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2020.11.23 19:26 renba7 Trouble finding matches for both of us

My wife (30) and I (35) have been dipping our toes into the LS. We’ve had a playdate and a handful of meetups with other couples. For the most part, these have been purely informative without any real spark to make them meaningful. Recently we met up with a new couple. They are significantly younger than us (25/26). They are sweet people, good-looking, engaging, interesting enough and are mostly couch potatoes, like us (why does every swinger my age want to go on a damned hike?!?!). The woman and I really hit it off. We are quite attracted to each other physically and she’s into confident, successful, strong men (me) while I’m into less-experienced women who appreciate my life-experience and look up to me (her). For me, this has been the first moment of real excitement in the LS and I’m enjoying myself. We’ve got a second date planned. No actual “playing” has occurred and none planned in the near future as we like to take things slowly. However, my wife is also into confident men who have their lives figured out. The guy in the couple is attracted to my wife and he is a handsome guy! But, he’s still trying to figure out his career and can be a little shy. So, while she enjoys his company, she just isn’t feeling that attracted. This is an easy fix: we give it a date or two more and see if something changes, for her. No harm in exploring. We’re both fine with this plan. Here’s my question: Given that she is 5 years younger than I and attracted to men who “have their shit together” and I am specifically attracted to women who can learn from me and look up to me in some way, how do we find a couple that check both of our boxes? Do we hold out for other age-gapped couples or do we bend a bit for the sake of the other?
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2020.11.21 06:47 wonwom1984 Bringing our kids on the first date--has anyone else done this?

I matched with a guy on OLD earlier this week. We texted a bit and hit it off easily. We decided we wanted to meet up...but we both have our kids this week/weekend and with Thanksgiving next week we realized it would be 2+ weeks before we could go on a date.
I did my due diligence on this man, as I do anyone else I go out with (thank you internet), he seems like an honestly normal, good person (with no criminal history, ha). We're both looking for something more serious and consistent. cut to the chase: between work and kids and Thanksgiving, we just couldn't figure out a mutually free time. So he kinda threw out there.. what if we did a very casual date/playdate at the park with the kids? They can play, we can chat.
At first I thought it was crazy...I have never ever done this. I told him I normally never involve my kids with my dating life, he said he never does either but it could be a low pressure way to meet and see if we click in person. So I gave it some thought and agreed. I'm just bringing my youngest, who is closer in age to his child (both very young). My oldest is a teenager and will 100% not be interested in going to a playground.
I've done this plenty of times when I meet new female friends with kids...some complete strangers I met in online mom groups and such, so I don't know how this is that much different. We've been slightly flirty in our texts, but he's overall very respectful, nothing dirty at all, so I think he'll be the same in person. Has anyone else ever done this before??
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2020.11.20 22:39 Tiger_Town_Dream Did SW's Friends Respect CW as her husband and Partner?

Warning long post.
Edit: thanks for the silver award! Edit 2: thank you for the crab rave award!
I've had mixed feelings about the actions of NA and Shanann's other friends that Monday. On one hand, I feel that they should be applauded for following their instincts that day. On the other hand, something has always irked me about their actions that day up until NA called police. After seeing all the posts of Shanann showing a lack of respect for Chris and bragging about she and the girls bossing Chris around, I finally put my finger on what irked me. Her friends and fellow MLMers seemed to have a sense of entitlement to Shanann and took their cues from her, also showing a lack of respect for Chris and bossing him around.
I put together some of the texts from Discovery and information from Nickole Atkinson's police interview on 08/14/2018 to illustrate. Obviously this is from a perspective of them not yet knowing that he had murdered his family so this is more representative of their dynamics during their marriage.

8:43 a.m.

Nicklole texts Shanann asking how are you

8:55 a.m.

Nicklole texts Shanann "Just wanted to see if you're ok. I know you were hurting a lot last night and I hope you're ok."

9:00 a.m.

Cassie texts Shanann asking how she is doing-no reply (Discovery page 634)

9:21 a.m.

Nickole texts Shanann "Let me know how your appointment goes."

10:03 a.m.

Cassie texts Shanann that she is worried-no reply (Discovery page 634)
After Nickole looks at a house for Cassie around 10 a.m, Cassie and Nickole discuss how neither have heard back from Shanann.
At this point, they know that Shanann has been uncharacteristically quiet, and they also know that Shanann had arrived home late, she was exhausted and in pain from traveling, had suffered migraines over the weekend, and had been emotional over her marriage. They did not yet know that the girls were not at school.

11:46 a.m.

Nickole texts Shanann, "I'm very worried about you. I'm coming to your house."
  • Decided to go to house because she had the code from taking care of Dieter
  • Didn't bother Chris because she knew he was at work and thought maybe she's passed out or something, and thought if her car is there and she doesn't answer I'll use the code to go in
  • Got to house, knocked on door, rang doorbell, shoes right inside door, no answer, tried code, didn't think to look for car yet, hotel latch locked, couldn't get inside, yelled inside, no answer
  • Backed car into driveway and had her son stand on the hood to look in garage windows for her car
  • Sliding glass door safety bar down, dog put up
When Cassie had not heard from Shanann, she talked with Nickole. Nickole, being in Colorado, could go look at Shanann's house. Cassie was on the phone with Nickole while she was doing this--using the camera on the phone for video. Shanann's car was there in the garage and Shanann was not answering. They grew concerned about Shanann's health. Nickole tried the code for the front door, but there was an internal door latch that prevented entry. The latch was there as Shanann was worried that her kids would open the door. Shanann's shoes were by the door, which was normal. (Discovery page 627)
Nickole said that she didn't want to 'bother' Chris at work about a possible medical situation so she decides to just go to the house and use the code to enter if Shanann didn't answer the door, and she does all of this with Cassie on a video call. Nickole nor Cassie ever tried to reach out to Chris to alert him to a possible medical emergency involving his pregnant wife or ask if it was ok to enter his house to check on Shanann. Cassie did, however, ask her husband Josh if he had heard from Shanann and it was Josh who reached out to Chris, but nobody mentioned anyone going to his house or possibly letting themselves inside.
It had been three and a half hours since Nickole had not heard back from Shanann that morning.

