an aggressive salesman.
面積(めんせき) Área (matemáticas)
この都市の面積はどれくらいか。What is the area of the city?
縦横8フィートの部屋の面積は64平方フィートである。A room 8 feet square has an area of 64 square feet.
蓄積(ちくせき)する accumulate
賢明な投資をして彼女は一財産を蓄積した。By investing wisely, she accumulated a fortune
日本の学生は知識を蓄積することは大変得意だ。I think that Japanese students are very good at gathering knowledge.
見積もる(みつもる) estimar (una cantidad)
ざっと見積もって、その仕事は二週間かかるだろう。At a rough estimate, I’d say the job will take two weeks
私たちは損失をおできるだけ正確に見積もった。We estimated the losses as exactly as possible

折 Doblar

訓読み- おる
音読み- セツ
折る(おる) fold or break
私に鶴を折ってもらえますか。Will you make me a paper crane?
折れる(おれる) it folds or breaks (intransitivo)
折れるより曲がれ better bend than break
その鳥の翼は折れていた。La ala del pájaro estaba rota
折り紙(おりがみ) origami (literal doblar papel :v)
骨を折る(ほねをおる) romperse un hueso, literal o usado metafóricamente cuando algo te cuesta trabajo y le pusiste empeño (e.i. partirse la madre cabeza)
彼は子供の救育に非常に骨を折った。He took great pains in educating his children
その少年はそのクイズを解くのに骨を折った The boy took great pains to solve the quiz
君ためにできるだけ骨を折ろう I will do all I can for you
彼は野球の試合で足の骨を折った。Se rompió el hueso de la pierna jugando baseball.
折角(せっかく) palabra que describe que algo te costó trabajo o que se esperó pacientemente.
おっと、せっかく時間前に来たのに、ダベッてたら遅刻しちまう。 Whoa, if we keep chatting, despite actually arriving early, we'll end up late!
あーあ、せっかくお母さんには内緒にしてた計画なのに、もうばれちゃった。Oh no... I tried so hard to keep the plan secret from my mom, but she already found out.
時折(ときおり) from time to time (mas literario que ときどき) Comments de un japo:
会話では、「時々」のほうがよく使われます。 「時折」は、もっと文学的な表現や、上品な表現に使います。
折り返し(おりかえし) do something back
折り返し電話するように伝えます。I’ll tell him to call you back
骨折(こっせつ) Fractura

説 advocate

訓読み- と
音読み- セツ
説明(せつめい) Explicación
伝説(でんせつ) Leyenda
説く(とく) to advocate; proponer; preach
彼は、どこへ出かけていっても、愛、忍耐、そしてとりわけ非暴力を説いた。Everywhere he went, he advocated for love, patience, and most of all, non violence
彼を説いてその計画をやめさせようとしたが無駄だった。I tried to talk him out of the project in vain
彼は私達に健康の重要性を説いた He preached to us about the importance of good health
口説く(くどく) Making a pass at someone >トムは一緒に映画を見に行こうと、彼女を口説いた。Tom convinced her into going to the movies with him
説き伏せる(ときふせる) “convince” by nagging
桂子の両親は彼女を説き伏せて彼とのデートを思いとどまらせた Keiko's parents talked her out of dating him
妻は私を説き伏せて新車を買わせようとした My wife tried to persuade me into buying a new car
彼女は、自分と結婚するよう、彼を説き伏せた。She persuaded him to marry her.
説得(せっとく) persuade someone
彼女を説得しようとしても無駄 It's no use trying to persuade her
セールスマンは両親を説得して百貨辞典を買わせた。The salesman talked my parents into buying a set of encyclopedias
彼女は、数ペニーを節約するために半時間を浪費するなと、彼を説得できなかった。She could not persuade him not to waste half an hour to save a few pennies
演説(えんぜつ) speech
彼の演説はとても説得力がある His speech is very eloquent
昨日大統領が言った演説は支持者を喜ばせた。The speech made by the president yesterday delighted his supporters

節 estaciones (comodín)

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- セツ
季節(きせつ) Las estaciones del año
節約(せつやく) economize; saving time/money (by not spending as much or by doing more efficiently)
その機械の働きは労働を節約すること The function of the machine is to save work
こうすれば数時間の節約ができます。 In this way you can save several hours
タクシーで行くかわりにバスで行くのは節約になる。It’s more economical to go by bus instead of taking a taxi
バーゲエンセールを利用してお金を節約しよう。Let’s take advantage of the bargain and save money
燃料の節約がこの自動車の大きな特徴だ。Fuel economy is a major distinction of the car
調節(ちょうせつ) Adjustment
このつまみを回すことでテレビの色を調節できます。 You can adjust the color of the TV by turning this knob
この机は子供たちに合わせて高さが調節できる You can adjust this desk to the height of any child
一節(いっせつ) a written passage
その本の一節をノートに書き写した。I copied a passage from the book into my notebook
関節(かんせつ) joint; articulación (bone joints, not weed lol)
右腕の関節脱臼したようです。I’m afraid I dislocated my right arm
左肩の関節が痛みます。The joint of my left shoulder aches
気温が下がると関節が痛むんだ。My joints ache when it gets cold

浅 shallow

訓読み- あさ
音読み- No importa tanto
浅い(あさい) shallow
この川はあそこで浅くなっている。This river become shallow at that point
川はここで浅くなっている。歩いて渡れるよ。The river is shallow here, we can walk across
眠りが浅いのです。I’m a light sleeper

戦 lucha

訓読み- たたか
音読み- セン
戦う(たたかう) battle; batallar; luchar; pushing through a struggle
正義のために戦う I fight in the cause of justice
私は眠気と戦った。I fought against sleep
戦い(たたかい) battle; batalla;struggle; lucha
飢えとの戦い a battle against hunger
彼は率先して公害と戦った。He took thee lead in fighting pollution
戦い抜く(たたかいぬく) to fight to the bitter end
戦闘(せんとう) combate armado
彼はその戦闘で負傷した。He was wounded in the battle
ここの戦闘にっはみな勝っても戦争に負けることがある You can win all the battles yet lose the war
挑戦(ちょうせん) challenge someone or oneself
彼はしばしば挑戦的態度に出る He often takes a defiant attitude towards us
スカイダイビングに挑戦したいのです。I’d like to try out skydiving
もし夢を実現させたいのなら、挑戦を続けなさい。If you want to make your dreams come true, keep on trying
水泳で世界記録に挑戦するつもりだ。I am going to establish a new world record for swimming
兄は何度も試験に挑戦して、最後には合格した My brother tried many times to pass the examination, finally succeeding
運転試験の2度目の挑戦で運転免許をとることができた I got my driver's license on the second time I tried to pass the driver's test
comments de un japo
作戦(さくせん) Strategy; operation plan; tactics
その軍団は先頭中多くの輝かしい作戦に従事した。The army was involved in a number of brilliant actions during battle
この作戦に対する脅威は数多い The threats to this strategy are numerous

選 choose

訓読み- えら
音読み- セン
選ぶ(えらぶ) elegir
選手(せんしゅ) player (sports)
選択(せんたく)する seleccionar (elegir formal)
選挙(せんきょ) election (política)
選出(せんしゅつ) to be elected; to elect
彼は人民によって選出されたことを誇りに思った He was proud that he was elected by the people
私たちは彼を市長に選出しました。We elected him mayor

然 Nature

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- ゼン
全然(ぜんぜん) Absolutely (yes, or no depending on the verb/adjective tense)
当然(とうぜん) Naturally expected; obvious
当然だ、人間はそこまで愚かじゃない Of course, humans are not that stupid
自然(しぜん) Naturaleza
人間は自然の前には無力だ。Humans are powerless before nature
メグの髪は自然にカーツする Meg’s hair curls naturally
突然(とつぜん) abrupto e inesperado
彼女は突然笑い出した。All of a sudden, she began to laugh
偶然(ぐうぜん) Coincidencia
同然(どうぜん) same in nature; pretty much
彼は、人殺しも同然だ。 He is no better than a murderer
警官は凶器を持った強盗の頭を打った。その強盗は即死も同然だった。Police shot the armed robber in the head, he died pretty much instantly
その車は新品同然だ The Car looked good as new
彼の回復は全く奇跡も同然であった。 His recovery was nothing short of a miracle
ジェーンは金槌同然泳げない。Jane nada tal cual martillo (Jane no sabe nadar)
あの占い師は嘘つき同然だ。That fortune-teller is no better than a liar
私たちは兄弟も同然だ。We are like brothers.

