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My Road To 70 - A lesson in efficiency

2020.11.24 02:34 Tickthokk My Road To 70 - A lesson in efficiency

My Road To 70 - A lesson in efficiency

From Level 1 to Level 1,869
Hey everybody! You might know me from my crafting site: I recently started playing again and this was my best attempt at utilizing “The Road to 70” buff.
This “guide” probably isn’t useful to anyone, and it's more of an excuse to talk about the buff. My situation is unique enough - I had previously played, I was already comfortable with the controls/UI/etc, I knew I liked it, I knew where things were; it was basically New Game + for me.
On with the show!
1 - MSQ. It really is King for XP.
You’ll be able to almost take three jobs to 70 if you rotate XP. For me this was DRG, BRD and BLM. Have a main, do all the fighting with the main, but switch out before redeeming the quest to spread that XP out. DRG was my main, and I didn’t claim any MSQ XP in Stormblood for it; the XP all came from the required dungeons, killing enemies, explorations, etc. Your second and third classes you probably won't play much; make sure you're okay with that, or use all three evenly. Your third class can soak up a bit of the xp, but regular quests will bring this in line pretty nicely.
Side note: Do pay attention to the storyline. It’s pretty freaking great. My jaw dropped a few times and I almost cried once; and I’ve still got a whole expansion to go.
I took everything to 50, mostly with Palace of the Dead, and also some quest xp spreading, to see what classes I liked. I didn't want to pick something I didn't enjoy. By this point I had decided that DRG was my main DPS class, and I didn’t really care for BLM so I made it my soaker (that opinion was about the class at level 50; every time I’ve used BLM for its class quests after that was pretty cool, but my plans were already in motion). My third class, BRD, fell behind, and I had to work a bit to keep it in line, but it wasn’t too bad.
Do not pick a tank class to buff this way; Tanking is awesome, and you get near-insta queues with it (I experienced 1 to 5 minute wait times). Leveling them is very easy in dungeons. Keep your gear up to date. I did all four classes in unison to make gear sharing easier (and keep my armory sane).
Do not pick a healing class to buff like this either. Instant queues. You hit the button, you’re in. Almost never failed. Leveling this later will be easy. Healing is fun too. It can be stressful and I only had to drop out of a dungeon once; I hated doing it. So far I’m loving WHM. SCH is pretty hard at this level, but I hear it gets better at 70. I keep forgetting about pulling a card with AST, but that’s a byproduct of it being a pretty unique feature and me speed running all these other classes. Picking SCH/SMN wouldn’t be the worst idea as you get a two for one that way.
Queueing as a DPS sucks. Try to keep a tank or healer leveled up with you outside of quest turn-ins by just doing the top one or two highest dungeon you can to help with MSQ. The “leveling” queue sucks for XP unless it’s your daily. Also, watch a 3 minute youtube video for each dungeon, it helps a lot with tank anxiety. Eventually thought I just gave in and waited/queued as my DRG and it worked out fine.
I came out of this with 300+ commendations, so that's fun :D
2 - Crafting.
I spent too much time crafting and gathering for all the recipes (I was validating my site, to a large degree), but this was a waste of the buff. I didn’t know about the Ixali dailies until a month in.
The XP here is insane for crafting. If I were to do it over again, I would have picked one crafting class, rushed it to 50 with Ixali (you stop getting good xp from them at 50), craft what they want, and do the turn-ins with other classes to rush those classes to 50. You can do up to 12 Ixali’s a day!
The Moogles in HW are the same; you can turning with any class, but only a max of 3 a day. After that, with the Namazu you can’t do the class swap, but you know what’s up by then.
This is also why MSQ is important: Unlocking these dailies ASAP. Gear is also super important by the time you get to the Namazu, but didn’t seem important for the Moogles.
You can leave the class quests alone. Having high gear makes these a breeze, so wait to do them later. No need to sweat about rotations yet if you don’t need to.
3 - Gathering.
Leves were huge for this. With Fishing, regular grinding was usually enjoyable and fast. Also you get XP boosting scrolls (that last 18 hours/6mil XP). I only had to use 3 of these, and have a dozen more in my inventory. They’re quests rewards, so getting one of these to 50 asap is a huge help for the others.
4 - Dailies.
Crafting dailies took precedence for me every day. The daily xp from everything else isn’t bad, and if you’re going to be doing them all anyway, now is as good a time as any. For true efficiency, I could see dropping non-crafting dailies in favor of doing the MSQ.
I did the Gold Saucer daily lotto, but honestly most of my points came from the weekly “easy 80” fashion stuff you’ll find weekly in this sub.
5 - Don’t be a slave to the buff. It's not like I didn't have fun.
From an efficiency standpoint, I spent too much time doing Triple Triad. But I’m glad I’ve almost got a full 8/8 corner deck. I skipped on collecting minions, mounts, orchestration, etc, because I knew I’d have time after the buff.
There’s a lot of extra little things (challenge log, hunting log, hunts, GC Turnins, custom deliveries, ventures, etc etc etc) that I did that I won’t get into, but those really help pad some XP and Gil as well, so explore what the game has to offer and make it your own!

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk ;)
Happy Crafting!
p.s. I'll plug my site again, because why not:
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2020.11.24 00:50 Cosmic_Shari The game will never be "balanced" because fairness isn't taken into account

I've been seeing a lot of posts complaining about the state of the game for the last year. And while I don't disagree with any of those posts, I think even if Riot listened to us right now and nerfed damage across the board, they would still fuck things up again simply because fairness isn't taken into account with the balancing philosophy. Let me explain
Tanks are busted right now. No doubt about that, not only are they unkillable, but they can one shot pretty much anyone who isn't a tank. Now if you've played ADC last season this isn't anything new, but the people who made fun of you for complaining about it are now complaining about the same thing (how ironic). And while people are going to excuse this kind of thing with "they will balance it!" more than likely they will only be toned down to a certain extent and still do a ton of damage. Riot obviously wanted them to do more damage, hence why they gave them more damage in the first place. But how is this fair exactly? Why can any champion that can perma-lock you down with cc also one shot you? Even if they only took a half of your health, why should someone you have little to no counterplay against be able to do that at all? While also simultaneously taking very little damage themselves?
And I mean it's not just tanks. Mages like Lux and Syndra will one shot you if they hit you with their cc. You can dodge 50 Lux Qs, get hit by one and die. Why don't these champions have much higher mana costs if they have the ability to get a kill by hitting their cc only once? They shouldn't be able to freely spam abilities that will pretty much guarantee your death, how is that fair? And yes, I feel the same way about targeted abilities that can nuke you from 90 percent of your health.
People supported Riot not buffing bot lane XP because "why should they be the same level as the solo laners if they share xp". Which is valid, but Mid can roam to both side lanes, both neutral objectives and all four quadrants of the jungle.....and still be 2+ levels up on Jungle and Bot? How the hell is that fair? And how would it not only be fair, but just, for bot to be the exact same level as Mid when you take that into consideration?
Additionally, why is there a lethality item with armor pen??? Hello? Lethality was literally created in Season 6 as a replacement for armor pen for bursty AD champions like assassins. Previously those champions would take armor pen and still do big damage to players who built armor. Lethality was the counterplay, it could be negated by armor. So why in the ever-loving fuck does an item give you lethality and armor pen at the same time?
And I could keep going and going. Like why do supports have so much influence over a lane that they can solo win or lose while also being the role that roams and secures vision (and also set up plays for their team)? A good support can barely lose anything with a bad ADC but an ADC with a bad support loses their ability to play the game. What's the theme here?
There's even more examples, but the point is, if Riot focused on making the game as fair as possible then a lot of our complaints wouldn't exists in the first place. Tanks wouldn't be unkillable one shot machines, crit items wouldn't be in it's current state and Duskblade in it's current iteration wouldn't exists at all. Damage and mobility creep would be significantly lower than it is now and champions wouldn't release with extremely overloaded kits because Riot would have the very obvious foresight to see they are making a champion unfair to play as/against. Maybe we should ask Riot to balance with fairness in mind instead of asking for bandaid fixes based purely on the state of the game at a specific moment. Then they could do the thinking for themselves.
P.S: Some bruisers are broken af right now and are going under the radar. Ialloi, Aatrox and Morde do bonkers levels of damage right now while being near unkillable and their items are not getting nerfed next patch.
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2020.11.23 17:42 CaesarWolfman [Online] [WoD] [MTA] [6pm EST] [Thurday] A Brave New World - Mage: The Ascension game based around Gothic Punk and Urban Fantasy with a flair for the dramatic.

A Brave New World
Have you ever just woken up from a dream? A dream that felt so real, but when you wake up you can't believe you ever thought something so silly. Your dream could have been anything; it could have been utterly blissful or perhaps a horrific nightmare of existential dread. Whatever it was, you're awake now and you're on with what's really going on in the world... That may not be the best thing, after all the real world is full of problems and strife, but it's filled with other things... Hope, joy, passion, knowledge, love... Enlightenment.
It's time to wake up.
It's time to face what the world truly is.
Welcome to the World of Darkness; Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary. In this game I'll be running each of you through not only your awakening, but your first few nights as Mages in the World of Darkness, interacting with all the things that go bump in the night. Much of the Chronicle will be focused around The Ascension War, your own ascension, and other various bits of metaplot thrown here and there. Should this campaign take place long enough, it may even dip into the end of all things...
This game has been going on for some time now, but due to everyone, but two people leaving the game we've decided to restart from the beginning. Any applications older than a month are not in the running.
You will be starting out as a mortal and I will have individual sessions for each player, potentially multiple sessions where we talk through backstory, discuss potential Traditions, and so forth. These will all take place hopefully before the first session. Make your mortal first, and then discuss what your awakened concept would be, how you think you'd awaken, how you would actually go about doing your Magick, and what Tradition(s) you think would be likely to recruit you. You'll be going through your original Awakening, and some solo sessions to bring you up to Arete 2 before Session 1.
I do not use the typical sphere rules for Traditions so don't feel restrained by those, it's far more oriented around your practice and paradigm. "Go nuts" is a valid option as well. I will also be sitting all of the players down to work out how you all might encounter one another for the first time, as well as what aligns your collective goals.
Time: We will be playing for about three to four hours depending on player activities. Roleplay in between sessions is highly encouraged and communication in between sessions is also highly encouraged. Neither are mandatory, but you're perfectly free to plot and scheme to your heart's content.
Metaplot & Lore: I do not use the typical metaplot, I will almost never reference previously named characters except for a few. I also change up a good amount of the setting's lore, but very little of it will have to do with the players. What *will* impact players is little bits about the Traditions and other bits and pieces, which can be explained on a case-by-case of what you know.
In short, expect to be thrown a few curveballs that contradict your previous meta knowledge; don't come in with previous expectations about how the universe works.
Mechanics Changes: I make a series of changes to the mechanics. The important ones are listed off in the Homebrew thread, and others will be in a handout in the game itself. Nothing extreme, but I've found they add a nice bit of fluff to some of the mechanics or just help to balance things.
Storytelling Style: I love to focus on the Gothic Punk and the Urban Fantasy themes of the setting. Establishing the atmosphere, the otherworldly nature of what you're dealing with. I don't ramble, but I will lay out a few sentences of description when you enter locations or meet people. There are definitely threats in the world, but I'm fairly lenient and will not smite you for accidentally walking into a location you shouldn't be. You can however die if you decide you want to inspect the ancient ritualistic chanting that sounds straight out of H.P. Lovecraft and get spotted.
Aside from that, we do like to run things a bit lighthearted in moments that don't require tension. Nothing can be tense 100% of the time, it ruins the tension. Humor, laughter, jokes, and situational humor are all apart of the game; they are not the core focus of the game, I like action and adventure and horror first and foremost, but we like to crack jokes and have a good time.
For the most part I work around the players, I want you guys to be the driving force of the story, if you want me to drag you into something please tell me, as I'd be more than happy to, but I've gotta know ahead of time.
This is a game in progress, we're sitting on session 6 or so and we aren't too far in yet, but you'll be joining with a somewhat established group of players. We have a Viking Verbena, a Psychopomp Euthanatos, a Clerical Celestial Chorister, and a Rock Star Cultist of Ecstasy with a focus on storytelling.
You'll be run through a Session 0 that focuses on your Awakening, you'll be run through some backstory sessions to meet you up with the rest of the players, and you'll be given a lump sum of XP equal to what the rest of the group has earned.
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2020.11.22 22:48 ashspidgeotto Song Analysis: RIVAL X CADMIUM - Fight for me (ft. Chris Linton & Veronica Bravo)