12:16 p.m

Josh Rosenberg asked Watts, "Hey bro. Cassie asked me if I've heard from Shanann today. I guess her and Nicki can't get ahold of her. Have you heard from her today (Discovery page 2123)

12:17 p.m.

Watts phone received an alert from his Vivint panel (Discovery page 2124)

12:18 p.m.

In response Watts called Nickole Utoft (Atkinson) and held a one minute conversation (Discovery page 2124)

12:21 pm.

Watts told Josh, "I just talked to Nicki. Shanann went to a friends house with the kids today. I haven't heard from her since. I will keep you updated though."
Josh replied that the girls were worried.
Watts responded, "I know. I just saw Nicki on the door bell camera."

12:27 p.m.

Watts called Utoft and held a two and a half minute conversation.
In her interview, Nickole said at some point she called Chris and he didn't answer so she called him twice. Told him she was worried about Shanann because her car was there but she wasn't at home and asked if he knew where she was because she hadn't heard from her that morning. Chris told her that Shanann had not taken the girls to school that day and they were going on a play date. Chris proceeds to tell her that he doesn't know how much she knows, and he wasn't trying to bring her into their personal stuff but he and Shanann were separating and were going to sell the house. She told him that their personal stuff was none of her business and not her concern right now, you and your wife will either work things out or you won't, but where is your wife? If she's on a play date, how did she get there because the girls are in car seats, and he said, I don't know, someone must have picked them up or something. Then he said he was busy and at work, and because Nickole was messing with the door, she set off the alarm system, and they called him at work. He said are you messing with the door, and she said yes, I'm worried about your wife and he said she's on a playdate. I'll try and contact her and hung up.
Why does Nickole think that she has a right to to know where Chris' wife is or how she got there? That's really not her business after he'd told her that Shanann was on a playdate, much less to ask how she got there. Just because she showed up at his house and tried to let herself in does not obligate Chris to give her this information. Sure, it is a little odd, but if they had decided to separate that morning it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities that Shanann had decided to take the girls and spend time with a friend who wasn't part of their business circle to cope with her feelings. It is though they can't fathom that Shanann could be with anyone but them.
A group text was created between Cassie, Christina Meacham, Utoft, Addy, and Shanann's phone. The group sent assorted messages of growing concern for Shanann (Discovery page 2126)
Nickole locked front door, and her son was messing with garage door and he set off alarm again so Chris called again asking if she was still at his house and told him no because they were leaving. Decided to go to her doctor's appointment to see if she had made it because she thought, well, maybe they did go on a playdate.
Now there's even more of a sense of entitlement to know Shanann's whereabouts. Now they think they have a right to go to know if Shanann had gone to the doctor or if she was really on a playdate? What?
Shanann's doctor appointment had previously been scheduled for 08/08/18 and 08/09/18 but cancelled and rescheduled. (Discovery page 658)
Not to mention that if Shanann hadn't gone to her appointment that might not mean anything since she'd already rescheduled the appointment once but the doctor's office would not be able to provide that information to Nickole had she done so again.
At some point while Nicklole was at the house, Addy was also on the phone with Nickole. Likely kowing what Chris had told Nickole due to the group message they were all in, Addy also tries asking Chris about Shanann, perhaps thinking that Chris will tell her more than he did Nickole since these women think they absolutely have to know where Shanann is. It never occurs to them that Shanann might just want some privacy while she processes and tries to figure out her next step. Is this really concern about Shanann or is it about Shanann not responding to them?

12:31 p.m.

Addy texts Chris "Hey, is Shanann ok? Everyone is worried. It is not like her not to respond and we haven't heard back from her all day."
Chris replied to Addy "She went to a friends house with the kids. She won't tell me where though. When I get home I will update you."
Addy to Chris "Ok thank you Chris. Praying for you all. Love you guys."
Chris to Addy "Thank you!" (Discovery page 513)

12:40 p.m.

Cassie calls Nickole as she's leaving doctor's office
  • Nickole began to get seriously concerned. Been in contact with Cassie and Christina all morning and no one had heard from her and these are people she was in contact with all the time. Called them and asked what do I do, Chris said she's with a friend and they're like go back to the house and call the cops so that's what I did.
They decide to call police because Chris said Shanann is with a friend and doesn't provide them with the exact details they expect they should be given.

12:241 p.m.

Watts called Utoft and held a forty second conversation
  • To find out if she was still at the house messing with the door (Discovery page 2124)

12:43 p.m.

Cassie texts Watts, "Shanann is in a very bad way emotionally and I'm worried about her...I know you are having issues, but I don't know [to] what extent, but I do know I have never seen her so broken to an extent I am worried."
Watts replied, "She went to a friends house with the kids. She won't tell me where though. When I get home I will update you."
Minutes later, Cassie told Watts, "Sweetie, nobody knows about you and her other than Nicki and I so where would she go if not with Nicki and not to Arizona where I'm at? Her car and shoes and everything is at the house. What the heck is going on with you guys that she would totally shut out everything? It's not like her."
Watts responded, "I told Nicki about it so she wouldn't freak out anymore at the house. I think Christina knows as well. We talked last night and I told her that I wanted to sell the house, get something smaller. Separation would be best right now if we can work thru the issues. I really don't want you to think I'm a bad person Cassie."
Cassie replied, "Right now I don't care about you, or your relationship, or what type of person you are or not, or what I think of you and I'm not trying to be rude when I say that."
A few things here. First, they're all allegedly concerned that Shanann could be having a health emergency but Nickole, Addy, nor Cassie brings this up to Chris. Secondly, Cassie can't fathom that Shanann might have other friends that she could be with. Thirdly, Cassie asks him what is going on with them that she would shut them out, as if Chris is obliged to give her information about their marital problems and provide them with reasons why she might have shut them out. Shouldn't a possible seperation be enough of an explanation? She is demanding Chris tell her about something that he might want to keep private. Finally, the women later claim that Chris told them all different stories as a reason why they were concerned, but it appears that he told them all the same thing. Shanann had taken the girls and gone with a friend.

12:47 p.m.