争 contender

訓読み- あらそ
音読み- ソウ
争う(あらそう) contender
彼らは賞を目指して争っている They are contending for the prize
私は一等賞をめざして彼と争った I competed with him for the first prize
試合は終始一点を争うシーソーゲームだった The game was one point back and forth the whole game
言い争う(いいあらそう) to quarrel; to dispute; arguing (to reason who is in the right)
彼らと言い争ってみても無駄だ。It’s no good arguing with him (he won’t listen)
その姉妹はいつも言い争ってばかりいた。The two sisters were always quarrelling with each other
争い(あらそい) contienda (en varios contextos)
彼らの争いは誤解に基づくものだ。la contienda entre ellos surgió de un malentendido
財産分与が争いの種だった。La división de la propiedad era el origen de la contienda
その争いの後、双方に多数の死者が出た。Despues de la contienda, había un gran numero de muertos en ambos lados
待ちのほか地域で絵は争いが続けた。In other areas of the city, the fighting continued.
私は争いを避けようとした。I tried to avoid contention.
ポスト争いは激しい。La contienda por el puesto está intensa.
Notas de un japo:
争いは、相手に勝とうとすること 戦いは、相手を倒そうとすること
戦争(せんそう) Guerra
彼はテレビでその戦争の時代的背景を説明した。He explained the political background of the war on tv
競争(きょうそう) Competencia (nuance de carreritas, pero se usa en otros contextos igual)
バスの停留所まで競争しよう。I’ll race you to the bus stop.
ゆっくりと着実なのが競争に勝つ Slow and steady wins the race
我々は海外の業者からの競争に直面している We face competition from foreign suppliers
その会社は競争の激化のあおりを受けて、倒産した。Having fallen victim to increased competition, the company went bankrupt
私たちの会社はライバル企業に金利競争で敗れた。We lost out to our rival in price competition.
彼女は大食い競争で一番になった。She got first prize in the eating contest.
論争(ろんそう) debate; disputa (la versión política de 言い争う) nuance de controversia. Aumentativo: 大論争 (だいろんそう)
ビルは論争が巧みだ。Bill is skillful in arguing and debating
彼の大胆な計画は大きな論争を巻き起こした。His bold plan gave rise to much controversy
新しい学校の建設地については論争があった。There was a controversy about the location of the new school
彼の後継者についての問題はまだ論争中だ。The matter of his successor is still under debate
陪審団による有罪評決が大論争の引き金となった。The jury’s guilty verdict triggered a widespread debate.
私たちは私たちの論争の公平な判定者としてお父さんを選んだ。We chose Father as a neutral judge of our disputes
紛争(ふんそう) Conflicto
紛争のない人間社会はありえない。 There can be no human society without conflict
外交的な対話によって、その紛争に終止符を打つことができた。Diplomatic dialogue helped put an end to the conflict
国家間の紛争は平和的に解決されなければならない。International disputes must be settled peacefully.
核戦争(かくせんそう) Nuclear warfare

倉 Storage

訓読み- くら
音読み- ソウ
倉庫(そうこ) storehouse
車を倉庫に入れなさい。Put the car into the garage
彼は倉庫の警備人として仕事をしている He is working as a security guard at a warehouse
鎌倉時代(かまくらじだい) Kamakura period (1185-1333CE)

巣 Nido

訓読み- す
音読み- ソウ
巣(す) Nido
その鳥は巣の中にいる。Thee bird is in its nest
卵巣(らんそう) Ovarios
精巣(せいそう) Testículos

束 nudo

訓読み- たば
音読み- ソク
束(たば) bundle
彼は小枝を束にした He tied the twigs into bundles
新聞をたばにするのを手伝ってくれ Help me bind the papers into bundles
束ねる(たばねる) anudar; make a bundle
彼女はリボンで髪を束ねた。anudó su cabello con un listón.
彼女は髪を丸く束ねている。She wears her hair in a bun.
彼は、まきを束ねた。He made up a bundle of firewood.
本はひとまとめに束ねてあった。The books were tied up in a bundle.
約束(やくそく) promise
約束を破る break a promise
約束を守る keep a promise
会う約束 appointment; cita
5時半に彼と会う約束がある。I have an appointment with him for five-thirty.

側 side

訓読み- かわ
音読み- No importa tanto
左側(ひだりがわ) left side
米国車のハンドルは左側にある Steering wheels of American cars are on the left side
右側(みぎがわ) right side
アメリカで車は右側通行です In America cars drive on the right side of the road
心臓が右側にあれば異常だ It's abnormal to have the heart on the right side
向こう側(むこうがわ) the other side
その通りの向こう側にホテルがある There's a hotel across the street
外側(そとがわ) the outer side
内側(うちがわ) within
ドアの内側から鍵がかかっていた The door was locked from within
壁は内側が白くて外側は緑である The wall is white within and green outside
窓の内側に男の顔が見えた I saw a man's face inside the window
窓側(まどがわ) the window side
窓側か通路側どちらになさいますか Window or Isle?
窓側の席をお願いします I'd like a window seat, please
反対側(はんたいがわ) the opposite side
「それに、地球の反対側だと考えればそんなに高くはないわよ」と言う "Besides," she says, "it doesn't cost much when you think it's the other side of the world

続 continue

訓読み- つづ
音読み- ゾク
続ける(つづける) I keep doing it
続く(つづく) it continues happening
続き(つづき) continuation. En anime sale al final del episodio tipo “to be continued”
相続(そうぞく) heredar
ジョンは莫大な財産を相続した John inherited a large fortune
彼は父親の大きな土地を相続した He succeeded to his father's large property
彼の親戚たちは、当然自分が彼の莫大な財産を相続すると思った His relatives took it for granted that they would inherit the bulk of his wealth
続々(ぞくぞく) uno tras otro; (quickly)one after the other
劇場から続々と人が出て来た。A stream of people came out of the theatre
今私家の付近に住宅が続々立っている。En mi vecindario se están construyendo viviendas una tras otra.
手続き(てつづき) procedure
とても時間がかかるから空港での手続きに従うのは好きじゃない I dislike going through customs at the airport because it takes so long
ビザを入手する手続きはどうしたらいいですか What is the procedure for getting a visa
銀行融資を受けたいのだけど手続きはどしたらいいの I'd like to get a bank loan, but how do I go about that
私はニューヨークへ飛んだとき2時間前に搭乗手続きをとるようにと言われた When I flew to New York, I was told to check in two hours before my flight
継続(けいぞく) proceed; to carry on
科学者はその研究を継続することを強く要求した The scientist insisted on proceeding with the research
交渉を継続することで合意しました We have agreed to continue the negotiations
討論を継続することを動議します noción para proseguir la discusión
裁判は10日間継続して行われた The trial lasted for ten consecutive days

卒 Graduacion

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- ソツ
卒業式(そつぎょうしき) Ceremonia de graduación.

孫 Descendencia

訓読み- まご
音読み- ソン
孫(まご) grandchild
彼は孫達に囲まれて座っていました。He sat surrounded by his grandchildren
子孫(しそん) Descendencia
子孫に綺麗な、緑の地球を残したい。We want to leave our descendants a clean green earth
孫悟空(そんごくう) Son Gokú :v

帯 móvil

訓読み- おび
音読み- タイ
帯(おび) obi; cinturón tradicional de kimonos
携帯(けいたい) cellphone (abreviación de 携帯電話). Portar (un arma). Traer algo consigo; carry
最近の女子高生は、携帯でメールしているらしい。Lately high school girls are using their phones to exchange e-mail.
アメリカ人は武器の携帯を許されている。Americans have the right too bear arms
この電子辞書は携帯しやすいところが味噌です The good thing about this electronic dictionary is that it’s easy to carry
警官は笛を携帯している。The policeman carries a whistle
包帯(ほうたい) bandages
その看護婦が私頭に、やさしいく包帯を巻いてくれた。The nurse put a bandage gently around my head.
母はジムの切り傷に包帯をした。Mother put a bandage on Jim’s cut.
地帯(ちたい) zona
兵隊達は全員その地帯の地図を持っていた The soldiers were all supplied with a map of the zone
ツンドラ地帯の気候は厳しい。The tundra has a harsh climate
熱帯雨林(ねったいうりん) tropical reinforest

隊 Army squad

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- タイ
軍隊(ぐんたい) Army
部隊(ぶたい) unit in the army; army team
私は特殊部隊に勤務する。I work in a special unit
隊長(たいちょう) comandante
兵隊(へいたい) soldado
自衛隊(じえいたい) Japan’s Army

達 reach

訓読み- たち
音読み- タツ
友達(ともだち) Amigo
私達(わたしたち) We
配達(はいたつ) delivery
手紙は毎日配達されます Letters are delivered every day
彼は孤児院にその包みを配達した He delivered the package to the orphanage
私の仕事はバイクでピザを配達することだった My work was to deliver pizza by motorcycle
達人(たつじん) un master; un chingón :v
彼は水泳の達人だ el es un master en la natación
達する(たっする) reach
討論は結論に達した。The discussion came to a conclusion
そのレベルにはまだ達していません I haven't reached the level yet.
そのレベルにはまだ達していません He quit the company before he reached his retirement age.
水は彼の腰の所まで達した The water came up to his waist
彼の声は私たちの耳まで達した His voice reached our ears
先生の言葉が心に達する。 Sensei’s words reached my heart
Nota de un japo:
達する is "reach" in an abstract sense, ie, "Sales reached our quarterly goals," "The number of deaths reached 1,000."
届く is "arrive at" in a physical sense, ie, "The package arrived this morning."