Song Analysis: RIVAL X CADMIUM - Fight for me (ft. Chris Linton & Veronica Bravo)
CW: PTSD themes, mention of suicide ideation, mention of adhd/rsd
I have been stuck on this piece for months.
I made this tweet on October 9th and I’ve been pondering this song since. It wasn’t until yesterday when I was at one of my lowest points I’ve been at this year that I finally understood what this song meant to me and why. I’ve been under an extreme amount of employment related stress and have not had any time for my writing or videos and it’s definitely been taking a toll on my wellbeing. I have been consistently shutting down and at my stress limit. I tried to get up to do some of my cleaning tasks and had noticed my cat knocked over my plant and got stuck again.
Tangent: I want to divert for a moment to explain something. I don’t think many neurotypicals experience stress quite the same as many neurodivergent people. When I saw that smashed plant I completely broke down, not because the plant held any specific meaning or would be the end of the world. I broke down because I was already at my stress limit and had not prepared myself to accommodate any new stress no matter how small. It turns into this whole cycle of being upset at yourself for letting something so small upset you, but I’ve found I can break that cycle by visualizing that my stress is over capacity. Everything I’m feeling wasn’t caused by this broken pot, it was a collection of stressors I was neglecting in order to power through life.
Anyway, as I said I was stuck again, I had spent over an hour trying to get myself up and out of bed just to find this. I went back to bed and put on music. I put pretty much my entire library on shuffle because I couldn’t even be bothered to find a specific song. Eventually “Fight For Me” came on and everything clicked. I was at this time venting to my friend and trying to explain how hard it was for me to move. He told me to pause, he told me that I could do it. I was getting extremely frustrated because I didn’t think he understood what I had just explained above. I tried to express that it wasn’t just as easy as getting up and doing it. That’s when he said “I don’t think it’s easy, I just think you are strong enough.” That’s it, that’s this song.
I spent HOURS listening to this song, trying to analyze it, trying to understand how it made me feel. I was thrown for a loop when this song at one point started giving me intense visuals similar to what I expressed in my Divinity analysis. I was trying to understand if there was a sound in the song that was maybe causing me to feel this way. Turns out these two songs serve the same purpose for me. These are the songs I must turn to when I am at my lowest points.
Now, this piece is going to be a bit different than my others, so hopefully you enjoy it. The reason I was so compelled to write about this song is because it connects with a framing I developed and that I utilize to navigate my life. This summer I pieced together a series of visual thoughts I had during quarantine and tried the best I could and put them into words. I discovered this song in September (I honestly don’t understand how I missed so many good songs from 2018 by the way) and when I heard the line “Cause I don’t have no armour left to fight for your existence” I had to take quite a bit of time to process how it made me feel.
Untitled - Life Framing
This is what I had previously written that came to mind when I first heard “Fight for Me:
I truly hope that anyone who has experienced trauma (which let’s be real is pretty much all of us) is able to get to a point where your default of avoiding triggers shifts to gauging how much exposure you can tolerate. I hope it eventually shifts to automatic gauges on how much growth you can experience by extending your comfort zone. (I visualize this as XP)
I hope you can get to a point where you know the difference between the self imposed limits you've set up for yourself out of fear that you are capable of chipping away at and the self imposed limits you've set up for yourself that you aren't ready to challenge.
I hope you reach a point where you are okay with not being able to challenge those limits yet.
I hope you reach a point where you figure out how to articulate to others (who likely are trying to encourage you) that you are not okay with challenging those yet, but you still hope to one day. This is not in a procrastinating way but in a way that acknowledges that one day you will feel like you've made yourself strong enough to challenge them. Not because you were weak before, but because you recognize you need to keep training and growing.
I hope you can get to a point where you can troubleshoot how to conquer triggers. It will probably start with the small ones. You don’t have to face them all, especially in one sitting.
I hope you get to a point where there is almost an internal ranking system established.
A system establishing which triggers are less scary to approach and giving you tools to build up enough experience to move on to the next.
I hope you get to a point where you are comfortable with failing to conquer your triggers and not giving up when you fail.
I hope you can progress from one headspace to another, slowly improving it, even if the improvement is so minuscule you can barely measure it.
I hope one of your breakthroughs is finding ways for you to measure those minuscule improvements. A space where finding the smallest difference is celebrated, maybe even more so than identifying the big and obvious ones.
I hope you can eventually get used to the routine and goal of outgrowing a headspace and moving to a new one. Step by step, into a space where you feel more connected to yourself, then a space where you feel more in control of yourself, then a space where you live with less fear, then a space where you start feeling things again. Your headspaces probably won't be those exact ones in that exact order and I hope you are okay with that.
I hope you become an expert in observing the small stepping stones that got you from your old headspace to your new headspace.
I hope that you find value in collecting those stepping stones. I hope that you become so familiar with these stones that you are able to recreate them and implement them in new situations.
I hope that one day you can take all of those small stepping stones and melt them down allowing you to forge equipment, armour, and weapons. allowing this newly forged equipment to give you the skills, experience and strength you didn't have before.
I hope you take these stepping stones and build sturdy paths that take you to your new headspaces and eventually on new paths to tackle the scary triggers you couldn't before.
I hope that you can get to a point where it doesn't have to be you against the world.
I hope you can start identifying stones that others in your life have given you.
I hope you find them in the people that love and support you but I also I hope you find them in the most unexpected places. In strangers, in memories of who someone used to be, in people who are no longer with you. Eventually these stones will become important in your next battle.
I hope you reach a space where you can recognize and appreciate that if you faced the world alone you would be missing those stepping stones.
I hope you reach a place where you don't rely on the stepping stones from others, you embrace them.
I hope you reach a place where you feel strong enough to embrace these gifts without the fear of becoming dependent on them.
I hope you reach a space where the help of others empowers you to keep conquering new headspaces.
I hope you reach a space that balances and appreciates your need for self sufficiency with your ability to accept support from others.
I hope that with these gifts you forge new equipment and you build new paths but you I hope don’t forget that you were the one that made yourself keep moving forward.
I hope you can get to a point where you can search the dark places in your life.
I hope you get to a place where you can dig deep into your triggers. Both the triggers you’ve conquered, and the ones that you didn't but still survived.
I hope you can look at the dark and painful places in your mind and realize even in those dark places you found more stones.
I hope these become some of your most cherished stones, because I hope you come to understand that they build the sturdiest paths and forge the strongest equipment.
I hope you can appreciate that you obtained these stones by facing those dark scary places and I hope that you use them with pride as you build a path to your next battle.
When you face setbacks I hope you find the strength to dig up past versions of yourself and figure out what went wrong.
I hope you can dig up all of the designs for those old paths you built and that equipment you forged.
I hope you find a sense of pride when you catch yourself noticing all those tiny design improvements you've made along the way.
I hope you feel what it's like to barely recognize your earliest designs.
I hope you find space where you are so proud of your progress the burden of failure doesn't stand a chance.
I hope you find a space where failure inspires you to forge something better and stronger than before.
Because, I hope you reach a headspace where you find comfort in the process of growth and moving forward.
I hope that when you see a finish line you find comfort in knowing that that finish line is a checkpoint and that checkpoint is your new headspace.
I hope you get to a point that the thought of exploring where you will go next fills you with excitement.
I hope it fills you with an appreciation for life and it's journey.
I hope you find happiness with the comfort of moving forward.
I hope you find a piece of happiness in the stones you collect along the way.
I hope you find more and more pieces of happiness and get to a point where you find happiness with every stepping stone you collect. Even if you can only find it in the tiniest fragment of your biggest stone.
I hope you cherish the happiness that comes from your collection of stones.
I hope you find happiness in knowing that through all of the darkness you were able to find your stones.
I hope you appreciate that when you combine all of these stones and look at them together you experience the most happiness.
I hope you see how bright those pieces of happiness shine.
I hope you realize that in order to obtain more stones you'll have to keep moving through the darkness.
I hope you realize that without the darkness you wouldn't have all of those stones. You would probably still have some stones but if you were to look at them all together they wouldn't shine quite as brightly. Without the darkness you wouldn't have a system to evaluate what makes each stone shine.
I hope that eventually one of your headspaces is realizing that part of your process of choosing your next checkpoint is identifying which destination has the stones that shine the brightest.
I hope you become an expert in figuring out which stones shine the brightest in your eyes which will bring you the most pride and sense of accomplishment.
I hope one of your checkpoints is realizing that not everyone sees these stones the same way.
I hope you begin to identify how others find their shiny stones.
I hope that you become so familiar with other’s perspectives that you begin to see their stones shine too.
I hope you get so strong and have so many shiny stones that you are able to share them.
I hope that because you recognize other’s shiny stones you seek them out just to share them.
I hope you share them with your loved ones but, I also hope you share them with strangers.
I hope you share them with people who can't appreciate how much they shine yet.
I hope you bring them into all of those dark places from before, so that slowly there is more light, slowly you get stronger, slowly, you are best equipped to handle all of the new darkness you will still face.
I hope you welcome the darkness because you can handle it.
I hope you welcome the darkness because the light depends on it.
I hope you welcome the darkness because your happiness depends on it.
Because, you are in a headspace that knows if there is no darkness you can't truly see how bright your stones shine.
Most importantly, I hope you get to a point where you can hear each element of this concept and see pieces of it as obtainable for you.
I hope you get to a point where these ideas don't feel absurd.
I hope you reach a point where you don't feel so weighed down by triggers that you can't ever see yourself being able to tolerate them.
I hope as you were reading this you could visualize your own headspaces.
I hope you could visualize your own journey.
I hope that if none of this framing worked for you that you are instead motivated to find the framing that does.
I hope that you know, or begin to know that every stage of your process is valid.
I hope you can feel accomplished due to all the hard work you put into improving your mental headspaces.
I have found this framing really helpful.
It's framing I worked very hard to develop with all of this time I've had in my own headspaces during quarantine.
It's the framing I needed for recovery.
And finally, I hope you get what you need for recovery too.
I often find myself on autopilot, or experiencing difficulties with executive dysfunction. I can develop this framing but I can’t force myself to remember it. For me this song was a shortcut to remembering this framing I had created. It is now a tool I have access to that I can use in times where my brain goes so far into darkness I no longer have access to these outlooks. When I heard this song, my mind saw the framing I created as a solution to what was being expressed in this song. My brain also saw myself in what was expressed in this song based on my own experiences that led me to create this framing.
Now, all of the above aside from most of the introduction was put together months ago, as an update, it took me actually getting into one of difficult times in order to truly understand. Understanding led me to realizing that I have been neglecting my creative projects and since they are a protective factor in my life I needed to set aside time for them, so despite all of the work I need to do here I am finishing this piece.
Song Framing
I want to remind you that I generally view songs in the context of lyrics that can be applied to self. So although this song definitely has themes in line with reminiscing over a relationship I won’t be focusing on that context. This will be written in the context of self.
I frame this as a song from a part of me that is losing hope and trying to ask another piece of self to keep on fighting for our survival.
The other piece of self (which has remained silent or distant for some time) has decided to speak up. Their reason for speaking up is due to urgency. They felt that if they didn’t speak up that it could cost us our survival. This part of self expresses that they are exhausted, they processed all of the stress up until now by disconnecting and becoming cold. In this song they come together with the common goal of surviving. As we progress through the song we realize that both of these versions of self are exhausted and can’t keep going, so I, as the listener, must be the one to carry on in their place.
Song Pacing
Now, I noticed some patterns in the song pacing, and I am trying to organize my thoughts around them. This is what caused me to overthink this analysis. I’m going to briefly speak to what I noticed but, on my other song analyses people who are more musically inclined sort of drop into the comments and fill in some of the things I’m missing in terms of technical music components. If you have any thoughts, I’d really love to hear them.
I see Chris and Veronica’s parts to be a conversation. So If we were to look at the two pieces of the song side by side it’s a conversation.
At first it’s fairly calm (which is reflected in the music)
Second, we start getting into the conflict of the issue and things start to heat up
Third, it’s as if some trauma is possibly triggered on both sides, there is a disconnect and the conversation shifts to individual thoughts.
Fourth, this is asking the listener for help.
When we get into the lyrics section you will see this format reflected in a chart.
Song Summary
As mentioned above, this is a conversation between two aspects of self.
  1. Chris is the side that is becoming aware of where we are at. Chris has initiated the confrontation. Chris is concerned about the lack of care for self, but is also very critical. Chris noticing that Veronica is being too hard on self. If we don’t address this we are going to disappear.
  2. Veronica is the side that was ignoring where we were at collectively. Suppressing emotions, ignoring self maintenance for the sake of powering through. If we keep living like this our sense of self is going to disappear.
As we progress through the sections of the song we can slowly see the awareness of the urgency of these problems sink in. Both sides slowly come together to acknowledge that how we are operating right now isn’t working. As we progress through the level of connectedness starts to dissolve and we eventually reveal that we need to adjust our approach. We need to balance the two sides.
Let me say I over-thought this song waaaay too much. I got through the entire song, everything was going so great and feeling great. I’d approach the line “Love is no more” and it crushed me. I asked how a song that was supposed to motivate me in the darkest times could end on that note. I explored the idea that maybe this was about letting go of past versions of self to push through. Or maybe that this song just wasn’t safe for me to apply to self with this lens but yesterday in those dark times I figured it out. It’s a call on me as the listener to keep going.
Internally as we are checking in with self to see where we are at, we are noticing that we aren’t okay. On one hand we are noticing that we aren’t paying enough attention to self, we aren’t taking the time to make sure we are caring for self. On the other hand, we want to keep going, there is an urgency to keep going but we don’t have the strength, we don’t have enough fuel. The conclusion of this conversation is “love is no more.” This is a statement telling us that we have pushed ourselves so much that the love is gone. We’ve overworked ourselves to the point that we got into this dark place. We didn’t take the time needed to maintain ourselves. We don’t have any armour left because we haven’t put the love into it that is needed to protect ourselves from the stress life throws at us.
This song is a call to say “You’re strong enough” and part of being strong enough and part of that strength is being able to take a step back, observe all of the self destruction in the form of overwork, and correct it by taking some time to heal.
When love is no more we must adjust our approach or else we won’t be able to keep going.
Lyrics Breakdown