Nickole texts Shanann "I've been to your house, you won't answer the door, your alarm is set, your shoes are sitting inside, your car is home. I am very concerned about you right now and I need you to call me or text me. If you don't want to talk to nobody, if you don't want to be around nobody, I get it. It's fine. I just need to know you're ok."
Notice that Nickole does not tell Shanann that she had spoken with Chris, what he'd said, or that she had gone to Shanann's doctor and learned she didn't make her appointment or in any way mention that she's concerned about her health.

1:03 p.m.

Cassie chastised Watts, explaining that her only concern was for his "damn wife and her well being." Cassie advised, "Nicki is calling the police." Cassie told Watts. "She is broken emotionally...Her blood sugar dropped due to not eating and it could cause her to pass out...So unless you want the police to bust your damn door down you get home and check on your family."

1:05 p.m.

Watts told Cassie, '"I'm going home Cassie. On my way. Don't call police. I will be there in 45 minutes." Cassie thanked him and explained her fears, "Nicki and I know what state she was in all weekend and we want to see that she isn't in the house, because this is a serious concern." (Discovery page 2125)

1:07 p.m.

Watts called Cassie and held a one minute conversation (Discovery page 2125)
Cassie texted Chris to get him to go to the house and told him they were calling police. He insisted they were getting separated and things were okay. Cassie told Chris to get his "ass" to the house. Chris called Cassie and it sounded like he was driving. Chris told Cassie not to call the police. He said he did not want the police involved. He told Cassie he was sure Shanann was fine. Cassie warned Chris that if he was not there in 30 minutes, she was calling police. (Discovery page 627)
So now Cassie uses a possible medical emergency that they didn't want to 'bother' Chris about a little over an hour ago to demand that Chris leave work and uses threats to involve law enforcement if he doesn't meet her demand within her timeframe, not call 911 which seems more logical for a medical emergency, to boss Chris around so that he does what she wants, because they have concerns even though Chris has said that Shanann was fine.
Nickole talked to Cassie on her way back to the house and Cassie said Chris was on his way to the house and should be there in 30 minutes.

1:31 p.m. and 1:59 p.m.

Utoft calls Watts twice, briefly
  • Because he should have been there if he was going to be there in 30 minutes like Cassie said he'd told her. Chris said he was on his way, he was on I70, he was 45 minutes out. Nickole told him that she was calling police.
Cassie gives Nickole the time frame that she demanded that Chris get there, not the time frame that he told her he would get there.
Were they really concerned about a medical emergency or was this more about a sense of entitlement to Shanann? Nickole said that she looked up the non emergency number for police and called that, not 911. Nickole does not mention concerns about a possible medical emergency in her call to police.
TLDR; Why did they not think they should respect Chris as Shanann's husband and immediately involve him in concerns about a possible medical emergency involving his pregnant wife? Or check with him before entering the house? Why did they feel ok with asking questions about private matters, using threats and speaking disrespectfully to Chris, telling him to "get his ass to the house" to demand that he do what they wanted? I think it didn't even occur to them to check with Chris before entering the house because they thought of it as "Shanann's house" and not the home of a married couple because for all practical purposes, it was Shanann's house and Chris just happened to live there. I wonder if they didn't think of Chris as Shanann's husband and partner and show him respect as such because Shanan didn't and they took their cues from her.
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2020.11.19 17:01 buschamongtrees I'm finally succeeding with my ndad!

The biggest struggle being an adult child of an ndad has been him showing up to my home unannounced or ingratiating himself into my plans by shear brazen entitlement (even changing my plans and expecting it to just happen). Here's some recent victories I've had over his influence...
  1. He babysat my kids one morning so I could go to a doctor appt, and I let him leave as soon as I got back. Within an hour, my emom and egrandma came over for cinnamon rolls and fancy coffee. I KNOW that IF he knew about it beforehand, he would have seen no reason he couldn't stick around for a thing he wasn't invited to. It would have been the hugest insult to know he wasn't invited (some serious narc injury). I'm also SURE my emom told him about it later, and he was pissed.
  2. I was able to get my grandparents out of the nursing home for a very special lunch with us (after 8 months of lockdown at their facility). When my mom called that morning, asking to come over (within an hour or so) with my ndad, I simply said, "Oh, we have lunch visitors, so we won't be able to do that today." IF they had known it was their own parents, they would have assumed they could come to the lunch too (why wouldn't they be included? It's family after all). I'm also SURE my egrandma bragged about it out of shear joy of getting out of the facility for an afternoon. I'm sure this also pissed him off.
  3. Finally, my ndad attempted recently to set up a playdate with my kids. No biggie since we're keeping a relationship with him. I told him I needed to be back for a lunch date by 11am. He automatically took this to mean he'd take my kids out for lunch during the lunch date, but it was a lunch date FOR the kids so that I could go to a counseling appt. I told him we couldn't do anything anymore since he didn't even call until 9:30am to finalize those plans.
AND HERE'S THE BIG KICKER... Around 2pm that afternoon, my husband and I were sitting in our living room with the big picture window curtains opened. MY DAD DROVE BY our house right in front of us, slowed down slightly, but never stopped the car. Didn't stop with some reason to chat like he used to do all the time. And he lives 30 minutes away from me. The ONLY reason I can think of was I had gotten under his skin. He had driven all the way to my house to find out who my lunch date was! Luckily, the babysitter had just left so there was no car in the driveway. And he didn't know that we clearly saw him because of the glare on our window. He was stalking me 😂 I know this sounds creepy, but it was very validating that by being vague, polite, and firm, I have made HIM feel paranoid and helpless to assert himself on my life.
These may seem like dumb little victories, but it makes me feel strong and in control of my life. He has to now FIT into my life if he wants to be a part of it. Not the other way around! It's been a painful 3 year journey to get to this point.
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2020.11.18 11:04 theowaway1122 Trying to heal from cheating and divorce 1 year later. Need some help and suggestions.