単 Simple

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- タン
簡単(かんたん) Simple
単に(たんに) merely; simply
彼は単に好奇心からそれをしただけだ。He did it simply out of curiosity
知恵というものは単に事実を知っているだけではない。Wisdom does not consist of only facts
彼は読むふりをしていたとわかった。I could tell he was merely pretending to read
単語(たんご) Palabra; (vocabulary) word
辞書で単語を調べる Look up the word in the dictionary
単位(たんい) Meaning 1: Unit. Meaning 2: College credits
家族は社会の基本的な単位である The family is the basic unit of society.
センチメートルは長さの単位だ Centimiters are a unit of length
ガソリンはリットル単位で売られる Gasoline is sold by the liter
トマトは1ポンド単位で売られる tomatoes are sold by th pound
靴は一足単位で売られる。Los zapatos se venden por par
私は週単位で支払われる。Me pagan por semana
この科目は何単位ですか。How many credits is this course?
例えば、私は、来年進学する大学の単位が実際にもらえる数学の上級クラスにいます。For example, I am in a high-level math class that actually gives me college credits for next year.
単純(たんじゅん) the simple kind of X as opposed to the complicated kind (not rude). Also, simple-minded, mouth-breathing person (pretty rude).
単なる(たんなる) mere
私はそれは単なる偶然だと思う I think it is a mere coincidence
彼は単なる愚か者でしかない He is nothing but a fool
それは単なる冗談だよ It is a mere joke
彼は単なる利己主義者に過ぎない El no es nada mas que un mero egoísta
単調(たんちょう) Monotonous
私は単調な生活に飽きた。I'm tired of the monotonous life.
芸術は我々の生活の単調さを破ってくれる。Art breaks the monotony of our life.

置 ponedejar

訓読み- お
音読み- チ
置く(おく) ponedejar
彼女はテーブルの上に皿を置いた She set the tray down on the table
机の上に本が置いてある Un libro fue puesto sobre el escritorio
コンサートのチケットを買っておけば良かった hubiera dejado el boleto comprrado
置き忘れる(おきわすれる) dejar olvidado
彼女はとても慌てていたので電車に傘を置き忘れてしまった 彼女はとても慌てていたので電車に傘を置き忘れてしまった
トムは不注意にもバスにカメラを置き忘れた Tom was so careless as to leave his camera in the bus
どうやら電車の中で傘を置き忘れてきたらしい I seem to have left my umbrella behind in the train
放って置く(ほうっておく) dejar en paz; dejar por su cuenta
「私のことはほっておいて」と彼女は怒って "Leave me alone," she said angrily
どうか、私をほっておいてください Please leave me alone
その問題はほっておけ Let the problem alone
ほうっておけば落ち着くよ Let him alone. He'll soon come around by himself
彼はその仕事に飽きて、やりかけたままでほっておいた He got tired of the work, and left it half-done
置き換える reemplazar
現在のバージョンは、アップグレード版で置き換えます We will replace the current version with the upgrade
戦争は私たちの幸せを奪い取って、代わりに恐怖で置きかえたのよ。War has taken away our happiness and replaced it with horror.
中国では漢字の字数が多いから 複雑な繁体字をやめて覚えやすい簡体字に置き換え、識字率を高めることが簡体字推進の目的でした。In China, there is a large number of characters, so the goal of the character simplification was to replace the complex traditional characters with easy to remember simplified characters and increase the literacy rate.
位置(いち) posición 学校は健康的な環境に位置している La escuela está posicionada en un ambiente sano
日本は北半球に位置する Japan is located in the Northern Hemisphere
標識はエスカレーターの位置を示している The sign indicates the location of the escalator
選手達はみな位置についていた All the players were in position
装置(そうち) dispositivo; equipment; device
昨日その装置でちょっとした問題があった。We had a little trouble with the equipment yesterday.
これは電気を作る装置だ this device produces electricity
僕はバイク盗難防止装置を買いました。Compré un dispositivo anti-robos para mi bicicleta
措置(そち) medidas (para lidiar con un problema)
政府はインフレに対するために強硬な措置をとった The government adopted strong measures to fight inflation
政府は感染の拡大を未然に防ぐための適切な措置を取らなかった The government didn't take appropriate measures to prevent the infection from spreading
処置(しょち) course of action
どういう処置を取るかはあなたに任せます I leave it in your hands what course of action to take
早急な処置が必要だ Prompt action is necessary
私たちは必要な処置を講じた We took the necessary course of action
放置(ほうち) dejar descuidado; leave unattended; dejar sin supervisión
注意!窒息する危険があります。これらのバックは乳幼児の近くに放置しないでください。Warning! Risk of suffocation. To avoid danger don't keep it near babies.
インターネットにおける”荒らし”が人に迷惑をかけないようにするためには、何もせずに放置しておけば良いのだ。彼らに”エサ”を与えてはならない。Para hacer que los trolls de internet no molesten no hay que hacer nada, sino dejar de hacer algo. No alimentes a los trolls.
トムは急いでいたので、ベッドを直さず、放置した。Tom was in a hurry so he left his bed unmade.
駅の近くの歩道には何処に行ってもおびただしい数の自転車が放置されているのが見かけられる Wherever you go, you see a lot of bicycles left on sidewalks near stations
雨の中に放置しておくと自転車はさびるでしょう。A bicycle will rust if you leave it in the rain

仲 Nakama

訓読み- なか
音読み- No importa tanto
仲がいい(なかがいい) se llevan bien
彼らは近所の人たちと仲がよい ellos se llevan bien con sus vecinos
仲間(なかま) aliado, alguien con tus mismos objetivos; compañía
仲間たちが私に野望そ果たすよう励ましてくれた。My comrades encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions
彼は悪い仲間につかまった He fell among bad companions
人は交わる仲間によって知られるということができよう It may be said that a man is known by the company he keeps
仲直り(なかなおり) hacer las pases; reconciliación
彼女は友達と仲直りした。Se reconcilió con su amigo
仲良し(なかよし) a good friend
私はビルと仲良しです。I’m good friends with bill
仲違い(なかたがい) conflicto; disentimiento; choque con alguien
前月仲違いして以来カレンにはあって行けない I haven’t seen Karen since we fell out last month.
些細な喧嘩でえ仲違いしないでおこう Don’t let a little quarrel come between us

貯 ahorrar

訓読み- たくわ
音読み- チョ
貯める(ためる) ahorrar
金を貯める ahorrar dinero
貯金(ちょきん) los ahorros; el dinero ahorrado
彼は毎週10ドルを貯金している He puts ten dollars aside every week
彼女は100ドル貯金した She saved a hundred dollars
万が一の場合に備えて貯金するのは賢明だ。It is wise to save money for a rainy day.
彼は老後に備えて貯金した。He saved money for his old age.
医者の費用は本当に貯金に食い込む。 Doctors’ bills really cut into our saving
彼は貯金を増やした。He added to his savings.
車を買うために貯金をしている I’m saving money for a car.
貯金箱にはお金は全く残っていなかった。 None of the money was left in the money box.
貯蓄(ちょちく) patrimonio (financial asset (money, gold, stock, government bond etc)
いつかは君も貯蓄の重要さを悟るようになるだろう Some day you will come to realize the importance of saving
老後を安心して暮らしたかったら今から貯蓄を始めなさい If you want security in your old age, begin saving now
まさかのときには貯蓄に頼ればよい If you want security in your old age, begin saving now