Chris Veronica
Calm / On the same page Calm / On the same page
“Fight for me that's all I ask you do” We are begging our other self to keep going. We are reminding our other self that this is the highest priority and our only ask. “Fight for me that’s all you ask me to do” This feels like an affirmation that we are hearing the other self. We are repeating it back to acknowledge that we understand.
“Don't erase me” This acknowledges that we have heard from the other self. We are hearing that they are fighting. As we hear we must remind them that as they are fighting for us we can’t lose our overall self. If we lose sight of self then we aren’t fighting anything meaningful because we lose our values. “Can’t erase you” This is acknowledging the request. Note, we are not saying we “won’t” or “haven’t” erased self. We are acknowledging that we can’t erase self.
“Silence is a thoughtless way to let go” We are confronting the other side of self. We are pointing out that they let go of self without even acknowledging their actions. They were just powering through and ignoring the damage that was being inflicted. “Silence got the best of me I let go” This self is acknowledging that they were at fault for not addressing the issues, they chose to power through and not take the time or care for self to keep self the main focus.
“Then to face me” Acknowledging that due to these actions we must now face ourselves and resolve this before it gets worse. “Cannot face you” We cannot face self, we want to just keep going, it’s not in our capacity right now.
Shift in musical tone**/ Conflict buildup** Shift in musical tone**/ Conflict buildup**
“I wasn't always the bad guy” triggered the above shift in sound I think this speaks to the loop I experience when I start breaking down and then I get mad at myself for breaking down. I feel weak for taking the time to break down, I feel the need to keep going. Here we are saying that isn’t the case. The need to stop and evaluate self wasn’t always bad. Sure sometimes, it was excessive and caused roadblocks, or sometimes it came in the form of executive dysfunction preventing me from being able to keep being productive, but throughout the course of life taking the time to pause and listen to this part of self wasn’t always bad. “You weren’t always the bad guy” Self realizing and affirming we are right.
“In the stories you were told” Very similar to above. Somehow this is also connecting to my mirror analysis. (If you haven’t read it check it out for more details.) To summarize, there is a cycle of criticism that ends up fueling itself. We often pick up on negative criticism from others because it’s what we tell ourselves and we become experts in identifying it “Stories getting old” We are getting tired of hearing this narrative, and it feels like this contributed to our need to power through and ignore what we were feeling.
“What are your friends all saying” We are asking self to critically analyze what our friends are saying. All of them, All of the things they are saying. As mentioned before, we tend to only hear the negative if that's where our minds are at. “A book I had to close” This feels like one of my ADHD symptoms called rejection sensitive dysphoria.(RSD) Instead of staying to hear everything we close the book after we feel something negative. We don’t bother looking for concern or care from others. We closed it to keep moving forward. At this point we disconnect the conversation because the self criticism is too much.
at this point the opposite side triggered a trauma response at this point the opposite side triggered a trauma response
Shift in musical tone (buildup) / DISCONNECT IN DIALOGUE Shift in musical tone (buildup) / DISCONNECT IN DIALOGUE
Hanging on my watch My thoughts are over run” Note: this line triggered the above music shift, at this point I think both sides of self are having independent thoughts simultaneously. This is likely the most complex part of the song. “On my watch” is an idiom that expresses a sense of control or authority. If we visualize a watch, we may see ourselves holding on to the edge of it, trying to lift ourselves up into the centre. If we replace the watch with a concept of “authority” it means we are grasping at this authoritative role, but we can’t quite obtain it. We were so close to gaining control of self but we took the wrong approach and the sense of fear expressed from the other side of self overrode the thoughts that were getting us so close to safety. “oh I can’t read you anymore” You aren’t following this conversation anymore, earlier on in the song you were acknowledging all of these concepts but with this line we force ourselves to disconnect out of fear. They aren’t in control of this conversation anymore. The other side of self asking you to analyze criticism has caused us to shut down, and run away further.
“To think that you have left me,To think that we are done” In a panic of losing their ability to connect to the other side, this side of self doesn’t know what to do. The thought of going back to mindlessly going through life is very scary. We don’t want to be a part of a life that isn’t meaningful and true to self. “Just strangers with some memories, Is all we have to be” We are trying to push this side of self away, because it’s easier to just keep fighting through life with this looming empty feeling, disconnected from self.
“I'll go, and you'll never see me” This side of self has given up trying to get through to the other side, they don’t think they can keep going. “Cause I don’t have no armour left, to fight for your existence” It’s very possible that this conversation with self destroyed some of our armour. We don’t have anything left to give to critically analyze what is happening, we must reserve our remaining armour and keep going.
“Fight for me” Cry for help from either side. “Fight for me” Cry for help from either side.
Drop Drop
Fight For Me (multiple times) Fight For Me (multiple times)
“Would you fight for me?” These sections are the call to action from the listener because they must find the strength to fight. We have some hints into what is going on internally but what we know is we must fight for our survival. “Would you fight for me?” These sections are the call to action from the listener because they must find the strength to fight. We have some hints into what is going on internally but what we know is we must fight for our survival.
"Love is no more" This line is the key to resolving the issue.

“Love is no more”
This line is the key to resolving the issue. The first side of self came from a compassionate but critical lens trying to resolve these issues. We must try again but this time we must try from a warmer place. We have depleted our self love, if we don’t replenish then we will meet the fate of one of the two sides of self. If we go with option one this could ultimately mean plunging further into the darkness and giving into suicide ideation.
If we go the path on the right then this would mean us continuing to power through life with no real purpose or meaning, we wouldn’t be living for self, we would be living just for the sake of progressing.
The Playlists
I will conclude this piece by sharing a new playlist.
As I’ve mentioned before in a few different pieces of writing, I try to put music into playlists that really capture how the songs make me feel. This song gave me fairly intense visuals just like I mentioned in my Divinity piece. Because of this I started a new playlist.
Description: Songs for when things start getting back and you need some help getting back into a space that is more safe.
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2020.11.22 05:05 HearthstonePlayerCN Sentiments from a 6 years Chinese Hearthstone player.

I don't know where to start. The original motivation for me is to complain that Heroic Duel Mode has no XP reward and I raised a bug report: If you are bothered by this issue, welcome to comment in this bug report post.
I've decided not to spend money for hearthstone for many times, but to play Duel mode in advance I preordered this expansion and broke my self-promise again. I've been played like 100 games in Heroic Duel mode since the launch and won two 12-wins. So when I found that I gain ZERO XP from these game plays, I was outragous. And I felt I was forced to quit by Blizzard designers, because this is the only mode I was interested in of current hearthstone edition. I know that players are furious about the new Reward Track System and compare to that my frustration about this Heroic Duel No XP issue seems less important, but it encouraged me to write this post, so I want to mention it here.
I think I can use a poem to describe my current feeling, and I think many players will have similar feelings, eventually.
THEY CAME FIRST for the Arena players, (Decrease the gold drop probability in Arena mode.) and I didn't speak up because I don't play Arena.
THEN THEY CAME for the Battlegrounds Players, (Reset the score, add multi-player mode to allow abuse on single players, add inrelevant task and reward in the Reward Track system) and I didn't speak up because I gaved up Battlegrounds play. (After reach 10000 in Battlegrounds before and after reset)
THEN THEY CAME for the causual players, (Cancel gold quests system, require them to play more) and I didn't speak up because I am not causual player.
THEN THEY CAME for the Whales, (Stupid Battlepass forced them to grind and give them junk skins) and I didn't speak up because I didn't buy battlepass.
THEN THEY CAME for me, (Give me 0 XP in the only mode I'd like to play now) and by that time no one was left to speak up.