Its been a little over a year since my exwife and I separated/divorced after she stated she wanted a divorce and I then found out about her cheating. We have 1 young child together. She has a serious BF (not AP) and has completely rebuilt her life. I on the other hand have been struggling a lot with depression, suicidal thoughts (no I don't plan on killing myself though many days I wish I'd just go to sleep and not wake up), and vey low self-esteem/self confidence due to what happened and seeing her rebuild her life and so easily replace me. Were both mid 30's. We met when we were in our late teens. We were each others first real adult relationships and together almost 15 years. I tried to make a list of things I'm doing to try to heal and things I'm unable to do. Maybe I missing something and I could get some suggestions.
Things I'm doing:
Things I'm NOT doing:
Everyday I feel depressed and just unhappy and angry. The only relief I get from feeling this way is when my child is with me. I'm just kind of at a loss. Right now I feel like I'll never heal from this and be happy again.
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2020.11.14 20:49 zoomzoomkazoo Superstore: A Timeline

A couple years ago, I put together a timeline for seasons one through three because of a thread in this sub. I've since continued it through season six episode one, and thought I'd share with all of you.
Let me preface by saying a couple things: I pieced this together using information provided by the show. There are some inconsistencies, particularly with how the end of season one/beginning of season two fit into the overall timeline - it seems pretty obvious that Harmonica wasn't born in January based off the weather & timing of the strike, but that's when they celebrate her birthday in season three, so 🤷‍♀️. I chalk it up to the normal hiccups of a new TV show.
Anyway. Here y'all go:
Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
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2020.11.14 03:31 blueskieslemontrees Playdates?

Hi ladies, I am looking for advice. I have an almost 2 year old and am working on arranging our first play date ever now that he is back in daycare. We are planning to do an outside play date with one of his classmates. The other family is isolating like us. Parents will be in masks but the kids can play like they do in school.
I am excited about our first chance to socialize since March since we will all be together. What should I know about playdates for this age? Other boy is 3 months younger than ours. Do I have snacks prepared? How long should we plan for? Are mornings or afternoons better? I don't want to shove my foot way into my mouth on this one 😫
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2020.11.11 06:23 jamaicajansnprincess Covid-19 is making me feel like a bad mom (Rant)

We live on a safe no through traffic street. There are about 4 other families on our street with children all in the 1-5 year range. Recently a new family moved in with 5 kids. They all play in the street riding little tikes cars and scooters. They are all in the 1-8 year old range. Ever since this family has moved into our street, all the other families have starting letting their kids run around and play with them as well. The parents stand around and talk. It's brought the whole neighborhood together like never before. I hear constant, laughing, giggling, & squeals of happy children playing all throughout the day. I have a 18MO who has never had a play date due to covid-19. I have a pre-existing condition that makes me prone to severe complications if I were to contract the virus. We play in our tiny backyard. She hears them. She sees them through the fence. She cries to go outside our fence she wants to play too. It hurts because I can't explain it to her. And I am feeling exhausted as a Mom as I am her only entertainment day in and day out. I would love for her to get wore out playing with other kids!! I don't take her shopping (she stills mouths everything and won't wear a mask). I worry about if she's getting enough diversion in her day. I mourn what this time would have been like without this virus. Everyone tells me cheer up! You're all she needs, don't worry about her. But I don't feel like I'm all she needs. I feel like a bad mom social distancing, I also feel like my tank is on empty. Why am I the only one on the street taking it seriously? I almost gave in, got her all dressed up to go play with them. But instead we played in our backyard, I remembered we don't have health insurance since my husband got laid off from Covid and we lost our insurance, so I literally cannot afford to get sick. So we played in our own yard. Again... I pushed myself again to play with her...I am so tired. Ugh...I don't know guys...I don't know why I am even posting this. I hope I didn't just ruin your day. I just needed to say it. Covid-19 is making me feel like a bad mom.
Tldr; a bunch of families on our street let their kids play together daily while the moms socialize and don't social distance. I am struggling to entertain my toddler each day with no help and feeling touched out and down about it. Dreaming about what this time would be like with my child without the virus. And all the playdates she would have.
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2020.11.05 21:09 mrthrowaway194 22 [M4F] Boston, cute, hung, and fit student looking for chatting/playdates/dating

Hello everyone, i'm a student in boston who's fit, hung, cute, intelligent, into the arts, and looking to see if anyone would like to hang/play, i'm a switch open to most things and would love to chat with any cuties interested, i can send my instagram once we chat so you can get a better idea of me, I can host and open to whatever comes my way. my kik is rjm194 also here's a preview pic ;)
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2020.10.30 19:38 throwaway1133224433 I (23M) don't how to best support my girlfriend (22F) during her separate interpersonal conflict.

tl;dr: Girlfriend made friends with a group of people online. It seemed to be a really positive relationship for her, but a couple of days ago they got in a fight and ceased all communication. I'm worried that my girlfriend is largely--if not mostly--to blame, but I also want to be on her side.
We've been dating seriously for almost five years now, since high school, and we've been through a lot together. We're definitely best friends.
Anyway, during pandemic restrictions, my girlfriend's been craving social activity. That's why I was really happy for her when she made friends with other people who loved Animal Crossing as much as she did. She would go on "playdates" to their islands, and eventually they started spending a lot of time together on Discord and whatnot. It seemed like a really great thing for her. One night, some of them even planned an IRL meetup at a restaurant. I came with, met them, and had a great time. They seemed like wonderful, fun people.
Two days ago, my girlfriend texts me out of the blue saying that she needs me to come home, that she had "left the groupchat." When I show up, she's bawling and having a panic attack. There had been an argument in the groupchat (completely over text), and my girlfriend felt bullied and ganged up on, so she removed herself and tried to process things.
After two hours of talking, she finally calms down somewhat, and I have a modest understanding of what took place. It just doesn't make sense to me. To be frank, I'm not really sure who was more in the right, but I have this nagging thought that my girlfriend isn't taking enough responsibility for her part in what took place.
I want to support her, but I don't want to inadvertently lie to her or validate lies that she's telling herself. I'm a big believer in honesty and openness as the means to navigate any conflict between reasonable people, but this isn't my conflict, so I don't want to overstep. At the same time, my girlfriend has been using me as her only real source of support during this time, and there's been a lot of validation-seeking from her end. Either she isn't fully convinced that she's in the right, or she wants me to keep reminding her.
I don't know how to best support her in the short-term and long-term. It feels wrong to blindly agree with everything she says, but I know that that's what people expect from their loved one sometimes. What do I do?
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2020.10.30 13:58 dukeoflizardz My dog can be a bit "too much" for other dogs. How do I train her to tone it down?