兆 presagio

訓読み- きざ
音読み- チョウ
兆し(きざし) Indicación visual; Señal
まだ目に見える春の兆しはなかった。There were still no visual signs of spring.
その建物は老朽の兆しを見せている。The building exhibits signs of dilapidation
その両国間に緊張が高まりつつある兆しがある There are signs of growing tensions between the two countries
彼の事業もやっとほう芽の兆しを見せた。his business has begun to thrive at last
彼は糖尿病のどんな兆しにも注意していた He was watchful for any sign of diabetes
前兆(ぜんちょう) augurio
あの雲は雨の前兆だ That cloud bodes rain
兆候(ちょうこう) síntoma (el efecto en causa y efecto)
食欲が急に減退するのは病気の兆候であることがある。Sudden decrease in appetite is sometimes a sign of illness.
労働力不足の発生は経済の過熱兆候とみられている The emerging labor shortage is viewed as a symptom of economic overhearing
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2020.02.25 15:37 Corvitine Just wanted to share my fave boy, Juguete. He’s my baby and I love him ❤️

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2019.11.28 13:03 orderandpay Reflections on Mexico City

Hi everyone!
I visited Mexico City for 10 days in March of this year, and I loved it so much that I went back for 5 weeks this summer. I recently commented on another post and talked a little bit about my experiences in CDMX. Quite a few people messaged me asking about Mexico City, so I decided to make this post instead of responding individually. I hope this information is helpful.
For a bit of background on me: I'm a university student in my early 20's, female, and from the US. I also speak decent Spanish and I look Latina. First off, I'll say that knowing Spanish definitely helped me feel more comfortable here, as did the fact that I look Mexican. I blended in more, and this gave me a certain amount of freedom because many people assumed I was a local. However, I don't want to give people the wrong impression. You don't need to speak Spanish or look latino/a to feel at ease here. Both times I visited Mexico City I was with friends who neither spoke Spanish nor looked Mexican, and everyone had a wonderful time. I also solo travelled through Mexico City for a time, lived in Puebla by myself for a month, and visited Oaxaca City with two other female travelers, and I had a fantastic experience in all three places.
So, to start this off: people keep asking me what I did while I was in Mexico City. Here's a list of things I did while in CDMX. It is in no way comprehensive, and it's seriously lacking in the food and nightlife department. To be honest, a lot of the food I ate was cooked at home or bought on the street. However, I have some advice on this that I'll discuss later. Let's just say food poisoning is real and something you need to take very seriously while in Mexico.
And, even though I didn't go to bars and clubs, the nightlife scene in Mexico is amazing and electric and I totally recommend visiting places. Readers, if you have any recommendations please put them in the comments and I'll add them to this post.
Things to do:
Centro Histórico
Note: the Zocalo is fine during the day, but I don't recommend being here at night. It's not safe. Also, be careful not to wander into Tepito. Finally, bring some sort of ID, like a passport or a driver's license, so that you can enter many of the buildings here like the Secretaria de Educacion Publica or the Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación. Government issued ID is a requirement to enter places like these.
Buenavista (northwest of the Centro Historico)
Note: -If you like Wendy's, there's a Wendy's really close to the museums and wow, this made me happy LOL. Also, Mexican Wendy's is 1000 times better than US Wendy's. I don't know why but it just is. -If you want to see a luxury mall, head over to the Palacio de Hierro located in Polanco.
Parque Chapultepec
Note: -There are some great and affordable Airbnb's in Anzures, which is right next to the park. Affordable as in, I found a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment literally right next to Parque Chapultepec for $40 US per night. We split it between 4 people and it was great. -If you're trying to find somewhere to eat near the park, I recommend going to El Fogoncito. Make fun of me if you will, but the tacos de costilla con queso are my personal brand of crack.
Note: if you go to Paseo de la Reforma on Sundays it's for pedestrian use only. This means getting to the monument will be easier, and you can also rent a bike and ride through the street. I didn't do this while I was in CDMX, but I've heard it's a really nice way to spend your morning/afternoon.
Zona Rosa
Condesa I recommend that you get your Airbnb here. It's safe, serene, and simply nice to walk around and be in. I would walk around by myself late at night and I felt incredibly comfortable.
Roma Another good place to get an Airbnb.
Note: if you need to go to the hospital: I went to Hospital Ángeles Metrópolitano in Roma and it was a really good experience. They had an English speaking doctor there, and the visit was fast, efficient, personable, and easy. The ladies who run the front office and do the billing don't speak English, but the forms were really easy to sign and I understood what I was doing even though there was a communication barrier. I never want to experience 11 days of food poisoning again, but I'm glad I received my care here.
Note: I saw some tourists walking around Doctores, but I didn't feel as safe/laid back as them and took Ubers to and from the toy museum.
San Angel
Outside of the city:
Now for some info on getting around Mexico City:
SafetyI felt incredibly safe in Mexico City. Yes, there are bad parts of the city (specifically many of the eastern and southern parts). However, staying safe is easy. My tips are: exercise the same cautions you would in any big city, be aware of your surroundings, and research (!!) the places you'll be going to ahead of time to know what the socioeconomic/security status is.
This is all I have for now, folks! I'm extremely tired, so I'm going to stop writing for now. I'll probably update this tomorrow, though. Let me know if you want me to add or expand upon anything. And thanks for reading! I sincerely hope you all fall in love with this city as much as I did. Everything about this place blows me away. The smells, the sights, the sounds, it's all amazing. Side note: seriously, it's a very loud place and there's never a dull moment. Traffic at all hours? Maricahi at 12 am? Music blasting at 3 am? People partying until the sun comes up? That annoying ass recording repeating "Se compran colchones, tambores, refrigeradores, estufas, lavadoras, microondas, o algo de fierro viejo que vendan!" starting at 8 am? Yeah, you'll hear that all here. This is the real city that never sleeps, and it's as dizzying and mind-blowing as people make it out to be. The beautiful thing, though, is that despite all of this chaos it feels more laid back than any American city I've ever been to. The mentality of mas despacito (more slowly) very much exists here, and it's refreshing and makes the city more manageable.
Okay, enough rambling from me now.
Update: Hi everyone! Thank you for your positive response(s) to my post. It makes my heart warm :) Also, here's some additional info I want to add.
Vegan Restaurants I’m not vegan, but my friend I went with is and these are the places she recommended. I'm sure there are more places in the city; these are just the places I know of.
Other tips:
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2019.09.13 21:10 Hayate-kun 30 fresh YouTube channels from last week (2019-08-30 to 2019-09-06) [Discussion]

This is weekly list that will list a channel only once. Hopefully this will highlight some interesting work from the less well known artists once the popular channels have passed through.
Views Channel Video
7431828 Jason Makki Wedding Miracle | ASMR
5008974 Kluna Tik EATING SPICIEST FIRE NOODLE BURGER IN THE WORLD!!! 🔥🔥🔥 - asmr world records challenge (2019)
1543110 Latte ASMR School Nurse Lice Check💙 ASMR
1223713 Oceans ASMR ASMR VSCO Girl Gives You A VSCO Makeover
1061652 ASMR Suna 꿀꿀선아 ASMR 나의 3일간의 소리일기 [Vlog ASMR]브이로그,꿀꿀선아,suna asmr
1011637 ASMR Darling ASMR Goodnight ♥ 8 Triggers To Help You Sleep
760857 Sand Tagious Very Satisfying and Relaxing Compilation 131 Kinetic Sand ASMR
710176 ヴァンゆんチャンネル/ Powered by VAMBI この出会いは正解だったのか、間違いだったのか。
701421 gracie K ASMR Recreating my FIRST VIDEO
671788 CSM Relaxing Satisfying Slime Compilation ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos #122
644214 X-perio EXPERIMENT Crushing Crunchy Soft & Squishy Things By Car Satisfying ASMR
637781 Karuna Satori ASMR ASMR Back Tracing, Tapping, and Touching
590926 asmr zeitgeist ASMR TEST TUBE TINGLES and Other New & Experimental Ear to Ear Triggers
584976 Gracev ASMR| Close Whispering & Inaudible| Mouth Sounds/ Face Touching
580738 LlegaExperimentos Aplastando Juguetes y Cosas Crujientes Con el Coche | ASMR
564314 PowerDrift ASMR : It's a Six! ft Skoda : PowerDrift
554612 ASMR KittyKlaw АСМР Перед сном 😴💤 ASMR for sleep
552455 Cosas Geniales Relaxing Slime Compilation ASMR | Oddly Satisfying Video #2
538700 Love ASMR by Ana Muñoz 💤 ASMR Te DUERMO y te RELAJO en 30 MINUTOS | Love ASMR en español
500428 Kluna Tik 2 Kluna Tik top 5 best off compilation | KLUNATIK COMPILATION ASMR eating sounds no talk
482031 ilana ASMR i tried ASMR with a $1 MIC..
430432 ASMR Glow ASMR Best Triggers of August! 😴(Soft mouth sounds, Slow tapping, Face Touching, Crackling sounds..)
407281 Play TOP Os Slimes Mais Satisfatórios do Mundo! #47 - Vídeo Satisfatório ASMR! - 2019
391222 Asmr With Sasha Te diré quién eres, no me crees? Mira este video. Test psicológico | ASMR Español | Asmr with Sasha
372960 Daz Games Daz Watches Banana Girl ASMR
359758 まつだ55 /matsuda55 I made chalk. stopmotion cooking.miniature.ASMR.
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2019.01.18 06:18 prince_of_tziamarnit Looking for good fiction with no romantic plot, under 300 pages. More details in the post.