What makes me to write such a long post, instead of walking around in a park in such a sunny morning? I thnk it's because I used to love Hearthstone, and I want to memorize this passed love with a post.
I started to play Hearthstone since 2014, one of my former colleague referred it to me. And it became my most money consuming game(I've spend 3062 RMB on it, approximate to 500 bucks). It was used to be fun, and I was used to behave like "Shut up and take my money!" type player. And I thought this could be the game I can play it in the future 20 years, but things gradually developing into the wrong direction:

After I wrote down this post, I realized how abusive my realtionship with Hearthstone it is, it has been abusing me in the recent years, which is use the weakness in my humanity to suck money out of my wallet. At the begining of this Reward Track System issue, I think the Big-Bad-Guy is some of the Blizzard management staff, but as I investigate more I found out it is the Activision. Or in another word, Activision drived by the nature of capitalism kidnaps talented game companys, convert them into player-wallet bleeding company, when player's blood were sucked up and the game is dead, they truned their focus into next victim company. Maybe Blizzard's scale and cumulated reputation is too huge, so it takes Activision a decade to bring it to our current situation. Really, there are lots of signs, but I blinded ignored them, here are some:

And finally, we reached this point. They are still using Hearthstone as the name of this game, but it's not the game I used to love any more.
Farewell, Hearthstone.
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2020.11.21 23:37 hyperionfin Simple question: is creating 'Deadly' encounters fair to my players?

To frame things a little bit; I'm a new DM, running my first campaign ever as a player or a DM, with players now on level 8. I've never caused or seen a PC death, yet.
I guess I'm looking for a validation here. So I have a bit of a situation; my players did something I felt uncomfortable with in the last session (I had a thread on that earlier so I'm not talking about the deed here this time.)
And yes, I've talked with them, and we are fixing things for the future out of game. However, I feel the game world needs to react and there have to be consequences. The "wronged" in-game faction will retaliate. There will be a revenge attack.
And now I'm building that encounter. The simple question is, am I salty if I go for an encounter that is exactly at the level of Deadly, or should I go for less? Is it really OK to build deadly encounters for any party in any game?
The encounter I'm thinking of right now would be:
- 2 Anchorite of Talos
- 3 Veteran
- 1 Swashbuckler
The party is 4 PCs on level 8, so this is exactly at the verge of Deadly with 8400 adjusted XP. I think this is very dangerous combination for my party as well (they have a Wand of Paralysis so they deal with singular bad guys way easier), the Swashbuckler is in mostly to throw party off balance and maybe suspect him/her as the leader even though he's just the same as the rest. I'm also thinking of starting the ambush so that 2 Veterans and the Swashbuckler have a Bless on from one of the anchorites. Surprise will fail though, because the party has a Sword of Warning.
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2020.11.20 04:33 TricksterTrio Babymaker wanted to talk with me today.

To YouTube and Reddit copypasta leeches: don't touch my shit. 🖕
TW: Quick mention of sexual abuse.
I seriously debated when I got the text that she'd be in my area and wanted to do lunch (my area allows for limited sit-downs in restaurants) because she hasn't seen me in forever. But I decided to go, because I mostly maintain LC due to my youngest biological sister, and because my last visit (some months before lockdown) actually went well. I went in, ready for anything from a pleasant visit to shutting down bullshit.
The latter was not needed.
I won't go into a lot of detail, because we talked about a lot of personal shit, but after we caught up a bit, I actually got some unprompted apologies for some of the messed up shit in my childhood, and she asked if there was anything she could do to help me or make reparations. I took a risk and shared some of the deeper issues I've had, like parentification, and some of the nightmares I had as a kid because of my molestation, and how that plus the church's teachings fucked me up, and the way some things were handled in our household.
She apologized, no excuses, and seemed horrified that I dealt with a lot of this alone. We talked, we cried, I accepted her apology.
It seems we've both been doing a lot of reflecting over the past few years and trying to change for the better. One thing Babymaker really wanted to emphasize was some of my siblings had shared some of my FB posts and comments (I have that shit locked down, she's not on my friendlist, and a few months ago, I unfriended and blocked a lot of my siblings because of behavior I considered unacceptable. I presume she's talking about before that happened, because the two siblings left rarely post, and I haven't really commented on what they do post), and got the impression that I felt I was disowned. She wanted to assure me that's not the case and she still loves me.
She didn't try to pressure me into reconciliation with the siblings I don't talk to anymore. She also seemed to understand when I explained that yes, a lot of things I posted probably came off as angry, but she also didn't see the months of similar conversations before that point that went nowhere, and after a time, I realized niceness wasn't getting anywhere, so fuck it. Nuclear button. I do respect that she wanted my side of things, and that she expressed concern that if I ever do take my art/writing professionally, that it doesn't harm me. I appreciate her concern, but if I do decide to go that far, I won't lose sleep over someone clutching their pearls over swear words, vehemently supporting the queer community, and having no tolerance for toxic behavioattitudes. XP
I'm still reeling from all of this. Just a few years ago, I wouldn't think this was possible, but of the two siblings I still talk to (might reconcile with a third later when things are less heated), one mentioned she had a similar conversation with Babymaker not too long ago, with similar results, so I think that was subconsciously in the back of my mind.
One of the things that stuck with me from our talk is even though we are vastly different in every conceivable way, she told me she respects my intellectual honesty, my ability to make good choices for the type of life I choose to live, and how I tend to pick great friends who stick by me. It was honestly validating to hear that my mom is proud of my authentic self when we've butted heads over it before.
I've said before that I don't hate Babymaker, I just don't like being in the same room with her for longer than I have to. Today, for the first time in years, I actually wanted to sit there and talk more. I actually felt heard and validated and understood, and past behaviors I normally expect from her didn't come up at all. No excuses, no "but faaaaaamilyyyyyy," no Ugly things, no acting like she was in the right.
For a few hours, I had a mother I actually respected.
I am cautiously optimistic going forward. Babymaker mentioned she's been in therapy and marriage counseling (we aren't touching that can of worms, but I will say the irony isn't lost on me that in my very first post, I mentioned my dad was the one who was pushing for everyone to go to therapy, and now HE'S the one who's digging his heels in, refusing to acknowledge any fault on his part, and being fucking toxic, while Babymaker is the one taking a second look at her mistakes and making corrective changes). I definitely think it shows. She also assured me that she understands if I feel like I still need to keep my distance.
This was just one visit, so we will definitely need to talk again, but I think right now, I need to recalibrate my boundaries, sort out some emotions, and figure out if there's anything more I need from her, after which I'll chart my course from there.
I do want to try to rebuild the relationship if things can remain the way they were today, with acknowledgment, understanding, and trying to do better on both our parts.
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2020.11.19 19:08 AtanasPrime Now that the clue change is live and clues are “fun” again, let’s make some other parts of leagues “fun” too

I’ll start by saying that the clue change definitely made clues more fun for everyone. As a TS relic user myself, I can complete fewer clues than before thanks to the bug it introduced. Once it’s fixed, I can complete just as many clues as before, but I can save a few seconds per casket by not having to juggle, so great success.
But this got me thinking, what other areas of leagues are not fun for people without certain relics? I proposed the following changes:
Grinding herbs and secondaries is not fun. Let’s make all herb and secondary drops give 5x as much of that item (noted, of course). Everyone can do it, so my proposed change is the fairest. I’m sure people with botanist won’t mind.
Gathering raw materials is not fun. Let’s make all raw materials gathered 5x (no extra xp, obviously). Everyone can do it, so my proposed change is the fairest. I’m sure people with endless harvest won’t mind.
Making jewelry for teleports is not fun. Let’s make all jewelry crafting/enchanting yield 5x the amount. Everyone can do it, so my proposed change is the fairest. I’m sure people with eternal jeweler won’t mind.
Grinding out runes is not fun. Let’s make all rune drops 5x the amount and reduce the price of runes 5x in stores. Put a multiplier on the amount of runes (but not exp, obviously) from runecrafting too. Everyone can do it, so my proposed change is the fairest. I’m sure people with double cast won’t mind.
Grinding out ammo is not fun. Let’s make all ammo drops 5x the amount and reduce the price of ammo in stores 5x. And obviously let us smith/fletch more ammo per resource as well. Everyone can do it, so my proposed change is the fairest. I’m sure people with quick shot won’t mind.
Doing bad slayer tasks and not getting superiors is not fun. I propose slayer task skips cost 1 point and superior spawn rate is increased to 1/30 base. Everyone can skip tasks and grind slayer to get a superior, so my proposed change is the fairest. I’m sure people with unnatural selection won’t mind.
I’m sure I’m missing some, but I think this a good start. Leagues is a fun temporary game mode, and since the integrity of relic choices is no longer a valid concern, I don’t see why we can’t get hotfixes for all these issues.
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2020.11.19 15:52 anomakochoux Scratched Screen? Film?

Scratched Screen? Film?
Hi. So I purchased an XP-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro around a month ago, and it arrived on the 26th of October, meaning that I believe the warranty is still valid/okay. The tablet itself is very good and it feels very nice.
This is embarrassing to say, but I somehow already cracked the screen. Well, kind of. (I swear, its not my fault, my violin stand is faulty and accidentally scratched a portion of it when it fell down.)
The tablet is still working nicely, however, the slight scratch on the screen is bugging me a bit. Is there any way to get it fixed? I'm attaching an image below. Is the scratch on the film or on the glass itself? I'm no good at technology. I'm asking this so that if it is on the film, I can just buy a replacement, if they exist.
I apologize for bad photo quality. My camera is very, very bad.

its a slight scratch.
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2020.11.19 09:50 Tornado_Hunter24 Does any of the ammo types give xp to the gun attached to or is it like bo3?

It’s near impossible to survive on a high ground with any gun that isn’t the spas/raygun/die, it’s absurd, I avoid the ammo effects because I assume It’s the same as bo3’s where you don’t get weapon xp, is this valid? If you do get xp, which one is the best?
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2020.11.18 19:12 GrimbeltheGobbo Achievements system

Just wanted to add my voice to all the discontent about the new battlepass
I think everything others have been stressing about the low value and insane cost of this game is valid but I just found something new to complain about
I just found out you get extremely small xp rewards from achievements but you have to go to the achievements page and click through every achievement to get the extremely small rewards? It's so time-consuming and brain-dead considering most of the achievements are like "collect 3 rogue cards" or whatever and there isn't a claim all button or anything, you just have to click a million small buttons to get like 10 xp each.
I was really looking forward to the dark moon faire for the new cards and mechanics but this system is so anti-consumer that even claiming rewards is just a time wasting mess and I hate it very much. Its really tragic how much blizzard has killed my hype for a game I genuinely love and I'm not sure if I can stick with it after this
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2020.11.18 04:22 RevenueAlarmed Addressing issues regrading about the community and the game.