My dog Tulip is a 1-year-old boxer mix. She is a super well-behaved girl and she loves every person and dog she meets, but she has a TON of energy and gets way too excited for some of the other dogs she plays with. (We've never taken her to a dog park before, as we rescued her not long ago, but we have her buddies over in our big fenced in yard for playdates.) She doesn't play agressively per se, but since she is a boxer mix she plays with her paws and body a lot and likes to hug/climb on top of/crawl underneath other dogs and I think that can be overwhelming for other dogs. Additionally, she can't seem to take hints and if her friends start to bark or bear teeth or even lunge at her, we have to intervene because she will just mirror this energy and think it's play. Tulip ADORES other dogs and we would love to get her well-socialized, but we don't want to put her or our friends' dogs at risk in the process.
How do we train Tulip to "take a chill pill"? (We exercise her with a long 30-45 minute walk and some backyard fetch before her play dates too.) Also, how will we know when she is ready for a dog park?
Edit: thank you so much to everyone for your advice and for being so kind and supportive! :) a few notes after reading your comments: my sister also has a boxer mix who Tulip plays incredibly well with so we are thinking of using him as her "practice" buddy until she learns how to play nicely! Additionally, I'm extremely fortunate to live near a park that has private dog parks that you can rent out, so we are thinking of taking Tulip there to get her an amazing park experience sans other dogs!
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2020.10.30 06:43 awkwardneighborhelp I (31F) hooked up with my nextdoor neighbor (30sM). He moved on without telling me. How to address this without making it more awkward?

tl;dr: I hooked up several times with my nextdoor neighbor, he has a new partner and I'm worried about overlap of our sexual activities because he didn't use a condom. How to address this without totally burning a bridge since we have kids who like to play together?
Throwaway of course.
So, I did a stupid thing and started sleeping with my nextdoor neighbor, let's call him Tim. Tim and I both have small children who really enjoy playing with each other. I genuinely liked him, and despite the fact that there were some big red flags that he was more casual about our hookups than I was, I felt really hopeful something more serious might develop.
About two weeks ago, his daughter and my sons had an impromptu playdate when his mother was here visiting. Tim was not present, but texted me after the fact thanking me and saying we needed to arrange another one for the kids. He followed this up with "we need a play date too." I agreed but didn't hear from him for a little over a week. I knew he was busy at work/preparing for his mom to leave town so I didn't really follow up with anything else.
Well, Sunday afternoon I heard a dog barking outside and saw that there was a dog at his house and a strange car (hey, during covid you come to really know the cars on your street). A woman was at his house. She ended up spending the night, because the car was there the next day. I was nursing my youngest son and heard more barking and, yes, I creeped a look outside. She was packing up and they hugged and kissed goodbye.
Honestly I was devastated. He had previously asked me what I wanted and I didn't give a good answer (basically "I don't know") because I felt really flustered in the moment. I asked what he wanted, if he was just looking for FWB and he said he didn't want that, and I said I didn't either. Well, I should have realized that he really didn't even want a friend, just a booty call. But now I'm getting lost in the weeds. His car has been MIA every night his daughter isn't with him this week, so I'm assuming he's over with her, or someone else.
My problem is that he didn't keep the condom on with me when we'd have sex. I need to know if Tim was sexually active with her for my own health but also because I'm nursing. I know most STIs don't cross the barrier but I cannot take that risk (and before you ask, I am going to go get tested as well). I need to ask him and clear the air because regardless of how hurt I am, I have to live here. I don't think it's in me to just say NOTHING.
I just want to ask, "Hey, I know you've moved on and our arrangement is over, but I need to know if there was an overlap in sexual activity for my health and the health of my newborn." But I'm so nervous my feelings will start to take over and I'll say or do something that will make living here awful and ruin any chance of our kids being friends. Is it better to just try and swallow sadness, say nothing, get my test, and try to forget him? I'm trying so hard to be rational and an adult but I'm so hurt, angry, and nervous about making my home feel more claustrophobic than it already does.
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2020.10.25 09:22 Meowing_Kraken When you know your kids' friends' mom will be a mom-friend

When after 2 or 3 outdoor playdates you get invited home, and you're both being polite and civilized, and during the ritual of the Baking Of The Pancakes (the holy mass of toddler hangouts) she says "I put too much egg in the batter. The pancake is getting bigger" and you say "a male pancake" and without skipping the beat she says "grower" (in Dutch: bloedpannenkoek) and then she flips the pancake while you put the sugar and plates on the table while continuing the polite conversation about work-life balance and pencil on the wall, and you know we both have passed each others test and next date there will be wine.
Sort of like a rite of passage, it felt like.
Today we gonna throw the kids in the mud and eat stuff while they wallow in horse droppings and twigs. Maybe I'll bring up the pancake incident of now already 6 months ago. Tis nice to have a mom-friend.
How did you find out your kids' moms' friend was to be a mom-friend?
also yes pandemic, we follow the guidelines, no anti covidders here
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2020.10.22 04:59 panfist How can I help my 6 year old make friends

He has complained a few times in the last few months about not having any friends, he's usually really distressed about it.
His 4 year old brother used to have more friends in preschool, he was invited to playdates, and still talks about his friends sometimes.
My 6 year old was never invited to any play dates and when we tried reaching out to other families it didn't work out.
Today he brought it up at bedtime, in tears. I'm not sure if I can do anything about it.
He's in virtual 1st grade, which I'm in favor of, but there is literally no social aspect to it at all, no interaction with the other kids. Most of the kids are the same ones as his kindergarten class that weren't super interested in playing with him anyway.
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2020.10.20 23:48 wejustlookinnocent How to keep new connections simmering

Context/Background - new to lifestyle, handful of dates, one soft swap. We are parents of younger kids so we currently can schedule roughly one 4-5 hour date night (with babysitter) and one longer date night (overnight at grandparents) per month. So far we've reserved the 4-5 hour date nights for initial drinks/dinner and overnight at grandmas for longer "playdate" time. As a result, we've connected with 3 couples over the last 2 months or so. Had first date and another soft swap with one couple, a first date with chemistry but only a goodnight kiss for a second couple, and a first date with some making out with the third couple. We'd like to see all 3 couples again. And no, an orgy isn't on the table just yet ;-)
We are looking for tips on how to keep new "relationships" simmering without basically getting exclusive. Example, we last played with the first couple about a month ago. We've since had a great first date with couple #2 and a great first date with couple #3. Trying to keep "momentum" with all 3 but there just isn't enough time for us to meet in person with all 3 as frequently as we'd like. Do you periodically send Kik messages to couples to keep the fire warm or are we overthinking that? Do you think most swinger couples understand that we may not talk for a month or more and then reach out to suggest a date? We want to continue to show interest without an expectation that we're going to meet in the next week or two.
Any suggestions?
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2020.10.20 11:24 crispycrunch93 How to get it through to my adult girlfriend's mother that she's not a child?