(21F if you find that relevant)
Hey there! So for the last years I began reading less and watching more movies/shows instead, and I think I want to get back to being a bookworm.
Some topics I'm always interested on in fiction (and in non fiction) are ethnical identity, geography, history, loneliness, melancholy, depression, and depictions of a character's imagination (maybe that's more common in films, but I'm thinking of a book that delves really deep into the subconscious and/or imagination of a character or a set of characters).
My mother language is Spanish so if you think of a book that probably hasn't been translated, go ahead.
Some books I really really love for reference:
-Rosaura a las diez by Marco Denevi
-The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende
-El Juguete Rabioso by Roberto Arlt
-11/22/63 by Stephen King
-Loved Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Hunger Games books back in the day, but I don't think I'm interested in YA anymore.
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2018.12.07 20:45 ChampagneThrills [REQUEST] 4 kids/ 1, 2, 6, 7 / Edson, Ramses, Theru, Caleb/ Mexico City, help us give these great kids a great Christmas!

Hi, everyone!
I'm here because I recently had an unexpected raise in my rent last month, and we had that amount contemplated for Christmas gifts. My family consist of my mom, my husband, my three beautiful siblings, my little boy and myself.
We are currently getting on our feet, since two years ago we were homeless. It's been a rough path since none of us had stable jobs back then, we lost it all because the landlord didn't let us get anything we had inside, and our family turned their back to us, but fortunately we saved money in the year we were living on the streets and here we are, we got jobs and we are working as hard as we can. Last year we were able to buy beds after a whole year of sleeping on the floor and we also bought a beautiful Christmas tree for the kids! We still lack things as a fridge and a laundry machine and such, we would be very grateful if you could help us with toys.We are trying to make this year’s Christmas better, because my three siblings had to suffer a whole year living on the streets, and last year’s Christmas was somewhat scarce.
I’m currently working online, you could say I’m a stay-at-home mom, and it’s because last March my youngest brother, Ramses, developed atopic dermatitis. Sometimes it gets better and sometimes worse, and I’m his caregiver because my mom job’s pays better tan the one I had.We could use a little help to make this Christmas something magical because between the rent and Ramses’ disease we haven’t been able to save money.
The wishlist appears in Mexican currency, I put the USD after converting it in the comments of each gift (1 USD = 20.24 MXN as today). The Amazon Prime says that you get free shipping in $499 MXN orders ($25 USD).
The little ones are:
Caleb, he's 7 years old. He gets easily distracted and sometimes misbehaves but he’s a good boy in the end. He loves Coco, singing and making up songs and cars. He also loves Teen Titans Go! He’s currently training whenever he cans because he would like to run a race. Here’s his wishlist:
Theru, she’s 6 years old. She’s the typical girly girl. She loves Hello Kitty and all things cute! She loves playing with dolls, playing tea time and plushies! She does her best at school, she reads very well and she’s a Little grumpy sometimes but she always tries to make everyone feel better. Here’s her wishlist:
Ramses, he’s 2 years old. This year has been the worst one for him, he has atopic dermatitis and has been feeling awful since we haven’t found a cream for him yet. He loves Peppa Pig, Blaze & The Monster Machines and Marshall from Paw Patrol! He’s a caring little guy, he loves helping me do chores like cleaning the house and picking up his toys, he also loves taking care of his rabbits and going to the corner shop. His hobby is tickling me! Here’s his wishlist:
Edson, he’s 10 months old. He’s my little ball of joy! He’s a really sweet baby, he’s always laughing and clapping at everything he sees! He get really excited almost always and loves meeting new people. He’s the reason I could get over my depression and I’m working on my social anxiety. He almost walks and he crawls all over the living room. He also loves making dinosaur and car engine noises, he roars whenever he sees someone at the door, he’s a blast! Here’s his wishlist:
And my Dream Gift is in Edson’s wishlist. It’s something for all the kids.
Thanks a lot for your kindness and happy holidays! I know it’s a lot to ask for, but if someone could do this it would be awesome! Thanks!
GIFT TALLY: DREAM GIFT FOR ALL THE KIDS FULFILLED! ( Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter (28 pcs) - Play Food and Accessories ) Ramses: 2 (Trolls: canta con nosotros (+ Micrófono), Libro serie aprendizaje: Trolls niñas y niños) Theru: 1 (Velocity Toys Pretend Play Electronic Cash Register Toy Realistic Actions and Sounds) Edson: 2 (Fisher-Price Juguete Xilófono Clásico, Fisher-Price Pequeño Snoopy) Caleb: 2 (Disney Coco Peluche Dante, Disney Coco Peluche Miguel)
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2018.10.18 05:59 wluo329 Please help me with possible grammar errors?

Hello fellow Spanish speakers! I am a high school student (Honors Spanish 4) who is writing a story based on Pablo Neruda's poems and his themes of love. I have checked my paragraph as much as I could for grammar mistakes, but want to make sure there aren't any hidden errors. It would be fantastic if you could tell me if I am doing anything wrong! I apologize if it is against the rules for posting project assignments.

Tengo un hermano llamado Nicolás. Tenemos una amistad que es muy íntima. Aunque él es muy descarado y tiene mala educación, nosotros todavía tenemos la intimidad muy cercana. Él tiene diez años, y es un poco vanidoso y me ha molestado mucho. También le gusta comer cosas muy dulce, como dulces. Él vuelve feliz cuando le doy esos. A veces me ha robado caramelos. Somos muy buenos compañeros, y he estado en soledad cuando no está conmigo.
Una experiencia que me destaca sobre Nicolás fue cuando fuimos a México. Estábamos en una playa. Nuestra familia había caminado cerca el mar con el sol dorado en el cielo. Después de un rato, habíamos nadado en el agua. También habíamos jugado en el agua con nuestros juguetes. Nos estábamos divirtiendo cuando de repente oí a mi hermano gritar. Él había gritado porque su rodilla estaba en dolor y no podía nadar bien. Nadé hacia él rápidamente y lo llevé a la costa. Mi hermano y yo estábamos llorando. Le dije “te amo”.
A pesar de que hemos luchado en los últimos años, sabemos en el fondo que siempre nos amaremos mucho.

Edit: fixed el dolor to just dolor
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2018.05.06 01:39 daniloonie I wish Love Nikki made a collab with Barbie

I know its really improbable for a number of reasons, but I still would love it. Since both are based on dressing up and barbie has quite some gorgeous dolls so it could really be cool to see suits based on barbies, what do you think?
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2018.04.20 04:54 glout 2nd batch of most common Spanish verbs with sentences