Addressing issues regrading about the community and the game.
Before I start this post, I want to be clear that this post does not intend to hurt anyone, I'm just very pissed off with mostly the community and the game. Also, I want to give you a warning that this post has some vile content because of the toxic messages which I received as well
This post needs to be spread to as many people out there as to get the message around ( in my opinion)
My name in the Vesteria forums was JUSTFORCAUSE, I bet a lot of people will be rolling their eyes when they see my name but please just read the full post. All the rude comments started when I made this post.
I'm not going to admit that I did not do anything wrong because I did some things wrong, look at the post it's self-explanatory. Most people who looked at the post thought that I intended to spam the devs to make more updates, but I didn’t mean anything bad for the devs and it makes logical sense that the lack of updates has caused the death of the game multiple times. Let me show you the history of the game from the last good update Shiprock Bottom
So basically, after Shiprock bottom in July we got no updates “zero” it was weird at the time, but it would become normal later because from July 2019 to October 2020 we only got 2 map expansions only 2. And both map expansions were extremely rushed. We got a guild update which was exciting for one day and let's not forget about the 5-month game closure. In those times We got crappy updates like stamina and the data reset. And did not get to point of the inflation issues, it's like the devs don’t care about inflation, I feel like a 7-year-old could handle the inflation issue better than the devs. Holies doubled in value in 3 months, I think that Justifies the point that the devs just can't handle the inflation in this game. I'm sorry this might seem a bit rude but hopefully, you get the point
The Whispering dunes update was pretty good but the map was barren, and there were not many things to do. All the bosses were large-sized versions of all the mobs in the game. The forsaken isle was trash, the lag was a joke.
This could've been prevented if the whispering dunes update had more content.
And did you see the Huge not recommended sign to pinging the devs I only said if needed? It was half a joke and half a drastic measure. I edited the post 9 times If I was just a person who was demanding attention why did I edit the post 9 times
Come on, why are you so mean, not trying to offend you but come on. First, the updates that they publish are either not huge or are rushed. Why are you acting that I like p2w this is not a petition to add a skip to endgame option or something like that. The reason the devs are not making a lot of money is that they are handling the game extremely badly, If you have a business, and you treat the customers badly then you will make less money get that analogy, hopefully, you get that analogy. And she didn't stop there after the post she did more
So basically, she posted the link to my forum post on discord, this is not okay, come on. This caused a lot of traction to my post as more and more people from discord who had no intention of checking the forums came into discord saw her post, clicked on her link and, voila more toxic comments. This was the reason my post was gaining traction and there were so many toxic reply's
This is probably a victim drawn up by trick's discord post. I'm going to admit that this post has some good responses and some decent counter-arguments, but can you say them more nicely. Lemme make this clear they are Roblox devs, not factory workers, and in my opinion, the development of the game was so slow it would make no difference. Let me make this clear the devs are not lazy, but in the time, they made this post they were lazy, in my opinion. Most of the updates were rushed and were bad updates overall. And do you realize that all the major map expansions over the past year took a year to make, aka were in development for a year? (again, I don’t mean to hurt anyone's feelings). Oh, and the last line was rude. If you want a voting place tell me how to make one, simple. V
^. I get the point of declaring the post a joke after Trik’s ridiculously toxic post I had no choice. The toxic posts were coming in way to fast because of Trik’s message on discord on my post, what else could I have done, I could’ve apologized but how could I to a bunch of people are treating me badly. I'm sorry about getting into drama but why did you call me the R-word, not funny
For the guy in the first post, I want to point out that he criticized me on literally every post I made. I feel like people are exaggerating what I did to colossal extents, and I felt belittled by the vesteria community.
After this I got involved in another situation, involving low effort posts. Keep in mind I didn’t know that low – effort was not allowed when I was making low effort posts, it wasn’t in the community guidelines and how are you supposed to know what a low effort post and if they were allowed or not, because they were not mentioned on the community guidelines. So, I racked up closed posts.
this was the first part of the Forum things here are some links to the posts which I was involved in and got bearded by the community
After this I got involved in another situation, involving low effort posts. Keep in mind I didn’t know that low – effort was not allowed when I was making low effort posts, it wasn’t in the community guidelines and how are you supposed to know what a low effort post and if they were allowed or not, because they were not mentioned on the community guidelines. So, I racked up closed posts.
Before you go attacking me, I'm going to state the point of this post. See calling a post Low – Effort is not very nice, the word effort is still in a low effort, if you just ridicule people who make low effort posts then how can you call yourself a good community. The point of this post is to be a continuation chat for low – effort posts. All posts are posts and when a post gets closed it's like a person dying (not a good analogy but it would do).
This post had some potential like you get to list your closed posts and it will be a continuation chat for it. It's also a valid place to talk about post-closure and how calling a post low effort is not very nice

The breaking point came for me when someone made this post
Learn my lesson about making low – effort posts seriously, what lesson could be learned if nobody told me what a low effort post was. Out of my last 6 posts, this one not included 2/6 were low effort the remaining 2 were closed for other reasons. This post was so offensive that it lead me to post a stupid post, which I regret to this day.
This leads me to make a stupid post, here is the link
He is thinking that my post was let's attack the devs and be toxic I said spam the devs if needed. I don’t care if my posts have been closed that’s secondary, I care about people literally treating me badly because of some small mishaps which I did. And I'm sure that he is kind of happy and wanted me to leave (how I interpreted it).
After this, I learned my lesson and never posted a low effort post again and everything was good again until this happened.
A spam post complaining about other spam posts. Come on not funny out of all my posts only 3 of my posts were spam and all of them were spaced out over a period of a couple of days, spam is defended by a constant stream of low effort posts if I posted 10 low effort posts in one day then you can ban me for spam. Could you at least give me a warning? And I want to make this clear this was a long suspension I'm sure Berzaa knew the forums were going to close the day my ban ended, and he did this to punish me even more.
Relatedly receive Constructive Criticism from Regulars. Constructive Criticism! More like harassment/bad treatment. Oh, so I should listen to the things which make me cry, which means I am a stupid human being and many other things.

As a creme de la crop to this situation, I also got banned from the vesteria news hub for ghost pinging a bunch of people then leaving the server.
It's funny how I said 1500 words for me being mistreated by the Vesteria community. Now I'm going to talk about the Vesteria community and why it is toxic (in my opinion).
here are the links to some more posts I was involved in -

Did you realize most of the people who were harassing me on the forums were forum regulars? And most of them are testers, mods the people who control the vesteria community? I'm not saying that all testers, regulars or mods are toxic but around 20% of all mods and testers are toxic, in my best experience in the vesteria community ( my best guess and opinion. The number is bound to get higher when all the rude mods/testers/regulars stay and the good mods/testers/regulars leave or get demoted, because why not.
At least 50% of the vesteria community swears regularly. I'm not going to complain about people swearing because it's not a crime against humanity but exposing it to young kids who have never used an online chatting software and assume swearing is a good thing aka “cool” and get ridiculously toxic by learning how to be toxic by the vesteria community. I know discord Tos says that you have to be 13 to use discord but who listens to that and we're talking about young kids here most are ridiculously naive and think everyone is so nice here until they get picked on, which happened to me. Just to prove my point here are the rules for some of the discord servers

None of the servers ( revins and the vesteria official discord) state anything about bulling, swearing and being toxic in general. The vesteria discord rule said that we don’t care if anyone gets buillied ( in my onion) we are not responsible for any moderation at all so got rip. To add more salt to the wound there is a chat called Colo where toxicity is widespread people literally swear at other people who say something which they don’t like, they don’t like basically the power of free speech taken to a whole new level, even in mush town server people swear a lot. The vesteria community attitude be like ok you can be toxic in the dm and can bully people in the dm’s, if you want to get involved in the vesteria community without seeing people swearing, or some minor toxicity good luck.
Most of the vesteria community is so mature that it's hard to distingue them from adults (even though most of the community consists of kids) a fact which has been proven multiple times. A perfect example of this is when you're trying to apply to guilds. I tried to apply to vindicate (A guild btw) and I had to do an application form, kind of stupid. In the end my application got rejected because it was not "professional” enough. I going to try again but I thought I will get accepted because of these “high standards”. If you want to join the vesteria community but you're not professional, then your guild opportunities are limited.
And let's not forget about the incident of me getting harassed by the vesteria community. This drastically lowered my self-confidence and made me feel sad all the time, Im more emotional than then an average human being. I literally failed a quiz because all I can think about were the events of the posts. I keep uncovering new toxic messages to myself from 6 months ago and it drives me crazy. Im going to stop me here, don’t want the post to be emotional.
I'm going to touch on the revins now, who are ridiculously toxic. I know many people had said this in the past, but there are ridiculously toxic, they are the pioneers and boosted this toxic community. Specifically, I'm going to touch down on RevinReign because he ruined the game with his giant wallet, he hoards talons raising their price. "Hippody Hoppty your talons are now my property" said RevinRiegn he steals all the talons. It should be a line the story of vesteria
Here are some trades for good measure that the vesteria is more overinflated than you think
And do you know what's the sad part, many rich players in vesteria are extremely toxic in my opinion? Most of the people who are rich in vesteria regularly engage in profanity aka swear a lot.
Now let me talk about the game and how to revive it. It's no secret vesteria is dead here is a depressing screenshot
There were zero people who purchased the game in the last couple of weeks, ZERO. I don’t blame this on the current devs of the game they are working very hard on the game and I appreciate it. I blame the current state of the game mostly on Berezaa
Let me get this clear I don’t hate him I'm just implying that Berezaa ruined the game. He was under leadership during the time of Vesteria’s downfall. He came up with most of the ideas that ruined the game death penalty, stamina, Fight for Life, Firing Davidii. Imagine what would’ve happened if Davidi stayed as a full-time developer because he didn’t get fired by Berzaa. (Berzaa if you reading this, which is unlikely, pls don't take this as criticism, I'm trying to
Berzaa I highly encourage you to return to vesteria and work on the remake, I don’t care if it takes one, two, three, four months or even a year just do it, If you're feeling demotivated, Tell the community and take a break. Even If Berzaa doesn’t join the dev team abort the game and work on the remake if possible
If not, don’t worry I have a solution. This is a plan which will consist of 3 phases to fix the game
Part 1 – revival
The first thing that should be done in this phase is to release the pit update, because its near completion, the pit update is hyped up to be better than the whispering dunes. I think a good release date would be either be during the holiday season or right now. I want to point out that Batwing a YouTube channel that has over 10,000 subs will 100% make a video about the pit update when it comes out, This will prob boost the player count to around 500-600, I think. Now you need to start transitioning the game to a f2p game. Make the game cost 15 roux, this will be called the delta phase, alpha and beta players will receive a beta gift and delta player will eventually receive a delta gift. The next thing you should do is to fix inflation, The best thing you can do is to rework mush apoc, as the primary way to earn holies.
How will it work, there will be 5 lanes one for each party member and will be adjusted to the party member level if a player is lv 20 and another player is lv 40 then the player which is level 40 will have more mobs than the lv 20 players.
Another idea is tribune war giving holies with the currency 6 currency is worth 1 holy.
Unobtainable items such as rest scrolls should come back at a highly increased price 15g for both
There should be a new mechanic where having lots of money harms you, for example starting at 10g there will be bounty hunters killing you for your ransom starting at 100g the will become near unplayable. The same thing will happen with mass hoarding items if you have a couple of extra gold tiers which you not using it will have the same effect as having 100g. The way to combat this is to go to a bank to store items, if you deposit and withdraw money a 10% fee occurs for items you get charged 200s for red tier, 3g for gold tier and 10g for green tier for renewal and withdrawal of items.
Tax should get removed
The vesteria discord should become child friendly and the community should be less toxic, they can use profanity in invite-only groups of close friends who are okay with profanity.
More developer items should be added, a loot, gold and XP boost is in development allegedly
This phase should end with the subclass rework and the whispering dunes dungeon and an sqr rework. This phase should last until April 2021
Part 2 – oh yay shoot a flare gun ( get attention)
This should be the end of the p2w Vesteria hello f2p and tiny amounts of p2w.
There should be tons of adds of vesteria running on Roblox the attract more players
The levelling process should be less greedy, more quests, a story mode.
Before the end of paid access make the make more memorable by adding more quests daily quewsts and a story, there should be a new slot to experience this
There should be a filter period for a megaphone a moderator online should rewiew messages being sent by a megaphone to dermine if its toxic or not so alphas and betas don’t bully people. If the microphone message gests rejected for being toxic 80% of the ether spend on the microphone will go back to the user.
There should be some good lv 30-40 content pls
Should last until around October
Part 3 – make the players want to come back
The guild wars update should be released this will make the game the no1 undisputed game on Roblox (in my opinion) people who create guilds who participate in wars will prob need to come back to win the war, basically, guild territory's will make it's want to play the game, create a game and declare war on another YouTuber.
The badlands update should come out, most of the players who stuck around should be maxed and would be in prime condition for a PVP update so why not give it to them.
I might make a more detailed version of how to finish vesteria
If you have any questions ask me in the comments. Pls try not to post any toxic and rude messages, if you have some drama to settle DMS exist for this reason.