My girlfriend and her family are from Korea and as a result of that there comes many cultural differences. One of which obviously being parenting. We've been dating since the middle of high school and her parents were always as authoritative as could be with literally every situation! They forced her to take this class or that class based on what they wanted and not what she wanted. They forced her to work full time on top of school, despite her mental health problems. They do things to "protect her" whether she finds them to be helpful or not. And to top it off her mom calls every hour to "check up" which basically means scrutinize her for whatever she's doing other than what her mom wants her to do and treat her like a child like she needs to know exactly what she's doing 24/7. We graduated high school last year and have worked full time to pay our way and take care of ourselves. We both suffer from major anxiety and depression issues and we've really been each other's stability throughout 2020. Her mother is aware of that but worries about her getting "too involved" in a relationship. She has this fear that she's going to get too attached and then do something harmful if we ever break up. Which is a valid concern, I totally get it, however, as a result of this she keeps a constant hand in our relationship. She makes her come home every night at 10, she doesn't let her spend the night nomatter the circumstance, she won't let her go on vacation with me, etc. Which I understood a few years ago but at the point where we're both old enough to go move out and get married if we want to, I find it absurd that she holds these rules to this day. Long story short my girlfriend started spending the night at my house, not super regularly, once a week maybe once every other week and she started kind of allowing it. We broke the rules enough to where we kind of forced her mom to deal with it. Or occasionally I'll spend the night at her house, not necessarily intentionally, we'll watch a movie or something and I'll fall asleep, not be able to drive home, etc. But recently she decided that it's too much and started bed checking my gf every night and she has to ask for permission before she goes anywhere. Her mom even went as far as to install cameras on the outside of the house that alert her every time we come or go. But this week has been a special case, we both had a really rough week. We had a bunch of family drama and personal issues so we were already really down and then her dog killed her pet rabbit that she's had for a few years, this little guy was her best friend and provided as emotional support. I felt really bad because we both loved that thing and I came over while she was at work (working a 12 hour shift mind you) and I cleaned him up and properly buried him so that she wouldn't have to see him and she eventually couldn't take it and had to leave work. She came home and she was very distraught. I took her to the movies where they were re-running one of her favorite movies just to calm her down and her mom started calling and screaming about curfew. After that my girlfriend said essentially that she doesn't want to sleep at her house because all she can think about is her bunny being dead on the floor. So I texted her mom a whole paragraph saying "hey she's still crying, she doesn't want to be home tonight, maybe it's not a good idea, etc." And her mom just responded "no." Which pissed me off! And her mom made her go back to work the next day even though she was crying and spacing out the whole time. So today, the day after all of that I came over in the evening and we accidentally fell asleep, which was deserved bc we've had a really shitty week and a long day and I woke up at 3am having a major panick attack and had to wake up my girlfriend to help me calm down. I needed to go home and get my inhaler so I could breath, keep in mind it's 4am and my gf was going to come with me and stay the night to make sure I was okay. She has to ask every time she leaves the house though, even if it's in the middle of the night because of the cameras. So she went to talk to her mom and said "I need to drive him home, he shouldn't drive right now" and her mom said no. Essentially I came home tonight when I really shouldn't have been driving but I was beyond upset. I feel like a child asking to go on a playdate every time we go anywhere. Despite the fact that we're literally adults. I can vote! But I can't be out with my gf past 10pm. I'm just really upset with getting treated like this. Any idea of how I can fix this situation as the sort of 3rd party? I don't want to get involved in her relationship with her mother but it's starting to affect our relationship.
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2020.10.19 07:17 Sikusungred Type my friend