Hi guys! I have previously posted here a list 20 most common verbs.
  1. Llevar - to take, carry
    • Hay que llevar bebidas a la fiesta? — Do you have to bring drinks to the party?
    • Mi hermana tiene que llevar el trabajo terminado a la escuela. — My sister has to take the finished work to school.
    • Quiero llevarme esa ropa. — I want to take those clothes with me.
  2. Dejar - to let, leave
    • Quiero dejar de comer eso. — I want to stop eating that."],
    • ¿Me dejas intentarlo? — Will you let me try?
    • ¿Quieres que te deje conducir? — Do you want me to let you drive?
  3. Seguir - to follow, keep on
    • Voy a seguir intentando. — I'll keep trying.
    • Sigue las instrucciones. — Follow the instructions.
    • Sigue el camino y no te perderás. — Follow the path and you will not get lost.
  4. Encontrar - to find
    • Tengo que encontrar el lapiz para escribir. — I have to find the pencil to write.
    • No encuentro mi teléfono. — I can not find my phone
  5. Llamar - to call, name
    • Te puedo llamar ahora mismo? — Can I call you right now?
  6. Venir - to come
    • ¿Puedes venir aquí un momento, por favor? — Can you come here for a moment, please?
    • Cuándo vas a venir a buscar lo que olvidaste en mi casa? — When are you going to come and look for what you forgot in my house?
  7. Pensar - to think
    • Solías pensar diferente. — You used to think differently.
    • Que te hace pensar que todo cambió. — That makes you think that everything changed.
  8. Salir - to leave, go out
    • Hoy a la noche voy a salir de fiesta con mis amigos. — I'm going to party with my friends tonight.
  9. Volver - to return, to do again
    • Tengo que volver a hacerlo. — I have to do it again.
    • No quiero volver a tomar alcohol. — I do not want to drink alcohol again.
  10. Tomar - to take, drink
    • Tome, su cambio. — Take, your change.
    • No me tomes el pelo: ¿estás burlándote de mí? — Do not tease me: are you making fun of me?
    • Toma mi mano y agárrate fuerte: no me sueltes.— Take my hand and hold on tight: do not let go.
  11. Conocer - to know (someone or place)
    • Conocerás a tu supervisora mañana. — You will meet your supervisor tomorrow.
    • Hoy conoci al amor de mi vida. — Today I met the love of my life.
    • Ayer conoci una chica muy guapa. — Yesterday I met a very pretty girl.
  12. Vivir - to live
    • He vivido aquí durante 5 años. — I have lived here for 5 years.
    • Esos dos viven del cuento y de ayudas sociales. — Those two live on the story and social aid.
    • Trabajar para vivir, no vivir para trabajar. — Work to live, not live to work.
  13. Sentir - to feel, regret
    • Me siento mal, debería ir al médico. — I feel bad, I should go to the doctor.
    • ¿Sientes eso? creo que es un terremoto. — Do you feel that? I think it's an earthquake.
    • Puedo sentir el frío en mi cara. — I can feel the cold on my face.
  14. Tratar - to try, treat, deal with
    • Trataré de hacer mi tarea mañana. — I will try to do my homework tomorrow.
    • Voy a tratar de comer más saludable. — I will try to eat healthier.
  15. Mirar - to look, watch
    • Hay que mirar antes de cruzar la calle. — You have to look before crossing the street.
    • Puedes mirar ese paisaje, es lindo. — You can look at that landscape, it's beautiful.
  16. Contar - to tell, count
    • Él te cuenta de su día. — He tells you about his day.
    • Te voy a contar mi dia. — I'll tell you my day
    • Me gustaria contarte lo que paso el dia anterior. — I would like to tell you what happened the previous day.
  17. Empezar - to begin, start
    • Voy a empezar mi curso de español. — I'm going to begin my Spanish course.
    • Empezar la fiesta. — Start the festival.
  18. Esperar - to wait, hope (for), expect
    • Hay que esperar que termine. — We have to wait for it to end.
    • Yo voy a esperar. — I will wait.
  19. Buscar - to look for
    • Yo estoy buscando el juguete. — I am looking for the toy.
    • Voy a ir a a buscar los niños. — I'm going to go find the children.
    • Tengo que buscar el gato. — I have to look for the cat.
  20. Existir - to exist
    • Gracias por existir. — Thank you for existing.
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2018.01.13 00:24 Xaton500 Research Is Important (Mayan Research 450 - 475 CE)

Misspelled the title, must be 800 - 825 CE
While our neighbors fight, Mayans try to keep things calm, Jan Tzab helps scientists and artisans by giving them any resources needed in order to make progress. Mayans also make contact with another civilization to have a simple yet amazing technique for their products. Over the course of the years, progress is visible.


  • Disease Cataloging
Mayan doctors start writing down symptoms to have a more precise research about specific diseases. With this new information, Mayans look forward to helping others, even if their problems are not 100% clear.


  • Bridges
Having provinces like Taba' Koh, makes necessary the construction of ways to cross small or big areas of water and rivers. Wooden structures begin to be built in order to help Mayans get from point to point easier, without having to get wet.


As Mayans approach to provinces far from the sea, a weird animal appears more often in their villages. This animal tends to lack any hair. While Mayans and Xolos are still distant when discovered, they both learn to live together without causing any harm to each other. After some years, Mayans start feeding Xolos and taking care of them, and surprisingly Xolos do something no other animal ever did before, they protect Mayans. Xolos become a respected and loved species in the Mayan Lands, and their domestication is quickly spread.
Momotos are seen as beautiful creatures thanks to their color. Mayans treat them with respect and some try to tame them. While the taming results are not that good as they're birds, Momotos become less scared of Mayans, and some live near Mayan cities.


Mayan parents and artisans look for ways to make their kids entertained, and some come up with ideas for toys. These ideas begin to have a massive appeal, even if they're simple wooden toys or just strings. The Tinjoroch consists of a string and a flat piece of wooden/stone/metal in the shape of a circle, the player must make it spin. As simple as it sounds, the appeal on kids is big, and it becomes a known toy. Baleros are equally as simple, having a piece of wood grabbed, which has a string that connects it to a bigger piece of wood. The goal is to make the bigger peace connect with the other one by simply making it jump with a quick movement.


  • Elaborated Jewelry from the Muisca Confederation
While jewelry already exists in the Mayan Lands, seeing the well-elaborated products from Muisca, makes Mayan artisans curious, as they get information and trade with merchants from the Confederation, they understand the techniques and make their own attempts at this form of jewelry.

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2017.03.10 17:54 alejandro2070 NEW MECHANICS FOR THE GAME AND NEW THINGS

EN ESPAÑOL: NUEVAS MECÁNICAS PARA EL JUEGO Y NUEVAS COSAS LOS EMPLEADOS: 1: Que un empleado de 50 años no se puede ser mas rapido o hasta mas fuerte que uno de 20 o 30 en el sentido de que lleve cajas hasta el almacen, o hasta que se golpee por no ver bien (hay bien podrian poner una animacion o hasta algunos rasgos faciales o hasta bastones etc.). 2: Que los limpiadores pongan el tipico cartel amarillo de los centros comerciales y hasta llevar el cubo. (hacer una animacion de poner algun liquido limpiador al agua del cubo) EL CLIMA 1: Que en un dia de invierno mas se compre chaquetas que sandalias. (ya me entendeis). 2: Que en un dia de lluvia no vengan mas compradores o no puedan venir los trabajadores. (obviamente poner como articulo para los compradores paraguas, botas y chaquetas impermeables). LAS TIENDAS 1: Todos hemos sido ese ñino que no le querian compar algo cierto :D, pues propongo algo que los grupos de compradores no vengan que el tipico cliente solo y ya esta si no una familia unos niños un padre hasta un bebe en un carrito, (esto daria la idea de un servicio de atencion de niños podria ponerse como sala). Les explico como lo tengo planificado: el NPCN N de (ñino) se pone a ver juguetes o dejar basura o jugar con su hermano con los juguetes y hay interveniera la seguridad o, (la sala que nombramos antes). 2: Que no solo tengan simples bolsas si no carritos, (princinpalmente para mas realismo o ingresos). 3: En las tiendas de ropa añadir vestidores y que los NPC tenga IA para elegir su ropa bonita ya se a por el color, costura, diseño y un largo etc. NUEVAS COSAS TIENDAS: 1: Cafeteria 2: Donuts 3: pizzas 4: pollo (KFC) 5: yogures 6: tacos 7: chaulafan (o como se escriba) 8: carne asada 9: muebleria 10: componentes para pc (a los pc gamer les encantaria) 11: perfumes 12: tienda de videojuegos 13: tienda de instrumentos 14: tienda de utiles escolares 15: joyeria (un poco con mas variedad) 16: entretenimiento: spa, piscina de pelotas 17: ropa para hombres y mujeres (mas variantes) 18: ropa para niños 19: baños (separados para hombres y mujeres) 20: opticas (otra nueva mecanica posibilidad de ver visitantes con gafas) 21: tiendas de ralajacion: saunas, pedicure, manicure. 22: tiendas de mascotas (otra mecanica posibilidad de dejar o no entrar mascotas al Mall) 23: ropas para niños. Y FIN :D
IN ENGLISH: NEW MECHANICS FOR THE GAME AND NEW THINGS THE EMPLOYEES: 1: That a 50 year old employee can not be faster or even stronger than one of 20 or 30 in the sense that he carries boxes to the warehouse, or until he is beaten for not seeing well (well there might be a Animation or even some facial features or even canes etc.). 2: Let the cleaners put the typical yellow poster of the malls and even take the bucket. (Make an animation of putting some cleaning liquid to the water of the cube) THE WEATHER 1: That on a winter day but you buy jackets that sandals. (You understand me). 2: That on a rainy day no more buyers come or the workers can not come. (Obviously put as an item for buyers umbrellas, boots and waterproof jackets). THE STORES 1: We have all been that little boy who did not want to compare something true: D, because I propose something that the groups of buyers do not come that the typical customer alone and is already if not a family a children a father to a baby in a cart, (This would give the idea of ​​a childcare service could be set up as a room). I explain how I have it planned: NPCN * N * of (child) gets to see toys or leave trash or play with his brother with toys and there is intervened security or (the room we named before). 2: That not only have simple bags if not carts, (mainly for more realism or income). 3: In the clothing stores add locker rooms and the NPC have AI to choose their pretty clothes and to be by color, sewing, design and a long etc. NEW THINGS SHOPS: 1: Cafeteria 2: Donuts 3: pizzas 4: chicken (KFC) 5: yogurts 6: tacos 7: chaulafan (or as it is written) 8: roast beef 9: furniture 10: components for pc (a pc gamer would love) 11: perfumes 12: video game store 13: Instrument shop 14: school shop 15: jewelry (a little more variety) 16: entertainment: spa, pool of balls 17: clothes for men and women (but variants) 18: children's clothing 19: bathrooms (separated for men and women) 20: opticas (another new mechanic possibility to see visitors with glasses) 21: ralajacion stores: saunas, pedicure, manicure. 22: Pet shops (another mechanic possibility to leave or not enter pets at the Mall) 23: children's clothing. AND END: D
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2017.02.08 08:00 communistamoeba Speaking assignment for Spanish Class (seeking critique)