I'm sorry for everything I've done just want to make that clear, I mainly made this post to lift a giant wait of my shoulders. Sorry for the massive length, I had a lot of ground to cover
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2020.11.16 22:44 dutchdelightsnl Farmerama - Susis Super-Booster

With this LootCard you get the Code for a booster package for the game Farmerama.
This package includes:
About this game
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System requirements
Operating system: Windows XP or newer Note: A stable internet connection is required A current version of Flash Player is required
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Your personal code
  1. Start Farmerama or create an account first.
  2. After completing the tutorial, click on "?!" in the top right menu and then on "Bonuscode".
  3. Enter your code here and confirm.
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2020.11.16 20:07 ob1knob96 Unpopular opinion(?): Rewards being frontloaded *in itself* isn't necessarily bad

Before you downvote, I'm not happy with the new rewards system either. Even if some people are doing better with the new system, EVERYONE should be doing AT LEAST as well as before. Which is what Blizzard promised.
That being said, I've seen some criticism about the rewards track being frontloaded, comparing it to P2W/gacha mobile games, which entice players by giving them stuff early, and then slowly making it obvious that players will need to spend a shit ton of money to keep going.
I don't think this 100% applies, because I'd argue that gold is most valuable early in the expansion, like in the first month. That's when we open most of our packs, and that's when opening packs is the most exciting and means the most.
We open our first big batch of packs, and then we either try what we can with what we got. And might slowly start crafting what we want. So, buying a lot of packs early is great, because how we spend our time and resources, be it dust or the gold we slowly accumulate in the expansion, is largely defined by the result of our first batch of packs.
Yes, gold late in the expansion translates to gold early in the next expansion, so it is valuable and rewards SHOULD INCREASE in the upper levels of the reward track. And the current reward track doesn't do this nearly well enough.
BUT us getting a lot in the first several levels compared to the middle levels is also nice for the reason stated above, and shouldn't in itself be a target of criticism.
The problem that many people have done the math to check that they earn less in the new system, that XP is based on game time, that Year of the Dragon packs, which really shouldn't EXIST by the time the last expansion of the Year of the Phoenix rolls around, is a reward at the 48th level, that the money, gold, and dust cost of HS is and pretty much always has been out of this world, and many other problems are valid and need to be fixed.
But yeah, I might even argue that it's good that the reward track is a bit front-heavy, as long as the overall progression is reasonable and rewarding. That it's not is terrible, and I really hope Blizzard addresses this quickly.
Props to Zeddy, Solem, Dekkster, and Regis for speaking out, and sorry if I've missed anyone.
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2020.11.15 16:33 ResidentEvil10 Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am very good in aram and would like to tell you about it.

I have played aram since beginning of League of Legends. I have played aram before many of you even knew what league of legends was. I have played aram since you had to make it from custom games.
There is many tactics in aram. Let me say something quick how to win aram games:
First of all, "we have only ap" doesn't matter. They build some MR items, who care. Just build penetration. Most of the games where we have "only ap", the enemy team build damage anyway. It literally doesn't matter 99% of the times. What do matters tho, is when to take fights and when to die. That's all.
1: You push the lane. Do not use abilities to harrass, push the lane. You can poke the enemy team once they have to handle the minions at their turret. Many skillshots are harder to hit once you have minion advantage. The turret dmg minions do, is also underrated after a while. If you keep pushing minions under their turret, yes it's boring for that one melee darius or something that have to sit and wait, but it's worth it. The turret are down to half hp before you know it. Just patient. This also applies to my number 2.
2: Take the enemy team's healing. If you press tab, you see when healing spawns. If you manage to take enemy teams healing after pushing them, you can also easier hit your skillshots and create a trap sort of, as they will most likely try to get into the healing circle.
3: When to die. Know the cost of your item. For example, if you need 2200 gold for your item, try to time your death around that. But it's ok if you die on 2100 or even 2500. Don't rush the death. Best way to die, is after the cannon wave is pushed so you got all the xp, and try to dive enemy team and maybe get a kill so they lose out on their minion wave xp. You come back to lane without losing any minions or get your turret hit. If you failed to die in time, don't suddenly change your mind and die randomly, just back out and wait for next fight.
4: Mid game teamfights initiate. So here is usually where the snowball losing starts. The crucial parts here, is waiting for your teammates ultimates. You can see that from the green light at the bottom right above their icons.
5: Fight 5v5 or when enemy team are out numbered. Again, this is where you lose or win. One example is, enemy team had 3 alive and we 4. It looked like we over numbered. But then if you press tab, you see enemy team have 2 sec left on the two missing. We have 10 sec on our missing. We are also on the enemy team's side of the lane. This means, that they will be 5 at some point while we are 4. What we do then?`We back out! I had an adc on my team standing in melee range thinking we have advantage for then to be caught by fizz ult and blamed the team not follow. Don't be an aram noob.
6: "Testing the limits" "It's only aram". No, it's not. It's a gaming mode. It's cooperation. It's pvp. It's living humans playing. Have some respect. There are no shame in trying to win. Yes have fun, but no need to troll. Why is trolling fun? Why is afk fun? You can't test your limits in aram anyway, because the game mode is literally completely different balanced compared to summoners rift. Champions straight up gets 5% buffs and 5% nerfs whenever they over or underperform. Healing is different. Mana is different. Using arguments for going in 1v5 to "test their limits" are not valid.
TLDR: To win: It's not champs. It's not meta builds. It's when to push, when to die and when to fight. Push as much as possible. There wont be a jungler to gank anyway, why you scared of pushing? Die on powerspikes during your push. Don't ignore minions, specially superminions. Clear waves. Wait for 5. Wait for teammate ultimates.
I have won many aram games. I have high mmr in aram. Learn from the best. If it was ranked in aram, I would probably be high diamond, maybe master.
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2020.11.15 06:39 BlackMoonstorm My Thoughts on the Reward Track

Everyone is shooting off their dime-a-dozen opinions, so I thought I might as well throw my hat into the ring. I believe that both the players and devs have some valid points, and I think that a proper altering of the system could actually be better than the old system.
Points for the devs:
Excluding gold somewhat, the system does provide more rewards. Near the end, gold is faster than the old system. The math does check out.
Points for the players:
When people say that the system feels terrible, they are absolutely right. For the first 15 or so levels, the reward track provides a massive boost. However, the drop-off of these rewards is immediately felt. The new quest system and rewards for playing remove the concrete feeling of progress that old dailies and the 3-10 system. So essentially, the reward track lovebombs you. Also, the devs did promise more gold, and that is not reflected in the actual math.
What can be done:
Currently, daily quests feel like they are providing much less. This makes sense, as we are currently in the middle, where the rewards are diminished. I think if the middle had a less steep xp increase and provided the missing gold players were promised, the system could feel better. Also, just cut the old packs out of the track. Predetermined packs from sets you may not want packs in just feel bad. Lastly, the fact that the battle pass is supposed to feed off of people’s impatience really rubs me the wrong way.
This isn’t the only issue, to be clear. The midpoint mini-expansion makes crafting and pack opening terrible, as well as essentially increasing the gold needed per-expansion (which makes gold worth less as a whole). Also, duels treasures requiring 20 unique epics is just crazy.
I hope you all appreciate my take. Remember, Blizzard does need the ftp players too, but it’s okay for Blizzard to try to make money. I will say that the reason Blizzard should be making money is by giving cool positive rewards to the player base, not by making a problem and selling the solution. In fact, I would argue that the reason people aren’t spending as much money is because they don’t feel like they are getting the value they desire. So if Blizzard actually makes spending money rewarding in a way that can be grinded or is cosmetic, they may see the money they desire.
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2020.11.15 00:14 Undefined2020 WHAT "TRUMAN SHOW"?? 😜 Research & operation with alchemy, esoterism & occultism; Forced Artificial Telepathy, Quantum Entaglement, the Bible, the mind, "A.I." technology, consciousness - multi-faceted & interdisciplinary with psychological operations, social engineering & mind programming