  1. I am 20 years old almost 21, I am male. I am 5'8, I am temperamentally rather acute though when asked to perform manual labour I may come off as obtuse. I think of my self as a generally decent fellow, though I can at times violate that decency and act in indecent ways, I believe that I am a likable person though others have told me that I am the contrary. 2. Now for medical diagnoses I was previously diagnosed with adhd, it was assumed by my physician that I had minor symptoms of bipolar, that I may have autism and that I am prone to narcissistic tendencies. I was recently diagnosed with tmd, I have a jaw issue with puts tensions on my neural networks thus having the effect of frequently impairing my ability to form succinct thoughts.
  2. I was brought up by a devoutly evangelical mother and a catholic grandmother. I was originally put into a private Christian pre-school but I bit a kid for touching one of my toys, this act led to my expulsion from the institution. I lived in a middle class home from the age of 3 to the age of 11, during that period we only moved four times. Following my parents divorce my mother moved us from Anaheim to Lake Elsinore to live with my grandmother and by the time I turned 4 we as a household unit moved to Oceanside. When I was a child my mother organized playdates for me with the neighborhood children, I was highly social and had numerous close friends, namely Chloe, Daniel, John, and Tony. My paternal grandmother forced me to indulge in mathematics as I had a problem focusing on equations from an early age, her efforts led to little. She died when I was 12 years old, her influence on my laugh was mostly moral, at the time she was the one person in my family I actually enjoyed talking to besides my cousins Amy and Kelly. Before she died we built a Lego Taj Mahal and we were engaged in the watching of the clone wars, I remember I rest assured her that the show was getting renewed for another season. My schooling from kindergarten to the 5th grade was relatively uneventful beside the fact that I had a best friend during that time named John, John was a Mormon, and I found that to be supremely interesting. We played fable together and Club Penguin, we also acted out our own Star Wars episodes with our legos. Chloe was a girl that was put forth into a love triangle with both Tony and Myself competing for her affection. She moved before any of us could claim our prize. Tony was mentally unstable to say the least, though I did enjoy playing Luigis mansion at his house. I was happy and unhappy at many points throughout my childhood, I could never pay attention to anything and I was rather poor at expressing my feelings towards people. I had 4 pet tortoises during that time. I am unstable, like a pendulum I swing from one feeling to the next unable to strap down any persistent feeling. This is probably due to my adhd and possible bipolar. This all got worse during my late middle school years so go figure. I'm going to stop this here for the sake of saving time for the next question.
  3. I do not have a job, though I would like to have one, I doubt that the first job I'll get will be a job that I'll enjoy.
  4. I was alone for much of my life but I never felt right by myself. I used to refuse to hang out with people for I was embarrassed by my mothers apartment as my friends were more used to seeing me in a middle class setting, I felt diminished by my poverty. I feel refreshed when I'm around people, I feel inebriated and detached when I'm alone, I hate feeling detached, I feel lifeless when I feel detached.
  5. I hate sports but I also love moving, im fine with playing sports such as soccer and basketball but I can't fathom playing baseball for I have bad shoulder movement. I love watching baseball though. I much prefer over sports to dance and to shadow box.
  6. I am overly curious, I am overly ambitious, I have more ideas that can be reasonably executed. My ideas are insane, I have a solution for every modern social and economic problem but they're bonkers most of the time. I mostly think of social movements and relationship issues between peoples, groups and those I know. I like figuring out how others work.
  7. I want to be in power in fact I feel uncomfortable not being in power, I would be much like a steward directing the best parts of my team together for the completion of the task at hand, so help me God. I am dictatorial but also willing to listen to criticism and advice from others.
  8. I am not coordinated unless a great game is afoot, when I feel enraptured by a feeling my body obeys me, I can move better, think better and position myself better, I am an avid swimmer, honestly I can swim laps around everyone that I personally know, merely because I have the will to do so.
  9. I was artistic, I use to draw, I was always stuck in my journals doodling little sketches of Boba Fett, world leaders and the girls that I was at the time interested in. I was interested for some time in making unique sounds with my voice which I guess is a form of vocal art.
  10. I believe that the past at least for my country was superior in many macrocosmic aspects, but for my life is was a lesser period as I was not fully actualized as a person till well into the 8th grade-early 9th grade. My present is arduous but will improve, and that's where I get to my future which I believe will be fantastic. I reflect on every action I took, am taking, and plan on taking, that's how I deal with my past.
  11. I like to do things for some people but not for most people. I help others because I feel like I am doing it for good reasons, sometimes for their benefit but mostly for mine.
  12. I hate consistency so no.
  13. Efficiency is what I care deeply about, I am not as productive as I'd like to be but I know I have the ability to be quite productive so I hold out hope that I'll get my act together.
  14. I do control others, of course indirectly, I do it through bonds that I formulated with these people and through assuming a dominant role in most of my groupings. I do it because I feel secure and more like myself in power. I don't like other people telling me what I should and shouldn't do and where I should and shouldn't go.
  15. For my hobbies, I read, I walk, play games, eat and argue with people. I don't like people who act smarter than me, I want to dominate people for the sake of security.
  16. I suck in information on the fly, through chaos I learn, calmness breeds nothing, conflict births all, I am a bad diagram learner, I can't process math equations very well and logical fallacies don't necessarily register as easily with me as they do with others. I prefer creativity, the physical senses and memorization. I have never been fond of logic. I am fairly good at strategizing for my assumptions about people and things are generally correct as I analyze peoples habits and conventions for the sake of building of my strategies. I do wing things once in awhile through I admit that winging usual leads to intellectual sputtering and incoherency. I do improvise through my plans whenever they meet a roadblock.
  17. My life is important to my because I am the only life I am truly sure of. The prospects of finding a woman is important to me as well as I would like to share my heart with another and vice verse. I also find my friends to be important as they do make me happy. My future is also important as I would like to make a lasting impact on the world sometime down the road.
  18. My aspirations are to rise to power in some function in this country, I would like have a disposable income, I would like to get married and to have multiple children and I would like to die on Mars.
  19. I am afraid of death because I am not sure of what follows. I am uncomfortable around happy people as I am unhappy myself, and I hate inauthentic people as I want others to be straight with me. Also I hate getting sick, and I hate joint pains for the point that they're painful.
  20. I usual feel a high when I'm honestly angry or when something truly unexpected and wonderful happens to me, for example finding out a woman would like to date me makes me rather euphoric and beating others at a task makes me quite jubilant. Also random occurrences and conflicts make my gears roar into ignition. Usually a high feels like complete mental clarity, its as though im all seeing, all knowing and intellectually and morally perfect. My voice works the way I want it to work and my words fly out at the speed and conscience I would prefer them to.
  21. The lows consist of a feeling of constant numbness and physical and mental torment that usually follows a great defeat or negative assumption about an outcome.
  22. I am quite detached, I don't feel like I'm quite all here in this world, I just noticed today the fine details of my neighbors terrace and just now did I recognize the name of neighbor Maurice. I am aware of some surroundings, I can see things moving but I can't quite make out what those objects are though can detect whether they are harmful to me or not.
  23. When I am alone I usually just put myself into a reverie, talk to myself to keep myself busy, or do the old solitaire dirty dirty. I usually think about love, war, and the future, I reevaluate my life choices and change little details about past experiences to set them right in my head for the sake of longed for completion. Because I feel like there's many things I could have done better in my life, people I rejected who I should have accepted, and things I had the chance to partake in. I have a lot of regrets.
  24. I usually make decisions pretty quick, and I do sometimes change my mind a few hours later.
  25. I process my emotions rather quickly unless the emotional stimuli is traumatizing such as breakups or deaths.
  26. I usually agree with others for the sake of stopping conflict though usually I seek to offend for it fills me with joy to do so, so I seldom agree with others for the sake of maintaining peace, it really depends on whether I think highly of the person.
  27. break rules all the time because I want certain things and I hate social conventions. I believe that most rules or trivial and that they're nonsensical so I break them.
  28. The ideal life is a life with family and friends, a good life where you're not overburdened by work and where everyone you want to be near are near. This is a pious life without degeneracy, this is a life with happiness and low conflict, just general calmness, almost like 50s suburbia. If you've ever seen the Dick Van Dyke show you'll probably catch my drift.
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2020.10.16 20:03 Cookingcutie11 How do I tactfully break up with a “mom” friend whose daughter is physical with my son?