Hola a todos! I have to do a 7 minute speaking assessment with a partner in my spanish class (ahhh terrifying!). Would someone be able to tell me if I've actually written everything correctly? I aways have trouble with using the right verb conjugation... I've added the approximate english equivalent of what we're trying to say. Any feedback you could give me would be greatly appreciated. The more confident I am of the grammar, the (hopefully) less terrified I'll be on the day. Gracias! (I've taken out names for privacy).
P.S the formatting doesnt like me, and I can send a word doc to anyone who wants it
S – Hello, nice to meet you. My name is S. Hola, mucho gusto. Me llamo S.
E – Hello, nice to meet you too! I am E. !Hola! Soy E.
S – Would you like a tea or a coffee? ¿Quieres un té o un café?
E – Yes, a flat white please. Sí, un café con leche, por favor.
S – Orders coffee. Hola, ¿puedo tener dos blancos planos por favor?
E –Thanks! How has your day been so far? !Gracias! ¿Cómo ha estado tu día?
S – Very busy! I’ve been up since 5.30am. ¡Muy ocupado! Hoy me he levantado las cinco y medio.
E – Really? Very early!. I got up at 9. Why were you awake so early in the morning? ¿De veras? !Muy temprano! Yo levanté a las nueve! ¿Por qué levantaste temprano en la mañana?
S – I got up early for work and to prepare lunch for my sons. Me levanté temprano para el trabajo y preparar el almuerzo para mis hijos
E – lucky sons! What did you make? Hijos afortunados ¿que hiciste?
S – roast chicken and vegetables! Pollo asado y verduras
E – yummy! I have salad for lunch. Where do you work? Delicioso! Tengo ensalada para el almuerzo. ¿Dónde trabajas?
S – In a school. Yo trabajo en una escuela
E – Do your sons go to the school? ¿Vuestros hijos a la esculea?
S – No, my youngest is at high school, and my older is at uni. What do you do? No, mi poqueno hijo está en la escuela secundaria y mi más viejo está en la universidad. ¿Qué haces?
E – I am also at university. Yo tambien estoy en la universidad.
S – What are you studying? ¿Qué estás estudias?
E – I am studying English literature. Estoy estudiado literaturo ingles.
S – Are you enjoying your studies? ¿Te gustan tus estudios?
E – Yes, very much, but I don’t have a lot of free time. Sí, mucho, pero no tengo mucho tiempo libre.
S – Oh, why not? Oh, ¿por qué no?
E – On Mondays and Thursday at 6 o’clock, I go swimming, and on Wednesday evenings I play netball. And on the weekends I have work.
Los lunes y jueves a las sies en punto voy a nadar, y los miércoles por la noche juego baloncesto. Y los fines de semana tengo trabajo.
S – Wow, that’s a lot. You must be exhausted. Wow eso es mucho! ¿Estás cansado?.
E – Yes, I am! What do you do in your free time? !Sí, yo soy! ¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?
S – I am a student at university, but I go to the gym four or five times per week. Soy estudiante en la universidad, pero voy al gimnasio cuatro o cinco veces a la semana.
E – Wow, so many times! What do you at the gym? !Wow, muchas veces! ¿Qué haces en el gimnasio?
S – No, I lift weights. I enjoy it. Levanto pesas. Me gusta mucho.
E – Where do you buy your exercise gear? ¿Dónde compras ropa de ejercicio?
S – I get them at Lorna Jane and Rebel Sports. Los compro en Lorna Jane y Rebel Sports
E – I don’t know Lorna Jane. Where is it? No sé “Lorna Jane”. ¿Dónde etsá?
S – Lorna Jane is in the mall next to the train station. "Lorna Jane" está en el centro comercial al lado de la estación de tren.
E – Where in the mall? Donde en el centro comercial?
S – Next to…. Está al lado de… E – on the right?
¿a la derecha? S – No, on the left. No, a la izquierda.
E – Great! I might go there later. What are you doing this afternoon? ¡Estupendo! Podría ir más tarde. ¿Que vas a hacer esta tarde?
S – I am going to work and then I will go to the gym. Voy a trabajar y luego iré al gimnasio.
E – What time do you start work? ¿A que hora empiezas a trabajar?
S – I start at 2.30pm. What are you doing? Empiezo a las dos y medio. ¿Qué estás haciendo?
E – Studying and then going to the hairdresser at 4.15pm. Estudiando, y luego ir a la peluquería en quatro y cuarto.
S – Nice. Is it far away? Bonito. ¿esta muy lejos?
E – Yes, i have to take two trains Sí, tengo que tomar dos trenes.
S - What will you do at the hairdressers? ¿Qué harás en las peluquerías?
E – A big change! ¡Un gran cambio!
S – Ah, yes? ¿A sí?
E – short and blonde. !Corto y rubio!
S – Very pretty. !Muy bonito!
E – hopefully! ¡Ojalá!
S – What are you doing on the weekend? Que vas a hacer este fin de semana?
E – I am going to the theatre Yo voy al teatro
S – Wonderful. Who are you going with? maravilloso. ¿Con quién vas?
E – My mother and my cousins Mi madre y mis primos.
S – what are you going to see? ¿qué vas a ver?
E – a fringe show. Un espectáculo de flecos.
S – very interesting. muy interesante
E – What are you doing on the weekend? Que vas a hacer este fin de semana?
S – My family and I are going to the beach. We love the beach. Our dog loves the beach also. Mi familia y yo vamos a la playa. Nos encanta la playa. Nuestro perro ama la playa también.
E – my dog loves the beach too! I love seeing him in the water. What is your dogs name? Mi perro ama la playa también! Me encanta verlo en el agua. ¿Cómo se llama tu perro?
S – His name is Rocky. His is cute and little. He is brown and white. He has long ears. And your dog? Su nombre es Rocky. Es lindo y pequeño. Es marrón y blanco. Tiene orejas largas. ¿Y tu perro?
E – My dogs name is Bailey. He is cute but stupid. His is red and white and also has long ears. Bailey loves cheese. Mi nombre de perro es Bailey. Es lindo pero estúpido. El suyo es rojo y blanco y también tiene oídos largos. A Bailey le encanta el queso.
S – our dog loves cheese too! He also loves his toys very much. Nuestro perro ama el queso también! También ama mucho sus juguetes.
E – Ah, cute. Which beach are you going to? Oh linda ¿A qué playa vas?
S – We got to C. often. The fish and chips at the cafe is delicious. Which beach do you go to? Llegamos a C. a menudo. El pescado y patatas fritas en la cafetería es deliciosa. ¿A qué playa vas?
E – We go to the dog beach in S. There are many dogs there. Bailey likes to play with them. Vamos a la playa del perro en S. Hay muchos perros allí. A Bailey le gusta jugar con ellos.
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2016.11.21 02:51 TerminallyillStepDad AliExpress Item Links.. Old Stuff

This is just stuff i wishlisted that is still active. Ali is really cracking down, and I've found they've even blocked certain search terms. i.e. "rolx" used to find rolexes, but now in the app I get a "According to local laws and regulations, search results for the terms you entered could not be shown". Haven't figured out a way around it, if there is one. Heres some random shit I found though