Fortunately, my master's degree was in an interdisciplinary science, combining Psychology, Business Administration, Service Science & Informatics. Simply, I have an unique eye for studying complex sciences. However, the topic of "Gang Stalking" & "Targeted Individuals" is extremely complex as well as complicated as human mind, heart & soul is involved & abused for science, experiments & operations. I'm in a difficult position as a type of "whistleblower" for this targeting program. However, I am aware that my story or testimony isn't necessary reprentative of the majority of testimonies, which only could be good as most have the notion that the online targeting community is infiltrated & a mere propaganda portal to further the exposing & mind programming of a target. Though I want to expose them anyway I can - if you play by their game rules, you'll never get anywhere or beat them. More than that, right information must be put out there as to contrast their propaganda. However sad the fact is, I am convinced the targeting community is playing the same "game" & different people that post daily (probably from several accounts) do so with the specific objective to reach a specific target's mind - I know this to be a fact. So, if you see post that look strange or even "normal" for a targeting community, especially in Reddit, know that most of those post (& comments) are custom made to affect a particular target (i.e. expose information, force artificial telepathy, intution experiments & so on). Most perpetrators operate from dossiers & in those dossiers are all online activity a target has, especially in online forums. It's a part of "Hybrid Warfare" mixing psychological, information, cyber & spritual operations, in one community. Hence it is complex & complicated by design.
This particular post is 4100+ words long, or 7 A4-pages.
Regarding my story & testimony, I know one of their goals with targeting a person for years, decades or a lifetime, is that the target becomes a WITNESS to what the powers behind the targeting do. As they withhold information, they also intentionally expose hard-to-know truths about the world to a target hence being in my position knowing difficult truths, hidden knowledge & confirmed information, it is a thin line between doing what THEY WANT which is exposing THEIR TRUTH, & doing what is RIGHT which is exposing the REAL TRUTH - they don't want to be connected to the truth by name because it's ugly & yet another reason they protect their identity & operate hidden (cowards). Obviously, they subject a target to heavy psychological & informational operations as well as mind programming. At the end of the day, I have my personal story with what I've observed - & a story becomes immortal when shared (which, ironically, is one of their goals).
As I said, they work in psychological tricks - "don't share your story because you look crazy" (reserve psychology). In fact, they want targets to VOLUNTARILY go to mainstream media but also to the police, to church, to mental hospital & so on. Remember: the society IS their operation field - they know exactly how society works & probably want to see how society reacts to a target's testimony. I know - it's beyond a twisted version of "Truman Show" but it is what it is. It might be a very powerful state-backed CULT specialized in psychological operations & social engineering targeting already vulnerable people for conversion, modification, exorcism, experiments linked to Bible as well as experiments in spirit science, theosophy, anthroposophy, quantum physics & so forth. OR it might simply knows a very ambitious interdisciplinary brain-mind-oriented research project aimed to explore the mind, conscioussness, quantum entanglement or mind-computer relations. There has to be a larger agenda that motivates society, state, churches & a target's own social circle to join in the targeting for years.
Me posting my story online is an act of war against them because what I am exposing is their true nature. It's not only about the story - it's meant also to be educational so if any of you would like sources of information I think are helpful, valid or genuine, let me know. I posted some references at the end.
I know may of you can't accept the fact that the TI/GS-program is linked to the highest levels of society social engineering, & this includes False Flags, Black Operations & Organized Crime. On one level (BASE LEVEL - FORMAL LEVEL (dealing with authorities, legala ctivities), this is done by a formal group coordinating the "Gang Stalking" between parties be it family, friends, authorities, society agents, media, social media, strangers & so on, on another level it's FAR (FAR FAR) more sinister. This other level (SECRET LEVEL - INFORMAL LEVEL (dealing with shadow government, illegal activities)) is where the clandestine Black Operations happen which include high-level psychological warfare, information warfare % cyber warfare as well as terrorist attacks. It's a double game - they do it on BASE LEVEL as something innocent enough for, ultimately, a "good purpose (serving the greater good; end justifies the means) while using the OTHER level to simply facilitate further operations on the SECRET LEVEL. Imagine how well-thought the operation is, based in deception yet I am convinced the SECRET LEVEL is actually getting exposed at a increasingly faster pace this year which I play a central part in.
I know it might be hard for you to believe me especially if you have been told the group behind this is "good" somehow, maybe a CULT such as Jesuits or authority doing some science experiments, research or religious operations for the glory of God/Jesus or for the advancement of science & knowledge (about Quantum Entanglement, the Bible, Spirit Science, Artifcial Telepathy, neuroscience & so on). Even so, know that these scientists, researchers & operatives have a mindset of "for the greater good" meaning they're willing to sacrifice a few persons (targets) - one major reason it's openly secret on BASE LEVEL is because technically it's as UNETHICAL OPERATION that breaks laws, personal freedom rights, causes real psychological damage & so on.
On BASE LEVEL, anything goes as to motivate & recruit civilian informants & agents (online & offline) to send subliminal & non-subliminal messages through behavior. As typical per "Gang Stalking", neighbours, employers, landlords, authorities, politicians, coworkers, local store employees & so on are recruited - by that it could simply mean to do or say something one or few times, however more probably to shift their attitude against a target & treat the target in a certain way (often negative). Hence my personal conclusion that the BASE LEVEL is operated by a formal group that derives authority from a formal & official organization that obviously in some way is undoubtably connected to the goal of the "Gang Stalking".
The ugly reality I've been trying to show you for the last two months, & since I officially declared war on the group behind this, is that the group behind the "Gang Stalking" is linked to False Flags, Black Operations & Organized Crime. Most likely, no one of us can do anything about it - it's the "Beast System" alive) & that's the point: they WANT us targets to KNOW about this ugly reality. Aside from targeting False Flags such as Aaron Alexis, Myron May & Gavin Long, I am convinced that the group is linked to terrorist attacks against churches, & most recently the Notre Dame church in Nice, France. Some of you think it's SUPERNATURAL, however, I can only say fo certain it's SUPERHUMAN. Superhuman means they use advanced technology & weapons that are almost God-like, such as the basic "A.I." they deployed against me a few months before Snowden revelations that coincided with my 25th birthday. The "A.I." is a version operating of the principles described in the Netflix documentary "The Great Hack" (2019) & was used by the far-right Christian coalition for Trump to ultimately win the 2016 US-election.
As a target, through their psychological operations, they intentionally let you know these facts & experience their psychological operations against me. Even so, I can't prove it beyond doubt, & that's why they do it in the first place - PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. I can liken it to how global social engineers (Black Magick) openly & in your face show you what they're going to do - PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING. One example is Madonna's 2019 Eurovision performance where her dancers wear gas mask with the backdrop of a destroyed society + the lyrics + the whole show's artistic influence was heavy occultic & inspired by "Illuminati" themes + it was done in Israel which is the key for Madonna's own practices in esoteric Jewish mysticism KABBALAH. Key insight for all of you; The "Gang Stalking" ITSELF is a Black Operation (False Flag) - the target audience or individual don't know who the ultimate organizers are & the goal is obviously of destructive nature. It's intentionally blamed on a wrong party by the media or authorities or remain unknown & up for public discussion. I must be insistant on the fact; IT IS A BLACK OPERATION. Related to Madonna's performance, it could also have an aspect of BLACK MAGICK. Interestingly, for an unknown reason, the targeting community is overrepresented by African-Americans - all the targeting facilitated False Flags were African-Americans (Aaron Alexis, Myron May & Gavin Long). Also, many early community leaders were African-Americans such as Derrick Robinson of FFCHS which proved itself to be disasterous for targets recieving help from FFCHS. Even today, a search of "Targeted Individuals)" on Youtube shown majority of new videos published have African-Americans - these are mere facts & not opinions. I haven't heard any valid explanation to this obvious overrepresentation.
The big pink elephant in the targeting community is "Illuminati". In my analysis, Illumanti is a brand. It is used for multiple purposed, one is to discredit conspiracy theorists in mainstream media. However, it is honestly used in alternative media & conspiracy community to describe forces that govern behind the scenes. In out context of "Gang Stalking", Illuminati is the ones at top of the society social engineering --top of Pyramid-- that is ultimately responsible for BOTH levels of the organized stalking - BASE LEVEL & SECRET LEVEL. My own term for the particular network behind all of this is CULT MIND TERRORIST NETWORK simply because they focus on "Mind Warfare" which means targeting the MIND, HEART & SOUL. It is probably based of psychological warfare research linked to US Army officer & PsyOp specialist Dr Michael Aquino that also is heavy into occultism & Satanism, founding "Temple of Set some 50 years ago. He authored the book "MindWar" & his main thesis is to flood society with & use heavy psychological operations to make friendly & enemy become non-aggresive - suppress the (free) will to fight against the sponsor of the psychological operations. In broader scope, Free Will is something considered to be the greates gift of God aside from Jesus, & Covert/Overt Mind Control is inherently Satanic.
As an anonymous online user, I can only give you my word & swear on my life that what I've told you I'm truly convinced of -- especially about that all of this is linked to TERRORISM. As I know that most of you know "Gang Stalking" is real, you must listen to me regarding what this operation truly is, how wide it is, how dangerous it is & how sinister it is. There's no way that the one responsible for the "Gang Stalking" don't know that they're linked to INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM. They probably operate through deception of what they are & manipulation of public belief system such as Christianity. No person of true faith would in any way assist a TERRORIST NETWORK that, without a doubt, is responsible for countless murders, terror attacks, suicides & various forms of lifes lost. As a target that sees the truth, it's sad to see how this openly operates in society without being exposed, but it's because it's protected by a old & solid formal network such as Freemasons & Jesuits, & is state-backed probably by CIA/NSA. Freemasons are by far the most talked about culprit behin it all, however, this is much larger than one single network but Freemasons are literally everywhere by influence so the center of power isn't in the network or fraternity but in the organizations Freemasons are in. However, Jesuits too, or whatever secret society or church - they all seem to support the targeting agenda, at least at BASE LEVEL.
All of that said, I truly believe there are good people in the targeting community online - even those who participate in the experiments & operations against me based of, what seems, religious topics. mirroring, artificial telepathy & mind programming. However, real targets are few & even fewer speak up. Knowing what I know & am convinced about, typically a person in my position would probably keep silent for the rest of their life. I am not an average person - my bakground is complex & complicated. For example, I've experience real war by an enemy vastly superior (NATO 1999) & I survived. I've been under attack in various ways by the Western society as a result of the media propaganda war in 90s & 00s facilitated by Western Deep State against Serbian Christians, meaning I have been persecuted all my life for being a Serb & also Christian especially in Sweden which is heavily infleunced by Western propaganda & philosophy.
On that topic, Sweden's governemt (not the Swedish population) is generally leftist & actually very pro-Islam & thus its society is anti-Serb/Christian (there are more domestic reasons for this which I won't cover here) which has lead Sweden today to have systemic societal problems with No-Go Zones & high crimes rates due to disasterous integration failures & segregation. Sweden has been a strong Christian country historically, today it's Atheist. In fact, I believe Islam will overtake Christianity in a decade or two. Furthermore, Swedes are dealing with a future take-over (say 50 years) of Swedish culture & as a ethnic majority by Islam & Muslims due to the high level of immigrants from Muslim countries - Swedes procreate much less than a typical immigrant does. Seeing it from a global perspective, Sweden has an infamous reputation for being the experiment playground for the global social engineers. Again, remember, these are mere facts & not opinions. Sweden also has a strong Freemasonic presence with its own Grand Lodge, as well as presence of other old secret societies which most of them are from Judeo-Christian origins (facts) such as Knight's Templars.
Case in fact on how Sweden is influenced by outside forces: look how Sweden was played by the US to catch Julian Assange & Julian was never charged. Mind you, in Stockholm 2011, Julian Assange was set-up by a feminist Christian nun named Anna Ardin that had an one-night stand with Julian. It seems she got jealous when she found out Julian had another one-night stand a few days later with a younger woman. Anna convinced the young woman to together go to the police to meet a police officer Anna knew as to make Julian take a STD test & that somehow ended up being a report on sexual assault. Instead of withdrawing it to save Julian's freedom, they pushed it for almost a decade. Ironically, Sweden is home of the highest levels of journalistic & media freedoms as well as human rights & civil rights. Maybe as Freemasons control the US they easily influence Sweden due to the strong Freemasonic presence?
They're using technology, New Age ideas, spirituality & religion to mind program & then social engineer real targeted individuals through; keep in mind that programming & social engineering HAPPENS ALL THE TIME against the public (the actual system already exist irrelavant to targets), & this is only hypertargeting against a few individuals:
By programming I mean information exposed to the target by force, that otherwise wouldn't be in a targets focus or environment. One example of this is the exposing of how harassment works & how people are easily corrupted & turned against you, then if a target is lucky enough to find out the name of the targeting program, also being exposed to all the information being put out online related to "Gang Stalking" & "Targeded Individuals" online - including information about the Bible, advanced weapons & technology, secret societies, CIA/NSA history & so on. Not to mention the "A.I." that as deployed against me at the same time in 2013 to in fact expose me to certain information online through my PC & smartphone - that "A.I." in actuality is Information Warfare that works with the same principles as described in the Netflix documentary "The Great Hack" (2019) - Cambridge Analytica used big data on US voters to create small group psychological profiles which they used social media advertisment & social media operations to affect the voter for Trump's advantage. In effect, the A.I. was used to win the 2016-US election for the right-wing Christian coalition for Trump, backed by billionaries such as Robert Mercer & done through companies such as Palantir (Peter Thiel) & Cambridge Analytica. Palantir in particular is rumoured to have predictive algorithms & access to Facebook & Twitter which two are has been use against me to mind program & reflect my thoughts to me. Also, Palantir has a long history with working with the CIA & NSA especially at the start of the company.
Every voter got hypertargeted with specialized advertisements & social media posts in so far as to swing their opinion to the Republican vote & against the Democratic candidate - they CREATE A SPECIALIZED REALITY FOR A SMALL GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL, this is in their full power already in 2013. I told people about this, yet they used it in 2016 election & in 2019 the public finally understood what I was talking about prior to Snowden revelation. Even FBI's James Comey helped Republicans win by his own manipulation of media by stratgetically using FBI's investigation on the Hillary e-mails in the last weeks priorelection day. It was, indeed, a co-ordinated effort reminding me what they do to real targets. This is the system targets are subjected to - the "Beast system".
Actually, it's "Information Warfare" at its core as technical information warfare includes hijacking accounts (hacking, convincing or paying the account holder), pages (create new ones or take over existing) & groups (inflitrate with fake accounts) online to use to send messages to the target for influence or manipulation (especially when the target is isolated & only have the Internet as contact to outside world). This is what the "A.I." is. Moreover, most account holders willingly agree to post or even give the login details to the perpetrator organization as to post specific posts at specific times. This is the essence of social media warfare (information warfare). By allowing them to access your account, you're accomplice to a major federal crime. They seek INFORMATION DOMINANCE against a target. More than this, they seek to have the target under contanst influence through subliminal & non-subliminal messages in media, social media, friends, family, various society agents & so on.
This "Forced Artificial Telepathy" aspect is facilitated by the above Psychological, Information & Cyber operations tactics. It may be an offshoot of CIA's secret-now-public experiment on Extre-Sensory Perception (ESP) know as "The Project Stargate" (see video in links). The program also includes Remote Viewing, which is a mind version of alleged technology that exist for "Remote Neural Monitorin" which is heavily propagated by some individuals in the targeting community. Regarding the topic of all the theories in the community, some say it's the spying, mind reading & mind controlling is all done by human mind powers as others say it's all technology based. Some say it's demons, other say it's undercover agents. Some say it's Freemasons, others point to the US government directly. Some say it's DEW, others say it's demons. Some say it's V2K by human operators, other says either it's mental illness or just natural, in fact, 10-15 percent of human population, scientifically concluded, hear some voices in their head. V2K & sounds coming from external surce are obviosusly easier to disprove & prove than from the inside - there are many ways a person can send sounds through the air. Microwave auditory technology can create a sound only for a person to hear, however, this must be done in line of sight. Sometimes, I wonder if my owon targeting is vastly different from an "average" target because I never got any V2K, DEW or alike. Only the social media operations as I describe above attempting to send me subliminal & non-subliminal messages which is a form of attempt to project thoughts (information) into my head & start up conversations which, of course, they track & even facilitate.
Regarding mirroring, reflecting & mimicry, why are they basically "cloning" & projecting my mind, or mirroring me as a person? By they I mean people that obviously been recruited into the psychological operation. One particular case I can't forget which is Edward Snowden. The overt operation & mirroring has been the case since, obviously, Edward Snowden revelations in June 2013 coinciding with my 25th birthday. I identified with Snowden on many levels personally & professionally, besides that he & I are into systems administration (at the time of revelation I was academically studying it), &, of course, both are passionately against the U.S. military-intelligence community' practices! Reading his Wikipedia, Snowden claims he did two IQ tests & scored 140+ both times - well, so did I when I was a teenager! Also he suffered from a bodily disease as a teenager, so did I! & so on. Today, Snowden is going to apply for Russian citizenship because his wife is pregnant, so soon he'll be a fellow Slav thus a brother - Serbs & Russians are blood brothers, comrade! For Mother Russia! Seriously, this tactic applied before Snowden & after, of course, by my business partners, friends & strangers mirroring me both online & offline. These are just some of their tactics which is probably used for programming myself or others.
If you read thus far, it informs me that you're highly interested in my story & my targeting. Most of you are perpetrators or spectators of targeting, so I just want to make this very clear: the targeting program is a part of a clandestine (CULT MIND) TERRORIST NETWORK of the highest society social engineering schemes. They intentionally expose a target to certain information & experiences many times over, point is that a target internalize it & somehow changes or uses it. I simply use it to expose the "Beast System" which it actually is, but in formal & more official terms it's the Western Deep State & Shadow Government influenced by occultism, esoterism & alchemy though secret societies (i.e. Freemasons, Jesuits) doing society-wide legal & illegal experiments, research & operations.
Thanks for reading!
I would like to highly recommend these links to all targets but also to those who don't know about targeting (I never link to anyone's testimony as evidence or proof, nothing personal):
Exposing covert psychological operations in targeteing in 2016 movie (use EU country by VPN if in US):
Targeting program exposed in Edward Snowden documentary "CitizenFour" 2014:
Ted Gundeson affidavit from 2011:
Online PsyOps in the targeting community:
A primer on V2K vs Mind-Reading technologies:
The Gangstalking Program Explained:
FREE WILL: A TIs greates asset, often hardest to employ:
The US Army's secret paranormal soldiers - The Stargate Project:
Testimony gang stalking whistleblower:
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2020.11.14 19:16 headslammer Cold War Blue Screened My PC and Possibly Broke the M.2 Drive it was on.