How do I tactfully break up with a “mom” friend whose daughter is physical with my son?
I need advice and this is a bit long. My nearly 4 year old son has been having almost weekly playdates with a girl who is a few months older than he is, and they generally get along well and have fun together. But she’s very physical and tugs him when she wants him to follow her, puts him in headlocks that knock him to the ground, and grabs him around the neck with her hands. These often leave red marks/scratches/bruises on him. If they were isolated occurrences, I would let it go, but they’re not. I’ve been telling her to stop since it’s happened so many times, even physically prying her fingers off him. My son also tells her he doesn’t like it and to stop. The mom is really more of an acquaintance and she also reprimands her daughter, but it happens every single time we get together. This girl has been kicked out of at least 1 preschool because of her behavior.
Add to that after having these playdates nearly every week, I’ve gotten to know the mom more and frankly, our personalities just don’t really mesh and I’m finding them tiresome. She’s a bullshittebragger and know it all. She’s blunt and lacks tact and a filter.
Do I tolerate these playdates because my son does seem to enjoy them? I’ve tried to space it out so we’re only having them every other week, and I do want my son to socialize (especially since he didn’t start preschool as planned due to covid), but frankly both the mom and daughter are trying my patience. I don’t want to totally torpedo the relationship because the mom and her husband are part of our local group of friends, but she’s a overbearing with trying to make plans, combined with the fact that I find her obnoxious. I know the point of the playdates is not for me to have fun. Do I just suck it up and have a conversation with her about maybe having them every other week, and deal with it for a few months? Note that I work part-time so my afternoon are free, and will continue that until my son is in preschool, so I anticipate once he is in preschool full-time and I go back to work full-time, we will not be able to have play dates during the week so it will naturally resolve itself.
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2020.10.16 20:00 Cookingcutie11 How do I tactfully break up with a “mom” friend whose daughter is physical with my son?

I need advice and this is a bit long. My nearly 4 year old son has been having almost weekly playdates with a girl who is a few months older than he is, and they generally get along well and have fun together. But she’s very physical and tugs him when she wants him to follow her, puts him in headlocks that knock him to the ground, and grabs him around the neck with her hands. These often leave red marks/scratches/bruises on him. If they were isolated occurrences, I would let it go, but they’re not. I’ve been telling her to stop since it’s happened so many times, even physically prying her fingers off him. My son also tells her he doesn’t like it and to stop. The mom is really more of an acquaintance and she also reprimands her daughter, but it happens every single time we get together. This girl has been kicked out of at least 1 preschool because of her behavior.
Add to that after having these playdates nearly every week, I’ve gotten to know the mom more and frankly, our personalities just don’t really mesh and I’m finding them tiresome. She’s a bullshittebragger and know it all. She’s blunt and lacks tact and a filter.
Do I tolerate these playdates because my son does seem to enjoy them? I’ve tried to space it out so we’re only having them every other week, and I do want my son to socialize (especially since he didn’t start preschool as planned due to covid), but frankly both the mom and daughter are trying my patience. I don’t want to totally torpedo the relationship because the mom and her husband are part of our local group of friends, but she’s a overbearing with trying to make plans, combined with the fact that I find her obnoxious. I know the point of the playdates is not for me to have fun. Do I just suck it up and have a conversation with her about maybe having them every other week, and deal with it for a few months? Note that I work part-time so my afternoon are free, and will continue that until my son is in preschool, so I anticipate once he is in preschool full-time and I go back to work full-time, we will not be able to have play dates during the week so it will naturally resolve itself.
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2020.10.14 03:05 _TheGreenestDay I Miss Being With My Friends

I was born to neglectful parents, cold peers, and a distant older sister. My parents were to poor too spend a lot of time with me and when they were around they were cold and distant. I was "gifted", so I skipped 4 grades and was always younger than my classmates, which, along with my Asperger's, made it hard to connect with others. They also refused to be my friend, considering me too dull to spend time with.
I didn't really get a childhood. I never got to have sleepovers or play dates. So, in 2011, when I had gotten my own job and home, I made the choice to cope with my lost childhood for making it up then. Now, I am a 29-year-old woman who cuddles with teddy bears, watches cartoons like We Bare Bears, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time, jumps around on hopper balls and in bouncey houses, eats childish foods like chicken nuggets, candy, apple juice, and mac n' cheese, and still wears childish clothing like tutus, overalls, and lace-up boots.
I love it, and one of the reasons I love living like this is because I have wonderful friends who support me and do all this stuff with me, making up for the friends I never had as a real kid. But ever since COVID-19 entered our state, we've been adamant about abstaining from physical affection and time together so that we don't spread COVID-19 to the more vulnerable.
I miss being with my friends. I miss getting home from my job as an accountant and changing from pantyhose, a blazer, and heels into a floral sundress and black boots. I miss then getting together with my friends and hoping around on giant, inflated hopper balls, feeling our butts sink into and out of the rubber. I miss then feeling ome of them jump behind me and putting my hair in a ponytail, and then I do their makeup in exchange.
I miss stopping after 45 minutes to go shopping for hours on end, constantly hugging eachother out of nowhere. I miss then coming home to gorge ourselves on candy and ice cream, while snuggling with eachother and our teddy bears while marathoning Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, and Adventure Time.
I know it will come back. I know that once everyone is vaccinated, which will be between April and July 2021, that me and my friends can carry on with our playdates. But it doesn't feel like it.
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2020.10.12 14:30 jasonmath010 Activate TruTV

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If you require any help to activate TruTV using, do contact our team of network support
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2020.10.08 23:48 winnie_little 23(f4m) pnw looking for 😘🧸🍼🍭

Hello😊 Im looking for some local play dates or may be willing to take a trip to have a playdate. Im looking for someone who would be willing to host*:) I am still new to bdsm/ ddlg i would like to find an experienced dom/ daddy to play with and learn from. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
I'm 5'2 and curvy but still pretty small, and would really love a daddy / dom who I could cuddle up to or who wants to hold me🥰 I'd love to meet up and have some fun or even just meet someone new:) Have you been having any fantasies that you've been wanting to experience with a little? Message me if interested:)
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