IOFFER!!! Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner Hybrid
Unisex No. 9 Coco Hollywood Hoodie
Smoking time BOY Hoodie
'I'm crazy' bomber
Polezei Trench
Fog? Bomber
Big heart CDG Play Hoodies
Yakuza Bomber 1. Tokyo Map, with EVERY city spelled wrong. Reversible to solid color
Reversible Bomber 1
Reversible Bomber 2
Reversible bomber 3
NASA Bomber
Palace Striped Arm Hoodie
Yeezy Beat The Devil Hoodie
Tommy Hillfiger Denim Jackets
CDG Play Heart Unisex Cardigans
Chanel 3m Windbreaker. Good jacket, I bought one
Kodak Bomber
Gucci Windbreaker
Red or Pink Velvet Bomber
Jordan 23 Bomber
SUA MOMENT bombers
Various RipNDip windbreakers
This fucking "internet" hoodie that blows my mind
Hotline Bling Drake Sweatshirt
Pigalle Crewneck

Mens Shirts

Gucci Bee Shirt + Shorts
CDG Play Heart Solid Color Tees
Palace Jersey Style Shirt
Long Sleeve Purpose Tour
Good Flannels
Oui! flashlight shirt
Melting Heart Chip thrills expensive meals tour shirt
Thrasher Camo tee
He Man and Batman Kissing
Weird Banana Shirt
Short Sleeved red striped tee
cdg play striped heart shirts
Bevis & butthead shirts
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Banks Jersey
Eggshell Marb Red shirt

Other Clothes

Supreme knit gloves
Supreme slippers?
Men / Women Pajamas. Imitations of Wildfox 'room service' but not reps
Thrasher Socks
Shitty gucci belts
Versace Belt buckles
Gucci Bee Sandals
IOFFER!!!! Chanel Suspenders

Mens Bottoms

These ripped Jeans. Not sure what they are
FOG Ripped Jeans
Great Grind London Shorts
RipNDip Joggers
Thrasher Joggers
More Versace Boxers
Palace Joggers
Indian head shorts
Supreme Joggers


Bluetooth 3.5mm jack Headphone Transmitter / Receiver
"Mario" $5 Mushroom Head bluetooth speaker. Will post review when it arrives
USB Powered Fan Clock, displays LED in spinning light
Donut USB powered cup warmer
Air Jordan 11 Bred USB Stick
$3.49 Super Nintendo USB Controller, for roms yo
Totoro Phone Chargers
Solar powered waterproof external phone charger


Angry Mama microwavable oven cleaner Steam Cleaner
Dog face Laundry Bag
Large Chanel Mirror handle
Chanel Thermos, has CC logo
Chanel Tissue box, Has CC Logo
Versace Towels
Studio Ghibli Totoro Thermos
2pc finger guard for chopping
Nessie Lochness Monster Ladle
Easy Sushi Roller? I had to check it out. Waiting for it to arrive
Versace Flatware
Supreme Longevity Soup Bowl
Supreme ice cream mug / cup
Supreme 2pc Packing Tape
Supreme Thermos
Supreme Dog bowl
Supreme Ashtray
Supreme Coasters
Supreme Lockbox
Supreme Leather Tissue box
4 season seasoning shakers

Other Acessories

2 person inflatable pool swan
CDG Play iPhone cases
Burka iPhone Case
Supreme Multi-tool key
Supreme flask
Supreme Kermit Doll
Lego Pistol
Lego M16
Adidas Cigarette Box
Supreme cigarette box
MTV Moonman Trophy
Lego Titanic
Louis Vuitton Ps4 Skin


Dolce & Gabana Mafia Bag
supreme waterproof backpack
Tech fleece style backpack
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2016.06.27 16:18 Driftkingz [Help]Troubles with my dog and his squeaky toy

Hello guys, i come to you because i need some help with my family's dog, She is a Golden Retrieven of 7 years old with degenerative myelopathy, she has never breed before since she had to be operated almost 4 years ago and our vet told us it's not safe for her to breed; i dont actually know if this will help with what i need but i feel it's good to have a little backstory. Last week my sister bought her a squeaky toy this one and she started loving it and play with it for a while, then just forgetting about it until later; but since yesterday she started hiding the toy somewhere behind some boxes and just staying there for hours not moving from there, she's not drinking water, eating or playing, she just stay's there; i've read online (maybe not a good idea) that she is probably exprimenting motherlike behaviour or since the toy is left there for her to play at anytime she "feels" like its her toy and no one else has a chance to use it. Im writing this since i'm worried about that; in advance Thanks for the responses.
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2016.03.16 01:16 TerminallyillStepDad my weekly stuff I Found on AliExpress thread pt2

Almost done with the stuff I've saved so far. I was going to wait till next week, but shit on ali can disappear at any second. This, combined with my other 3 posts are pretty much everything in my wishlist that isnt excessive housewares, or dildos. I GUESS THIS IS TECHNICALLY PT. 4. If it isn't reviewed, and it doesn't SPECIFICALLY say that I recently purchased, then I couldn't answer any questions about quality, or anything. I haven't ordered most of this stuff. If you do, TELL ME. I'll update posts with links to reviews, etc. spread the good word.
I know some of these aren't fashion. and some of these aren't reps. But we're all here for the same thing: dope shit. as cheap as possible
PT. 1 and PT.2 and PT. 3 and Some bonus links and A size guide








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2016.02.21 02:20 MR_icke To walker or not to walker?

So LO is just over 5 months and reallllllllly wants to be mobile. He is almost to the point where he can sit unassisted and we do daily exercises on his belly to help strengthen his core (I can tell he wants to crawl because he tries to get his butt up and scoot forward but can't quite do it).
I was thinking of getting a walker, but am wary as The Mayo Clinic advises against them. It's not even so much that I want a walker - I think he would enjoy a stationary jumper just as much.
That being said, I also have to take into account where I live. I'm up in the Andes Mountains and the options are somewhat limited. They have a few different walkers (I'm mostly interested in this one), and I have found one place that sells the Fisher Price Space Saver Jumper (rainforest edition). The kicker is that it's pretty expensive (way more than the price listed on Amazon). So why not just buy it on Amazon? The cost of shipping here is INSANE.
My question is: are walkers a good purchase, or should I follow the Mayo's advice? Anyone have a stationary jumper and love it? Or should I invest in a play yard/playpen instead? Tell me your experience!
Edit: After further research, talking with DH and the responses I've had here, I'm deciding against the walker. I keep envisioning LO hitting his head on the table and both of us crying. Wish me luck on finding an exersaucer or jumperoo!
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2016.01.08 13:42 rhcpds7 Since the NY Times rated it the top place to go yesterday, I thought r/travel could use a comprehensive post on Mexico City. Share your recommendations!

I wrote an email about Mexico City to share with friends a while back that I've been adding to for the last couple of years every time I visit and as friends offer recommendations. I'm copying it below and will be adding to it over time. Out of the more than 50 countries I've been to, Mexico City is my favorite city on the planet. I think you'll love it too. This is by no means comprehensive or a definitive guide, so please message me with additional input and awesome places to visit in and around Mexico City and I will add to the list.
Where should I stay? I prefer to stay in an Airbnb or hotel in either Condesa or Roma Norte. The most popular options with tourists are Centro Histórico, Polanco, or Reforma, and those are good too, but are much different. Condesa and Roma Norte are probably the most gentrified neighborhoods, but in my opinion have the best food and nightlife. Walk around Parque España in Condesa and down Av. Álvaro Obregón in Roma.
Is it safe? Mexico has problems with violence in certain parts of the country, but Mexico City is very safe. If you live in the U.S., note that the U.S. State Department has no travel advisories in effect for the area, and that Mexico City's murder rate is lower than that of cities like New Orleans, St. Louis, and Baltimore. Like any city in the world, there are bad neighborhoods and there are good neighborhoods. Just travel smart and you'll be fine. I have never had a single problem.
Must-dos? The four things that I consider required, regardless of the sights that you see, involve eating and drinking: (1) drink mezcal, (2) eat tacos al pastor, (3) eat chilaquiles for breakfast, (4) visit a Mexican market. If you can handle it, I would add to that to eat street food like tamales or churros, and get some fresh juice (agua fresca). But be safe about it. Only eat street food that's cooked in front of you, no raw fruits or vegetables on the street, though you might have to make an exception for the juice. Be careful of anything washed in tap water or served with ice (ask if it's filtered). Anything you get in restaurants, including water, is going to be fine.
Anything else? Take Uber, not taxis. Taxis in Mexico City can be pretty sketchy and might rip you off. Uber is also much cheaper. You'll need cell data, so buy a SIM card at the airport or call your phone company before you travel and have them turn on data for Mexico. If you're looking for places to eat or stuff to do that isn't on this list, people use Foursquare way more than Yelp, so check there.
EDITS: Adding great recommendations from the comments below and other friends.
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