Cold War Blue Screened My PC and Possibly Broke the M.2 Drive it was on.
Nevermind. I am stupid. Disregard everything.
So, I was playing fireteam dirty bomb, and two matches in a row the game would end, I would see the best play, and then it would boot me to the menu saying something like "connection to the game session has been lost" and I wouldnt get any xp from it, which was annoying.
I figured I'd restart the game, no biggie. I close it normally, and launch it, but it never really fully launches, it just gets stuck on the desktop thingy. I reach for my keyboard to task manager it, but before I can, it Blue Screens.
Hmm. Weird. Wouldn't be the first time a game has caused this, it happens. No biggie. Ill just wait for the PC to restart and validate the game files.
Invalid Installation Folder
Huh that's odd, it says invalid installation folder, but I know that's where it was downloaded (my E: drive, a m.2 nvme drive). I mean, I was just playing the damn game. Let me go check the folder...

the drive is gone
Oh. The entire fucking E: drive is gone. Fuck.
I don't know what to do here, drives are not really my thing. If you guys have any advice, I'd love to hear it. I'm not worried about redownloading it, I have fast internet. I'm just worried that Cold War deep-sixed a brand new 1tb M.2 drive.
Thanks in advance!
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2020.11.14 06:50 raysattler Project Diablo 2 on Win XP

I have a question. I have standard Diablo 2 with LOD on an old Laptop with Win XP 32 bit. Diablo 2 is running perfectly fine and so I installed Project Diablo 2. When i try to open it, i get the message ".../PD2Launcher.exe is not a valid Win32-application". Why is that? I mean, I don't think that PD2 is 64 bit. Somehow, inside the ProjectD2 folder, which is inside the Diablo 2 folder I've chosen like I did on my win 10 PC, where it works, there are only 2 files (PD2Launcher.exe, sciter.dll) and the Mpqfixer folder. Thx a lot for creating this mod and for your help in advance!
P.S. Tried it for hours, help would be much appreciated...
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2020.11.14 02:24 teslamotorsarchive ARCHIVE - New Car Limited Warranty - Starts at 0 miles or starts when its first titled?

New Car Limited Warranty - Starts at 0 miles or starts when its first titled?
Submitted November 13, 2020 at 07:24PM by PeterXpXp
via /teslamotors ---- Content:
I feel like I'm getting hosed here because the SC is trying to bill me for warranty repair. My car currently has 53k miles and when I picked it up (titled as a new car), it had 5k miles.On the new car limited warranty PDF it states that the warranty starts on "first day vehicle was delivered" and "for a period of 4 years or 50,000 miles". In my case 50,000 miles would mean 55k miles on the clock. But the service insists that its 50k miles on the odometer.Can someone help validate either my thought process (or the SC's)?
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2020.11.12 22:41 Tiuri3 Difficulties with calibration prints.

Hi Reddit!
I'm trying to get different resins calibrated by using calibration prints on my Mars Pro (not Pro 2). So far I've used:
1) A modified version of the altLab calibration for the Mars Pro with Anycubic Standard Grey
2) The Photonsters Resin exposure finder v2 with Druckwege Type D Pro (black)
If I've read it correctly for the Anycubic Grey test the best exposure seems between column 7 and 8, because the rings in 8 started to clog and details and 7 are missing. That results in exposure times of 14-16s.
The second test is just a mess. Besides that is cracked on the right side, the column numbers didn't print up until 9 or 10. The first column that seems nice is 8, which results in 16s.
Community spreadsheets suggest that for the Anycubic Standard Grey an exposure time of about 7s should be good. Druckwege have a post on their website where they tested on a Mars Pro and had 6.5s of exposure.
What am I doing wrong? I homed the machine, used the test.gcode and printed the 2-20s.ctb. Not much to get wrong there..
\Update: I just printed a validation matrix with the Druckwege Type D Pro resin with 19s exposure time.
It looks good I guess? Maybe a bit overexposed?
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2020.11.12 22:09 Ghosttwo Trying to improve my "Internet broke again, reconnect to the router" script (netsh).

Ok, so I often find myself living or visiting somewhere where whatever (win10) machine I'm using connects to a wi-fi router, but for whatever reason loses internet access. The Tv's still work, so it's not the external network, it's just that whatever token or subnet ip or whatever goes bad. It'll generally start working again after a few minutes or a manual reconnect, but bleh. It's usually only a couple times a week, two weeks out of the month, but there were times in the past where it would break every five minutes for hours on end. So the work-around I came up with is to use a .cmd script on the desktop that uses netsh to disconnect, then reconnect by a fixed network name:
netsh wlan disconnect netsh wlan connect "DukeWIFI" 
This is just fine, and does the trick, but the problem is that I run it on my laptop too, which moves between two locations with the same problem, but different SSID's. What I'd like is a way to get the current network name as a string, store it in a variable, then run it as a parameter to make a 'universal reconnect'; something like this:
SET netName=netsh wlan show networks [something] //<--not valid netsh wlan disconnect netsh wlan connect netName 
The problem is that after a bit of searching, and reading through all of netsh's /help pages, I can't find a way to get the string I want. I figure there's probably another component that I should be using instead, but heck if I know it. If netsh had something like "netsh wlan reconnect", i'd use that, but it doesn't. I'm also not entirely sure that's the right syntax for variables, it's been like 15 years since I read Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks.
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